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What is Not Visible is Not Invisible ?

A contemporary, modern and abstract art exhibition based on the article title above “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible”, what comes to your mind when you read this sentence? What do you think would be the different types and artwork mediums that define this type of contemporary art exhibition?


I visited the world of “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible” in Singapore, they are currently being hosted at the Exhibition Galleries, Basement of The National Museum of Singapore. Upon entering into this world, some parts are imaginary, some are tangible, some require your imagination to see the invisible behind the visible. Some artworks can be pretty abstract and not easy to understand, that is also the beauty of contemporary and modern art.

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There must be questions inside your mind now, where is “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible” from? Who are the artists behind them? What is the exhibition about?

This special and unique contemporary art exhibition features selected artworks from the French Regional Collections of Contemporary Art (FRAC). They explore with a broad perspective, surveying and sharing their thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions through their artworks. A total of 34 artworks by 32 French and international artists, navigating a transient journey through philosophy, tangible, some are conventional, some are unconventional, some are pretty abstract and deeply rooted, profound, mind-boggling yet modest and grounded.

As you walked through the exhibition galleries, the artworks attract you, calling out to you, encouraging you to come into their world, to play, interact and immerse yourself inside the artworks. What do you see? What is Not Visible? What is Not Invisible? What is Not Visible is Not Invisible? Can you feel the intangible, the emotions and relationship with the artworks?



Visit The National Museum of Singapore and have an experiential artwork journey into the world of “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible Exhibition”. They can open up your mind, eyes, heart and soul, to relate, connect and understand relationships, the tangible versus the intangible, the abstract between the organic, structured and finally the visible and invisible in our world.

If you a fan of the Biennale, the What is Not Visible is Not Invisible Exhibition fits in perfectly for the upcoming Singapore Biennale 2016. Don’t miss it!


What is Not Visible is Not Invisible Exhibition

  • Location: Exhibition Galleries, Basement, The National Museum of Singapore
  • Period: 7th October 2016 to 19th February 2017
  • Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm (from 1pm on Thursdays)
  • Fees: Free admission for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and visitors aged 6 years and below

Admission Charges (Source: The National Museum of Singapore website)

  Citizens & Permanent
(Please present your identification card)
Non-Citizens & Non-Permanent
Adult Free $8
Senior Free $4
Student2 Free $4
Special Access (Adult/Senior/Student) Free  $4
SIA-Krisflyer Special Rate Free  $6

*NTUC Cardholders: Present your membership or credit card at the Visitor Services counter to enjoy special admission privileges. 

Valid proof of identity must be presented at the Visitor Services counter. Terms and conditions apply.

2Applies to non-Singaporean and non-Permanent Resident students from the following types of schools:

  • Govt Aided Schools / Singapore Universities: eg. NAFA, LaSalle, SOTA, Sports School, NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD
  • Independent Local Schools: eg. Hwa Chong School Int’l, NUS High
  • Private Schools and other non-member International Schools in Singapore: eg. Kaplan, MDIS, SIM, LaSalle International
  • Students from Overseas Schools

A valid School Pass/ID must be presented to enjoy concession price.

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Special Visit to Dreams & Reality

Dreams and Reality : A wonderful and amazing exhibition of world class masterpieces comprising paintings, drawings and photography from Musée d’Orsay, Paris. This exhibition is now in Singapore from 26th October 2011 to 5th February 2012, at National Museum of Singapore, Exhibition Galleries 1 and 2.

A special private visit was arranged by Belinda Tan, who kindly planned and coordinated with Shaun from National Heritage Board, along with National Museum of Singapore as kind hosts for the tickets and guides. A group of friends from the social media/photography/blogging community with an avid interest in arts, culture and heritage met on 20th November 2011 at National Museum of Singapore, whereby our volunteer guide, Elaine Tan, led and guided us around this wonderful exhibition.

The masterpieces of paintings, drawings and photographs are from Musée d’Orsay, a world renowned art gallery, with masterpieces from 1848 to 1912, how man reacted and changed towards the turn of the century, the changing social and industrial landscape of Paris, all shown in the artists visual response towards them, displayed inside their paintings, drawings and photographs. In each individual artist, brought about each different individual aspect, visual and style of the arts scene.

Our lovely and friendly volunteer guide, Elaine, was awesome to share many of her knowledge and experiences with the different art works on display, from their influences, styles and history behind each of the masterpieces that she brought us around to view at. Some of the world class artists whose masterpieces are on display at the National Museum of Singapore include Vincent van Gogh, Édouard Manet and Paul Cézanne.

Visiting a special art works exhibition with a volunteer guide, makes the tour very interesting and informative. This allow us to learn more about the artists, their visual and with Elaine’s sharing, the participants (us) are able to view and appreciate the masterpieces better. This is an excellent exhibition to learn more about the arts, culture, heritage and history of France, definitely a must visit for arts lovers. For more information, please drop by National Museum of Singapore link for more information!

Here’s some key information for the arts lover visiting the Dreams and Reality exhibition !

Date : 26th October 2011 to 5th February 2012

Venue : National Museum of Singapore, Exhibition Galleries 1 and 2

Price : Tickets at $11 from SISTIC

Hope you all have a great time visiting Dreams and Reality ! More photos here on my Flickr!


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