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Lego Batman is coming to save the City!

Batman and Lego fans, this is the time to get hyped up and excited! Lego Batman is coming to save the City, showing today on 9th February 2017 in Singapore! The adult fans of Lego would love it (especially if you are also a fan of Batman) along with their children!

I am a Lego fan, I have collected some Lego toys although I haven’t reach the hardcore serious Lego collector yet (I should write a post on my cousin’s huge Lego collection if he allows me to)

Lego Batman is coming to save the City, with a fun event at ION Orchard, new Lego Batman toys for you to play with and the movie is showing today on 9th February 2017! 

Lego Batman Escape Room Event at ION Orchard B4 ION Station (24th Jan to 18th Feb, 10am to 10pm)

If you are a parent, bring your children down to ION Orchard and have fun inside the Lego Batman Escape Room, it’s a fun hands on experience with Lego bricks and toys, your children would love it! I am also quite sure that inside you, there is still a child in you that wants to play with Lego, go in, play and build Lego with your children, this is going to be a great family bonding and fun time with Lego bricks!

As an adult fan of Lego, I had fun playing with Lego Batman bricks and toys! I didn’t take much photographs because I was too busy and engrossed with playing Lego Batman toys or looking at the new Lego toys!

Thank you Bricks World for inviting me down the Lego Batman Escape Room Event prior to watching the premiere of The Lego Batman Movie!

6181406 Lego Batman Movie Maker

Would you like to make your own Lego based video? With this Lego Batman Movie Maker, you can use your smartphone to produce your own stop motion videos! Here’s the link!

Premiere of The Lego Batman Movie

It was an honour, a great pleasure and fun to watch the premiere of The Lego Batman Movie at Shaw Lido theatre prior to the official release of the movie this week in Singapore.

I just want to share some personal thoughts and feelings after I watched The Lego Batman Movie. First and foremost, I am not a movie/film critic and it’s also not meant to be a movie review.

The Lego Batman Movie is not like the ones you saw on the movie screens, this movie is family oriented, the bonding, relationships and friendships. The starting and ending movie segments were really comical and funny, I was thinking what happened and why, followed by me laughing at Batman’s wisdom of words!

Colours and quality of the digital animation works are really excellent, for those who love digital animation videos, you have to watch The Lego Batman Movie.

The Lego Batman Movie is ideal and suitable for children, parents, bring your children and watch it together for a fun family bonding time. Parents, if you are an Adult Fan of Lego too, you don’t need more encouragement, you are probably more excited than your children to catch the movie!

The Lego Batman Movie would be starting to show in cinemas today on the 9th February 2017! Time to bring your family and children down to the cinemas and catch this family fun movie!

Last but not least, here are some key websites for all Lego Batman fans –

Lego Batman Movie

Lego Batman Toys

Lego Batman Twitter

Bricks World

Alright folks, it’s time for Batman to catch The Joker, save the city and bring him to watch The Lego Batman Movie screening today in the cinemas!

Thank you Bricks World for the invitation!

Lego 7567 Traveler – Photo Explorer

This is a very small Lego, it’s also very precious and special. Traveling by plane all the way from California, USA, inside my friend’s luggage.

I have been searching for a Lego minifigure that can truly represent me in my new photography adventures that I am embarking on. This Lego minifigure also reflects my dreams, aspirations and photography projects. I wish to build up from my November 2014 travel to Hokkaido.

This Lego City Traveler is further configured with a backpack and a jungle hat added on to it. I dream of bringing photography groups overseas for travel photography trips, overseas pre-wedding photography shoot. These are in my second phase of my photography business timeline.

My Lego 7567 Traveler will also accompany me and be an integral part of my Instagram/photography telling/sharing stories in my world and in the Lego world.

Join me, walk along with me, as I bring you on my photography journeys, adventures, stories and dreams, with and through my Lego 7567 Traveler, the eyes, heart and soul of Tan Geng Hui Photography.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, let me introduce Lego Photo Explorer GH1001 (hashtag #GH1001).

