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Singapore F1 GP 2014

In the 7th year of the Singapore GP since her maiden debut in the year 2008, I had been faithfully following and going to Singapore GP over the 7 years and I never got bored at the Singapore GP since I am a fan of motorsports and Formula 1 racing! The only difference this year was the change of the title sponsor from SingTel to Singapore Airlines, the organiser overall had done a good job in keeping its status as a iconic F1 circuit and destination on the F1 calendar! The street circuit night race still stands out as a jewel in the F1 circuit calendar!


While I only bought Friday practice ticket, the atmosphere was great and we can still see the crowds at the Singapore GP Marina Bay Street circuit park. I went to my favourite spots in Zone 4, at Turns 11, 12 and 13. Due to work constraints, I was a bit late in entering to catch Practice 1 and spent my shooting time during Practice 2 at Turn 11. In between practice 1 and practice 2, there was a time for me to take a break first and I went to look for my uncle and cousin, who were there too to enjoy Friday practice session! We hanged out for a while to chat and walk around the Padang, took photos before we go to our respective spots to watch practice 2!


I managed to get a good spot at Turn 11 for practice 2, there wasn’t anybody in front of me and my view wasn’t obstructed, great to shoot the F1 cars in action! I think I probably managed to get all of the F1 cars in action! During the one and half hours of practice 2, I still thoroughly enjoyed my sports photography and continued honing my sports photography techniques and tips on shooting F1 cars! Armed with my highly trusted and reliable Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 USM L lens, along with my reliable and trustworthy work horse DSLR, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. This combination is definitely an ideal and awesome sports photography setup!


One of the highlights of Singapore F1 GP 2014 is the great and awesome rock band, 五月天 a.k.a. MayDay from Taiwan performing on Friday night! They are very popular and loved in Singapore, it was great to see them performing live again in Singapore at the Singapore GP 2014! They rocked the house down, sang their hearts and souls out with their passion and music, the die hard fans reciprocate and rocked the house down too with their screams and singing along to their heartwarming and beautiful melodies!

I left Friday Singapore F1 GP 2014 on a high and enjoy myself thoroughly! Looking forward to Singapore GP 2015!

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SingTel Presents Formula 1 Singapore Style!

Formula 1 Season is back for the 6th edition in Singapore! The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix (GP) will be held from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and there are many exciting activities and events leading up to the Singapore GP in the month ahead! At the media launch this morning on the 20th August 2013, we had an overview of the events and activities for this year’s 2013 Singapore GP, with a unique and distinctive local Singaporean flavour. The 2013 Singapore GP will bring the race experience even closer to the hearts and souls of Singaporeans with Formula 1 Singapore Style!


Being a Formula 1 fan and avidly following Singapore GP (I wrote a post on F1 Photography Tips here!) since her maiden start in the year 2008 (here’s my Flickr collection on Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP), I had seen for myself the improvements in the Singapore GP over the years that I had attended. This year’s theme Formula 1 Singapore Style, seeks to get everyone involved both on and off the racetracks. What are the Formula 1 Singapore Style activities that will be happening? Here are some of the key highlights of Formula 1 Singapore Style –

Search for the 1st Singaporean to take the chequered flag

An island-wide search for Singapore’s fastest race driver begins today in The Big Race. Local celebrities and self-proclaimed Formula 1® fans, Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Pei Fen and Romeo Tan, will take their marks to clock their fastest lap times in the Official F1® racing game.

The search for the best race drivers in Singapore will follow at a series of four roadshows where the public is invited to try their hand at the game. The fastest racer from each roadshow will team up with a celebrity racer in an ultimate race finale and the winner will be announced on 22 September 2013 to win an once-in-a-lifetime F1® driving experience in Europe. This exciting showdown will be seen at key locations around Singapore.



The 2013 SingTel Grid Girls in the Singapore Factor

Eight fresh-faced ladies aged 18 to 26, have been chosen as this year’s SingTel Grid Girl finalists. Since the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, the SingTel Grid Girls have been a star attraction of the race, vying for top honour and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold the Singapore Formula One® and Singapore GP flags at the Singapore Grand Prix.

This year, the public can choose their favourite via SMS and online voting to select the top three SingTel Grid Girls. The Singapore Factor, a series of webisodes hosted by Paul Foster, will put the girls’ knowledge of the Lion City to the test in a trio of uniquely Singaporean challenges. Fans can follow the journey at www.singtelrace.com from 21 August 2013.

The top three SingTel Grid Girls will be crowned before thousands of Singaporeans at the Thursday Pit Lane Experience on 19 September 2013.


Wave the flag, Singapore!

