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7 Days in Myanmar – Pictorial Book

7 Days in Myanmar, a large format 276 page pictorial book containing some of the most beautiful photography works of the diverse people, cultures and landscapes of Myanmar, by 30 of the most famous and leading photographers. In conjunction with the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games that will be held from 11 to 22 December 2013 in Myanmar, Sony has participated in the production of ‘7 Days in Myanmar’. This pictorial book features some of the biggest names in photography – Abbas, Michael Yamashita, Melisa Teo, Steve McCurry, Michael Freeman, Bruno Barbey, Raghu Rai and many more. The 30 photographers traveled throughout Myanmar from 27th April to 4th May, capturing many beautiful images of Myanmar, from all the different corners of Myanmar, the urban cities to the countryside.

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Book Cover: 7 Days in Myanmar by 30 Great Photographers

Sony recognises the importance of capturing the many different facets of Burmese life which had been unknown to the world for decades. Therefore, the company supports this initiative by being a major sponsor, contributing to the production of the photo book. The book, which will be distributed worldwide, also comes with a DVD documentary film that depicts the journey of the photographers throughout that whole week. Locally, it will be available at all leading bookstores for SGD70.09 + GST.

7 Days in Myanmar_Mike Yamashita

7 Days in Myanmar – Temple spires silhouetted in sepia light point skyward in Bagan

Photographer: Michael Yamashita

The photographs are very beautiful and inspiring, especially with some of my favourite photographers Michael Yamashita and Steve McCurry featured inside this wonderful pictorial book! On a personal note, I am planning to photograph and document the diverse cultures, people and landscapes of Myanmar in 2014 and I want to do it as a personal travel project portfolio!

For travel and photography buffs, you will love this pictorial book! Do check out the details of the book below!

About The Book

ISBN 978-981-4385-74-9

Title: 7 Days in Myanmar

Subtitle: By 30 Great Photographers

Price: SGD 70.09 + GST / MYR 185.00 / USD 60.00 / GBP 35.00

Extent: 276 pages

Size: 352 mm by 280 mm

Binding: Hardback

Publication Date: December 2013

For more information, check out the links below!

~ 7 Days in Myanmar website –  http://7daysinmyanmar.com/

~ Official Facebook Page –  https://www.facebook.com/7DaysInMyanmar

* Information and Photographs Courtesy of Edition Didier Millet, Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide * 

Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Exclusive Photography Seminar 2013

In conjunction with the fourth edition of the Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Competition 2013, the organisers invited renowned Mr. Michael Yamashita (one of the judges for the competition), a world famous photojournalist with National Geographic for over 30 years down to Singapore for an exclusive Photography Seminar on 16th August 2013. Mr. Michael Yamashita went down to the Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Exhibition at ION Orchard in the afternoon to declare the opening of the photography exhibition and giving out the prizes to the winners of the Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Competition.

Mr. Michael Yamashita was one of my earliest influences in my photography journey from the time I first started playing with my Dad’s Pentax ME Super SLR to Nikon F401X, followed by compact cameras (film and digital), Canon 300D, Canon 30D before moving towards my Canon 1Dmark III setup today. This was attributed to my National Geographic magazines subscription, my very first photography book/magazines and my entry into an unforgettable photography journey spanning over 25years (there were a number of years that I deviated away from photography). The other National Geographic photojournalist that had just an impactful and great influence in learning photography was Steve McCurry. If I recalled many years ago, his Marco Polo photography works were the series that made me looked up upon Mr. Michael Yamashita.

When Mr. Yamashita started off his photography seminar, he asked the audience, how many of us were interested in photography and pursuing photography to greater heights such as turning professional or shooting for National Geographic Magazine? Mr. Yamashita shared that he was once like us sitting in the audience, somebody who loved pressing the shutter and taking photographs.  Mr. Yamashita’s photojournalist journey into National Geographic and shooting for over 30 years; is an inspiration to us photographers, photojournalists and he encouraged us to pursue our dreams and that it is possible! His words and encouragement resonate with me, for I once dreamt of becoming a photojournalist with National Geographic when I was young!

Mr. Yamashita didn’t need to use power-point slides to show photography tips and knowledge. The photographs that he showed and shared with the audience, along with his words, knowledge and experiences over his 30 years of photography shooting, were all about him sharing his tips, visions, views and how he went about capturing photographs as a photojournalist. I was so captivated and engrossed over his photographs and listening to Mr. Yamashita’s sharing that I didn’t really take down much of his sharing/talking. In a nutshell, Mr. Yamashita was telling many different stories through his photographs and experiences, the class of a world famous photojournalist.  This is very inspiring and encouraging for me, an aspiring photojournalist that seeks to tell stories with my photographs!

