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DBS Marina Regatta 2016 is back!

The fifth edition of DBS Marina Regatta is coming back very soon, at the heart of Singapore’s downtown Marina Bay area. DBS Marina Regatta 2016 is getting bigger and better, both on the sports, leisure and community segments.


Happening over two weekends, 28 & 29 May and 4 & 5 June, there will be lots of action and fun on the water where the Dragon Boaters paddle and battling it out with the iconic Marina Bay landscape behind them. The supporters, spectators and community can watch, support and cheer for them from the sidelines of the Marina Bay. There are also an awesome collection and line up of fun, activities, food and music performances on the land, where the sports/community carnival village is located at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.

Let me share with you some exciting line up and details of what you can expect from DBS Marina Regatta 2016

Shop House by The Local People

Local market specialists, The Local People, carefully curated local designers, craftspeople and artists to be part of Shop House, the beach’s art market for DBS Marina Regatta 2016. The Shop House would be housed in stripped and refitted shipping containers. These special containers would also double up as viewing decks in the night, a perfect spot for music lovers and visitors to enjoy the beach concert, making their maiden music performance debut at DBS Marina Regatta 2016!

Check out some of the emerging designers and artisans that would be making their presence felt there – illustrations by Troops on Print; accessories by Supernacular; pottery items by Oh Leaf; and even cosmetics brand Faux Fayc.


Faux Fayc





Chow House – DBS Marina Regatta Food Village

Food is an integral part of Singapore’s lifestyle and culture. Therefore, at Chow House, visitors can indulge into delicious and mouth-watering bites from popular Singapore food establishments.

Check out some of the different cuisines making their presence at Chow House – Snag Shack’s Australian sausage sizzles and Fika’s Swedish meatballs. Kerbside Gourmet, Singapore’s favourite gourmet food truck will feature their “Go Big on Pig” menu featuring Pig Head Croquetas with Sriracha and Char Siu Pork Collar Bao with Achar.

Music Performances in the night

 When the sun sets at DBS Marina Regatta 2016 weekend, it would be transformed into a beach concert, making their maiden debut. Local music artistes, iNCH, HubbaBubbas, Linying, Take Two as well as up-and-coming artistes The Madhatter Project, The Neptune Waves, and Stopgap would be performing and singing away!


Pop-Up Urban Beach with Southeast Asia tallest inflatable water slide maiden debut

The pop-up beach made her debut in 2015 and they would be returning again in 2016! From 11am to 8pm on both weekends, remember to check out Southeast Asia tallest inflatable water slide making her debut! For just $10 and also for a good cause to charity, you can have five rides on the water slide! All proceeds from the water slide participation goes to SPD, a non-profit organisation that helps people with disabilities develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent.




Pictures courtesy of DBS Singapore

For more information and updates on DBS Marina Regatta 2016, here are some useful links:

Let my photographs bring you back a walk down the memory lane, my photography coverage of DBS Marina Regatta 2013, 2014 and 2015!

Mark down your calendars, 28 & 29 May and 4 & 5 June, come on down to Marina Bay for DBS Marina Regatta 2016 for two weekends of sports, outdoors, food, drinks, art market, music and fun for your family and friends!

*Information and details courtesy of DBS Singapore*

Thuraya SatSleeve – iPhone into Satellite Phone

Transforming your iPhone into a Satellite Phone, is this possible? What are the prospects and possibilities of my iPhone becoming a Satellite Phone for a photographer and outdoor recreation person like me? Have you heard of the Thuraya SatSleeve that transform your iPhone into a Satellite Phone?


During CommunicAsia 2013 held recently in Singapore from 18th to 21st June 2013, I was invited to visit and attend a media briefing by Thuraya for their new range of products and the Thuraya SatSleeve was something that I was personally very interested in. I was keen to know more about this device and its capabilities. In this post/sharing, I am not planning to go too much and too deep into the technical specifications and aspects of the Thuraya SatSleeve, I will leave that for another time. Instead, I am sharing from a consumer perspective (photographer and outdoors person) with all my readers here about my thoughts and views on the Thuraya SatSleeve.


