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Star Wars Day 2017 in Singapore

Every year, Star Wars fans around the world mark May 4th as Star Wars Day, celebrating everything related to Star Wars. In Singapore, the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, was celebrated with a big three days event at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore.

May 4th, 2017 falls on a Thursday, with Gardens By The Bay turning into a Star Wars festival ground, ending off with the Star Wars run on 6th May 2017. While I didn’t participate in the Star Wars run, I visited Star Wars Day 2017 on May 4th and 5th at Gardens By The Bay, the SuperTree Grove at Gardens By The Bay turning into a Star Wars festival ground.

At the SuperTree Grove, there were booths showcasing Star Wars merchandise/toys for sale, memorabilia, charity photo booth, photography taking opportunities with Star Wars characters, the Star Wars AT-ST Walker making a guest appearance and getting a lot of fanfare! The charity photo booth was managed by fellow photographer friend Ted Chen Photography, a hardcore Star Wars fan, it was great catching up with Ted for a short time during my visit to Star Wars Day 2017 on May 4th.

In the night, the SuperTree Grove transformed into a magical night of lights and music display, presenting Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars edition. For the Star Wars fans, we all love this Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars edition! The SuperTree Grove became SaberTrees, shining high above into the Marina Bay skyline for three nights during Star Wars Day 2017 in Singapore from May 4th to May 6th. This was a magnificent sight for Star Wars fans as well as photographers, watching it from the grounds of Gardens By The Bay or from the Marina Bay Sands hotel linkway bridge to Gardens By The Bay.

Star Wars Day 2017 was really nice, with the bigger event space at SuperTree Grove, the Star Wars AT-ST Walker making an appearance and the SaberTrees shining high and bright into the Marina Bay skyline. They were some of the highlights that made Star Wars Day 2017 much more special and memorable! I hope that they can continue with it in Star Wars Day 2018!

Wishing all fellow Star Wars fans, May the 4th Be With You, Always! Looking forward to Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi on 15th December 2017!

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Singapore Garden Festival 2016

The Singapore Garden Festival 2016 is now taking place at the Gardens By The Bay from 23rd July 2016 to 31t July 2016. I had attended Singapore Garden Festival in 2008, 2010, 2012, missed out 2014 and back again to the 2016 edition of Singapore Garden Festival. I like the many different flowers, gardens, plants and gardening on display at Singapore Garden Festivals over the past few editions, it’s really beautiful and I was able to get close to the flowers and gardens.


Singapore Garden Festival 2016 is their largest till date, spanning 9.7 hectares across The Meadow, Flower Dome and Bayfront Plaza. This is not just a display of designer gardens and concepts, this is also a great and fun community event for people to learn more about gardening in their community open spaces and in their homes too. On the opening day of Singapore Garden Festival 2016, I saw huge groups of community clubs, centres, societies coming down to visit the festival.

There are many things to do and enjoy at Singapore Garden Festival 2016, besides visiting and enjoying viewing the flora and fauna, visitors can also enjoy music performances, talks, workshops, retail and food there! More information can be found here on Singapore Garden Festival website!


At Singapore Garden Festival 2016, I would like to share some key festival highlights that caught my attention and you have to visit them!

  • 15 Fantasy and Landscape Show Gardens


  • Orchid Extravaganza at Flower Dome


  • 5 Balcony Gardens


  • World of Terrariums


  • Gary’s Musical Flower Field


  • Benny’s Sunflower Farm


  • Secret Garden


  • Magical Tree Grove


There is quite a bit of walking at Singapore Garden Festival 2016, remember to drink lots of water especially under the hot afternoon sun! Bring your camera along to take many photographs and memories of the garden festival! Stand a chance to win a Nikon Coolpix S7000 simply by uploading your Singapore Garden Festival 2016 photos via their FB app or hashtag your instagram photos with #sggardenfest! More details here!

If you love orchids, there is a dedicated showcase for Orchids, titled “Orchid Extravaganza at Flower Dome”, there are many beautiful orchids inside on display during Singapore Garden Festival 2016. I would share about the Orchid Extravaganza in another article shortly.