As a symbol of unity enabling everyone in Singapore to show their support, a limited-edition version of the famous chequered flag featuring a red square has been created to bring forth the uniqueness of the Singapore Grand Prix. From August 21 until September 15, a digital version of this Formula 1® Singapore Style flag will be hosted on www.singtelrace.com/wavetheflag for all to have a go at virtually “waving” the flag on their smartphones. Fans that “wave” the digital flag stand a chance to win daily prizes. During race weekend, 60,000 souvenir flags will be distributed at the circuit on 22 September 2013 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You can take part in this year’s SingTel Singapore GP activities, “The Big Race” Challenge, Wave the Flag, Singapore and Vote for the top three SingTel Grid Girls, do visit www.singtelrace.com for more information!

This year’s Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP has our local Singapore designers taking centre stage with collaboration between SingTel and PARCO next NEXT. Samuel Wong from local menswear label, Evenodd, designed and gave this year’s SingTel Grid Girls uniforms a new and refreshing look! During the 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP media launch, we witnessed the unveiling of the winner’s trophy designed by local jewellery and gift designer, Risis.  This is our first Singapore GP trophy to be designed by a homegrown company and the trophy design was inspired by the iconic Singapore skyline and is accentuated with signature gold swirls to represent the Singapore racetrack from an aerial view! This will probably be the only chance I can get up close and personal to the F1 winner’s trophy and I took the opportunity to have a photograph taken beside this year’s 2013 winner’s trophy!


A fun and exciting Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP 2013 is coming soon, with the entertainment and concert performances line up, along with the Formula 1 Singapore Style activities and events! For a sports photographer and avid F1 fan, I am looking forward to capturing my favourite F1 sports car drivers in action, Alonso and Kimi driving and pushing their F1 cars to the limits!

Here are some useful links to gather more information and gather updates on Singapore GP!

–       Singapore Grand Prix website

–       Formula 1 Official website

–       Formula 1 Singapore Style

–       Singapore GP Official Facebook Page

–       Singapore GP Official Instagram account

–       Singapore GP Official Twitter account

Folks, start your engines and get ready for high octane Formula 1 racing action from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Singapore GP!

** Information and details are courtesy of SingTel and Ogilvy Public Relations ** 

Singapore F1 GP 2012

In the year 2008, Formula 1 came to Singapore, lighting up the Marina Bay cityscape skyline in the night with the maiden world’s first and only Night Race. In her 5th edition year, the Singtel Formula One Singapore GP 2012 grew over the past 5 years and we would be having the Night Race in our beautiful Marina Bay cityscape for another 5 years!

Looking back in time from Singapore F1 GP that I attended from 2008 to 2010, it brought back many memories since I was an Formula One fan and I loved watching Formula One cars in action at the Marina Bay circuit, a city street road race in the night! Here are my posts and memories –

2008 ~ 300th post – Reporting on Singapore F1 GP – Night Race Practice

2009 ~ Friday Practice @ Singapore F1 GP 2009 

2010 ~ Singapore GP 2010 – Practice Session

2011 ~ Singapore F1 GP 2011

With my strong passion and interest in sports photography and watching Formula One action, I wrote a post on F1 Photography tips, from my experiences, trials and errors during the time I was at Singapore F1 GP photographing the F1 cars in action.

For Singapore GP 2012, I went for two days, Friday and Saturday. It was great fun for me photographing the F1 cars, at my favourite Turns 11, 12 and 13, whereby the F1 cars were at a much slower speed and this allowed me to capture (freeze) them in action a lot easier. Photographing F1 cars in fast high octane action is very difficult, it’s not just about skills and experiences, it’s also about the quality of my photography gear, especially the lens and DSLR body! My cousin and niece were there too on Friday night practice and we all watched the action from Turn 13 viewing platform. There were entertainment too at the Padang, whereby Jay Chou was performing after the second practice session on Friday night. However, I didn’t stay back and watch his Jay Chou’s performance and headed home to rest.

On Saturday, I was back again at the Singapore GP, courtesy of Singtel, with a bunch of social media community friends to enjoy and have fun at the Singapore GP. While they enjoyed it from the Padang Grandstand, I walked around to  Turn 11, 12 and 13 again to capture the F1 cars in action, trying to capture different angles and views from my favourite Turns 11, 12 and 13. After the qualifying session was over, I joined back bunch of friends for Maroon 5 concert at the Padang and they rocked the house down! The concert was awesome and you can see the whole of Padang filled up with many people! Check out my Singapore GP 2012 photos on Flickr! 

The 2012 Singapore GP had to be one of my most exciting and fun years that I attended (as compared to the other 4 years), reasons were I went for 2 days instead of 1 day, a bunch of friends to stay back and enjoy the concert that were part of the entertainment. On the photography aspect, my F1 photography experiences over the past 4 years and the addition of a mint 2nd hand Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L USM powerful lens helped me a lot in my F1 sports photography for 2012 Singapore GP!! Check out my Formula One Singapore GP photography collection over the years on Flickr! 