Since I didn’t take down any notes, I have to base on my memories of Mr. Yamashita’s sharing, the photographs that he showed to the audience, along with the interesting and mesmerizing stories that he shared with us. For the following paragraph, I will write it down in point form to recall as many memories/tips/views/perspectives that he shared (a test of my photographer’s memory)

–       Aerial View

–       He shoot only in colours

–       Doing research into the project by reading and researching as many books and not looking at photographs by other photographers

–       Using Flash ~ Fill Flash

–       Lens setup 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm

–       Elements to show the vastness of the landscape

–       Elements to make the photograph stands out e.g. colour

–       Students in his class were told to put everything Auto mode, reason was to make the students practice composition, framing, visualizing and capturing the moment (not missing the moment)

–       Turn off the preview button

–       Light, Colour, Composition

–       Waiting for the moment (a person walking into the landscape frame)

–       Frame Within a Frame

–       Waiting and observing

–       Getting up close for portraits

–       Mid Day shoot with CPL

–       Using a telephoto lens to capture landscapes

–       Foregrounds in landscape

–       Shoot RAW + JPEG

–       A story behind every photograph that can be translated across to the viewer/reader

During the Q&A session, there was an interesting question posed to Mr. Yamashita, on post processing.  He has a digital workflow and he doesn’t do Photoshop, his philosophy is What You See Is What You Get, you can’t change the reality.  Another question posed was what would be 3 tips that Mr. Yamashita can give to the audience that will help them in their photography.

His 3 golden tips

–       Look at good photography (role models and good photographs, observe and learn from them)

–       Keep shooting and shooting

–       You are your own editor, develop from your own experience, find your own vision and develop you own photography style

There is also an interview conducted by the TODAY Paper with Mr. Yamashita and do check out the link here for the article! It’s a great insight into the thoughts and views of the renowned photojournalist Mr. Yamashita. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/national-geographics-michael-yamashita-search-serendipitous-moments

There were no photographs taken during Mr. Michael Yamashita’s photography seminar, just my memories/listening written down into words. While I can’t remember everything, I hoped that I managed to remember most of the contents that were shared by a master photojournalist, wrote it down here and shared with friends and followers, who loved photography and photojournalism, just like me.

CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel “Building People” Photography Competition

The fourth edition of CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel “Building People” Photography Competition  winners were announced with this afternoon on the 16th August 2013. The regional CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel “Building People” Photography Competition (Competition) from a record of over 3,000 submissions received from photography enthusiasts across the Asia Pacific including Australia, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Organised by CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand) and National Geographic Channel, the highly-acclaimed Competition has seen increasing popularity and year-on-year increases in submissions from photography enthusiasts across the region. The Competition introduced a duo-themed feature – “Best Building Moment” and “Best People Moment” for the first time this year.


The prize presentation took place in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the “Building People” Photography Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held at ION Orchard  (B4, ION Station) from 7pm on 16 August to 20 August. Open to the public, the Exhibition will be a showcase of close to 400 entries including the winning entries and a selection of other entries from the Competition. Each photograph will capture the symbiotic interaction between people and CapitaLand properties as well as the best characteristics of CapitaLand’s homes, offices, shopping malls, serviced residences and mixed developments. The entries can also be viewed online at http://www.capitaland.com/inside/gallery/building-people-photo-competition-2013.

This year’s winner is Ray Ang, a Singaporean, with his winning photo titled, “Clarke Quay”, won the judges over with his well-executed photographic expression of pure delight of a child playing with a bubble-spray gun, with an iridescent soap bubble framing the Clarke Quay signage sitting atop a beautiful row of shophouses.

“Building People” Photography Seminar

Participants of the Competition attended an exclusive “Building People” Photography Seminar conducted by Mr Yamashita this morning. At the seminar, the National Geographic icon provided an overview of the competitive world of photojournalism and shared tips on how to excel as a photographer through photography angles, camera features and many examples of his thought processes. Drawing from his vast experience as a National Geographic photographer, Mr Yamashita also used examples from his portfolio to demonstrate how National Geographic photographers never seem to miss the moment by repeatedly capturing unique photographs that are able to tell stories in various perspectives.


I attended the “Building People” Photography Seminar this morning, listened attentively to Mr Michael Yamashita, one of my inspirations in my photography journey. He’s a photojournalist that I admired greatly and he had a big influence on my photography since the day I started reading National Geographic Magazine. It was very enlightening and enriching, I will share my experiences from attending Mr Yamashita photography seminar in another post. While I wasn’t able to attend the opening ceremony of the “Building People” Photography Exhibition and Prize Presentation in the afternoon, I went there after my work in the evening and enjoyed viewing the various photographs that were on display at “Building People” Photography Seminar. It was great to see fellow photographer friends winning some  of the prizes! Congratulations to them!

Do drop by and check out “Building People” Photography Exhibition! Here are some useful information and links!

Venue: ION Orchard B4 ION Station, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

Dates: 16th to 20th August 2013

Time: 10am to 10pm Daily

Website: Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Competition

** Information and details courtesy of Capitland and National Geographic Channel **