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Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 ~ French Romance

The Singapore Fireworks Festival returned again in 2008, with the countries France and Korea performing.

I didn’t manage to get my tickets in time and I had to make my way and squeeze with other people at the Esplanade. Due to my half marathon on Sunday 24th early morning, I only went to take the fireworks performance by France, called French Romance on 22nd August. 
Reaching there rather early, I didn’t realise that the fireworks would only start at 2130hrs and lasted about 15mins only. Well, I enjoyed my fireworks nevertheless, my humble fireworks photos are displayed below –

By using the same fireworks platform for National Day Parade 2008, the fireworks were a lot closer to the people at the Esplanade and it offers a different challenge and difficulty. However, if you are sitting on the Marina Bay Gallery, it would most probably be an excellent angle and perspective to capture the fireworks photos.

Hope you all enjoy the fireworks ! Do drop by my flickr for more photos !

Singapore Fireworks Festival ~ 17th August 2007

The Singapore Fireworks Festival 2007 was part of the month long National Day 2007 celebrations and it was an event that many Singaporeans look foward to every year.

Initially, I wasn’t able to obtain the ticket to the Marina Bay Floating Gallery and planned to set up my equipment along the Esplanade again. However, a few days before that, I received a pleasant suprise when Ah Long called me, informing me that he got me a spare ticket ! I was so happy and grateful.

After meeting my clients for lunch and tea, delivered goods to GESS, I met Ah Long, Cel and Dr X at the Esplanade and we proceed to Marina Bay Floating Gallery. There were lots of people and action, flea market, food stalls, children playground and buskers performing. We roamed around for a while before going up to our Green Zone seats.

We were seated slightly early, entertaining ourselves by taking photos. Soon, it was time to prepare my tripod and DSLR, tuning the setup and examing the angle of view for the background and height of the fireworks.

The fireworks on friday was by Team Spain and it was a wonderful display of pyrotechnics performance and musical cherography. An excellent 15 minutes of artistic fireworks display and I thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks festival, taking 142 photos of fireworks (although only a few would be “passed” suitable for display).

After the fireworks, we decided to stay back and explore the floating gallery, taking photos of the surroundings and we can see how busy the Esplanade was when the event was over. Went over to Marina Square for dinner before calling it a day. An exhausting day for me yet very happy overall, especially with my fireworks photos!

Look out soon for a dedicated Team Spain Fireworks photo display!

8th August 2006 – Singapore Fireworks Festival – Team Singapore

The 2nd fireworks was performed by Team Singapore on the eve of Singapore’s National Day Celebrations. Due to the fact that this was held on a public holiday eve, it was very crowded and by the time I arrived at around 2000 hrs, I could hardly walk with many people sitting down around the Esplanade area.

Finally, I managed to wriggle my way to the end of the Esplanade portion , walking into the Marina Bay park area. It was slightly less crowded and I managed to get myself into a point whereby the people were sitting down happily and showed no signs of standing up during the fireworks.

Prepared my DSLR w / tripod and cable remote and I put my brief case with my camera backpack down, huge relief as I made the mistake of carrying 2 bulky items. Adjusted my DSLR settings after seeking advice from Jeff.

With the fireworks firing off @ 2100 hrs, I did manage to take slightly better pictures than my previous attempt on saturday. It was an exciting time for me as I loved fireworks, especially on the grand finale segment.

Hope you guys enjoy the humble fireworks display (Pardon the distractions again!)

5th August 2006 – Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006 – Team Italy

The month of August consists of many celebrations for Singapore National Day on 9th August. There would always be great fireworks display held at the Marina Bay area and it will definitely attract big crowds to the Esplanade, Fullerton area and Benjamin Sheares Bridge area.

The first fireworks display was by Team Italy on 5th August 2006. A bunch of us colleagues went down and joined in the crowd and enjoyed the fun ! We bought takeaway Burger King from Millenia Towers and proceed our way to the Esplanade. It was already quite crowded and we had a tricky time finding a good location to set up my DSLR and space to cater to us folks.

Finally, we managed to settle down at the end of the Esplanade footpath area, an “open air” area. I prepared my DSLR set up w/ tripod and remote control switch while the rest of the boys munched away their burgers and fries. I did not take the pictures of them eating though….

The fireworks started off at 2100 hrs by His Excellency, President Nathan, of the Republic of Singapore. Watching fireworks is always one of my favourite activities and I will always enjoy it thoroughly. Overall, as I was still inexperienced in taking fireworks pictures, the pictures did not come out that good. Nevertheless, I would have learned from this wonderful fireworks, and improved on my skills. Do keep a lookout for my 2nd set of fireworks festival display by Team Singapore.

Just my humble pictures (pardon the distractions) ……