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A FB Page for my Photography Adventures!

My photography journey and experiences had been a very fruitful, exciting and life enriching serious hobby and passion. Looking back the days when I started learning the SLR camera, the Pentax ME Super from my father, during the days of analogue camera Pentax ME Super SLR, to the Nikon F401X SLR days to the digital camera before arriving at the Canon DSLRs that I am using today.

I am not exactly sure when did I really started into photography, there wasn’t any “proof” or “birth certificate” to indicate when I started taking up photography, I remembered around my Primary School days, that would be approximately 23 to 28 years ago that I first ventured into Photography and never looked back since then.

Ever since the arrival of the digital era, I started photographing more often than before. My journeys and photographs were documented, collected and written down onto my photoblog for sharing. It had been a long journey in the blogging / social media world, I grew along with it as well, riding on with the social media wave and expansion. My photoblogging took to a whole new level along with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and 500px.

Today, It’s been a month since I started off with my Facebook Page for my Photography Adventures on the 21st July 2012! Dear friends, supporters and followers, I would like to introduce my Facebook Page dedicated to my photography, my passion in them, my photojournalistic journey. This Facebook Page allows me to share a lot more on my passion, knowledge, learning, mentoring and sharing in photography to my supporters, followers and readers. The Facebook Page would also prevent me from flooding my own Facebook wall too many times!

Just like the F16 fighter jets doing a starburst during one of the NDP 2012 rehearsals, I want my love for photography and social media sharing to be flying high and beautiful, spreading my photography to greater heights and wider outreach! If you love photography, do visit my Facebook Page and if you like my photography, would you like to click the “Like” button too ?

Here’s a quick round up of my photography

Photoblog : Aspiring Photojournalist !

Facebook Page : TanGengHui Photography

Photography Portfolio : 500px @ tangenghui 

Photography Collection : Flickr @ tangenghui

 Achievements and Awards : @ TanGengHui Photography Facebook Page Info

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You to all my supporters, followers and readers for walking with me in my photojournalistic journey! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all your continuous support, belief and encouragement as a I continued in my photojournalistic adventure!

Introducing WildJunket Magazine

Travel and outdoor adventure has always have been a part of me, something deep inside me, cultivated by National Geographic Magazine, rooted and grown by my Scouting days with my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, with many outdoor activities and outdoor adventure. Bitten by the travel bug too, I once dreamt of being a National Geographic Photojournalist!

While I confessed that my outdoor adventures and travel didn’t reach the numbers and destinations that I would love to, there’s still some nice & exciting outdoor adventures and travels that I embarked since my Scouting days till  today. Travel magazines was once a favourite of mine and I used to buy and read them regularly, always mesmerised and dreaming of the various destinations and adventures that they went/been to.

In an era of social media expansion, via the various social media channels and networks, I got to know more travel folks, bloggers, writers, they have really awesome adventures and travel experiences. Among those I knew personally is Nellie Huang, a fellow Singaporean, who owns this travel website Wild Junket, who has a great following, personality and reputation among the travel community in the world. When Nellie launched her brand new E-Magazine on outdoor adventure and travel, I requested Nellie for a copy of her 1st E-Magazine WildJunket to do a review and I was impressed by WildJunket.

Click here to visit WildJunket.

Let me share with you my personal views from my review on WildJunket E-Magazine February/March 2012

– WildJunket is written by passionate travel writers/bloggers of extensive travel experiences

– Great team of contributors on Wild Junket

– Excellent and interesting content, a truly outdoor adventure and travel E-magazine

– It’s world wide focus, unlike some other travel magazines, they sometimes tend to be continent focused.

– Very inspiring travel stories and travel destinations

– Very refreshing and exciting, injecting a fresh new perspective into travel magazines

– It’s not just about outdoor adventure and travels, there are other interesting articles from food to outdoor gears

WildJunket has a community bonding and sharing, interacting, socializing and sharing with readers, contributors, writers and editors. Which other travel magazines in the world does this ? 