Here are key details and information on Singapore Garden Festival 2016

Dates: 23 – 31 July 2016

Location: Gardens By The Bay

Show Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Conservatories Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm daily

Website: Singapore Garden Festival

Facebook Page: Singapore Garden Festival

Twitter: SG Garden Festival

Instagram: SGGardenFest

YouTube: Singapore Garden Festival

Ticketing information

Ticket Category Weekday (Local Resident Rate**) Weekend (Local Resident Rate**) Standard Rate
Adult $12 $16 $23
Senior Citizen (≥60 years) $6 $9 $23
Child (≥3 to 12 years) $6 $9 $17

**Singapore citizens, permanent residents and those living in Singapore, including those holders of employment passes, work permits or dependent passes. Proof of residency may be required when purchasing tickets or upon entry.**

< Tickets include admission to the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay from 23 to 31 July 2016 >

The 2016 edition of Singapore Garden Festival is not only the largest till date, it’s also one of the most interesting garden festival. From the professional garden landscape designs to the local community gardening, Singapore is not only a Garden City, she’s also showing the way among the local community and homes, embracing a green and garden living lifestyle.

Singapore Garden Festival 2016, it’s the biggest till date, this is an awesome and interesting garden festival! I strongly encourage everyone of you to visit this wonderful garden festival at Gardens By The Bay before the festival ends on 31st July 2016. Do check out some of my photographs that I took during the Singapore Garden Festival 2016 on my Flickr collection!

*I would like to thank Singapore Garden Festival for the invitation to the special preview session*

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Cherry Blossom Beats at Gardens By The Bay

Cherry blossom in hot tropical Singapore? How is that possible? Yes, from 14th March 2016 to 27th March 2016, you can catch the beautiful flowers and its blooming glory at the latest floral display titled “Blossom Beats” inside the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay!


Cherry blossom, is one of my favourite subjects to photograph! I photographed when I was backpacking in Tokyo during March-April 2004 and they were such beautiful memories for me when I was there photographing the cherry blossoms! When I saw the news of the cherry blossoms in Singapore on Monday 14th March 2016 , I decided to plan my time to visit the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay and went there on 15th March 2016!


This floral display, Blossom Beats, is an experimental floral display, more than half of the flowers have blossomed when I went today on 15th March. While taking photographs of the cherry blossoms, I would be making my own predictions and expect them to be in full bloom probably this weekend Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March!


There are more than 20 varieties of cherry blossoms, or sakura, that are showcased in the floral display. Visitors can look forward to seeing cultivars such as the Prunus Fujishidare which has pendulous branches, the Prunus Yedoenis Yoshino which stands out with its striking white flowers, and the Prunus Accolade, with its pale pink blooms. Besides the cherry blossoms, keep a lookout for the peach blossoms too! One unusual variety on show is the PrunusGenpei Shidare which has flowers of two different colours – red and white – growing on the same plant.


Inside the Flower Dome, for this Blossom Beats floral display, a small part of the Flower Dome is transformed and styled after a traditional Japanese Garden. Keep a lookout for a tori gate, Japanese screens and kimono! This is indeed a special and unique experience at Gardens By The Bay!



Do take note that cherry blossoms are ephemeral in nature, with flowers lasting about one to two weeks. This experimental floral display is expected to run till March 27. Remember to check out Gardens by the Bay’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/gardensbythebay for updates on the blooming.

“Blossom Beats” Floral Display

Date: Until 27 March

Time: 9am to 9pm
 Admission charges to the Flower Dome apply

Here’s my photography collection of the Blossom Beats Floral Display at Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome. I would be planning to go back again for a night shoot, of the cherry blossoms under the stars and night lights!

While I am enjoying and photographing the cherry blossoms in Singapore, it makes me miss Japan spring season when the sakura flowers blossom! I hope to visit Japan again soon!

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The Future of Us Exhibition

The Future of Us exhibition was recently concluded on 8th March 2016, having started on 1st December 2015 at Gardens By The Bay. I managed to book my ticket to visit the exhibition during the final weekend before the end of the exhibition. I was happy that I visited The Future of Us exhibition, to have an interactive and immersive experiential time inside the exhibition grounds.

What is The Future of Us exhibition all about? What does it meant for the pioneers, for the current generation and the future generation? The Future of Us exhibition is an immersive, multi-sensory and interactive experience that shares what the future of Singapore may look like to all the visitors, the possibilities of Singaporeans living, working, playing, caring and learning in the future.


Upon entering into the exhibition grounds, into the first dome, the visitors experienced a show, the history and development of Singapore, followed by the dreams and glimpses into the future of Singapore. The 3D like 360 degrees view was engaging and futuristic. The featured Singaporeans have their own dreams that they shared with the visitors, what about your own dream? What is the future for you?


