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Outward Bound Singapore SGFuture at Coney Island

On a bright Sunday 14th February Valentine’s Day morning, I was out early in the morning, with two of my friends, Joe and DK, to join a group of young and youthful people on a trek to Coney Island (located on the North East corner of Singapore) organised by Outward Bound Singapore (OBS). I went to Coney Island not too long ago, explored the little island and I wanted to go back again soon after that. For this morning trek, NParks volunteers conducted a guided tour of Coney Island and they brought this group of youths along for a morning trek to Coney Island, sharing with them knowledge about nature, environment, conservation, wildlife, protection. Mr Baey Yam Keng, Parlimentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, graced the morning trek together with the group of young nature lovers for the 4km trek to Coney Island!


It was fun to follow along this group of youth during the Sunday morning trek, all these activities resonate with me a lot, with my roots from my Boy Scout days when I was with the Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group (I am still a part of the Dragon Scout Group family) Outdoors, nature, trekking were some of my favourite outdoor recreational activities and I am still enjoying them as much as I can. Although I didn’t engage this group of young people that went for the morning trek, it was great to see their enthusiasm and fun loving nature! They were taken care of by the NParks volunteers and OBS instructors. During the trek, I was brought back into my own memories where I continued to help out at my alma mater, the Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group, mentoring and chatting to my juniors.



During the trek, I took the chance to observe the flora and fauna, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the lush greenery and tranquility on Coney Island. I did manage to spot some birds and wildlife and I would plan another trip to go back again for another round of wildlife/nature photography walkabout. For those who would like to see more of Coney Island, do drop by my Flickr collection and take a look! If you have not visited Coney Island, do plan a day to visit Coney Island and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life!


At the end of the morning trek to Area C, near the mangrove swamp and beach area, this group of young nature lovers sat down in their respective groups with their OBS instructors and have an interactive discussion on how they feel about SGFuture, the natural environment, how to make and encourage more youths to appreciate the rich biodiversity in Singapore. Mr Baey was very enthusiastic, joining the various groups during their discussion, listening to them and encouraged them to contribute more ideas to expand OBS’ existing environmental education efforts to reach out to more youths on their outdoor education and recreation programs.


“I’m pleased to see many young nature-lovers spending the morning of Valentine’s Day here at Coney Island. Youths are always looking for something fresh to interest them and today’s activity is one of such engagements. As youths are the future leaders who would see Singapore through SG100, it is important for them to be aware and proactive in conserving the environment,” said Mr. Baey.

Source: National Youth Council press release

Personally, it is very comforting to see this group of young people passionate and loving the natural environment in Singapore, even though Singapore is a very small country that is largely urbanised! I sincerely hope that this group of young people can go back, to their family and friends, to pass-it-on and spread the awareness on nature, conservation, preservation and protection of the small precious natural environment in Singapore.

At the end of the event, walking out of Coney Island, back towards the main land, I had a fun morning trek to the outdoors and be close to nature again. While Singapore is indeed a small country that is largely urbanised, we still have our gorgeous natural environment for us to visit and get away from the city life that we lead. It is up to each and everyone of us, the youth of today, our SGFuture, to continue loving and protecting the natural environment of Singapore.

Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2014

This was homecoming for me and my fellow Old Boys and Girls, returning back home to our Alma Mater, the Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group Family, on Saturday 12th April 2014 for the 92nd Anniversary Campfire. The Scouting memories, camaraderie, friendships and to stay connected with the current Dragon Scout Group family. It’s also a time to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, the knowledge, bonding and experiences to the Dragon Scout Group.


The Old Boys and Girls came back to celebrate the 92nd Anniversary Campfire, going up to the stage and singing campfire songs, just like our good old Scouting days in the past. Those were beautiful and wonderful memories that the group of Old Boys and Girls from the Dragon Chapter put together and part of the bigger Dragon Scout Group family. Along with the fellow Old Boys and Girls, we were proud of our history, heritage, culture and Scouting family bonding that is keeping the Dragon Scouting fire and spirit, big and bright! Check out the photographs taken during DSG Campfire 2014!


In the year 2013, I wasn’t really that active and didn’t manage to stay in touch with the activities and happenings. In 2014, I hope to be more active and help out in whatever way that I can. I hope to Pay It Forward and Pass It On, the Dragon Scouting fire and spirit to the younger generation. For the year 2014, I helped out in the Scout proficiency badge – Photographer,  running the badge requirements and being the examiner. During the Saturday afternoon on 12th April 2014, I officially signed off my first Scout proficiency badge certificate for Photographer, with Li Xuan, a secondary 4 scout from Cougar Patrol, becoming my first Scout to pass the Photographer badge!


