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Dell Future Workplace for Photography/Creative Businesses

In today’s workplace environment, take a break and reflect back on how much it has changed over the past 5 to 10 years, followed by the past 10 to 20 years. How much, how big and drastic the changes in the workplace environment over all these years? Now, look at your current workplace, technology and innovations, the disruptions and changes to our work environment. What does the future workplace looks like?

In a recent media event organised by Dell, titled Dell Future Workplace, I had a glimpse into the upcoming changes to how our future workplace might look like (in some cases, they are already into our working environment). During the introduction by key Dell management staff, this quote resonates with me

“The next industrial revolution is upon us”

During an earlier technology article that I wrote on my personal/technology website, I gave an insight into the Future Workplace with Dell. During the visit to Dell Future Workplace, there was a segment that Dell presented, titled “Specialised Workers Zone – Creative Professional”. When I saw the two Dell products showcased there, I wanted to share it separately here on my photography and travel website, for my fellow photographers and creative industry friends (those into video production, film, music, design etc). These two Dell solutions might just be the add-ons to your current workflow that you might need (or wanting to have it).

The two devices that I wanted to share are the Dell Canvas and Precision 5720 AIO. First and foremost, let me share some key information on these two Dell Future Workplace devices –

Dell Canvas – Work at the speed of thought

What began as the Dell smart desk concept in 2014 evolved into Dell Canvas—a new category of smart workspace technology that expands creative productivity for content developers and designers. The 27-inch QHD smart workspace can be used at an angle or flat on a desk so professionals can create, communicate and express their thoughts and ideas as naturally as they do with pen on paper. For example, through the use of touch, digital pen and totems, the Dell Canvas turns drawings into part of the digital workflow and enhances collaboration. Developed in partnership with Microsoft Corp. and powered by virtually any Windows 10 device, Dell Canvas plugs seamlessly into software solutions from partners including Adobe, Autodesk, AVID, Dassault Systems, SolidWorks and Microsoft to unleash the creative genius in everyone

Precision 5720 AIO – The best sound quality of any all-in-one PC

Some All-in-One (AIO) PCs on the market today treat the audio experience as an afterthought. Co-created with Jack Joseph Puig, Grammy™ award winning producer and director of creative innovation at Waves Audio, the new Precision 5720 AIO, cranks sound to a whole new level with built-in audio quality that previously required an external sound bar. With full frequency range high-fidelity audio built in, it delivers the best sound available in an AIO with 10 speakers pumping out sound at 50W per channel.

The viewing experience is equally impressive with a beautiful 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) edge-to-edge touch display supporting 100 percent Adobe RGB colour gamut. The Precision 5720 AIO delivers more performance options with Intel® Xeon® processors, AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics capable of powering VR and outstanding reliability with ISV certifications for top programs like AVID and SolidWorks, as well as leading security and manageability software.


Pricing and availability

All products are available through Dell and its authorized partners.

* Information courtesy of Dell *

Thoughts and views on the Dell Canvas and Precision 5720 AIO

From my (photographer) perspective, the Dell Canvas is an ideal solution for photography editing needs and other areas of creative work too. It would make editing easier on a dedicated gadget such as the Dell Canvas. Moreover, this would also allow you to expand the scope of work that you are doing.

The Precision 5720 AIO would be an ideal companion to the Dell Canvas, the all-in-one PC. With the technical sound specifications built in, I reckon musicians would love it too!

At this moment in time, I can’t say that the Dell Canvas is must have for my photography business. However, this device is something that will be beneficial and useful for my photography business consideration in the future.

If you are in the creative industry, the Dell Canvas is a great consideration for your creative workflow. Do visit Dell website and check them out for more information and details.

Running a photography business or creative business, the Dell Canvas and Precision 5720 AIO are two gadgets that can be useful and essential in your business setup and creative workflow. That’s also the administrative or on the go office setup that is also required in running any business. Dell Future Workplace has the solutions for them and I also wrote about them in my earlier article.

Dell Future Workplace has the innovative solutions for different industry professionals. Innovation and technology can help a business to grow and expand.

If you are a small business owner or a medium to big company size workforce, Dell workplace solutions are there for you to look into. Mix and match your needs with the various types of Dell Future Workplace solutions.

What does your Future Workplace looks like for your business/industry?

Personally, my ideal Dell Future Workplace setup in the context of the “On The Go Professionals” + “Creative Professionals”, they would be Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, OptiPlex and a Dell Ultra Sharp Monitor. The Dell Canvas would fit in nicely and ideally, at a later stage in time.

