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Gardens By The Bay Update – Children’s Garden & Sun Pavilion

Gardens By The Bay has been an iconic landmark and destination since her days when she was first officially opened to the public. Having been to Gardens By The Bay a number of times, photographing and covering her growth and expansion in stages from her pre-opening days (sneak peak) to the official opening and visiting Gardens By The Bay along the way, she has added and opened more interesting themes to the overall Gardens By The Bay.


In my most recent visit to Gardens By The Bay, hosted by the friendly staff, a group of social media enthusiasts were given a tour of the latest floral display inside the Flower Dome – Battle of the Roses. Mihkkaail Ng also brought us around for a special guided tour of the various gardens inside the Flower Dome, Succulent Garden, The BaoBabs, Australian Garden and Californian Garden (check out more information of the various gardens here!) Over the period when Gardens By The Bay first officially opened her doors to the public, the trees, floral and fauna inside Flower Dome slowly increases, transforming into a lush and beautiful gardens from around the different continents of the world.


Sun Pavilion

We then proceed to the newly opened Sun Pavilion, not too far away from the Flower Dome. Sun Pavilion is the prickly garden, home to one of Southeast Asia’s largest cacti and succulent gardens. Sun Pavilion is home to over 1,000 desert plants comprising some 100 different species and varieties and with her opening on 28th February 2014, visitors to Gardens By The Bay has something special and unique to visit and learn more about the different floral and fauna around the world! We were given a guided tour by Anton Steven, an expert of the desert plants under his charge at the Sun Pavilion!


When you are visiting Sun Pavilion, you will be able to spot the amazing Mexican columnar cacti, which bring to mind the desert landscapes reminiscent of those in olden-day cowboy films, and the large succulent Euphorbias, which while less spiny, are interesting as they produce latex to protect themselves against hungry predators. The Sun Pavilion also houses smaller succulents with eye-catching details such as the Brazilian species of Turk’s Cap, and the Brain Cactus.

The various and unique desert plants really make a walkthrough the Sun Pavilion very interesting and visitors can get to learn more about them and how countries with deserts look like with the desert plants. More information on the Sun Pavilion – at Gardens by the Bay is available here at –  http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/sunpavilion.

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Far East Organization Children’s Garden

There is a star attraction now at Gardens By The Bay, the Far East Organization’s Children’s Garden, making Gardens By The Bay truly a park for the young and the old! The Children’s Garden was made possible with a SGD10-million contribution from Far East Organization. The Far East Organization Children’s Garden encourages playfulness by giving children the liberty to explore, imagine and create – in a way that no smartphone, tablet, or game console can offer – all within a garden setting that will spark the child’s imagination and appreciation for nature and the environment. The Far East Organization Children’s Garden is now open to the public and admission is free. The play area operates from 9am to 9pm, and closes for maintenance every Monday (or the next working day if a public holiday falls on a Monday of that week.


Hanging around the Children’s Garden, the Water Play, Adventure Trails, Tree Houses and Forest Adventure, we can see that it is very popular with the children, running around and having a fun and leisure time either with the water or the playgrounds in the Forest Adventure. The adults accompanying their children, I am pretty sure they are also enjoying a bit of themselves too, remembering the days when they were young and carefree playing in the playgrounds.



For more information on the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, as well as other features and programmes of Gardens by the Bay, is available at www.gardensbythebay.com.sg.

Gardens By The Bay has now transformed into a very nice and beautiful park, there is something for everybody from the young to the old where everybody can have fun, relax, enjoy the outdoors and sunshine, flora, fauna, the children’s playground, watching sunrise or sunset at the Marina Bay area, and there is also bird/wildlife spotting opportunities as well!

Have fun at Gardens By The Bay and see you there!

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Visiting the Oasia Experience @ Oasia Hotel Singapore

An invitation to visit one of the newest hotel in Singapore, with a breathe taking panoramic view of Singapore’s central catchment greenery and heartlands, I did not hesitate to reply YES !! Together with many blogging community friends, organised by Oasia Hotel and Dice Studio, we were invited to a relaxing and casual chill out session, catching the sunset and a tour of Oasia Hotel’s beautiful suites and facilities. Located on the outskirts of Singapore’s shopping district at Orchard Road, Oasia Hotel is just 2 train stations away from Orchard MRT Station and visitors can easily travel down to do their shopping or they can also visit Novena Square and Velocity, there are just beside them.

Upon arrival at the hotel lobby of Oasia Hotel, I had a quick look and was amazed by the design and wooden designs and architecture. Reaching the pool level on the 22nd floor, only available to the guests of Club Suites, I was mesermised by the beauty and style of the swimming pools, with a truly beautiful panoramic view of Singapore’s central catchment greenery and heartlands. I quickly settled down, catching up with friends, with great food and drinks, there’s also massage for us and for the ladies, manicure and pedicure! The management and staff of Oasia Hotel were also there with us at the chill out session, chatting and relaxing with us, great hosts they were!

We were later divided into smaller groups and led by staff of Oasia Hotel to visit some of their Club Suites and Oasia Hotel facilities. The suites are very special and unique, they are designed by award-winning Japanese interior designer, Takashi Sugimoto of Super Potato, when we were visiting and exploring the Club Suites, the rooms have a lot of wooden features, along with designs that features natural stone sculptures and ambient lighting to create the ultimate experience.

Personally, I really love the suites, luxurious and comfortable, a Zen and tranquil feeling, beside the windows, there are  spaces to sit on, for me to look out and enjoy the sceneries outside, in the day and night. The shower and bathing facilities are beautiful and well-designed, a place that you might spend a bit of time soaking in the bath tub and enjoy the sceneries outside the window!

After visiting different Club Suites, we were brought around the hotel’s facilities for a tour, the swimming pool on the 6th floor,  they have an open greenery space there, ideal for small functions such as wedding solemnization. We also visited the boardroom and meeting function rooms facilities at the Oasia Hotel too. Finishing the tour around Oasia Hotel, we went back to the 22nd floor, sit back and relax, chit chat away with friends, taking photos and waiting for the sunset !! Check out my Flickr collection for more photos of Oasia Hotel !!

The chill out session was great and I had a great time, thanks to Oasia Hotel for being such great hosts with their warmth and hospitality, Dice Studio for their invitation and of course, Ee Von ! Here’s a group photo of the whole big group of us there at the chill out session !

Photo courtesy of Dice Studio 

Just for you, my friends and readers, if you like to enjoy the Oasia Experience @ Oasia Hotel, fill in the form below and you are able to get 10% off Oasia Hotel’s Special Weekend Staycation Package !!