My Dragon Scouting journeys taught me many things, life skills, friendships and fun adventures! I hope that my sharing, helping out in whatever ways possible and mentoring will be what I can do to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On to the Dragon Scout Group family! Along with that, I am hoping to add more memories to my Dragon Scouting adventures, check out the collection on Flickr!

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DSG 90th Anniversary Dinner – Home Coming

Founded in the year 1922, she’s 90 years old in the year 2012. The history, heritage, culture and strength of Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group (DSG) stands tall and proud among her peers in the history of Scouting in Singapore because DSG is one of the oldest Scout Groups in Singapore. In the year 2012, Dragon Scout Group celebrated her 90th Anniversary with a grand campfire and a Hawaii Overseas Exchange Program. At the end of the year 2012, the 90th Anniversary celebrations were rounded off with a big bang with a 90th Anniversary Home Coming Dinner back to school, organised by the Dragon Chapter, for the boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group and for the old boys and girls too.


It was great to see a good turnout from the current boys and girls of the Dragon Scout Group and the old boys and girls of different generations of the Dragon Scout Group family. This was our Dragon Scout Group Extended Family Reunion Dinner and we were honoured by the presence of our Principal, Mrs Carolin Tan, to be the Guest of Honour during our 90th Anniversary Dinner. While the 90th Anniversary Dinner was planned by the old boys, the current leaders, ventures and scouts all helped in one way or another to make this 90th Anniversary Dinner a success.


A great example of Dragon Scouting unity was the creation of the Dragon Scout Group badge tea lights inside the school hall on the day before the 90th Anniversary Dinner. It was a combined effort by the extended Dragon Scout Group family, with a group of old boys like Wei Liang and myself; teachers Hongliang (my DSG senior) and Ms Lee; Leaders – Choon Lian and Moo Teng; Ventures – Amelia and Kenner; Scouts: Joel. Through our unity and combined efforts, we got the Dragon Scout Group badge tea lights ready for the 90th Anniversary Dinner the following day. Old boys Teck Chong (my DSG senior and my SL when I was a PL) and Ganesh were in school earlier to help with the banners and decorations too!


On the day of 90th Anniversary Dinner, it was great to see many old boys and girls back. My fellow batch were back in force, almost occupying a full table, Nicholas, Jinguang, Zhigang, Zhenhao, Junjie, Alfred and Quanjun. I wasn’t able to catch up with them as much since I was the photographer and had to run around the dinner event. We had a group photo taking in the school hall, in front of the Dragon Scout Group badge tea lights. This was a great family reunion photo!

There were lucky draws, games and videos (of recent Dragon Scouting and Hawaii overseas exchange trip) were shown during the 90th Anniversary Dinner. When the dinner was officially over, we had our own patrol photograph taking, the old and new all coming together for their combined patrol photograph that would go down into our Dragon Scouting history and heritage. I had been documenting and photographing Dragon Scouting for the past few years, do check out my photos inside my Flickr collection! Looking back, I was glad to play a part here in the organising of the 90th Anniversary Dinner with fellow old boys, Wei Liang, Thye San, Teck Chong, Say Chionh, Ganesh and Wei Yang. A proud moment for all of us were the old boys lighting up the tea lights of the Dragon Scout Group badge at the end of the dinner. The Dragon Scout badge stood out remarkably, like a bright Scouting light that led and bind us all together in the Dragon Scouting family.


The home coming DSG 90th Anniversary Dinner was great, significant and heartwarming. This is something that I am able to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, contributing and giving back my gratitude to the Dragon Scouting movement that I learned and honed many skills and life-long brotherhood friends. Happy 90th Anniversary to Dragon Scout Group and Onward !

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DSG Hawaii Overseas Exchange 2012 – SG to Incheon (transit)

In her 90th Anniversary celebrations, Dragon Scout Group (DSG) was planning to visit Hawaii for an overseas exchange program with the Hawaiian scouts and being an old boy of DSG, I jumped upon the chance to follow along with the boys and girls for an fun and exciting  travel 12 days of adventure and scouting exchange program across the world to the sunny island of Oahu, Hawaii. The Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group (DSG) in Singapore, is one of the oldest and most established Scout groups, founded in the year 1922.


Our adventure started on the 27th November 2012 in Singapore, arriving in Hawaii on the 27th November 2012 for a wonderful and fun time, camping, trekking, sightseeing, scouting exchange with the Hawaiian Scouts, reaffirming heartwarming Scouting brotherhood ties with the Hawaiian Scoutmasters, our lovely caring hosts. Armed with my trusty Canon DSLR 1D Mk III and my EF 17-40mm f4 lens, I took upon the mission of photographing many photographs of the boys and girls,  the adventure, fun and enjoyment over the next 11 days. With over 2400 photographs captured in many many different memories over the 11 days, I would begin and start to share my daily stories of DSG’s Hawaii Overseas Exchange 2012 program with the Dragon Scout Group family and Dragon Chapter family, friends, Hawaiian Scoutmasters, Hawaiian Scouts and scouting movement friends from all round the world.