We Tech Care 2016

A big and warm gathering of many different people from all walks of life, with a common purpose to Pay-It-Forward and give back to the society, making the community a batter place to work, live and play in. At We Tech Care 2016, this event rallied and garnered over 200 people from local startups, non-profit organisations and partner organisations, and Microsoft to showcase how powerful and wonderful technology can be in helping the less fortunate, creating a smarter and more inclusive Singapore.

Held at JTC LaunchPad@one-north, We Tech Care 2016 is the official platform for the launch event of the President’s Challenge 2016, with His Excellency President Tony Tan Keng Yam, gracing the launch event. The JTC LaunchPad@one-north is a vibrant and exciting co-working space for local startups, an ideal location to showcase both the power of technology, how organisations using technology can make an impact and give back to society.


The impact of technology has benefitted many people around the world. Singapore has grown and transformed tremendously over the past 50 years, techology and innovation play a significant part in the growing process. However, there are still people who have not been able to fully harness the power of technology and its benefits. While there is a commercial market system to bring technology and its products to the market, the social market system for technology has more potential, they can be build up further into a strong and accessible social capital through technology to help those in need, the less fortunate and less privileged people in society.


At We Tech Care 2016, I saw them coming all together, orgnisations such as Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), Guide Dogs for the Blind Association Singapore, RSVP (The Organisation of Senior Volunteers), Jaga-Me, together with Microsoft Singapore, playing a part together for President’s Challenge 2016, allowing the rest of the society to learn, understand and more about what they are doing and providing for different groups in society. There were also fringe activities comprising of fun and games for the whole family, there were also talks, workshops and startup discovery tours too.



While I wasn’t able to speak to all the organisations present at We Tech Care 2016, I did manage to have a chat with Mr Amos Miller, Chairman, Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Singapore. During my conversation, I began to understand more on how technology can help visually impaired people, in the form of a headphone that is GPS enabled together with a smartphone, a map and an app. That was also where I learned about this programme/movement known as Cities Unlocked programme. I had a very interesting conversation with Mr Amos Miller, whereby I learned something new and useful. This is something that I can help to do my part (it’s a small part) and help spread the word of the technology and gadgets that they are working on that can provide visually impaired people more empowerment and confidence to move around in society. Although it is still a prototype, I have a feeling that it can be and it would be improved further, until a day that it would be available to the visually impaired people in the very near future.



Singapore has grown so fast and transformed so much in the past 50 years. While we had gained and grown a lot, in aspects of standards of living, wealth and well being, there are some segements of the community that have fallen through the cracks. Now, Singapore can now look at certain aspects of society that can be improved further, our social and emotional capital, helping those that have fallen through the cracks.

Through We Tech Care 2016, the official platform for the launch of President’s Challenge 2016, I hope that more awareness can be generated, to spread across the whole of Singapore, helping to garner the power of technology through accessibility, organisations, services, and giving back to society, to empower people, bridging the gaps in society between the have and have-not.

Remember, you can make an impact and difference to the society too! Using technology, spread the word of this movement – We Tech Care too!

Epson Projector Launch

Epson,  a world leader in digital imaging and they are the top projector manufacturer in the industry, hosted us on a friday evening, 16th December 2011, at Talent Cafe in the Tanjong Pagar area. It was an evening of fun, technology presentation, reviews, hands on experience with some of the Epson projectors on display during the Epson Projector event.

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

A great time to catch up with old blogger/social media/photography friends, network with the friendly and hospitable Epson Singapore staff and of course, the friendly folks from XPR. Nice food with drinks in a cosy and comfortable environment, it was a nice location to know more about the projectors!

There were 3 projectors showcased during the evening

 MG 850 HD 

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.


Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.


Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

After a short presentation, we tried and tested the 3 different projectors and had our dinner, drinks and back to testing the projectors. The projectors showcased were targeted for different purposes and usage, a small technical review is available on my personal blog post!

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

Beside the projectors, we had fun being photographed and had our photos printed by our lovely hosts Epson Singapore and XPR, using the Epson portable photo printer, for us to bring back home! The Epson projectors are state of the art, modern and powerful projectors, do check them out and you might find a projector that suits your needs and budget!

Breakfast with Panasonic Asia

It was a busy Saturday on 2nd October, ShooUrTweeple in the afternoon and before that in the morning, I was invited by Panasonic Asia to a breakfast event with them, via XPR. It was a fun networking and tech toys event for me, therefore I would like to thank Panasonic Asia and XPR for the invitation, along with their kind and warm hospitality.

