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Bonfire Festival 2010 (Friday Night 26th Nov)

Fire, in its most beautiful and controlled moments, moving and flying around with such grace and passion of the performers, accompanied by music. This is Bonfire Festival 2010 on the Friday night on 26th November 2010.

Having watched Bonfire Festival performances for the past few years, it’s been great watching them grow bigger and better over the years, here’s my Bonfire Festival 2009 post and my photographs from Bonfire Festival 2009 on Flickr ! Therefore, I was back again to catch Bonfire 2010 and it was a night to be mesmerised by the graceful fire performances again !

The program on Friday night was firstly Open Stage for aspiring performers to showcase their latest routines and performances at 8pm and at 915pm, The Challenge whereby 8 performers were randomly paired up with different musicians playing different instruments to produce their own unique personal performance and interpretation of the music along with their fire performance. These performances were simply superb and I hope my humble photographs would be able to showcase their true passion and performance in the Bonfire Festival 2010.

Tonight, on the 27th November 2010, a Saturday night, this is the program, 9m-10pm – Invisible Self -> A Bonfire Production. More details would be on their website here ! Do take note of the festival ticket door price, check out their site for more details!

Let me bring you through Bonfire Festival 2010 (Friday Night 26th November) performance through my eyes and lens ~ Bonfire Festival 2010 …….

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Fire at Singapore Arts Festival 2010 !

Fire Fire … Burning and lighting up the skies during the Singapore Arts Festival 2010 from 14th to 16th May 2010 at the Esplanade Park and Empress Place open areas. This was my 1st comeback event photoshoot, accompanied by Xinyun, who was able to take time off and join me !

We started off with a fire theme arts performance by Starlight Alchemy, titled Fires of Eden, at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Xinyun managed to find seats at the last row and we set up our tripods, waiting for the performance to start, chit chat while waiting, passing a bit of my knowledge to my disciple Xinyun. Once the performance started, we were mesmerised by the fire performances and dancing, busy snapping away. More photos of the performance can be found here on my Flickr !

After the performance, we walked over to Esplanade Park, discovering a brightly lighted area, lots of fires brightening up the skies, providing warmth and music in a beautiful quiet Esplanade Park. The view was magnificent and intriguing, it was like entering into a dreamland of many fires, this is known as Invitation to Dream – A Fire Garden Installation by Compagnie Carabosse from France.

Relaxing swings, hanging garlands of firepots and huge ‘fairy fireballs’ – metallic spherical frames studded with fire pots, along with beautiful music in the backgrounds, welcomes us to dream and always keep our fire inside us burning to get our dreams come true. More photos can be found here on my Flickr !

Continue walking towards Empress Place, Meli Melo, Charcoal Ball, A Fire of Vests, Stovepipes welcomed us to another dreamland of fires ! The beauty of the fires illuminating the skies of the Singapore River, absolutely beautiful.

Walking away from the fires, looking back again, the fires were so beautiful, inviting u to dream, live your dream and keep your fire burning inside you always !

BonFire Festival 2009 (27th Nov Friday)

A night of fires burning and moving gracefully in action, choreographed beautifully with music and dance, by well trained and experienced performers from different parts of the world. It was the night of Singapore’s BonFire Festival 2009 held at the Dhoby Ghaut Green from the 27th November to the 28th November.


The ARTISTS LINE UP from their Facebook Event Page

(FIRE) Dai Zaobab (Japan), Fengshui (Singapore), G (England), Sean & Prisna (USA), Sari Sharina (Singapore), Starlight Alchemy (Singapore).

(LIVE BANDS) Sonofa (Singapore), Breakbeat Theory (Singapore) Dj MozKode and Mr Neumonix

(DJ) Kill the Tempo, DJ Neboet, Future Monk and MC Ross,


The night was HOT and their performance was HOT !! I am always fascinated by such wonderful arts performances and amazed at their skills, commitments and beauty. Along with the element of FIRE, somehow or rather, I am very attracted to FIRE maybe because my Earth element is FIRE too !


Got there early, sat at the last row of seats, saw many DSLRs mounted on tripods and monopods. I am a lazy photographer because I didn’t bring any of those 😛 … Soon the Fire performances began and I was happily firing away, first up was Fengshui, followed by Dai Zaobab and G.


However, something tragic happened, my Canon 30D went out of action again !! Another Error 99 and I suspect that it was the shutter again……… That’s it ….. Can’t take any more BonFire Festival 2009 photographs !! Do check my photographs of BonFire Festival 2009 before my Canon 30D went out of action !!


Continued watching other performances and I am very disappointed and angry that I wasn’t able to capture their wonderful performances in action and photographs !!! Overall, enjoyed myself thoroughly at BonFire Festival 2009 !!