After watching the first show, we went into the other dome, to watch another show, on the future of Singapore, how we live, work, play, care and learn. It got me thinking about the future of Singapore and how I would like to be, live in and enjoy the recreational activities.


Moving into the next dome after that, visitors entered into a world of high rise buildings, the modern high rise HDB block of flats. Land is scarce in Singapore, in order to accommodate a bigger population in the future, the way is building our flats higher up into the sky.


Walking into the final dome, it is like entering the solar galaxy, where we send our dreams, thoughts and well wishes into the space and galaxy system. In this dome, I observed that the young children liked it a lot, drawing, colouring their diagrams, or sending their wishes and thoughts into the galaxy. This interactive exercise got them thinking “What will you do for the future of us?”


Leaving the dome, I spotted the playground swings outside, another popular fun activity for the children and adults too! The swing is like an unsung hero, the adults who grew up with playgrounds and swings would probably like it! For the children, it’s something fun that they can play with to enjoy the swing and motion! There was a big lion there too, guarding the playground swings!


I continued to wonder around the market place, found myself into the gift shop and spotted an awesome piece of Singapore artwork titled “Peta Singapura” by Lee Xin Li. No amount of words will do justice to this wonderful, heartwarming and touching artwork that is truly touches the heart, mind and soul of a heartlander Singaporean. The things that made Singapore unique in its own nature and culture!


Before leaving The Future of Us exhibition, I turned back and reflected on my journeys earlier inside the exhibition. Nobody has a magic crystal ball to know what will happen in the future. The Future of Singapore can be shaped, planned, led and initatiated by us Singaporeans, not just by the Government. This is not just for us, the current generation, this is also for the younger Singapore generation.


The Future of Us, the future Singapore, what do you want it to be? It’s not going to be easy, it’s up to us.

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Christmas Wonderland 2015 at Gardens By The Bay

The month of December, the last month of the calendar year, it’s usually a whole month of festivities, fun, gatherings and celebrations leading up to Christmas and the New Year. In Singapore, there are a number of places to celebrate Christmas in the month of December and one great destination to celebrate Christmas in Singapore is to visit Gardens By The Bay for Christmas Wonderland.


Singapore largest yuletide fair is now at Gardens By The Bay, lighted up by bright, colourful, dazzling and amazing Italian Luminarie light sculptures, a European style festive market and there is also Christmas Toyland floral display in the Flower Dome (there are many cute teddy bears!!).

Let me walk you through the fun, celebrations and festivities of Christmas Wonderland 2015 at Gardens By The Bay, with my stories and photos.

Christmas Toyland Floral Display

First and foremost, let’s enter the Flower Dome, decorated and transformed into a Christmas Toyland Floral Display. The kids are going to love the toyland and I am pretty sure adults would love the Christmas toyland too! You can find cute toys there inside the Christmas Toyland, they are the “star attractions”, if you are a fan of teddy bears, you must not miss the Christmas Toyland inside the Flower Dome! While you are enjoying the Christmas Toyland, keep a lookout and spot the yuletide floral favourites like the poinsettia, Christmas rose.




An 11 metre high Christmas Pyramid, in the middle of the Christmas Toyland Floral Display, stands out in the Flower Dome, towering over the floral display area. You can’t miss it and you want to visit it, it’s packed and decked with toys on its multi-tiered traditional German wooden carousel.

Christmas Wonderland at the SuperTree Grove

Next, let’s walk towards the SuperTree Grove where many beautiful and dazzling lights welcome you. This sector has many attractions and fun for you, your loved ones and your friends to enjoy.

Among the tall and might SuperTrees, you can find the festive market, the Spalliera and Ice Palace, where the tallest sculpture of lights towering over 20m can be found.



The Spalliera is the largest Luminarie, surrounding the Cassa Armonica, an 8m wide gorgeous and beautifully lighted gazebo. When you are inside the Spalliera, wait for the Blizzard Time @ Spalliera, to revel and enjoy the wonder of “snow” in the tropics with the nightly Blizzard Time.

The Ice Palace makes her maiden debut at Christmas Wonderland 2015 at Gardens By The Bay, featuring a snow playground and ice skating rink. I reckon this would be a big attraction for family with young children to experience snow and ice skating in the tropics. The Spiegeltent, an ornate century old traveling mirror tent from the Netherlands, is located at SuperTree Grove sector, do drop by and check them out!