The breakfast event was held at Brotziet, 313@Somerset , nice food, location and restaurant. When I arrived, I saw a number of familiar faces, Hisham, Joe, Philip and Feliza and got to network with the marketing staff of Panasonic Asia and XPR staff as well. Networking and chatting, taking photos along the way, morning drinks, followed by breakfast.

During the breakfast event, we were shown a 3D movie, Ice Age 3 !! The 3D lens was the very first time I have a more hands on experience and when I put it on and watch the movie, Ice Age 3, it was really cool and very nice 3D !! I would write in more in-depth and keep a lookout for my post ! It would be coming soon !!

It wasn’t so much watching Ice Age 3 in 3D, this was an excellent opportunity to network with Panasonic Asia and have a chat with them more of their toys a.k.a products, other staff from XPR too, whom had been inviting me for technology events for the past 2 years and I am very grateful and thankful for their continuous support and engagements. Of course, last but not least, catching up with fellow bloggers, had met some of them quite often recently 🙂

Oh yeah, do join Panasonic Asia on Facebook and  Twitter ! Follow them for their updates and competitions ! Oh, not forgetting, thanks for the toys !

Fun @ Sony Playstation Wave Launch !

Playing games on the computer, consoles, arcade machines, can be very fun yet addictive. I always had fun playing with different games across different platforms, although I am not playing much today, due to time constraints and the fear of getting too addicted again 😛

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

However, when I was invited by T3 Singapore Magazine on behalf of Sony Entertainment Hong Kong, to attend Sony Playstation Wave Launch Event as part of the Singapore Blogging Community. There wasn’t any hesitation from myself and RSVP that I am attending ! On Wednesday 11th August, at Se7en @ Iluma, I registered and entered as Media !!

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

It was a very fun event, nice refreshments and lots of big Sony TV screens attracting us to start action, trying and playing with the new Sony Playstation Wave ! It was a grand event too, with key management executives from Sony, Mr. Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, Mr. Katsuhiko Murase, Deputy Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited, and Mr. Norihiro Nishimura, the director of game development for “Time Crisis Razing Storm”, who were here to grace this event and presented to us, the Sony Playstation Wave.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

With a big bang, the Sony Playstation Wave was launched and we were given the opportunities to try out the various Sony Playstation Wave games available, with pretty energetic Sony models demonstrating how to use and play with the Sony Playstation Wave (and of course, being my team player in some of the 2 player games 😀 )

Photo Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd

Check out my tech write up + quick gaming experiences of the Sony Playstation Motion Controller here on my personal blog too !

Playing with iPhone App – Pudding Camera ver 1.0

Pudding Camera ver 1.0, an iPhone App that has a unique name in English, something different that I found in the iTunes Store recently with a great deal of interest and I was very curious about this iPhone Photography App.

It’s designed by Korean KT Hitel and the words inside the app is all in Korean, for someone like me who doesn’t know how to read and write the Korean language, it’s a very big struggle ! I just depend on trying out the various camera shooting modes inside the app and I am pretty impressed ! The Korean website link is here and it is quite useful, with the different camera and film types.

While I am still exploring the full features of the Pudding Camera iPhone app, here’s the link that you can download it on iTunes Store. Now sharing a few photos

Do try it out & have fun shooting with Pudding Camera ver 1.0 !

A Day of Fun at TweetMeetSG !

The day came and we all went down to SMU Campus Green on the 26th June 2010 for a meaningful cause, wonderful event of fun, picnic and music at TweetMeetSG ! After a month since my visit to  InfoComm Accessibility Centre (IAC) and helping to spread the word, it was a great way to round off with this TweetMeetSG, however, I believe we all only just begun a bigger journey here, to help people with different disabilities to come forward and learn digital and information technology skills and knowledge at the IAC.

There were live music performances, nice goodie bags with tidbits and drinks, meeting and catching up with fellow bloggers, volunteers and members of the public, as well as a few people with disabilities gracing and supporting the event too. A few of us, bloggers & twitterers that toured the IAC, we all went up and shared our experiences with the crowds ! It was great, nervous though, speaking in public, nevertheless, it was an awesome feeling and I hope that my posts, words and photos would help to spread the message further across outwards. Check out my inner thoughts on my personal blog !

Sharing photos taken by Claudia from 24seven, with her new Canon 7D !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Since I was a little bit late, I didn’t get the chance to take many photos, let me share the wonderful photographs taken by the lovely folks from IAC/TweetMeetSG ! Check out photos on TweetMeetSG facebook !

