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River Hongbao 2015

The year 2015 marks a significant year in the history of Singapore, celebrating 50 years of independence since her independence in 1965. River Hongbao 2015 was colourful and bigger, compared to the previous years. Looking through my collection, I photographed and covered River Hongbao from 2008 to 2015!


When you enter River Hongbao 2015 at The Float @ Marina Bay, it’s a lot more coloruful and bright! There were a number of displays showcasing Singapore’s 50years of independence with the SG50 logos and displays. The giant mural backdrop at the end of the floating platform showcased important and significant landmarks and history of Singapore, celebrating the hard work of the Pioneer Generation that brought Singapore to where and what she is today.



There were nostalgic displays of our history and heritage, from our old playgrounds e.g. Pelican playground and Old Dragon playground. There were also displays of the dollar notes of Singapore’s early days at the foot of the God of Fortune too! The iconic 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac were placed on our iconic wooden boats (known as tongkang) that ply our rivers and Singapore harbour during her early days!


On the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year 2015, River Hongbao 2015 welcomed and ushered in the Year of the Goat with a beautiful display of fireworks at the Marina Bay. This year, I decided to go up to the grandstand and capture the fireworks with the River Hongbao 2015 as part of my foreground and the Raffles Place CBD as my background. I always loved photographing fireworks and this was a beautiful set of fireworks to welcome in the Year of the Goat!



Let this be a great year for Singapore, celebrating SG50, a significant milestone! I would like to wish everybody a great year 2015, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, with good health, wealth and prosperity for year 2015!

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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2015!

The Year of the Goat has arrived! I would to wish all my relatives, friends and supporters

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year !

祝你新年快乐,万事如意,恭喜发财,年年有余, 步步高升,



Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Let’s all take this festive period for a time of family and relatives reunion, friends reunion and catch up! Enjoy and have lots of fun! May the Year of the Goat be a bright and exciting year, like the River Hongbao 2015 CNY Eve Countdown Fireworks!


NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks

Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 is coming soon on the 9th August 2013. In the months leading up to NDP 2013, there were a few rehearsals preparing them for the big day on the 9th August 2013. During this period of time with the rehearsals going on, I went to capture the various NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks and I am sharing with you the Fireworks that you can catch during Singapore’s 48th Birthday Celebrations on 9th August 2013!


If you like to know more about how to take fireworks, check out my Fireworks tips here!

Photography Outing with UQAAS – Fireworks + Food

An evening of fun, filled with chatting, sharing my fireworks photography tips and lots of food. This was the outing that we held recently for University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) on 4th August 2012 at the Marina Bay area, between the Marina Promontory and Marina Bay City Gallery. I decided to organise a small outing for my alumni and I chose the National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 preview rehearsal to conduct a fireworks photography tips session and the hardworking UQAAS Ex-Co organised the food eating segment after that.

While some of us set up our equipment for the fireworks, the rest were relaxing, chatting away and enjoying the weekend atmosphere around the Marina Bay, watching the rehearsal performance by the Singapore State Flag flypast and the fighter jets performing above the Marina Bay skyline. I had a enjoyable time chatting away while waiting in between the performances at Marina Bay, sharing my photography adventures, the fireworks photography tips and ideas on how I can conduct other photography related events in the future for UQAAS. Oh yes, do check out my Fireworks collection here on Flickr! This was a great experience for me too, teaching and sharing my photography tips that I gained/learned over the years to friends, will help me too. In any forms of training and learning, if you are able to share/teach what you have learned or your expertise to others, you can improve better!

The lovely folks from UQAAS Ex-Co were also busy networking and sharing with fellow alumnus on their upcoming events and activities they would be organising or events that UQAAS would be supporting and participating at Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS) or University of Queensland (UQ) initiative events. Do check them out for more details of events! After capturing and watching the NDP 2012 Preview Rehearsal fireworks, we packed up and headed towards 7 Storey Restaurant for lots of good food, located at the Marina Barrage, we had the Hainanese chicken rice, Hainanese pork chop, charcoal steamboat. While eating, it was relaxing and chatting way, sharing stories of our UQ study and living experiences and not to forget sharing about our favourite topic at the dinning table – Food !