The DSG Hawaiian overseas exchange program 2012 group consisted of 25 boys and girls, 4 teachers and 1 old boy (that’s me). We all gathered at Changi International Airport in Singapore, final administrative preparations and briefing by the teachers before proceeding to check-in the backpacks for our Korean Air flight from Singapore to Incheon International Airport, Seoul in South Korea whereby we had a 12 hour transit before boarding our connecting Korean Air flight from Seoul to Honolulu, Hawaii. The 25 boys and girls parents were also there with us to send us off at Changi International Airport and it was a bit of a celebrity star treatment when I took the group  photograph and the parents were eagerly snapping away with their cameras. Clearing immigrations and waving goodbye to their loved ones, the whole group went inside and waited for the Korean Air flight at 0130hrs Singapore local time.



After a flight of about 6hours 20mins, we reached Incheon International Airport at around 0835hrs Korean local time. Since we had a 12hours transit, the group decided to take it easy, explored Incheon International Airport from one end to the other end for about 2hours. Thereafter, the boys and girls settled down in the  transit segment area, preparing their items for the upcoming exchange program between the Dragon Scouts and Hawaiian Scouts. There were 4 patrols (groups) and each of them has a specific task to complete, something that they will share, demonstrate and give to the Hawaiian Scouts.


It’s not all just preparation and preparation! We had lunch, dinner, rest breaks and wash up at Incheon International Airport. It was quite a challenge for all of us with a 12hours transit inside the airport, nevertheless, we managed to get ourselves busy and active. At around 2110hrs Korean local time, we boarded our Korean Air flight to Honolulu for the start of our Hawaiian Overseas Exchange Program 2012. Our overseas exchange program adventure in Hawaii was about to start!

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Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2012

90 years old and they are one of the oldest Scout Groups in Singapore Scouting history, this is my alumni mata, the Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, of strong and rich history and traditions, constantly and consistently growing and maintaining strong in the richness of Scouting.

Returning back after a period of absence (from work/business commitments) to watch their Investiture Ceremony 2012, welcoming the new boys and girls to the Dragon Scout Group family. It was the day for Group photography taking, from the extended Big Family to the various patrols, Ventures, Rovers, Leaders and Teachers-in-Charge. This was also the day for me to catch up with my juniors and I realised that I still have a lot to catch up with them and would like to mentor them there is an opportunity since I am busy with my business/work commitments.

Looking forward to the Dragon Scout Group activities for the Year 2012, I hope to be more active and come back a bit more often, let’s hope that fellow Old Boys a.k.a Dragon Chapter would be back too in more numbers and strength too. Do check out some photographs taken on Facebook here, our Facebook Group for Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter. Here’s some other photographs taken during Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2012 on Flickr.

Wishing Dragon Scout Group all the best in 2012 !! Onward Dragon Scout Group !! 

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Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2011

Returning back to my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group, for its annual investiture ceremony, it had been a 1 year break for me since I was badly injured 1 year ago and wasn’t able to be back with them in 2010 and take their Group photograph.

Making a return was great, although I wasn’t taking the Group photograph this year, it still felt good to be among the Dragon Scout Group extended family, happily taking photographs, candid moments and scouting activities. Catching up with the boys and girls, young leaders, teachers-in-charge and fellow Old Boys of Dragon Chapter, it’s home coming, warmth and helping to keep the Scouting fire and spirit, glowing bright and strong, passing it on to the younger generation, and to pass it further on to future generations.


Sharing experiences and knowledge, Pay-It-Forward, giving back to Dragon Scout Group, helping and mentoring, may all these wisdom and sharing be continued and carry on beyond the current Dragon Scout Group family, to the future generations of Dragon Scout Group family.

Onward Dragon Scout Group !

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Happy 88th Anniversary ! Dragon Scout Group !

88 and still kicking …

That is the theme of the 88th Anniversary Celebrations of Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group (DSG), a family that I had been with for many years since my Secondary One school days , spanning 20 years and still going strong. With such a rich, long and strong tradition and family roots in both Gan Eng Seng School (founded 1885) and Dragon Scout Group (founded 1922), not many schools or scout groups in Singapore can stand up, tall and proud of such a rich and long heritage !

Coming back for the 88th Anniversary Celebrations Dinner, it was a homecoming for me, having been out of touch with the Dragon Scout Group due to my freakish accident 9 months ago and wasn’t able to keep in touch with their activities and events. A simple buffet dinner for the young boys and girls, ventures, rovers, leaders, teachers and old boys (a.k.a Dragon Chapter) coming back together, for the gathering, catch up and connecting many generations of the Dragon Scout Group family.

