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Spring Celebrations 2013 at Gardens By The Bay

Spring Celebrations 2013 is happening at Gardens By The Bay! Welcoming the Year of the Snake with a beautiful of flora display in the flower dome featuring some 8,000 colourful blooms. The Gardens By The Bay is definitely a destination to visit during the Chinese New Year period holidays with your family and loved ones, enjoying the beautiful flowers blooming and sculptures around the Gardens By The Bay. I was invited by National Parks Singapore (NParks) and Marina Bay Division Singapore to visit the Spring Celebrations 2013, sharing information and photographs of the Spring Celebrations 2013 at Gardens By The Bay, with fellow Marina Bay AmBAYssadors.


We took the Garden Cruiser to tour the Gardens By The Bay and had a greater understanding of the different unique sculptures located in the various parts of the Gardens. Therefore, when you are visiting Gardens By The Bay, do keep a lookout for them! When you are at Gardens By The Bay, you have to visit the the Meadow, you can see something very unique and very impressive, it’s a “very big infant” sculpture, by internationally acclaimed artist Marc Quinn. The impressive sculpture is known as Planet, explores the intimate relationship between nature and humanity, and serves as a natural extension of the Gardens’ efforts to connect people with the stories of plants and the planet. The sculpture is a depiction of the artist’s infant son and he can be seen appearing to be “floating” above the ground. You have to visit this impressive sculpture yourself to view it! Do visit Gardens By The Bay during this Chinese New Year holidays period!


Next stop was Flower Dome, one of my favourite places in Gardens By The Bay. Inside the Flowers Dome, Spring Celebrations is in the air! With about 8,000 colourful blooms, spectacular and in bright colours, you can find a selection of penjing (or bonsai) up to 200 years old, 3-metre-long snake topiaries, grand kumquat plants measuring 3 metres in diameter, and life-sized oriental pavilions inside the Flower Dome. Here’s more information about Spring Celebrations 2013 at Gardens By The Bay!


Some quick information on Spring Celebrations 2013

Dates: 1 to 28 February 2013

Time: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Location: Flower Dome

Details: Admission charges into the Cooled Conservatories apply. Tickets can be purchased here.


Here are the flowers that you can spot inside the Flower Dome during Spring Celebrations 2013 at Gardens By The Bay

Penjing (various species) 

Torch Bromeliad 

Cherry Blossom





Cymbidium Orchids

I had a fun time photographing the various flower blossoms inside the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay and would go back again to enjoy the flora and fauna, enjoy the greens and gardens. Besides that, I am keen and looking forward to photograph more different perspectives and views of the SuperTrees during the night! Do check out my dedicated Flickr collection and 500px collection on Gardens By The Bay!


After finishing our visit at the Flower Dome, we were hosted to a dinner at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, located at Flower Dome by NParks and Marina Bay Division Singapore, with a Lo Hei to welcome the Year of the Snake, wealth, prosperity and good luck in the Year of the Snake! This was a time for networking and catching up with fellow Marina Bay AmBAYssadors, photographers, social media enthusiasts and bloggers, along with NParks and Marina Bay Division staff. I would like to say a big Thank You to NParks and Marina Bay Division Singapore for the warm hospitality and time with us!


Wishing all 恭喜发财! See you all at Gardens By The Bay Spring Celebrations 2013!

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Chingay 2012 – Preview

Chingay 2012, a multi-cultural, spectacular, colourful and exciting parade of performers and floats, dazzling in front of your eyes. This year, Chingay 2012 will give all the spectators a very memorable experience with their extensive line up of performances, that is accompanied by lots of water splashing, along a waterway! On 14th Jan 2012, I was invited by Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), to the Media Preview of Chingay 2012. I had a great time photographing and documenting my wonderful experiences at the Chingay 2012 full dress rehearsal.

Looking into a brief history of Chingay, it’s all about celebrating multi-cultural diversity and neighbourhood celebrations, dating back to 1973. Over the years, Chingay has progressed and transformed from a community heartlanders celebration and performances, into an international spectacle attracting both locals and international visitors and performers to Chingay in Singapore. Chingay Parade today is a very grand street and floats parade in Asia, showcasing our rich and vibrant multi-cultural society of Singapore, as well as embracing exciting cultures and colours from all over the world.