My first thought was ~

Wow, I can now own a Satellite Phone without buying a dedicated and standalone Satellite Phone!

Being a photography enthusiast who loves the outdoors, I will love the opportunities to lug my camera gear and equipment into the outdoors and photograph the beauty of Mother Nature. If I am out in the wildness, there is definitely a very high possibility that there will be no or very minimal cellular data network. This can pose concerns and dangers at times if you need to contact emergency services due to unforeseen circumstances or your friends/family/colleagues need to contact you and you can be un-contactable due to your cellular smartphone is out of the cellular data networks of the country.


The Thuraya SatSleeve allows users to expand their iPhone’s horizons and capabilities beyond our imagination, giving users additional features and networks. It is a sleek and handy “sleeve” that easily attaches to your iPhone and with the satellite data SIM card; you can use your iPhone in areas where there is no cellular data connectivity.  The current Thuraya SatSleeve model is able to make phone calls and short messaging system (SMS) in satellite mode. There is an upcoming model that has the data roaming capabilities and when I receive the news, I will share more details and the technical specifications of the Thuraya SatSleeve.

Which group of users will find the Thuraya SatSleeve most useful?

–       Photographers especially Outdoors/Wildlife photographers

–       Photojournalists / Reporters

–       NGO ~ Non-Government Organisations

–       Schools, Uniformed/Community Groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Outdoor Adventure Clubs

–       Researchers ~ Wildlife, Scientists

–       Outdoor Adventure Travel Companies


Being a photographer and an outdoors person, the Thuraya SatSleeve is something that I have plans to get it sometime down the road when the newer model is announced whereby data roaming capabilities are built in. This is now the opportunity to own a Satellite Phone without actually having to buy a dedicated Satellite Phone. All you need is an iPhone and add on the Thuraya SatSleeve.

For more information on the Thuraya SatSleeve, do check out their website for more information!

20th WOC World Orchid Show Singapore 2011

Orchid, Singapore’s National Flower, an iconic symbol for Singapore around the world. Hosting the Orchids Olympics here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the 20th WOC World Orchid Show Singapore 2011 is hosted by Singapore from 13th November to 20th November 2011, organised by National Parks Board (NParks) and Orchid Society of Southeast Asia (OSSEA), with more than 75 stunning displays showcasing the world’s finest and most gorgeous orchids and hybrids, totaling over 50,000 orchids, of about 5,000 varieties, from 19 countries.

The 20th World Orchid Show Singapore 2011 reinforces our reputation as a Garden City, and Singapore is the only Asian City that has the rare privilege of hosting the World Orchid Conference for the 2nd time. This also shows us as a cosmopolitan city for conventions and exhibitions too. Entering the 20th World Orchid Conference at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, it’s so special, compared to the Singapore Garden Festivals held in 2006, 2008 and 2010, that I attended before.

It’s not about how big the size this Orchid Conference is being held here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the total number of orchids and varieties will blow you away, especially for those who love orchids and photographers who love the awesome opportunities to capture about 5,000 varieties of the beautiful and gorgeous orchids on display! The crowds were huge, from young to old, locals and international tourists, all admiring the orchids on display, smelling the sweet fragrance and aroma of the orchids, taking many photographs.

The theme for 20th WOC 2011 is “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet”, this definitely lives up to its reputation, with the number of orchids and hybrids on display. A photographer who loves to capture flora and fauna, this is a dream come true! I was actively finding and photographing the orchids, trying to get each and every different types of orchids and hybrids on display at the 20th WOC, a very challenging personal photography journey for me at 20th WOC Singapore 2011. Besides the orchids and hybrids on display there is a market place for visitors to buy their orchids and related products, with about 80 vendors from our local Singapore market and 17 countries/regions.

The 20th WOC World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011 is on facebook, do drop by and check them out! My photos taken at the 20th WOC Orchid Conference Singapore 2011 is uploaded here on Flickr! As you enter and leave the 20th WOC Conference, there is a giant signboard that said “Have You Found Your Little Piece of Paradise?” Have you found it ?

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.