Celebrating the festivities, fun, joy and spirit of Christmas at Gardens By The Bay, keep a lookout for festive entertainment and performances –

  • Choral performances at Cassa Armonica by various schools
  • AIA TrickArt
  • Christmas Parades
  • Curtain Call
  • Yuletide Sessions
  • Garden Rhapsody
  • Home for the Holidays (Christmas Toyland at the SuperTree Grove)

The Fairground

After spending time at the SuperTree Grove, walk towards The Fairground, located near The Meadow. This is a fun fair carnival ground, the kids would love it and I am sure the adults would love it too!

What are the fun things that you can enjoy and do at The Fairground ?

  • Vintage Carousel
  • Helter Skelter (It’s a 14m high slide!)
  • Trackless Train
  • Game stalls



This is a good time to play games, have fun and enjoy the Christmas festive season!

Christmas Wonderland 2015 at Gardens By The Bay is great for your entire family and friends, from the seniors to the young children. There is something for you to enjoy, relax and have fun at Christmas Wonderland 2015 at Gardens By The Bay.

For more information on Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay, here are some useful links for you –

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay event information

Opening Date and Time

  • From 27th November 2015 to 3rd January 2016
  • 4:00pm to 12:00midnight daily

Merry Christmas folks! Enjoy and have lots of fun at Christmas Wonderland 2015 at Gardens By The Bay!

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Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

Singapore celebrates her Golden Jubilee in the year 2015, Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

I wasn’t able to go down on 9th August 2015 to the Marina Bay area to capture our National Day Parade (NDP) 2015 fireworks and Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) SG50 Aerial Display due to prior commitments. Nevertheless, during the past few weeks leading up to NDP 2015, I went to their combined rehearsals (6 of them) and NDP 2015 Preview, capturing fireworks and aerial display from various locations around the Marina Bay area.


During the Golden Jubilee long weekend from 7th August to 10th August 2015, I went down to Marina Bay and captured the Golden Jubilee special preview fireworks and Fullerton Hotel SG50 light projection display. Overall, it had been some fun times photographing the various Golden Jubilee celebrations in Singapore!

Sharing my photographs that I photographed and covered leading up to NDP 2015 in Singapore!

Once again! Happy SG50! Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

NDP 2015 Rehearsals

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RSAF SG50 Aerial Display

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NDP 2015 Rehearsals Fireworks 

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SG50 Golden Jubilee Weekend Special Preview Fireworks

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SG50 Golden Jubilee Weekend Fullerton Hotel Light Projection Display

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Discover Singapore Legends at Gardens By The Bay

Our Singapore legends, the icons and names that strike a common bond and sharing with us Singaporeans. The mythical Merlion, the explorer Prince Sang Nila Utama and the filial Princess Radin Mas. These are just part of the 10 Legends brought to life in “Singapore Stories”, along with the help of of more than 8,000 beautiful and gorgeous orchids and plants. At Gardens By The Bay, you can embark on a journey to discover, learn and share “From Tales to Legends: Discover Singapore Stories”.



As part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations, “Singapore Stories” is one of the highlights of the SG50 celebrations happening at Gardens By The Bay.

“Singapore Stories” Floral Display

The “Singapore Stories” are brought to life inside the Flower Dome, accompanied by more than 8,000 beautiful, colourful and gorgeous orchids and plants along with intricately-carved wooden sculptures and structures.

Our 10 local legends for you to discover and learn more inside the Flower Dome

  • Tanjong Pagar
  • Redhill
  • Sisters’ Island
  • Bukit Timah
  • Pulau Ubin
  • Kusu Island
  • Sang Nila Utama
  • Radin Mas
  • Merlion

At each local legends display, you can learn more about them and admire the beauty of the flowers and plants that surrounds them. Come on down to the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay and visit them!


When you are inside the Flower Dome, visiting “Singapore Stories”, keep a lookout for scenes from the past, a walk down memory lane. Those scenes pay tribute to the unsung heroes who helped to build Singapore.

The floral display “From Tales to Legends: Discover Singapore Stories” is now on at the Flower Dome until Sunday 13th September 2015 from 9am to 9pm (extended until 10pm on National Day 9th August 2015).



“Garden Rhapsody” – SG50 edition

The Supertrees, an iconic feature of Gardens By The Bay, will be lighted up with accompanying music and laser imagery. At the Supertree Grove, it’s a crowd favourite to watch the lightshow display and the Garden Rhapsody promises to capture your eyes and ears, the lights and the music.