Let us all help to continue this good cause further, take a stand, help those people with disabilities, tell them about IAC and their courses, and how digital and information technology can make a difference in their life ! SOW and it’s time to grow !

Skype at CommunicAsia 2010

CommunicAsia 2010, an event held in Singapore, with exhibitors from all over the world, coming together at the Singapore Expo, showcasing the latest convergent technologies and applications, attracting many buyers and sellers to showcase here.

This is my 2nd visit to CommunicAsia, last year 2009, I was invited by XPR in conjunction with the LG Viewty Smart and this year 2010, I was invited once again by Daphne of XPR to attend “Come Experience the Joy of Conversations with Skype” whereby Peter Parkes, the Social Media Lead at Skype hosted us. There was a group of bloggers invited for this event and it was great to see Smith and Amanda there.

Once we got our Trade Visitor Pass, we went in and Peter Parkes hosted us and walked us around the Skype booth, it was beautiful and eye-catching due to the design setup of rainbow and clouds ! We had a fun guided tour and it was a great experience to see Skype being more actively used than just calling from your computer to another computer or mobile phone or land line. With the latest mobile phones that support video conferencing, using Skype is cool and easy ! The integration of Skype into modern television brings the tech geek out of me and I am sure this movement by Skype into television would be very useful especially for the older folks who had difficulties mastering computer and internet. The future looks so much more technology defined and powerful !

It was not all just about technology and appliances, we had slurpee courtesy of Skype and a specially designed and produced Skype iPhone casing ! Do check out Skype, it’s something that is already a part of our life, in leisure or work and moving forward into the future, it promises to be more exciting and powerful !

A Visit to Infocomm Accessibility Centre

Have you heard of the Infocomm Accessibility Centre (IAC) ? What is IAC ? What do they do ?

When I was invited by 24seven to visit the IAC, it got me excited to be back involved again and something very meaningful too! Before joining them on the IAC Tour on 2nd June 2010, I went to their webpage to understand more about what they do. Indeed, it was an eye-opener for me and something that I could relate a bit towards, being physically disabled for about 2 months due to injures.

Met Diana, Claudia, Kris and a few other bloggers, we met at 2 Peng Nguan Street, SPD Ability Centre, whereby we were brought to a tour of the IAC by Royson Poh, Assistant Director-Vocational Training Division. Upon entering the lecture and training rooms/facilities, the first impression was – it’s just like any other IT training facility centre EXCEPT the spaces and computers are designed and catered for people with different types of disabilities. Not only were there IT computers only, there were training rooms for music and video creation too !

Moving up to the Assistive Technology Loan Library, we were given an experiential and enriching experience and greater understanding on how IT equipment can be transformed to suit people of different disabilities and how simple soft toys can be a great joy for disabled people. We all took the opportunity to test some of the equipment out there and it was very enlightening for us, that simple things we abled people take for granted doing, the disabled people had more difficulties and challenges doing them and without the IT equipment and technology designed for them, they would struggle a lot.

Prior to ending the visit, we were given a short presentation further in-depth of the programs of Infocomm Accessibility Centre and the upcoming –

Join the #TweetMeetSG this coming 26th of June!!! http://pea.to/iactm

Do you know you can join in the tours to visit IAC too ? To sign up for the IAC Tours – Sign Up here http://pea.to/iactour !

I strongly encourage all of you to go join the tour and take a look thus having a greater understanding on how IT is able to help disabled people and help to spread the word, if you know somebody with disability , help them to Grow !
Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Stay tuned here for more updates !

New Gadget Review – Nokia N97


It was a great honour and privilege that fellow LG Photoblogger, Chester Tan, nominated me to take on the review of the Nokia N97 for 1 week and  test it out ! I must also thank Nokia and Mediacom Interaction for giving me this wonderful and exclusive opportunity to have a hands on experience with the Nokia N97 for 1 week and sharing my review and experiences with my readers.


The technical and hands on review would be displayed on my personal blog, the 1st post being Preview of Nokia N97 Review and an in-depth review to come. Do keep an update on both my blogs ! The Nokia N97 comes in a black box with lots of goodies inside, especially some cool stuff such as the Nokia Comes With Music (CWM) Service package, looking forward to the testing of Nokia’s CWM service .


How would Nokia N97 plays a part in your daily life ? In your work ? In your leisure ? Stay tuned and follow my photoblog and personal blog have a feel how the Nokia N97 fits into your modern and highly connected social media and working life !