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Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2015

Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard, where fashion models strut down the main road in the Orchard Road area, creating an outdoor fashion walk event 550m long Orchard Fashion Runway. There were 176 models showcasing 13 participating fashion designers/brands from different countries.


The theme for Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2015 was

– Fashion Fast Forward

– Fashion Then and Now.Singapore 50 Years On.

Thanks to fellow photographer DK, I was able to attend Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2015 and be right in the heart of action of the Orchard Fashion Runway 2015! It was a fun time photographing the models and their interesting/unique fashion designs that they were representing! Check out the photographs that I took at Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2015 on my Flickr collection!



I do like fashion photography shoot and I would love to explore this area of photography with my lighting system, for both indoor and outdoor fashion shoot! Looking forward to share more of my fashion photography shoot in the future!

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Me-In (美/In) Presents Work, Play, Love fashion from Korea

Beautiful people, inner beauty and leading fashion forward, this is the theme and distinct trademark of Me-In (pronounced as “Mi – In” in Korean). Me-In, the Korean lifestyle online store is inspired by the “It Girl”, a young woman that possesses the indefinable quality of beauty and fashion. The Me-In “It Girl” is an absolute attraction without overly flaunting her sexuality and it’s all about being a Forever Girl!


I was honoured and very happy to be invited to view, enjoy, share and celebrate the modern “It Girl” style by Me-In, the Korean lifestyle online store in Singapore recently on 12th May 2014, at Zafferano in Singapore. KIM Hyejin, the very beautiful and gorgeous Creative Director of Me-In, who conjures very beautiful images of the “It Girl” and she is assisted by her stylist Song-yee Gil. Shopping at Me-In is indeed special and unique because you will get a head to toe experience to dress up!


I have to confess that I am an avid Korean Pop (K-Pop) and Korean Dramas (K-Drama) fan! I am also amazed and fascinated by the modern, colourful taste and designs of Korean fashion! Me-In strikes and leaves a deep impression with me when I saw their fashion and accessories during their presentation here in Singapore. Me-In is borne from the desire to serve the modern pragmatic women. For a modern woman in today’s society, their lifestyle is demanding and fast paced, and the modern woman requires her to be always ready for the challenges to meet for the day ahead.

During Me-In presentation and launch event, Me-In presented Work, Play, Love fashion themes and let me share with you more below!


In Korea, work takes on a more formal take on fashion than Singapore (probably due to its four seasons climate). Nowadays, it is moving away from the traditional “stuffy” office look. Look at Creative Director KIM Hye Jin with the Work fashion theme; the classic colours on her dress offset what would traditionally be considered a design that is too informal for the Korean workplace. Along with her jacket to accompany her, it adds a modern cut and degree of sophistication.

DSC00972 - Version 2


During the Me-In presentation, they showed 3 different fashion styles and themes of Play. I would like to share on this particular Play fashion style and theme that particularly caught my attention. The gorgeous model is wearing a top that has a unique rough texture and it takes a truly stylish person (shown by the creativity of Me-In) to take this fashion a step further and show their creativity through textures. An unbalanced design can make a fashion dressing go very wrong, however, Me-In fashion creativity shows how an unbalanced detail makes and adds a special touch to an otherwise ordinary miniskirt.

DSC00990 - Version 2


During the Me-In presentation, they showed 3 different fashion styles and themes of Love. I would like to share on this particular Love fashion style and theme that particularly caught my attention. This beautiful, gorgeous and really cute model; is dressed up in a bright, distinctive and eye-catching Yellow colour! The current season is spring, and Yellow is the colour of the moment in Korea! The colour Yellow is bright, warm, and vibrant, giving people a lovely and joyous impression! Even though Singapore doesn’t have four traditional distinct climate seasons like Korea, ladies here in Singapore can also follow Korean style as they change throughout the year and it is definitely a fun way to vary your wardrobe with bright and colourful fashion clothing!

DSC01009 - Version 2

Me-In presentation of Work, Play, Love was very colourful and eye-catching! There were other fashion themes and styles showcased during Me-In presentation on Work, Play, Love and you can visit my Flickr photography collection to view them!

Ladies, you MUST VISIT Me-In website and be mesmerized by the beautiful images of the “It Girl” and discover the fashion and accessories for the modern pragmatic lady! For the Gentlemen, you MUST VISIT too and know what you can buy for your partner!

Me-In website – http://me-in.kr/english.html

Me-In Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/mein2014

What amazes me about Me-In Korean fashion lifestyle store is that their fashion taste, creativity and designs are international and universal; it can fit in almost anywhere and everywhere in the world!

I would like to say a big Thank You to Me-In Korean lifestyle online store and Belinda Tan for the invitation to Me-In launch Work, Play, Love!