Here are the details for the Garden Rhapsody – SG50 Edition

Date: 6th to 10th August 2015 (with laser projection)

Time: 745pm, 830pm, 915pm and 10pm

Date: 11th August to 13th September

Time: 745pm and 845pm



NDP 2015 fireworks and aerial displays

Singapore is going to celebrate her Golden Jubilee celebrations on 9th August 2015. I had been photographing their rehearsals for the past 7 rehearsals and Gardens By The Bay is an excellent vantage point to catch the big and spectacular fireworks and RSAF SG50 aerial displays on 9th August 2015!

Delicious food delights at Satay By The Bay

In between the visits to the various gardens theme at Gardens By The Bay, you can enjoy delicious food delights at Satay By The Bay, located along the Marina Bay coastline on the way down towards Marina Barrage. There are many choices to choose from and it’s a good place to sit down, relax, taste some delicious food such as –

– Delicious varieties of satay from the various satay stalls

– Seafood dishes such as cereal prawns, sambal stingray, butter crayfish, Kung Pow Love Bucket

– Coin Prata

– BBQ Chicken Wings

– Fried Hokkien Mee

– Nasi Briyani

– Cheng Teng

You can enjoy your dinner, relax at Satay By The Bay before heading down to Supertree Grove to watch and enjoy the Garden Rhapsody – SG50 Edition.

There are many events and festivities happening at Gardens By The Bay during the Golden Jubilee weekend. Check out the links below for more information and updates –

Gardens By The Bay website

Gardens By The Bay Facebook Page

Thank you Gardens By The Bay for hosting me and bringing us around to discover Singapore Legends!

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Explore Gardens By The Bay with Mobile App!

Have you visited the beautiful Gardens By The Bay in Singapore? I had been visiting and covering Gardens By The Bay in Singapore before she was officially opened, during her official opening and over the time Gardens By The Bay had grown and expanded in the subsequent phases such as the Children’s Garden and Sun Pavilion. Over the past few years, I had seen Gardens By The Bay expanding their events, activities and facilities to constantly attract more local and international visitors to Gardens By The Bay.


As much as I walked and explored a lot around Gardens By The Bay, in my birding photography adventure. There is still a part of Gardens By The Bay that I still haven’t explore and discover about. There is a big list of many different types of flora and fauna at Gardens By The Bay and I can never remember all of their names! On top of that, there are also more flora and fauna that I still haven’t explore yet! When you visit Gardens By The Bay, do you face a challenge to identify the plants, trees, flowers etc?


You don’t need to worry anymore now! You can now explore Gardens By The Bay together with your smartphone application! They recently launched its first mobile application, designed using cutting-edge technology to enhance visitors’ experiences. Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the app will engage and excite visitors through a series of interactive trails, games, educational tools and information about the Gardens’ unique horticulture. Check out the Gardens By The Bay mobile application screen shots below!

4) Activities - Hidden Secrets

5) Activities - Build Your Garden

6) Activities - Where in the World

7) Tree of Knowledge

The Gardens by the Bay mobile app will serve as a practical multimedia guide, providing an introduction to the vast collection of plant life throughout the Gardens and explanations of the diverse habitats around the world. Using GPS and way-finding technology, the app will offer an interactive map and encourage visitors to explore hidden locations, earning them virtual rewards for finding these secret spots and completing scavenger-like challenges. Available in five languages – English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Japanese – the app will engage visitors through educational games that reinforce horticultural learning, augmented reality that encourage users to uncover virtual plants, and sharing on social media. The Gardens by the Bay app is now available on both Apple and Android platforms and can be downloaded for free via iTunes and Google Play. Information on the app is available at www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/mobileapp.


I was introduced to the Gardens By The Bay mobile application very recently, before her official release on Monday 17th November 2014. We had a fun time exploring Gardens By The Bay, looking for the trees, leaves, flowers, tree trunks and scanning their QR code! This Gardens By The Bay mobile application is very useful for the family with children! Not only the whole family can have fun together to explore and learn more about nature, flora and fauna. There are also games for the children to play and learn!


Not only can you explore with your smartphone, the tablet can be ideal too for exploring Gardens By The Bay! The children is going to have a fun time, running and looking for the various flora and fauna at Gardens By The Bay! The school holidays are here and it’s a great family bonding and learning experiences activity that you can do at Gardens By The Bay with their mobile application! Come on down and explore Gardens By The Bay with the mobile application!