Lego SG50 Limited Edition Mini Builds – Dragon Playground and Ice Cream Bike

The circle is now complete! After collecting two of the four Lego SG50 Limited Edition Mini Builds – HDB Block and Cable Car, I was planning and looking forward to the next two Lego SG50 Limited Edition Mini Builds – Ice Cream Bike and Dragon Playground! Just to recap on the story behind the Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds, they were planned and designed to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. There were a total of four Singapore Icons, HDB Block, Cable Car, Ice Cream Bike and Dragon Playground!


While I really like the four Singapore Icons Mini Builds, I have to confess that my favourite ones are the Dragon Playground and Ice Cream Bike! It was definitely worth traveling to Lego Certified Store at Resorts World Sentosa and getting the Ice Cream Bike! The Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons, HDB Block, Cable Car and Ice Cream Bike proved to be very popular and they are fully redeemed.


The Dragon Playground is the star attraction of all the four different Singapore Icons Mini Builds! On the first day of the sale for the Dragon Playground at Raffles City, there were crowds building up to pay for their Lego purchases, people queuing up to redeem and collect their Dragon Playground set. Besides that, there were crowds inside starting to build their Dragon Playground on the spot.


I decided that I can do it at home, therefore, I counted that my total number of Lego components are in order and in the correct proportion, based on the instruction sheets. Once the counting was done and everything in order, I went to take photos of the instruction sheets, 3 pages in total and went home happily to build it at home! I really love the Lego Dragon Playground and I am planning to bring the Lego Dragon Playground to visit the Old Dragon Playground! It’s time to plan some Lego and nostalgic Singapore Memory shoot for the Dragon Playground!

Here is my collection of the four Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds! Happy Lego SG50 folks!


Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport

The Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport is one of the new set of Star Wars Lego series launched in the month of January 2015. This was one of the Star Wars Lego set that caught my attention, it’s not too expensive and I can take the opportunity to build up my stormtroopers collection.


When the Imperial Troop Transport was initially launched, it was very popular among Star Wars Lego collectors/fans. The initial demand was pretty strong and there were not enough supplies to meet the demands of the customers. I waited for a few weeks before I was able to get hold of them. Due to recent work commitments, I wasn’t able to open up my box and build them up.


However, with the Canon EOS M3 review camera available to me for two weeks, I decided to bring my Lego toy out of from my store room and used the Canon EOS M3 to take photographs of my Star Wars Lego building process. This was also a good time for me to test the capabilities of the Canon EOS M3 too!


The Imperial Troop Transport is based on the TV series Star Wars Rebels, tracking down rebels on Planet Lothal. It would be interesting to conceptualise some Star Wars Lego scenes with the Imperial Troop Transport, Stormtroopers and Rebels! Besides that, I am keen on collecting more Imperial Troop Transport and showcase a section size or platoon size of Imperial Troop Transport and Stormtroopers!


I hope that I can share more on the Star Wars Lego collection, conceptualising scenes, producing and photographing them! Keep a lookout!

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Lego SG50 Limited Edition Mini Builds – HDB and Cable Car

Singapore is celebrating her Golden Jubilee in this year 2015! As part of the SG50 celebrations, Lego has produced SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds and there are four of them! The four icons are Cable Car, HDB Block, Ice Cream Bike and Old Dragon Playground!

I was very excited when I read the news on the Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds and I was really looking forward to collecting them! All you have to do is to spend a minimum of $50 of Lego products in a single receipt and you can redeem the Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds! Since I am going to invest in more Lego, I spent time thinking of what kind of Lego series am I going to invest in? After some analysis, I decided to continue collecting my Star Wars and this would be a good time to build up troopers!


Till date, I have collected the Cable Car and HDB Block. The Cable Car can be redeemed only at Toys R’ Us at Vivo City branch from 6th to 31st July 2015 and the HDB Block can be redeemed only at Robinsons Shopping Centre at Raffles City from 6th to 20th July 2015.


All you need to do is choose your Lego toys (it must cost at least $50 in total), make payment at the cashier. Collect your receipt and proceed to the Lego booth nearby inside the respective shopping outlet location. Pass them your receipt for verification, answer some simple questions and the friendly staff there will pass you a set of the Limited Edition Mini Builds! I encourage you to build it on the spot instead of bringing it home!