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Orchard Fashion Runway @ Fashion Steps Out 2014

Fashion Steps Out Orchard 2014 kickstarted with a big bang with a part of Orchard Road coming to a stand still and transforming into the Orchard Fashion Runway! More exciting events and activities are happening during Fashion Steps Out Orchard 2014 and do drop by their website for more details!


It was fun to watch a fashion parade on the busy main Orchard Road, taking photographs of the models wearing the various fashion labels under the challenging lighting conditions, with fellow photographer Renhao. Here’s the link to my Orchard Fashion Runway 2014 photos collection on Flickr!

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Xperia by SONY presents Fashion TV Beach Festival

Xperia by SONY presents Fashion TV Beach Festival Singapore 2013, held at Tanjung Beach Club on Sentosa Island. The festival was a fun and exciting party with a White dress code, accompanied by dance music on the beach. It is one of the most extravagant outdoor events held in the world and the celebration of luxury. The Fashion TV Beach Festival showcased fashion labels from local and overseas fashion designers such as Gnossem, Armoire, Innerdesire, Vilasere, HOM and Zardoze. At the Fashion TV Beach Festival, they were able to view the Xperia smartphones there were on display.


The biggest and most luxurious beach party in Singapore, thirty models from five countries walking down the fashion walkway “on the water” and spectators were able to view the swimwear that costs more than SGD$6,000. The party continued with different DJs spinning the music away on the beach dance floor through the night till the early morning.


The gorgeous and handsome models showcased the various fashion designs of the different fashion labels participating in Fashion TV Beach Festival, watched, admired and photographed by the spectators and photographers. There were many gorgeous and handsome people too inside the crowds, enjoying, relaxing and dancing away.


We had a fun time photographing the fashion catwalk from different locations, angles and perspectives. The best time for me was during Vilasere and HOM fashion labels fashion showcase during the evening, with the sun setting, giving it a nice blue hour skyline glow that allows me to capture the beautiful female models in their sexy lingerie outfits and the handsome male models in men’s underwear and leisure wear.


I would like to say thank you to SONY Singapore for the invitation to Fashion TV Beach Festival presented by Xperia By SONY.

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Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals & FSO 2012 Closing Party

A series of beauty, fashion and shopping events, Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2012 began on 16th March 2012 with a big bang, fashion walking down Orchard Road, transforming into the Orchard Road fashion runway to showcase the latest fashion collection. Thereafter, there were other fashion events over the weeks leading up to the Grand Finale – the Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2012 Closing Party and Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals, held at Shaw Lido Theatre on 27th April 2012.

The evening was fun and exciting, with guests coming in early for the cocktail reception and the ladies had a great time with the shu uemura Flash Lash touchup before proceeding to Shaw Lido Theatre 1 for the Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals and the FSO 2012 Closing Party. This is the first time, that a movie theatre is transformed into a model catwalk runway and it was really good ! The Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals was graced by many guests, business partners, fashion designers and supporters. This was also an excellent event to showcase Singapore as a fashion and events city and it was a great opportunity to cover the Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals and the FSO 2012 Closing Party event. The models of the Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals were very beautiful and along with the various fashion designs they worn and walking elegantly down the catwalk, it was simply awesome and mesmerising! The FSO 2012 Closing Party showcased male models with different trendy designs and styles too!

Paula V, 25 years old, from Indonesia, a tall and very beautiful model, is the winner of Next Face of Asia 2012 and let’s all congratulate her on winning Next Face of Asia 2012 ! With the Next Face of Asia 2012 crowned and enjoying the FSO 2012 Closing Party, the guests were treated to a private movie screening to end off the entire’s evening wonderful glamorous fun fashion modeling event! Here’s some of my photographs shot at Next Face of Asia 2012 Finals & FSO 2012 Closing Party !

I would like to thank Shirley from Singapore Tourism Board for this wonderful fashion event invitation!

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Photos From Super Import Nights 2009 !!!

In a country that many of its people want to own a car and unique car regulations in the world, coupled with the incoming Singapore F1 GP, we are kind of car fanatics and there are definitely a group of people out there who love the sports car and auto styling area of cars.


Super Import Nights 2009, in its 3rd year, was back again from the 18th September to 21st September 2009 at the Singapore Expo, and being a sports car fanatic, I went on the last day to enjoy myself watching the drift session, look at the different sports cars on display and of course, the beautiful and stunning race queens from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and USA !


The drifting actions and performances were pretty good, and it was great to watch them perform since I am a drift fan since watching Initial D. Inside the Expo Hall, there were different companies there, ranging from performance tuning, styling, accessories, sports cars sales etc etc …. There were some interesting designs and it was an eye opener !