* I would like to thank Gardens By The Bay for hosting us to a preview of the mobile application, for the snapshot photos of the mobile application and having a tryout with it before its official release! *

Bare Your Sole 2014

Walking barefoot for a charitable cause and movement, looking back to 2011, my first time participating in Bare Your Sole. This was my fourth year participating in Bare Your Sole 2014! Bare Your Sole 2014 saw 5000 participants walking barefoot and helping to raise close to $300,000 in the fight against homelessness and poverty. The charity barefoot walk was held at the iconic Gardens By The Bay – Bay East and the 5000 participants were able to enjoy the good weather and sceneries of Marina Bay and Gardens By The Bay during the walk! Here’s a throwback to my Bare Your Sole participation in 2012 and 2013!


There were a few notable famous participants rallying the enthusiastic crowd and amongst the 5,000 strong troop were Habitat Ambassadors – Television host, film producer and former Nominated Member of Parliament, Eunice Olsen, model, actor and host, Paul Foster and travel host and writer, Anita Kapoor.

It was great to see the number of participants that turned up at Bare Your Sole 2014, they were there for a good cause and enjoyed their time with their friends and loved ones. Some families brought their young children along too and they were just as sporting in walking bare foot too! For those that signed up for the 5km route, they walked towards Marina Barrage and I saw many participants relaxing at Marina Barrage, taking photographs of their barefoot together, group photos and group selfies too!


There was something special during Bare Your Sole 2014 that was brought to my attention by the public relations agency, Porter Novelli, for Bare Your Sole 2014 – Making up the 5,000 participants were over 50 migrant workers from Kim Seng Heng Engineering Construction Pte Ltd, some of which were inspired by personal events back home and wanted to do their part for the Singaporean community.

 “Bare Your Sole is an event that my colleagues and myself enjoy and relate to, as some of our families back home do not have a decent place to live in,” said Mr. Raman Ganesan, Safety Coordinator of Kim Seng Heng Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. “I am glad to have had the opportunity to contribute my share to this meaningful event.” At the end of the walk, the participants were treated to a morning of fun and entertainment for the family and friends, with live performances from local entertainment acts along with food and beverage.


It was great to be part of Bare Your Sole 2014, helping to continue spreading the message and awareness! Here’s some of the photographs I took during Bare Your Sole 2014 on Flickr!

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TulipMania 2014 at Gardens By The Bay!

TulipMania is back in Singapore at Gardens By The Bay! Following a large popular tulip display last year 2013, the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay is now hosting TulipMania until 4th May 2014! TulipMania 2014 is inspired by Madurodam, a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Netherlands. The display at TulipMania 2014 depict Dutch canal scenes, houses and windmills set amidst spectacular blooms of tulips and hyacinths.


The tulips were very beautiful and colourful, it was very popular with both local and international visitors. On the weekends, there were many activities organised at TulipMania for the children and family. Therefore, it can be very crowded during the weekends with many visitors wanting to take many beautiful photographs of the tulips on display!


Beside the activities, there are other exciting events for the visitors to participate whereby they can win a pair of tickets to Amsterdam and KLM Miffy merchandises –

  • Share your Tulipmania photo on Instagram with the caption ‘Fly me to Amsterdam with @KLM because ________ (free format) #ilovetulipmania
  • Tag 3 friends to validate your entry

There is also a TulipMania photography competition whereby you can participate to win attractive prizes from Canon and an opportunity for your photograph to be exhibited! For more details, check out Canon EOS World Singapore link here for more details!

For more details of the exciting activities and events that you can participate when visiting TulipMania, check out TulipMania event information on Gardens By The Bay website!



During the night, the lights will be turned on and shine on the Tulip fields, making the Tulip fields pretty interesting and colourful! If you are coming in the late afternoon or evening, do stay a bit longer and wait for the lights to shine on the Tulip fields! You will be amazed by the effects and outcomes of the Tulip fields shining in the night! Check out my photographs of TulipMania on my Flickr collection! If you haven’t visit the beautiful and gorgeous tulips at TulipMania 2014, make a date and drop by the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay for a visit! Remember to bring your camera and take lots of photographs!

I would like to thank Gardens By The Bay for the arrangement of the media passes to visit TulipMania 2014!

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