Dedicating to all the young Dragon Scout Group boys and girls, continue to keep the  Dragon Scout Group fire burning bright and big, always glowing and shining, a beacon of light to all the past, present and future family members of Dragon Scout Group, remember our school anthem –

” … A dragon for fire of leadership
And ship for seeking and making progress
In word and deed we vow forever more”

Onward Dragon Scouts !

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Photography Walkabout – Tanjong Pagar Railway Station & Spottiswode Park

Photography Walkabout, something that I always do regularly, visiting destinations and places all around Singapore. This time, I went with Sue and Amanda, exploring Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Spottiswode Park area. The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station recently came into limelight and we decided to visit it for a photography walkabout, for more history and recent changes, check out this link.

Had breakfast at Seah Im Hawker Centre before proceeding to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, it’s a historical landmark and building. Walked around looking inside the hall with its high ceiling, the railway tracks, its eateries, being a “local expert” since my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng School used to be at Raeburn Park, that is very near to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (the former school building is beside the railway tracks and depot), I was able to bring Sue and Amanda around the area, known as Spottiswode Park Estate, going up to the top floor, 25th storey of 2 different blocks and enjoying the city, harbour and railway views.

I hoped that Sue and Amanda would not be too bored with my secondary school stories and tales, being nostalgic and relieving back the good old schooling days of fun! Although we didn’t take a lot of photos of the trains or railway station, we took photos of nature, sceneries and wildlife . The straight road connecting Raeburn Park and Spottiswode Park road, tall trees stood proudly on both sides of the road, giving us Korean Drama inspiration pics (Winter Sonata). Check out my other photos from my Photography Walkabout here on Flickr !

Moving forward, I still had a few more photography walkabout routes that I had already planned to conduct, lead and share with my fellow photography friends. With my photography walkabout routes, I hope to offer interesting exploration routes that is off the tourist track, for both locals and tourists alike to enjoy ! Come walk with me !

A DSG Family BBQ Gathering

This is not your normal extended family BBQ gathering. 

This is a special and unique because of the history of Dragon Scout Group that was founded in 1922 and on the 30th May 2009, there were approximate 30 years of Dragon Scouting present there at the BBQ gathering. With such a rich history, it was an awesome gathering event that different eras of Dragon Scouting history came back and reflected and shared their wonderful scouting memories.


My leaders who taught me scouting skills and life skills when I was a young boy scout were present to be with us for this gathering and to reinforce what Hongliang said, we all appreciate our leaders who were a role model for us and taught us many scouting skills and life skills. 

It was a great BBQ with many nice food, prepared by Yong Kok, Junqi and Melissa and Teck Chong too, all of them played a key role to make this gathering event a success and I sincerely thank them for their efforts ! I couldn’t eat the BBQ because I was running my Sundown Marathon a few hours later after the BBQ. For more photos of this BBQ gathering, do drop by my flickr site


Looking forward, this event will be significant and stronger ties will be built between the young boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group, the Rovers, Leaders and Chapters of the Dragon Scout Group family. For more photos of Dragon Scout Group events, do drop by my flickr site !


Moving forward, let’s all keep the spirit of Dragon Scouting burning brightly and strongly and forever. Onward Dragon Scouts !

Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2009

A campfire is always an important part of our Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group calender of events and on the 11th April 2009, it was another night of fun and singing with a unique and first of its kind campfire setup, campfire with a camping and BBQ site layout. It seemed that rain would always turn the campfire into wet weather program. Persistence and patience paid off and the dark rain clouds cleared for the beautiful night sky to enter for the Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2009.

It was definitely not your usual and normal scout campfire, nevertheless, it was very refreshing for old boys like me, instead of just singing around the main fireplace in the middle of the arena, each “campsite” has its own BBQ pits and food were prepared for the invitees (Scouts and Guides) and VIPs, guests. While singing and enjoying, there were definitely lots of fun cooking the food around the BBQ pit, moreover, the schools weren’t just sitting with themselves, they were mixed with different schools and with our Dragon Scout Group too.

The campfire was declared open by the Dragon Chapter Chairman Mr Ong Thye San and started with a flying fireball into the campfire pit and action kicked started. As the campfire was ongoing with singing and performances, food was cooking on the BBQ pit, and making new friends and catching up with old friends (for us), chatting about scouting and 2010 scouting projects.

After about 2 hours of fun, it was formally declared closed by the Principal, Mrs Caroline Tan, after the prizes and gifts were presented to the attending schools and organisations. 

Do drop by my flickr for more of the campfire photos !