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Grandmother’s 1st Year Anniversary

Time passed by very quickly in the blink of an eye, a year has passed since you left us from this world. A strong matriarch who loved her five generations, under her leadership and direction.

Your presence can still be felt when the extended family came back for your 1st year anniversary, preparing your favourite food and offerings for the memorial service.

I will always remember you, stories, thoughts and feelings from my remembrance article that I wrote in dedication to your memory in January 2017. It’s not just me, the entire extended family too, will always remember you, in their hearts, mind and soul.

From the young and bubbly great-grandchildren, to us, the grandchildren and your children, the strength and unity is one of the best testimonials to you as the matriarch who led, controlled and took great care of this family.

Sending money, clothes, gifts and durian to my matriarch, my paternal grandmother in heaven, the entire extended family of 5 generations under her, hope that she likes the gifts when she receives it!


100 Days

9 photographs for a monumental 99 tribute

Remembrance – A 99 year old matriarch of 5 generations

100 Days

Overseas Kelong Fishing Trip to Hot Boys

Fishing, a recreational and leisure hobby, something that I have lost touch over many years, recently got back into me again. An overseas kelong fishing trip was planned with my colleagues, a short 2D1N kelong fishing trip to nearby Johor, Malaysia, to this kelong owned by Singaporeans, known as the Hot Boys Kelong.

Dug out my dad’s fishing equipment setup and accessories, 3 sets of fish rods & reels, packed my bags with my DSLR and clothings, with 3 cars driving up towards Tanjung Leman on an early Monday morning, we reached the jetty, had our breakfast before boarding the boat/ferry to our kelong whereby our fishing adventure began! The weather was great, hot and sunny with clear blue sky and beautiful white fluffy clouds, a good sun-tanning opportunity or a sun-burnt post effect (for me).

After settling down, we all swing into fishing action, catching the smaller fishes for the bait to catch bigger fishes in the night. Took a bit of luck and a little bit of skill and technique to catch the various small fishes and we were competing to see who would be the last person to catch their first small fish! It was a relaxing getaway, some of my colleagues having their maiden fishing experience, fun time  before the hot sun zaps us dry and we refuel ourselves with beverages. A very tranquil and peaceful location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the sunset and sunrise were beautiful and it was an excellent photography opportunity.

Fishing continued after the different meals into the night before most of us resting after supper to rest, shower and sleep. This was also a good time to just relax and enjoy the tranquility of the sea. While we were able to catch small fishes, we had no luck with the bigger fishes at all and none were caught by our group. Nevertheless, we had a great catch of small fishes to bring back home! On the 2nd day, a few of us went over to Pulau Sibu and visited the island, another beautiful and tranquil location, with small resorts and would be great for a getaway too!

Been a long time since I had enjoyed a relaxing leisure holiday, even though it was a short holiday. Looking forward to more relaxing kelong fishing trips in the future, maybe to Bintan or Batam kelongs with opportunities for sunset and sunrise photography!

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So Long! Farewell! The Last Train From KTM Tanjong Pagar

The day has finally arrived, a day of mixed emotions for many people from both sides of the Causeway, with roots deeply entrenched with each other across her history. This special day will be remembered for her last train service operating out from KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station before the train station was handed back to Singapore.

With each day counting towards the end of chapter in Singapore’s history and Malaysia’s history as well, it marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new era ahead. Many people from all walks of life gathered, remembered, reminisced, shared, trekked, taking photographs of the Grand Old Dame, her railway tracks, The Green Corridor, the traditions, heritage and history. The elderly, the parents bringing their children to know about the history of the railway tracks. The papers, social media, blogs and internet were buzzing with great interest and publicity on the KTM Railway lines and the KTM Railway Stations Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Timah.