Since we ate quite a lot of nice delicious food, we didn’t go home immediately after that. Instead, we walked around the dam, enjoying the evening stroll and beautiful Marina Bay skyline, taking (touristy) group photos. Yes, lots of fun taking touristy shots though! Looking ahead, more UQAAS activities coming up, when would I be organising another photography event? I am still in the process of planning something, thinking of a theme, maybe local Singapore hawker food photography touring ? I also have to check on the timing and schedule of the other events to ensure no clashes with the other UQAAS events too.

Thanks to my UQAAS alumnus friends for coming down, taking photographs, chatting, sharing of our UQ study/living days and food of course!

December 2011 Marina Bay Events

It’s December 2011 and there’s many interesting events and activities lined up at the heart of Marina Bay, to celebrate and usher in Christmas and New Year!

Here’s some of the wonderful Marina Bay Events that I am looking forward to for the month of December !

Extreme Sailing Series at Marina Bay

Date : 9th – 11th December 2011

The final and ninth Act of the global 2011 Extreme SailingSeries and Marina Bay will be graced by 10 Extreme 40 teams out on the waters of Marina Bay in Singapore and I am looking forward to catch them in action there!

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown and New Year Eve Fireworks

Date : 31st December 2011

My all time favourite event is to find a spot at the Marina Bay, find a location to soak in the Countdown atmosphere and to shoot the beautiful, amazing and exciting New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks with the gorgeous night landscape of Marina Bay as my background! Check out the various fireworks of Marina Bay over the past few years here on my Flickr and if you like to learn about fireworks photography, check out my Fireworks Photography Tips here!

Do check out Marina Bay Singapore Facebook Page for more information and updates, remember to LIKE the page and stay updated! Here’s the online version of Marina Bay 2011 December events !


An upcoming fireworks that you can view on the 9th August 2011, Singapore’s National Day Parade Celebrations at the Marina Bay area.

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Fireworks Photography Tips

Fireworks, one of the most beautiful and brightest performances that never fails to brighten up the dark skies, bringing a big smile to many people watching the fireworks display. Fireworks photography is one of my favourite fields of photography, that I loved to capture and share with my friends and fans.

Therefore, I am hereby going to share my experiences and knowledge in taking fireworks photography, preparation, research and fireworks photography tips with all my readers here !


– Where is the fireworks going to be fired ?

– When is the fireworks going to start ?

– Where are the potential locations that you can position yourself to capture fireworks ?

Equipment Preparation

– Tripod ~ Sturdy and stable

– Remote control

– Wide angle lens

– Black card

– Spare batteries

– Small torch light

Once you prepared your equipment and select your position to capture the fireworks,  proceed there early, usually the case is many photographers will also be there early too, hoping to get a good location just like you ! Getting there late and there might be more photographers and crowds joining in to enjoy and watch the fireworks too!

Camera Settings (on a DSLR)

– ISO 100

– Turn yr dial to Manual Mode

– Aperture ~ Suggest that you keep to either one of these 3 apertures f/8, f/11 or f/16 , for a start, go with f/11

– Shutter ~ Turn to Bulb Mode

– Lens ~ At its widest angle

– AF Mode ~ One Shot

– AF Drive ~ One Shot

With the stable and sturdy tripod and your DSLR fixed in nicely and safely, adjust the settings as above,

– Compose the frame (just like taking a wide landscape scene photo) and if possible get some nice background behind (e.g. buildings).

– Focus to infinity by turning the focus ring on your lens until you see the infinity symbol.

– Using the auto-focus on your DSLR, focus on the background, once it’s in focus, lock the focus and switch from AF to MF on your lens.

Once all is done, relax and wait for the fireworks to start ! Alright, when the fireworks display start, the first few shots, take it as test shots and see if you need to adjust your DSLR angle (Whether you need to tilt your  DSLR higher or lower). If you are happy with your framing, continue firing away !

During the fireworks display, how do you capture the fireworks display ?

– Wait for the fireworks to fire and fly upwards into the sky first, let it burst and once it start to spread out, press the shutter and it will start to capture, release the shutter and the fireworks display image will be captured.

How long do I need to hold/press  the shutter ?

– Depending on the different fireworks display within the entire display, release the shutter in between different sets/lengths of fireworks.

– Keep to 3 seconds to 5 seconds


– Using a Black Card, cover the front of the lens when you do not wish to have unwanted lights / images captured (in between fireworks display), release the Black Card again when the fireworks display start again.

Last but not least, fireworks photography is all about practice and practice, therefore, when there are fireworks events, go join in and shoot ! Happy capturing fireworks display ! Hope my fireworks photography tips help you !

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