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Haenyeo Singapore Photography Exhibition

A photography exhition on an intangible culture that is facing its own challenges and continuation in the modern era today, a rich tradition that is slowly being eroded and a risk of this tradition and culture being lost. This topic resonates deeply in me, an area where I have an interest and passion in. This is the Haenyeo Singapore Photography Exhibition by Jose Jeuland, a professional Fujifilm X photographer based in Singapore.

Photo courtesy of Epson Singapore

During the official launch event at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, I had the opportunity to view the wonderful and amazing photography works on display, telling us the stories behind the Haenyeo people, brave and amazing women that take on such a dangerous nature of work. . I remembered watching the Haenyeo in action on television, diving into the water gathering clams, abalone or seaweed from the ocean floor with just a lead-weighted vest and googles.

Viewing the photography works by Jose, I can sense and feel the connections with the subjects in the photographs. Maybe I have similar connections in our photography genre, through my personal heritage, cultural and conservation photography projects that I have undertaken over the years.

Photo courtesy of Epson Singapore

There were more than 30,000 Haenyeo diving off the shores of Jeju and Udo Island daily. Today, less than 5,000 with two-thirds being over the age of 60 remains. This traditional culture is facing many challenges ahead and it is recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage to be cherished.

The photography prints on display at the Haenyeo Singapore Photography Exhibition were supported by Epson Singapore, the official print sponsor by supporting the exhibition with its commercial and industrial photo graphic production printer, creating stunning high and professional quality prints.

Epson SureColor 64″ SC-P20070 Printer (Photo courtesy of Epson Singapore)

In the exhibition, there is a collection of compelling portraits of Haenyo are printed using the Epson SureColor 64″ SC-P20070 with UltraChrome® PRO Pigment Ink on Epson’s Signature Worthy Hot Press Bright.

Let me share with you more information on the Epson SureColor 64″ SC-P20070 Printer

The exhibition-quality prints were created with Epson’s 64″ SureColor SC-P20070 printer, using the Epson’s UltraChrome PRO nine-colour pigment ink system, with an extended colour gamut and four levels of black, and advanced PrecisionCore™ MicroTFP printhead technology to develop vibrant prints with lasting durability.

Used with Epson’s Signature Worthy medias, this advanced printing technology produces exceptional colour gamut and high maximum density (D-Max), offering photographic quality prints that is a favourite of photographers and artists alike

Ms. Tan May Lin, General Manager, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Division, Epson Singapore said, “Epson Singapore is proud to be the official print sponsor for Jose’s first ever photography exhibition in Singapore. Jose has captured wonderfully compelling stories that bring the raw emotions of the Haenyo sea women to life. With Epson’s photo graphic production printers, we’re excited that our unique combination of Epson’s printhead technology and UltraChrome® PRO archival ink technology can help deliver the very best representation of his artworks in final print format.”

José Jeuland, a Singapore-based French professional photographer said, “I am thankful for Epson’s support as I launch my first-ever photography exhibition here in Singapore. Epson’s unique printing technology accentuates the key features of the Haenyeo as seen from the photographs at the exhibition. This in turn portrays the raw emotions of these women of great fortitude. With Epson’s support, I am happy to share the inspiring story of the Haenyeo women-divers from Jeju, Korea.”

Whether you love photography, travel, traditional culture and also Korea, do take the time and visit the photography artworks of the Haenyeo at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. It’s a real eye opener to a wonderful culture and tradition, facing its own challenges and hurdles in the modern era. Do check out the Epson printer on display there too!

Details of Haenyeo Singapore Photography Exhibition

Date: 28th October 2017 to 23rd November 2017

Venue: East Gearden Foyer, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

* Admission is free for all *

Jose Jeuland website/social media links






* Information courtesy of Epson Singapore and Lewis PR *

I would like to thank Epson Singapore for the invitation to the official launch of the Haenyeo Singapore Photography Exhibition.

Enjoying “A Tasty Passage to India” Dinner Buffet

In the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District at the Raffles Place area at the mouth of the Singapore River, a luxury hotel, the Fullerton Hotel Singapore stands tall and proud of her heritage and history. Inside the Fullerton Hotel, there is a restaurant known as the Town Restaurant, serving a wide variety of delicious flavours and cuisines, both local and international.

I was recently invited by Fullerton Hotel and Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to enjoy a food journey transported from the heart of India to the Town Restaurant. The Town Restaurant is now having “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet and there are many unique Indian cuisines and dishes being served at the Town Restaurant. This special Indian dinner buffet was in partnership with Taj Palace New Delhi and Jet Airways to bring a gastronomical experience into the heart of India’s cuisine and cooking.

There are many classic Indian dishes being served at the Town Restaurant, it is a beautiful restaurant with great ambience and hospitality. Do take your time to slowly taste and savour all the Indian dishes available there during the buffet. In addition to the Indian cuisines, you can also enjoy Town Restaurant’s popular selection of seafood on ice, pastas and many more delicious dishes on their buffet line.