For Lego fans, building the HDB Block and Cable Car is not difficult at all and the instructions are pretty clear and concise! I had a fun time building it on the spot inside the shopping mall outlet, Toys R Us and Robinsons!

The Ice Cream Bike is coming soon, from 11th July to 25th July, available at Lego Certified Store @ Resorts World Sentosa, while the Old Dragon Playground is available at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Atrium Level 3 from 21st to 30th July.

There is also a SG50 Lego Event from 21st to 30th July! More details can be found here!

The 4 x SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds are really cool and I love it!! I am on track to collect all of 4 of them!! Lego fans, don’t hesitate!! Head down to the following locations, remember the later dates for the Ice Cream Bike and Old Dragon Playground!

  • Cable Car – Toys’R’Us (VivoCity) from 6th July to 31st July
  • HDB Flat – Robinsons (Raffles City Shopping Centre) from 6th July to 20th July
  • Ice Cream Bike – LEGO Certified Store @ Resorts World Sentosa from 11th July to 25th July
  • Dragon Playground – Raffles City Shopping Centre, Atrium, Level 3 from 21st to 30th July

Have fun with Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds !!

Star Wars Lego Microfighters Series 2 – 75075 AT-AT

The Star Wars Lego Microfighter Series was one of the first few Star Wars Lego that brought me back to the Way of The Force and the Power of the Force, a world that I “went away” for a period of time. It recalled me back to the World of Star Wars and there was no turning back! In the year 2015, there is a new Star Wars Lego Microfighters Series and inside this year’s collection, there were some pretty interesting and nice Microfighters Series!


One of the more popular toys in my personal opinion would be the 75075 AT-AT, the mini version of the bigger size 75075 AT-AT (one of the Star Wars Lego toys that I was planning to add on to my collection). The Star Wars Lego Microfighters Series are good for people to start off in their Star Wars Lego collection journey! It’s a must buy!


The process to building Star Wars Lego Microfighter Series 2 75075 AT-AT is easy and very fun, great for both children and adults! Look no further, come towards the Way of The Force, the Force of Star Wars Lego!

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Star Wars Lego 75089 Geonosis Troopers

Star Wars and Lego fans, the year 2015 is going to be an exciting year! With Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens coming to the screens in December 2015, every Star Wars fan must be eagerly looking forward to this new movie! Along with this excitement, we are all very curious on the new Star Wars vehicles/fighters/machinery in the new movie!


At the start of the year 2015, Lego launched a new series of Star Wars Lego toys collection and it’s currently very popular in the market! I am looking for Star Wars Lego 75078 Imperial Troop Transport, collect a number of the boxes and build up my Stormtroopers collection to produce Star Wars Lego scenes! However, it’s really popular and getting hard to find them!


The other Star Wars Lego 2015 collection that caught my attention was the Star Wars Lego 75089 Geonosis  Troopers! I added them to my personal Star Wars Lego collection! I am still planning how I can create Star Wars scenes with the Geonosis Troopers and I might be getting a few of them! The Star Wars Lego 75089 Geonosis Troopers is easy to build and you can collect 2 types of Lego Mini-figurines – 2 Geonosis Clone Troopers and 2 Geonosis Airborne Clone Troopers!


It’s the start of the new year 2015 and let’s get my Star Wars Lego scenes back up and running again!

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First LEGO Certified Store in Singapore Opens at Suntec City Mall

Lego fans in Singapore have something very new and exciting to enjoy and have fun at, with the opening of Singapore’s first-ever LEGO Certified Store (LCS) in Singapore, located at #03-364/365 Tower 3 Suntec City Mall Singapore on 29th November 2014! The first LEGO Certified Store in Singapore was opened by Her Excellency, Berit Basse, the Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore together with LEGO Singapore and its business partner, Bricks World.


The LEGO Certified Store is a store that is designed by The LEGO Group and adheres to the all the store fit-out and experience guidelines as laid down by The LEGO Group and The LEGO Certified Store is owned by The LEGO Group or LEGO Singapore. It is managed and operated by LEGO’s business partner, Bricks World, Singapore’s largest and most established LEGO retailer in close collaboration with LEGO Singapore.