Thursday 30th June 2011, on the final day of her railway operations in Singapore, it was the best to send off The Last Train Out From KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in style and honour that she fully deserved, by being part of the history; to be there to remember her heritage, history and achievements, taking photographs and videos with their friends, family and loved ones, taking the last passenger train at 2200hrs out from Tanjong Pagar or the VIP train at 2300hrs driven by His Excellency, the Sultan of Johor himself, out of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, marking the end and handing over of KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

A time of mixed emotions, I studied beside the KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station for 4 years (when I was studying at Gan Eng Seng School when it was situated at Raeburn Park) and the railway line situated behind Clementi HDB estate and Sunset Way Railway Bridge (when I was studying at Clementi North Primary School whereby it was situated at Clementi Avenue 6). With this closure, what lies ahead ? For the railway stations in Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Timah, we know they will be preserved for our history and heritage, how about the beautiful Green Corridor? Only time will tell …

I will not forget about them and did not choose to remember it just because it was near to the end of her long service, it’s for the memories that I grew up with that is unique to me and maybe others too.

Lest We Forget, the KTM Railway in Singapore, let the photographs continue telling the stories from here ….


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Revisiting Bukit Pasir & Muar

It’s been a while since I went back with my family to Bukit Pasir, a small village, near the town of Muar, in the state of Johor, Malayisa. That’s where my grandmother is staying and it is great to catch up with my grandmother, uncles, aunties and cousins. It was also my first time with my nephew and niece, nice to see and know them !

A nice small village, relaxing and away from the hustles of the city life, immersing myself with the greenery, flora and fauna. Spent time observing the various fruits, plants and vegetables from my uncle’s garden. All fresh and organic, big and juicy fruits ! My family visited Muar too, dropped by Tanjung area and had a great view of the Muar River.

Even though it was a short trip, nevertheless, a nice relaxing time away from Singapore, catching up with relatives. A short holiday is good too, for the mind and soul, to reconnect with people, relax, enjoy and have fun. Maybe it’s time to do my long overseas trip that I have been waiting for 🙂

Synopsis of Actual Day Wedding Photojournalistic Journey

In the last week of 2009, there were 2 days that had been reserved early in the first quarter of the year, an actual day (AD) wedding photography assignment for a couple, whom I personally know the groom. After some initial discussion, we decided to meet up and had a longer discussion with the couple and finally reached an agreement for me to take on their AD Wedding photography. Their belief and trust in me, taking on their AD Wedding photography is another wonderful opportunity to grow and expand my photography experiences and knowledge.

Due to the number of photographs required for post processing, the selected photographs displayed would not contain any of the couple nor their family, relatives or friends. In this post, selected abstract/still wedding photographs would be showcased. This AD Wedding stretched over two days because we had to travel into Malaysia, whereby the Groom would receive the Bride from her hometown before returning back to Singapore. The Groom’s contingent of best men and helpers went in earlier to prepare and the early adventure started very early in the morning whereby all of us didn’t get much sleep.

0345 hrs – Woke up, washed up and started the AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey for the wedding couple. Groom was helped on to his jacket by a senior member of his family and after capturing the shots, off I went to the Bride’s home with the videographer.

0445 hrs – Reached the Bride’s home, started shooting the Bridal make up by the makeup artist, putting on the veil by the parents, parents prayers to heaven and preparing to welcome the Groom’s contingent.

0600 hrs – Groom arrived to pick up his Bride and the action goes into full swing ! Photography swung into action and the guys were made to go through different tasks and challenges, “food tasting”, singing, games, giving red packets before reaching the Bride’s room and fetching the Bride. Formalities followed, with prayers to the heavens and ancestors before the traditional tea ceremony to the parents and relatives. Once completed, group photography followed and all of us had the time to rest for food and drinks.

0800 hrs – Departure of the wedding contingent returning to Singapore, a bit of traveling time, everything was smooth except for a bit of morning peak hour traffic.

1000 hrs – Arrival at the Groom’s home, now for the other side of the wedding formalities, traditional tea ceremony, group photography taking before adjourning to the newly wedded room for more photography taking, with the veil being removed by the Groom and more photo taking, along with food and drinks.

1300 hrs – Went to the hotel with the wedding contingent, finalised the schedule for the night before returning home for a short rest, downloading of the couple’s morning and afternoon wedding photojournalistic journey and adventure.