Town Restaurant’s “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet brings the heart of Indian cooking and cuisine, the authentic exotic flavours and tastes to our doorstep at the Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Here are some information on The Town Restaurant’s “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet –

Prices : $52 per adult and $26 per child (6 to 12 years old)

** Prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes ** 

Dates : 20th July 2012 to 31st July 2012

Time : 6pm to 10pm at Town Restaurant

For Reservations : Please contact (65) 6877 8128 OR drop them an email at town@fullertonhotel.com

It’s a great idea to bring in international authentic cuisines from other parts of the world to Singapore and it’s a great experience to taste them too right here in Singapore at the Fullerton Hotel! Do call them, make a reservation and enjoy “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet! I would like to sincerely thank The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and Marina Bay Division of URA for the invitation to the delicious “A tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet and their warm hospitality! For more food photos of “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet, you can find them here on my Flickr !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Elephant Parade Photography Adventure @ Marina Bay

A morning photography adventure, to capture colourful elephants around the Marina Bay area, don’t worry, they are not the real life mammal elephants, instead, they are the elephant statues, with each and every elephant uniquely coloured and painted by an individual artist. The Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues, its purpose is to seek and attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. More information on how the Elephant Parade started can be found here!

The Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 is visiting Singapore from 11th November 2011 to 11th January 2012, presented by ABN AMRO Private Banking and there are 162 uniquely designed and colourful elephant statues, by local and international artistes around Singapore. On a Sunday morning, 18th December 2011, there was an Elephant Parade Photography Adventure, organized by: Marina Bay Singapore/Urban Redevelopment Authority and supported by: Elephant Parade Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, The Fullerton Hotel. It was great fun photographing the Elephant Parade, knowing more about the Elephant cause and saving Elephants movement, the honour of meeting some of the artists along the photography adventure, listening to their sharing on how their unique designs came about and their inspirations behind their drawings and designs on the elephant statutes.

This was also a great time to network and meet old friends and make new friends, from the photography circle to the social media/blogging/twitter circle. Starting from One Raffles Quay South Tower, walking towards Marina Promontory, Marina Bay City Gallery, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, Raffles Place MRT, Asian Civilisations Museum and finally Fullerton Hotel. The morning rain showered us twice, however, it didn’t fail to dampen any of the photographers spirits! We just rush and find shelter that’s all and wait for the rain to stop!

At the end point of the photography adventure, we were kindly hosted by Fullerton Hotel with light refreshments, relaxing and having fun with the quiz, hosted by Juliana Tan of Marina Bay Division, who was also the main organiser behind the Elephant Parade Photography Adventure at Marina Bay.

There are still more Elephant Statues around the island of Singapore for me to capture, I would try to capture all 162 of them before the exhibition tours another country!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


Let’s all help to spread the cause, let’s save the Elephants !


A Wedding Helper + Photography Journey

An old friend of many years, good old Nicholas, knew him till date, of 19 years friendship since 1990 when we were Boy Scouts in Dragon Scout Group, settled down with his lovely partner, Shirley and after months of preparations, the wedding day finally arrived with close friends coming forward to help out in his wedding day.


Since I was asked to be part of the “Brother” contingent of 10 close friends of Nicholas, a.k.a helper, runner, best man…. We put our life, blood, sweat, tears, stomach, physical, mental, negotiation, friendship, hardship, fun, pain ….. all in the aid of Nicholas & Shirley to make their Actual Day Wedding a great event for them !


Reporting in the morning around 7am at Nicholas home, the contingent drove over to Shirley’s home, whereby Nicholas the Groom would pick up his bride, Shirley. However, before Nicholas can do so, he had to go through very severe tests, obstacles and challenges first, since we the “Brothers” are helpers, the various tasks, tests, challenges fall upon us to share Nicholas burden. Some would call it wedding traditions, although truthfully speaking, it wasn’t an old tradition but more of modernisation.

Some tests, challenges include

– Drinking a concoction of Sour 酸, Sweet 甜, Bitter 苦, Spicy 辣 juices

– “Brothers” leg hair were plucked a.k.a exfoliation

– Push Ups

– Giving Red Packets to allow the door “managed” by the “Sisters” contingent to be opened


Even though I was a “Brother”, there were times whereby I was able to capture photographs for fun and beautiful “painful” memories. Once the challenges were completed, the wedding couple would proceed to Nicholas family home for the traditional tea ceremony, to the grandparents, parents and relatives of Nicholas family. For the brothers, our main tasks were completed and we get to enjoy the food, drinks and hospitality. After the formalities were done, the wedding couple would return to Shirley’s home again for tea ceremony to the grandparents, parents and relatives of Shirley’s family. With that completed, the 1st half of the Actual Wedding day is completed.


I went over to Fullerton Hotel with the wedding couple along with Sam, to continue preparation for the wedding dinner in the night, as I am in charge of music and sound for the solemnisation and wedding dinner, the songs were already chosen by Shirley, who spent a lot of time and effort in the planning of their wedding day. After rehearsals and coordinations with the wedding couple, master of ceremony, banquet managers and hotel staff, it was a Go Go Go !! They were finally, legally and officially a married couple !!


The wedding dinner went smoothly with a little bit of time overshot, the food was great, the ambience and decoration were awesome and very beautiful. By the time the dinner was over, I was very tired and my Canon 30D broke down again, with the pop up flash stuck, it’s back to Canon service centre soon. I wasn’t able to take the night scenes of the Marina Bay from their suite 881 at Fullerton Hotel, just the day scenery. Do check out some of their wedding photos HERE !


After some rest and chatting, we left for home ….. My heartfelt congrats and best wishes to the newly wedded couple, Nicholas & Shirley !