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Will Kampung Lorong Buangkok still be around ?

In a country’s quest for economic growth and prosperity, there will definitely be scarifice, when trying to strike a balance between economic growth and development versus other matters. Every country will inevitably face this issue and they will have their own unique situations and issues. In the context of Singapore, land scarce and the only resource is the population, the growth and prosperity of Singapore has gone from leaps and bounds since her independence in 1965.

During this journey from 1965, Singapore had transformed into a cosmopolitan city with tall high rise buildings, offices and public housing estates, nicely designed and layout, structured and systematic with a good transport network of trains and buses. However, what gave way to all these were the traditional farms, poultry rearing, vegetable growing, rubber plantations, prawn and fish ponds, that was an integral part of early Singapore history. A lot were gone, disappeared from the landscape of Singapore, only appearing in history and photography books, libraries, national archives, old collections and our own vivid memories.

When I brought Nellie , Daphne, Amanda and Renhao to Kampung Lorong Buangkok, this was their first visit there (my 2nd trip there, check out my 1st visit post !) It was also another good time to go back and capture Kampung Lorong Buangkok again, the last remaining Kampung on mainland Singapore. Before entering the entrance to Kampung Lorong Buangkok, I found out that the grass land beside the monsoon canal and the Kampung, it was gone and transformed into a cycling and walking/running track, known as our Park Connector Network.

From 2 perspectives, it’s good to have Park Connector Networks to link up the various parks and rivers together for the people to keep fit and healthy, encouraging them to lead a active and sporting lifestyle by running, walking or cycling along the greenery. However, from another perspective, it was disappointing that the wildness and tranquility of the area is being “cut out” to make the man-made paths. Nevertheless, while we were hiking up to Sengkang Riverside Park using the Park Connector Network from Kampung Lorong Buangkok, there were still signs of wildlife around and that is a blessing.

Although Kampung Lorong Buangkok is small in size, we had a good time exploring the rural lifestyle that once defined Singapore, different wooden houses that form the neighbourhood, the open areas and gardens. The simplicity and greenery, away from the hustling and hectic city lifestyle, Kampung Lorong Buangkok still retains its charms and beauty, attracting city dwellers to visit her during the weekends, tourists too, are attracted by her charm, beauty and tranquility.

1 year difference between my visits, most of her beauty has been retained and much unchanged, comparing to her nearby regions and Singapore overall, you might/will find a lot more changes to the physical environment. This is a great blessing, however, the golden question in a lot of our minds

Will Kampung Lorong Buangkok still be around in the future ? Would it stand the test of time in Singapore’s history ? How would land scarce Singapore look at Kampung Lorong Buangkok for its population expansion and thirst for more land to build high rise public housing or private estate ?

Nobody knows how long more Kampung Lorong Buangkok will still be around, while the golden question remains, let’s all enjoy the beauty, charms and tranquility of Kampung Lorong Buangkok in cosmopolitan Singapore.

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Exploring Kampung Lorong Buangkok with fellow Photoblogger


The topic of Kampung Lorong Buangkok had been ringing in our local news/blogsphere for a period of time, with international news Reuters, reporting “Rush for land to sweep away last Singapore Village” on 21st December 2007. Recently, during NDP 2009, there was a video recording of residents from Kampung Lorong Buangkok inside the Singapore Flyer giving interviews and thoughts about the 44th year birthday and growth of Singapore, and how their nice and cosy Kampung Lorong Buangkok place would be in modern Singapore.


Finally, after procrastinating for months and months, I saw fellow LG Photoblogger Tetanus on his recent photography trip to Kampung Lorong Buangkok via twitter and after some discussion, another fellow LG Photoblogger Chester, decided to meet and visit Kampung Lorong Buangkok together. I met Chester at Ang Mo Kio MRT station, hitch a ride with him and drove to Gerald Drive, the rain came pouring and our planned start time to explore was pushed back due to the heavy rain, Chester and myself went up to Jalan Kayu for roti prata breakfast and teh tarik, discussing everything photography under the sun 🙂


Soon, the rain got less heavy and we headed back to Gerald Drive, started exploring Kampung Lorong Buangkok, it was still drizzling and we decided to go ahead exploring in the midst of the drizzle. We hiked inside and discovered a very peaceful and beautiful kampung, probably due to the rain too ! After an initial exploration, we hiked along the monsoon canal that lead to Sungei Punggol, it was forested on the Kampung Lorong Buangkok side and modern landed property on the other side of the canal, a contrast of the modern and old Singapore. The rain gave us another interesting and exciting challenge, the water droplets forming on the leaves and flowers gave different photography opportunities and Chester showed the power of the Tamron 90mm Macro !


Hiking back into the heart of Kampung Lorong Buangkok, we photographed the wooden houses, nicely repainted yet retaining her history and aura, a blend of modern and traditional, coming together in this wonderful kampung. Beautiful gardens and flowers, peaceful and tranquil, just metres away from the modern and fast paced life of Singapore. The rain came pouring back and it really became a bit more difficult, nevertheless, we continued our photography walkabout inside Kampung Lorong Buangkok. For more photos of our photojournalistic adventure, do drop by my Flickr !


As we came to an end of our photography walkabout, how much longer would Kampung Lorong Buangkok has to make way for the growth and expansion of modern Singapore ?