– It’s available in PDF format

– It’s tablet friendly

– It’s on Zinio (my favourite E-Magazine)

– Print edition would be available in the future (pending confirmation)

Pricing and subscription 

– USD $2.95 for single issue

– USD $14.95 for 12 months subscription

In my humble opinion, WildJunket is a excellent outdoor adventure and travel E-Magazine, at this price you are paying for and the awesome content you are reading, it’s definitely worth your money and time to buy and subscribe and read it many times!

For more information on WildJunket subscription, check out their WildJunket Magazine site for more details! After reading WildJunket E-Magazine 1st issue

I was more motivated and energised again, to seek out more outdoor adventure and travel, truly inspiring and heartwarming, I can feel it from reading the adventure stories and their photographs, encouraging me to travel light and travel far – traveling beyond  the conventional tourism trail, to seek out extraordinary experiences while protecting the environment.

Traveling forward ahead, I would like to be and hope to be featured one day inside her WildJunket E-Magazine in any of her editorial departments, maybe as a Travel Guide or Photo Essay ! 

Without a doubt, WildJunket E-Magazine is definitely worth your consideration to pay and subscribe to, and Nellie’s extensive travel website and blog is definitely the best testimonial.

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Nellie on an awesome job on her WildJunket E-Magazine! Good luck and all the best in your WildJunket travels and outdoor adventure!!

Volunteering & Blogging @ TweetMeetSG 2011

Volunteering and helping out at non-profit organisations and charitites, I had done it for quite a number of years since my scouting days with Dragon Scout Group. Therefore, when I was invited by Claudia & Kris of Dice Studio and Infocomm Accessibility Centre (IAC) to be part of their TweetMeetSG event, helping out as a volunteer and social media enthusiast/blogger concurrently, I took it up without hesitation, glad to help out in whatever way possible, paying it forward to the community and helping people.

I was paired up with my great blogger friend, the legendary Keropokman, to visit a friend somewhere in Singapore, armed with a donated NetBook and Microsoft Software. We headed towards our friend’s home somewhere in Singapore on a Saturday morning, helping him to setup his NetBook, guiding him along to connect himself with/to the world of internet and social media, with Windows Live, Facebook and Skype. After a hearty breakfast in a neighbourhood hawker centre, Keropokman and myself were ready to move out for our volunteering expedition!

We were welcomed by our friendly and heartwarming friend, whom we slowly break the ice, interacted and chatted away. Keropokman and myself took turns to do the setup, guiding him through the various social media channels, what to do and how to move around them, points and tips to look out for. Our friend was happily taking the whole setup through and we did not rush him, taking it slowly and patiently, one small step at a time. During this sharing session, while one of us was helping and guiding our friend through the setup, the other teammate would be doing live social media updates via Instagram and Twitter, bringing live updates to the Nothing Less movement and broadcasting the TweetMeetSG movement, sharing with the social media community what this noble and wonderful event was all about.

Once the Facebook and Skype were setup, our friend tried conversing, interacting and chatting with friends from the social media community and our friendly folks from the IAC was there to chat with him too! Looking at his happy face, full of smile, happy to receive this small wonderful gift from IAC. We were very happy that we were able to make a difference to his life, helping him breach the gap between the social media/internet and himself, connecting him together and also his family, relatives and friends too!

What’s the TweetMeetSG all about? What’s Nothing Less all about? Check out my deep inner thoughts on NOTHING LESS to Help Them Reach Their Full Potential!

Celebrating Singapore’s Social Media Day 2011!

This was the first time, a maiden event celebrating Social Media Day in Singapore, our very first and very own Singapore Social Media Day 2011, celebrated on the 25th June 2011 at *SCAPE ! Organised by bloggers for bloggers, tweeples and people in the social media networks, channels and circle.

A day of fun and events, started with my small photography workshop sharing and an interactive hands-on interactive events photography workshop with my participants, my first time helping out at Singapore Social Media Day, even with 2 registered participants, Colin and Juliana, supported by Amanda and Sue who came down to support me whilst they are busy with their activities. Since it wasn’t my first workshop sharing, I am better prepared than last time and it was intended to be more sharing of my photography experiences, personal projects, tips and tricks and where to go take photographs in Singapore. After my sharing, we went around photographing Singapore Social Media Day event, the SoMe wall, the performances and the crowds at Singapore Social Media Day 2011! I had lots of fun too, exchanging Juliana’s GF2 with my 1Dmk3, playing with the wide angle pancake lens while Juliana was testing out the high fps of the 1Dmk3!

