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Mustang Singapore by Grinder-Man @ Flipside Festival

After watching a great acoustic guitar unplugged performance at the Esplanade Concourse, I went out to the Waterfront Canopy to catch another performance, that was something mysterious to me based on the brochure and description on the Esplanade website.

Well, I was blown away by their intriguing performances, unique and very different from the various artists performances during the Flipside Festival at the Esplanade. There were lots of movements, artists with their black boxes on their heads, in perfect choreography and movements, knowing their routes, movements, dances and actions.

The Hardwarezone Forum link gave a very good description of the Mustang Singapore performance, “ GRINDER-MAN is an art performance group that creates audacious happenings combining contemporary art and continuous motion in locations ranging from art museums and galleries to concert halls and clubs. To date they have performed in New York, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Rome, Cologne, and Paris.

Well, further research into this awesome group, led me to their webs
ite and it dawned upon me that it was an international performing artist group. It had been some wonderful weeks of artistic performances and I was glad to enjoy and view different world wide artists performances during the Esplanade Flipside Festival 2008.

Do drop by my flickr site and take a look at my other selected photos of Mustang Singapore by GRINDER-MAN !

Jack, Rai & Alvin performing at Esplanade Flipside Festival

I was at the Esplanade again, walking back after catching a sneak preview of the upcoming National Day Parade rehearsal and I was there to watch a wonderful performance by Jack, Rai and Alvin singing Superhero songs.

They were really awesome and the trio really mesmerised the crowds there, especially with their many different songs.

The trio sure give the Flipside festival a different touch and feel from the various different types of artists performances !

Updated 26th June – their official website is at this LINK !

The BIG NAZO Creature Show

Last week, I saw some great performances by artists at the Esplanade, the Flipside event, in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival. The puppet performance was intriguing and on 14th June, I went back to the Esplanade after my event shoot at Vivo City and caught a very different puppets performance.

This time, it was people dressed in giant aliens costumes, singing lovely songs, some great oldies that I recall e.g. Satellite of Love, dancing around, cracking jokes and providing lots of fun and laughter to the crowds. It was an awesome show, felt great to see another wonderful artist performance, I always admire and like such different shows by people from all over the world, coming to Singapore to showcase their work.

Well, hope you folks enjoy watching the giant aliens in action !

Explosion ! by BAM (Canada)

Folks, if you recall in my earlier post, after viewing the performance by Ojarus from Japan, I walked along the Esplanade waterfront and walked towards the Stage@Powerhouse, waiting for the next artiste showcasing their acts.

They were known as BAM from Canada, a great bunch of guys, really funny and entertaining with their drums and acts. They were crazy yet hilarious and there were lots of cheers and laughters, as their performances captivated us and captured the crowds support and cheers !

A really unique performance, great to see them in action and their drums performances, something different from traditional drum beats and performances. It’s a wonderful time for laughter and stress reliever for us, and it is really great that Esplanade has brought in many different and awesome artists to perform in Singapore for their Flipside event in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival.

Ojarus @ Esplanade

With the Singapore Arts Festival going on currently, the Esplanade in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival, organised Flipside, many different events across the various Esplanade venues from 29th May 2008 to 22 June 2008.

On 7th June, I was waiting for the performances to start and sitting at the cosy sofas at the concourse area. Suddenly, I saw Japanese clowns with their painted faces and gear, moving out and starting their entertaining performance.

It was really hilarious and I had a fun time watching their performances as they walked from the concourse to the waterfront canopy. On their way there, they made fun of many people there, providing great entertainment for all.

At the waterfront canopy, the crowds started to gather and watched their performances, laughing at them making fun of themselves and people there. A good stress reliever and always love the to watch artists arriving from overseas performing in Singapore.

Dropping by the Esplanade

The Singapore Arts Festival 2008 is currently going on and there are many performances and events held at different venues across Singapore.

The Esplanade is a key venue for the Singapore Arts Festival 2008 and while I was at the Esplanade and nearby areas, I went around and enjoy the Marina Bay scenery. Well, the sea was brownish due to the heavy rainfall in the morning and afternoon, many activities could be seen on the floating platform, with their lights switched on.

Folks, especially for my international readers, they are preparing for our National Day Parade 2008 in August……. for my local readers, something interesting for our NDP 2008 ……… Do keep a look out !

After enjoying the scenery and taking photos, I went around and inside the Esplanade for the Flipside events there held in conjunction with Singapore Arts Festival 2008 …….. Do pop by in the next few days and read about my write ups !