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Trikora (Elly) Kelong Adventure – Fishing & Getaway Trip

Fishing, a hobby that was influenced by my dad when I was a young boy, recently revived again after a long period of absence away from fishing. Since my return to fishing with my first kelong trip to Hot Boys Kelong in Johor recently, I was kind of looking forward to more fishing trips again and I was very keen to explore other kelongs nearby Singapore. One kelong that was recommended and quite widely discussed was Elly Kelong in Bintan.

During my recent Thailand trip with Sue, Amanda and Sue’s family, chatting with Sue’s dad, whose an avid fisherman, I got more excited to visit Elly Kelong and discussions went ahead to plan another short getaway trip to Elly Kelong! Finally, on the weekend of 8th and 9th October, the 4 of us, Clayton, Sue and Amanda, along with Sue’s parents and their friends, we began our adventure with a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Pinang in Bintan. After reaching Tanjung Pinang, we had our lunch first nearby the town centre, tasted great local ba ku teh (more like many mixed pig meat parts herbal soup) that is yummy and delicious. Next up was a trip to the supermarket to stock up tidbits and drinks (mineral water & beer) before our 1 hour land transfer across to the other side of Bintan Island, from the west to the east. Where is Elly Kelong located, with reference to the map below, look for Trikora Beach and look up towards Teluk Bakau, it’s somewhere there!

Map Source : Welcome to Bintan.com 

Upon reaching, it was a quiet, peaceful and tranquil location, away from the bustling and hassle city life, tucked away facing the beautiful sea, clear water. The weather was very beautiful when it’s bright and sunny with clear blue sky along with white fluffy clouds formation. Clayton and I shared a room with air-con, simple yet comfortable and nice, with its own shower and toilet facilities. Kicking into action, I prepared my fishing equipment and was caught in no-man’s land because I replaced my fishing line in the wrong direction, Sue’s dad saved me by releasing the whole reel line and recoiling back in the correct direction, on top of that, my fishing weights and hooks were too big and heavy for the shallower kelong fishing here! Last but not least, I had terrible luck and couldn’t catch any fish for 2D1N ! Of course, I did try to fish as much as could over the 2 days!

Even though I didn’t caught any fishes, it was also a relaxing and fun getaway for me with Clayton, Sue and Amanda, from eating, chatting, walking around exploring the neighbourhood, playing with the lovely friendly cute cats of Elly Kelong, taking lots of photographs (glamorous and un-glamourous), swimming, sun-tanning, camping out at night with tidbits & beer, chatting under the moon. The getaway was awesome, relaxing and fun, with lots of making/poking fun at people (most of the time was directed at me since I am the “biggest target board”). Playing with fireworks at night, I love playing with fireworks since I was a kid playing with fireworks in Malaysia, at my grandma’s home!

The photographs will bring many memories for us, I am looking forward to go back again, more and better prepared for fishing, to buy more fireworks to play there, doing a 3D2N stay instead in order for us to visit the island across whereby we can do a day trip to enjoy the sun, beautiful sand and sea. Take a look at the photographs that I took of our Elly Kelong adventure!

Great short getaway, great companionship, peaceful, tranquil and a break away from the city life. It’s something that I would strive to have, hopefully every quarter in the future, a short 2D1N  or 3D2N getaway nearby …

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Overseas Kelong Fishing Trip to Hot Boys

Fishing, a recreational and leisure hobby, something that I have lost touch over many years, recently got back into me again. An overseas kelong fishing trip was planned with my colleagues, a short 2D1N kelong fishing trip to nearby Johor, Malaysia, to this kelong owned by Singaporeans, known as the Hot Boys Kelong.

Dug out my dad’s fishing equipment setup and accessories, 3 sets of fish rods & reels, packed my bags with my DSLR and clothings, with 3 cars driving up towards Tanjung Leman on an early Monday morning, we reached the jetty, had our breakfast before boarding the boat/ferry to our kelong whereby our fishing adventure began! The weather was great, hot and sunny with clear blue sky and beautiful white fluffy clouds, a good sun-tanning opportunity or a sun-burnt post effect (for me).

After settling down, we all swing into fishing action, catching the smaller fishes for the bait to catch bigger fishes in the night. Took a bit of luck and a little bit of skill and technique to catch the various small fishes and we were competing to see who would be the last person to catch their first small fish! It was a relaxing getaway, some of my colleagues having their maiden fishing experience, fun time  before the hot sun zaps us dry and we refuel ourselves with beverages. A very tranquil and peaceful location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the sunset and sunrise were beautiful and it was an excellent photography opportunity.

Fishing continued after the different meals into the night before most of us resting after supper to rest, shower and sleep. This was also a good time to just relax and enjoy the tranquility of the sea. While we were able to catch small fishes, we had no luck with the bigger fishes at all and none were caught by our group. Nevertheless, we had a great catch of small fishes to bring back home! On the 2nd day, a few of us went over to Pulau Sibu and visited the island, another beautiful and tranquil location, with small resorts and would be great for a getaway too!

Been a long time since I had enjoyed a relaxing leisure holiday, even though it was a short holiday. Looking forward to more relaxing kelong fishing trips in the future, maybe to Bintan or Batam kelongs with opportunities for sunset and sunrise photography!

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