After my photography hands-on session was over, I continued to stay behind capturing photographs of the event, watching performances and making more new friends at Singapore Social Media Day 2011! The blog shops were fun and interesting, packed with nice and unique stuff for sale and some of their proceeds go to charity. Overall, it’s good to catch up with blogger friends whom I knew and met before, finally meeting blogger friends in real life and last but not least knowing more new blogging/social media/twitter friends! Do check out some of the photos uploaded into my facebook photo album!

This event was organised by the bloggers forming the Singapore Social Media Day Ex-Co and I would to congratulate them on a great job! Well done and keep it up! I would also like to thank the Singapore Social Media Day Ex-Co for giving me this opportunity to do a sharing on my photography experiences and social media networking.


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Come Join Singapore Social Media Day 2011 on 25th June!

For the very first time in Singapore, there will be an awesome Social Media Networking Event on 25th June 2011 ! It’s known as Singapore Social Media Day 2011 !

When: 25th June 2011
Time: 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Where: *SCAPE Atrium & Gallery

Many many interesting activities, performances, networking and sharing sessions will be on during Singapore Social Media Day 2011 at Scape. Do come down and join us for a day of fun and excitement, organised by bloggers, for bloggers and social media communities, networks and platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Micro-Blogs etc etc), the people who know what is it all about and how to go about doing it!

It’s also a day for a good social cause, fund raising for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund ! Follow them on Facebook ! RSVP for this wonderful and fun event ! Look out for this hash tag #ssmd2011 on Twitter ! Let’s all take this opportunity to widen the Social Media community and networks, make more new friends !

Last but not least, I am conducting a photography sharing session, full details here! Look forward to seeing you there!

First Guest Post !

Starting off in April 2006, it had never occurred to me how much my photo blog can grow and expand, beyond my imagination. Today, it was an great honour to be invited by my friend, @agentcikay ,friendly & awesome #Travel #food #adventure blogger, to be a guest writer for her wonderful and awesome blog, it’s a Must Read & Follow !

With the power of social media networking, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, just a few of the social media channels, it opens up many opportunities that goes beyond your imagination. The social exchanges online and offline, allows all of us to make more new friends who share our passion and interests, locally and internationally.

With her invitation to write and share on something that I am very passionate and interested in –

What does it take, to be a good photojournalist?

Thank you all for the support and following, especially to Umei ! Hope you all enjoy reading my photojournalism article !

A Christmas Gathering & Feasting

Christmas, the festive season, a time for many gatherings and feasting. Organised by Amanda, a few of us came down and had dinner at Tonkichi, Orchard Central. The food there was pretty good especially for their Tonkatsu and if I am going back to eat again, it will be Tonkatsu meal with rice.

Within these group of friends at this dinner, it’s their first time seeing and knowing each other, since they might only be chatting and interacting on the twitter, facebook or blogging arenas, while some of us had met before quite a number of times. There were Clayton, Christopher, Leon, Jerrick, Amanda, Sue and Daphne.

Introduction to those who haven’t met before, chatting away and sharing their professional work experiences, who they are on the twitterverse and blogging arena. With many of us being photographers, there was quite a lot of topics on photography and playing with each other DSLRs and lens, shooting away freely. It was also my first revelation of my Canon 1D Mk 3 to some of them and it became a toy to test the power of 10 fps 🙂

Finishing off the dinner there with a chocolate log cake, the meal was filling and feeling quite full on the tummy. A short walk to find an ice cream place proved Mission Impossible due to the massive crowds at  Orchard Road and we settled for Hereen Basement for McDonald drinks and continued chatting away, with Renhao, coming in to join us for the drinks.

A fun night of eating, chatting, relaxing and playing with toys. Oh yeah, maybe we should take group photos next time !

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