Chingay 2012 promises to be a splashing spectacular with the theme of “Love, Care and Kindness Everywhere”, it will take you through a very colourful and dazzling performances, encompassing love, harmony, friendship, community diversity and spirit. On the night of Friday, 3 Feb 2012 – Parade Day 1 at 8.30pm or Saturday, 4 Feb 2012 – Parade Day 2 at 8.30pm, coming to you live at the F1 Pit Building (Next to Singapore Flyer), Chingay 2012 will light up the 2 nights!

Here’s some of the Chingay 2012 Highlights 

– Dragon Dramatics

– Beautiful Cultures

– Dreams Realised – Love Our Children

– Engaging as One – Love Our Community

– Triumph Over Challenge – The Grand Finale

Chingay 2012 will be a spectacular performance, with lots of water splashing! The ticketing information is available here on their website. Do purchase your tickets and watch the Chingay 2012 performance live, you can’t beat the feeling of being there in the midst of the performances and celebrations!

Here’s some of the photographs of Chingay 2012 Media Preview – Look forward to seeing you at Chingay 2012 !

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Fun @ Sony Playstation Wave Launch !

Playing games on the computer, consoles, arcade machines, can be very fun yet addictive. I always had fun playing with different games across different platforms, although I am not playing much today, due to time constraints and the fear of getting too addicted again 😛

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

However, when I was invited by T3 Singapore Magazine on behalf of Sony Entertainment Hong Kong, to attend Sony Playstation Wave Launch Event as part of the Singapore Blogging Community. There wasn’t any hesitation from myself and RSVP that I am attending ! On Wednesday 11th August, at Se7en @ Iluma, I registered and entered as Media !!

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

It was a very fun event, nice refreshments and lots of big Sony TV screens attracting us to start action, trying and playing with the new Sony Playstation Wave ! It was a grand event too, with key management executives from Sony, Mr. Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, Mr. Katsuhiko Murase, Deputy Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited, and Mr. Norihiro Nishimura, the director of game development for “Time Crisis Razing Storm”, who were here to grace this event and presented to us, the Sony Playstation Wave.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

With a big bang, the Sony Playstation Wave was launched and we were given the opportunities to try out the various Sony Playstation Wave games available, with pretty energetic Sony models demonstrating how to use and play with the Sony Playstation Wave (and of course, being my team player in some of the 2 player games 😀 )

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

Check out my tech write up + quick gaming experiences of the Sony Playstation Motion Controller here on my personal blog too !

Windows 7 arrives in Singapore Event !

Ladies and Gentleman,

Announcing the arrival of Windows 7 to Asia on 22nd October ! A media event was launched to welcome Windows 7 in Singapore and I was invited by Microsoft and Weber Shandwick to attend this wonderful and exciting event. I would like to take this opportunity to say a Big THANK YOU to Microsoft for organising a wonderful media launch event and Weber Shandwick for inviting me to be part of the media launch !


The launch was held at 72-13 Mohd Sultan Road, a great place to launch Windows 7, upon entering inside, it was a great sight to see many different desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks, all on display, from various different brands such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, iiView, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, all installed with Windows 7. After my registration and catching up with Ashwin from Weber Shandwick, I began exploring around and started playing with new toys !


Soon after, we were ushered inside to another hall, with people from different forms of media, overseas visitors and partners of Microsoft. After settling down, the master of ceremony, Stephen Forshaw, kick start the launch event, a presentation on the history of Windows before breaking up into groups, visiting 4 different lifestyle segments whereby Windows 7 operates and thrives in.


They were home lifestyle, outdoors, office and games ! Allan Wu, local TV star was in charge of the outdoors segment, while Eunice Olsen, well known actress, was in charge of the home lifestyle segment ! Visiting the 4 different segments, all of us there had a better insight of how Windows 7 fits into your serious business/working life to leisure/outdoor lifestyle, there is something for everyone ! Windows 7 had made a lasting impression on me, great improvements from Vista. I would go further in-depth into Windows 7 soon, some key points and wonderful improvements.


Finally, before leaving from the Windows 7 launch party, there was an awesome gift for us to bring back home, it was a Samsonite messenger bag with Windows 7 logo, containing goodies and guess what ………………………………………………. ……. Windows 7 Ultimate Box !!!!!!!

A Very BIG THANK YOU to Microsoft !!!