The LEGO brand mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative free play with LEGO bricks. Growing up as a kid, I had the chance to play with LEGO, learned so much from the Lego experience. Now as an adult, I am still continuing playing with LEGO, with my Star Wars Lego collection and scenes setup! LEGO is not just for the young, LEGO attracts the adults who are young at heart! The first LEGO certified store is going to attract many visitors to search for their LEGO toys! I love the Pick-a-Brick Wall and will love to check out their stocks and supplies and LEGO fans will be looking forward to the exclusive LEGO sets coming to Singapore soon!



The LEGO Certified Store is offering the following unique features that inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

– Pick-a-Brick Wall (PAB) ~ A custom built fixture with cylindrical canisters filled with LEGO bricks and elements whereby shoppers can hand-pick and select whatever they need to build something based on their own design and imagination.

– Full assembled LEGO Sets ~ they will definitely inspire the children and adults!

– “The Living Room” ~ interactive play area prominently located in the centre of the store for the children to have a “hands-on, minds-on” experience with LEGO bricks.

– Exclusive LEGO sets available at the same time as their release in the US and Europe, with effect from January 2015.

LEGO fans, do visit and check out Singapore’s first ever LEGO Certified Store!

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Star Wars Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon, is probably one of the most iconic and important Star Wars starships, you can’t miss it and it’s probably a hot favourite among the Star Wars fans too! The Millennium Falcon is definitely my favourite Star Wars starships, followed by the X-Wing Starfighter! Getting the Star Wars Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon was hot on my list and when I finally got my hands on it, I was very happy!


This Star Wars Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon has 1254 pieces and I had to confess that it took me a bit longer than usual to finish constructing the Millennium Falcon! There were 6 Star Wars Lego mini figurines and they will make great addition to my Star Wars Lego collection! Hopefully in the future, I am able to own the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) 10179 Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon, I do need the space (and savings to purchase it) to put it on display!


As I slowly added more Star Wars Lego to my collection, I am able to proceed and plan more Star Wars scenes with my Lego toys, some are from the trilogy, some are from my own ideas and inspirations! In the months ahead, I hope to share more stories and photographs from my Star Wars scenes build up such as Battle of Hoth from Star Wars V – Empire Strikes Back (with my Echo Base, X-Wing Starfighter and I need to add the AT-AT and more Snowtroopers to my collection first!)


Do keep a lookout for my upcoming stories on my Star Wars Lego scenes adventures! It’s going to be a mix of scenes from Star Wars Trilogy, my own ideas and inspirations! I am also planning to find fellow photographer friends who are also Star Wars Lego fans to “combine resources” together to create bigger Star Wars scenes with our Lego toys!

May The Force Be With You, Always! 

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Star Wars Lego 7749 Echo Base

The Battle of Hoth, one of the most memorable movie scenes of the Star Wars Trilogy, in Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back. It was one of my favourite Star Wars movie scenes and I had been planning to do the Battle of Hoth scenes with my Star Wars Lego toys! This mini project is definitely going to take up a number of resources and time to plan, setup, build and photograph! Building it up slowly, with the addition of the Star Wars Lego 7749 Echo Base, it’s the kickstart for me to produce my Battle of Hoth Lego Star Wars scene!


Lego 7749 Echo Base was released in 2009, an older Lego model compared to the later series, Lego 7879 Hoth Echo Base that was released in 2011. Nevertheless, I liked the Lego 7749 Echo Base, simple and what I was planning to get, the gun turret! The Snowtroopers from the Lego 7749 Echo Base series were different from the current Snowtroopers! Check out the photograph below and spot the differences between the two different series of Snowtroopers!


While I am starting to replicate Star Wars movie scenes with my Lego collection, I was also conceptualising and planning my own Star Wars scenes with my Lego collection. Do keep a lookout for my Star Wars Lego Scenes here on my Flickr collection!


With the Lego 7749 Echo Base and my Star Wars Lego Snowspeeder, I took the next step towards building my Battle of Hoth scene and I hope that I can share my stories and adventures soon in the near future! Follow my Star Wars Lego photography collection and adventures here on Flickr!

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