1600 hrs – Returned back to hotel, showed the couple and their family, relatives and close friends in the hotel room the photos on my macbook, apparently the power of digital photography, there were a lot more photographs taken without fear of wastage (a plus and negative point in photography). Glad that the parents enjoyed watching the slideshow of the wedding photography.

1700 hrs – Rehearsals and coordination with Groom, Masters of Ceremony, banquet manager and videographer, final preparation.

1830 hrs – Solemnisation of the Wedding couple, smooth sailing without hiccups.

1930 hrs – Wedding dinner starts and another round of AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey began ! Once the guests settled down to enjoy, the wedding couple went around to mingle with their relatives, colleagues and close friends, thanking them and I was taking many group/friends photographs.

2300 hrs – At this time, the wedding dinner had wrapped up and everything was great. Chatted with the wedding couple for a while and arranged to meet them soon and deliver their AD Wedding photographs.

Looking back at my AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey/Adventure with the couple, it was a really wonderful experience since I knew the Groom personally and it dawned upon me that I was more than just a Wedding Photographer, I became a helper too ! The friendly and heartwarming couple makes it easier for me to do my main task on hand, their trust and faith in me.

This synopsis seems to be a lengthy post …… If you are still reading this line …… Thank You for your support !! The portfolio of the AD Wedding Photography is up after approval from the newly wedded couple. Check it out below !

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My Cousin’s Wedding in Bukit Pasir, Muar

Last weekend, my parents, my grandaunt and myself went back to my grandmother’s hometown, Bukit Pasir, Muar, in Malaysia, to attend my younger cousin’s wedding. It was a good time to catch up with other relatives too, especially meeting and catching up with my grandmother, do read about her story here.

It was planned to be a simple wedding dinner affair, buffet style, outside my auntie’s home. We went there in the afternoon for the tea ceremony first and mingle around with the relatives from the bride’s side. We stayed for a while before going back to rest before my parents went out sightseeing and shopping while I stayed in my grandmother’s home to chat with my grandmother, uncle, aunties and cousins.

In the evening, we went back to my cousin’s home for the wedding dinner function. Although simple, it was a more cosy and family feeling, village style or kampung style as it is known among us. There were many senior relatives coming down for the wedding dinner function too, it was great to see them. Caught up with my cousins and chatted, it was great to be back there with them.

After a few drinks there, went back to my uncle’s home to rest for the night.

Back from KL

On last friday early morning around 0200hrs, we drove up across the Causeway into Malaysia, before heading up, ate a hearty supper before driving up the North South Highway to Kuala Lumpur.

Had a very good drive up there, I drove Jack’s powerful and steady Honda Civic FD2 up the highway in the night, love driving very late in the night. Upon reaching KL, Patrick and I went to MINES Convention Centre for the Millionaire Mindset Intensive Seminar while Jack went out on his own to find the hotel and attend to his matters.

It was a hectic 3 days of seminar and not a lot of time to go out and explore KL, haven’t been there for many years. Anyway, still managed to get some shots of Bukit Bintang where we stayed in Hotel Allson Genesis.

Jack (left), Patrick (right)

Finally, before I took the coach on sunday night (as the other 2 guys were staying for 1 more night), drove around KL for sightseeing, took the photos of the twin towers before heading home on the midnight coach ride.

Do drop by my flickr site and take a look at my small collection of photos !

4 Generations of Family Tree Network

During my weekend retreat at my Grandma’s 90th Birthday celebrations, I did not visit my relatives regularly and I am guilty of not knowing who my nieces and nephews are, quite a handful of them, some of them were in their teenage years already.

Well, also indirectly telling me that I am not getting any younger …… & the usual naggings from my Grandma and Aunties.

Nevertheless, presenting 4 Generations …..

Grandma and Great-Granddaughter

My Beautiful Cousin

2 Uncles with their Niece

It was fun taking portraits of my relatives and I looking foward to doing more of it, especially getting my cousin to be my model for my future studio portrait shoots.