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K1 Grand Finale Day 2 – 27th July

After my adventure with vintage cars at the Raffles Landing site, I slowly made my way to the Singapore F1 Pit Building. The weather was a bit hot and I just pop into shopping malls along the way to enjoy the cooling air-conditioning.

There were supposed to be people joining me today but in the end, I went alone instead, I would still continue to go ahead and enjoy my photo taking and sports cars adrenaline high octane action.

On the sunday, there were more people coming to this carnival, there were more activities especially catering for the children, there were many of them at the Tamiya mini-racing cars, kiddy rides, drawing and colouring competition. Besides, there were super car sprints too, nice to see sports cars doing time laps on the F1 track, especially watching my favourite Skyline GT-R, the latest version in action ! Go-Karting was just as popular and there were also more people watching the show cars on display and many photographers catching the action at the various locations at the Singapore F1 Pit Building.

Back to drifting, more action, seems like people who signed up for the drift clinic and trying out their sports cars on drifting. Maybe I was there at the wrong time, not much information was broadcasted to the public on the drifting segment.
Being a sports car fanatic photographer and a public viewer, the drifting event segment wasn’t well lay out, I understood the need for safety distances and barriers, always posing a challenge to take photos from such constraints. Moreover, it probably doesn’t give enough media coverage to the drifters too….. Oh yeah, I am a drift fan.
Overall, this carnival was different from the car events I been before, it’s great to have different types of racing, sports cars, go-kart and saloon cars events catering for the young to car fanatics to families. It’s a good build up to the upcoming Singapore GP.

Do drop by my flickr site and view the K1 Grand Finale photos !

K1 Grand Finale Day 1 – 26th July

After exploring the Singapore Garden Festival at the Suntec Convention Centre, I went down to the newly completed F1 Pit Building behind/beside the Singapore Flyer for the K1 Grand Finale Carnival Day 1.

There were 2 days of events and I went on both days. As I reached at about 4pm++, some of the earlier events had already passed. There were many different types of events happening concurrently and I felt that it was a rather family-oriented car carnival, with kiddy rides, playground for young children, go-karting on the F1 track and pit stop area, drifting for drifters, sports cars display and Audi R8 sprint ride for children 7-12 years old.

Met Collin and Isaac at the event, we went around exploring the F1 pit building area. I was very excited walking around, it’s not often you can explore such venues, and F1 is coming to Singapore very soon, a Night Race too ! Collin and Isaac went to queue up for Go-Karting while I walked around the pit area, looking around.

When the 2 of them finally got onto their Go-Kart, I was there to snap photos at them and I was laughing at Isaac, who can’t put on the safety belt and harness on the Go-Kart (I would reserve this hilarious drama to a specially dedicated post for Isaac) ….. Haha ……. Well, soon, they were driving away on the pit stop and F1 track, short distance with fun !

Thereafter, continued exploring the Tamiya mini racing car toys booth and mini racing cars circuit. Isaac played around the remote control cars and got himself a mini racing car from Tamiya !! Drifting was around the same location and we watched some nice drifting action taking place.
On the saturday, there weren’t too many people there, marketing was done by K1 Motorsport and there were different types of car related events inside the Grand Finale itself. As for sunday, which I would write a separate post on, was better and more people arriving, especially the young children.
I am a car fanatic and photography crazy, it’s a 2 hit combination. Looking foward to the upcoming F1 Singapore GP………
It’s Cars and more Cars !