As for the main hot octane action, the crowd pullers were definitely the race queens and I believed there could be a group of photographers who had been regularly going there for the past 3-4 days from gates open to gates closing !! Having went to the previous 2 Super Import Nights, I had a very good idea on how their actions, patterns, movements would be like !! It was fun watching and observing other photographers 🙂


The race queens were hot and definitely entertained the guys out there, there were more action such as pole dancing and bikini babe contest that I wasn’t able to capture as I wasn’t around when they were performing. There could be some interesting debates and discussions on which country’s race queens were better, prettier etc etc …. For me, all of them were really great and we all must applaud them for being professional, lovely, pretty and lighting up the event !



For more photos of Super Import Nights 2009, do drop by my Flickr and enjoy the photos ! Hope you folks enjoy Super Import Nights 2009 !! Let’s all look forward to the Singapore F1 GP !!

Photography Sharing Article – The Art of Gisele

As an avid photographer, I went through different phases in my photography journey. Starting off from travel photography to events photography, I was soon exploring the art of portrait photography, both indoors and outdoors.

The recent solemnisation photoshoot of James & Shirley gave me another round of outdoor portrait photography, more experienced and able to get the couple to do different poses and themes. An area that I am slowly improving, small breakthrough from my previous outdoor photoshoot of Wen Liang and Portia. 

Recently, I read PopPhoto and found an article on “The Art of Gisele“, this was about an exclusive 30th Anniversary Showcase for PopPhoto ! Dropping inside to read and view the photography works of Gisele Bundchen, it gives a great insight on the art and techniques of indoor portrait photography, styles and positioning. That’s always something you can learn from looking at how the photos were taken and I would strive to reach that standard one day, either on a professional or passion basis. 

I had asked a few friends before, to become my volunteer models to do a portrait photoshoot in studios, giving me an opportunity to hone my photography skills to another level. 

Any volunteers ?

Creatively Thai 2008 Street Fashion Runway @ Vivo City

On 14th June 2008, after finishing my advisory and consultancy appointment with my client and his family at Vivo City, I went to walk around and discovered a fashion showcase event in the Central Court and South Avenue on Level 1.

Being curious, I decided to pop down and found about this fashion event called Creatively Thai 2008, showcasing young designers from Thailand with their unique and eye-catching designs. Moreover, on 14th June itself, there were 3 street fashion shows on 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, with models strutting down the stage showcasing various different fashion designers awesome designs.

Somehow, I didn’t know about this event until I was inside Vivo City, well, can’t resist the chance to do fashion photo shoot, therefore, I caught the 4pm and 7pm fashion show. It was very nice to see a new and unique style of fashion designs, although I am not a fashionable person at all and my selection of clothes would probably be classified as poor….. LOL …. In between 4pm and 7pm, caught up with Raymond and had coffee and snacks while he tried out my Macbook without much songs or photos added. Would let Raymond try out more when I get my transfer of data, information and stuff transferred across from my old laptop to new Macbook.

Anyway, back to the fashion show, at the 7pm time slot, it was getting crowded and I didn’t manage to get a good location to position myself, end up standing behind photographers and some of my photos were blocked by their heads, DSLRs and flashes ! Nevertheless, I still managed to get a few decent shots and it was enjoyable.

At the end of the show, I managed to get to know photographers there who were also photographing the 7pm fashion show, nice to chat with you George and the other fellow photographers there too !

Oh, this event was jointly presented by DEP – Thai Trade Center, Singapore and supported by Vivo City and the best surprise for me was having a chat with Thailand Tourism Embassy staff who were there for the 7pm fashion show ….. Nice to talk to you folks !

Hope you all enjoy the photos and more photos can be viewed at my flickr site ! Let’s support the fashion designers from Thailand too !

Asia WOW @ Raffles City – 29th March 2008

There had been a number of fashion show events held at various major shopping centres and after my earlier photo shoot at Central, I pop by for a chat with my friend Daniel Ong of the The Camera Workshop, before heading down to Raffles City for their fashion show event.

The fashion event was known as Asia WOW : The Catwalk, featuring 4 famous designers with their latest designs

  1. Kanchan Panjabi from Hong Kong
  2. Jun Escario from Philippines
  3. Teddy Or from Singapore
  4. Kiata Kawanda from Indonesia

The event was held on the 3rd floor of Raffles City and I could only watched from the side railings because I couldn’t get inside the show area. It was a real challenge due to the distance and the lighting available for this fashion catwalk event.

Had a fun time taking photos, admiring the beautiful models showcasing beautiful dresses and ladies fashion clothings.

More photos can be viewed here !

Geometrics @ Central – 29th March 2008

Last Saturday on the 29th of March 2008, I went down to Central for another round of fashion catwalk photo shoot.

The theme was Geometrics – “Dominating the scene for office and party outfits are prints, checks, art-deco and monotones” – as listed on the official website showcasing the various fashion events.

I was a little bit late but still enjoyed myself thoroughly with the fashion photo shoot, great chance to improve my fashion/catwalk/portraits photography. Hope you folks enjoy the photos !

More photos can be seen here !