The unique and iconic F1 Night Race in a city landscape, it’s beautiful and special, making the Singapore GP a great carnival atmosphere with F1 sports photography action. This is indeed an awesome branding, publicity and marketing for Singapore to the whole world. With the renewal of the Singapore GP for the next 5 years, I am looking forward to 2013 Singapore GP !!

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Singapore GP 2010-Friday Practice Session

3rd year running, the Night Race that runs through the street circuit, 61 laps over a distance of 5.076km equipped with 23 turns in an anti-clockwise direction, under 580 ambient lights, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Singapore GP !

It’s my 3rd year visiting Singapore GP, all on a Friday Practice Session with my fellow Formula One fan, Hanlong, after managing to purchase Friday Practice Walkabout tickets from the organisers on the Friday itself. For the 3rd year running, there were improvements made to the circuit and surroundings, it was great to see the organizers making changes and improvements, to enhance the F1 drivers and spectators experiences during the Singapore GP 2010, it’s not just about racing, the carnival is fun and packed with activities too!

With my experiences walking around Zone 4 of the Singapore GP circuit, I led Hanlong to the key turns of the Singapore GP circuit whereby we would be able to watch and capture the F1 cars in action (when they have to slow down a lot). For the Friday Practice session, it was quite packed and there were quite a number of spectators present, for Saturday and Sunday, the crowds would definitely get bigger ! Entering from Gate 3, walking towards Turn 13 beside One Fullerton, followed by Turn 12 in front of Queen Victoria Concert Hall, then Turn 11, Turn 14 and Turn 15. It was really loud and thankfully, we had our ear plugs on ! The speeds at the straight stretch were very fast and it was very challenging to capture them in action !

The Singapore GP Night Race, lights up the Central Business District and Marina Bay area, making it very beautiful and bright with the circuit lights. It’s not just the view from the sky that is magnificent, the views from the ground level is just as great ! Would you like some photography tips on how to capture Night Race F1 cars in action ? Check out my F1 Photography Tips !

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While I didn’t purchase tickets for Saturday and Sunday, I will definitely enjoy Singapore GP 2010 somewhere, probably in the comfort of my home ! Oh yes, Go Ferrari !

F1 Photography Tips

The Formula One is one of the world’s greatest sports events that travels around the world, with huge capital investments, costs and potential revenue. Singapore brought the world first night race in 2008 and it was an awesome experience for me, as a fan and a photography fanatic too.

Having been to Singapore F1 GP Friday Practice in 2008 and 2009, Formula One photography never fail to capture my thoughts, imagination, calculation and analysis on how to capture Formula One cars in action. During 2008, my maiden F1 experience, it took me many hours before hitting on the techniques and  tricks to capture a Formula One car in action.

For those 1st timers to a Formula One, I am sharing some of my experiences here and others as well, along with tips from 2 world famous Formula One photographers Darren Heath and Paul Henri Cahier, who were in Singapore recently to give talks on F1 photography, their photography tips were documented by Adventure Travel Asia, who was kind enough to share with his readers, do take a read at Paul Henri’s tips and Darren Heath’s tips !

My F1 photography setup is

– Canon EOS 30D

– Canon EOS 70-200mm F4 L USM

– Canon EOS 17-40mm F4 L USM

– Lots of batteries and CF cards

IMG_0856EXIF – focal length 98mm, 1/1000 at f4.0 ; ISO 1600 ; Location : Singapore Flyer

My Tips from my personal F1 photography experiences + Experts tips

(1) Locations/Angles/Perspectives – walk around the circuit to search for various spots to capture different aspects of the Formula One race in action. Bring your map and check the entire circuit. Like most photography, explore and find your angles e.g. Singapore City landscape view with Formula One cars in action, close up views of the Formula One cars driving past.

(2) Monopod – nice to have, I didn’t bring & shoot handheld all the way, when I finished the shoot, tired arms.

(3) Burst/Multiple shots – my preference is to use the 5 fps continuous drive on my Canon EOS 30D, Paul Henri uses single shot mode. With the continuous drive, out of the 5 frames captured, the middle photographs would capture the entire Formula One car in action while your first and last frames would likely be the front and end of the Formula One car.

(4) Slow Shutter versus Fast Shutter – 2 different contrasting photographs will be captured and Paul Henri’s works are an excellent example of both methods, do drop by Adventure Travel Asia post to look at it ! For me, I am fast shutter photographer !

(5) Freezing motion – Paul Henri recommends a minimum of 1/500 to freeze motion and I was shooting at around 1/640 and even 1/1000 or 1/1250 !

(6) ISO – Night F1 Race, to shoot at such high shutter speed and the lighting is not entirely perfect, with the skies, buildings and surroundings dark too, I had to switch my ISO between 800, 1250 and 1600.

(7) N0t everything is Formula One cars in action – There are lots of other actions such as performances, people, entertainment and the beautiful landscape lit up by the F1 race lights ! Singapore does have its beauty of night landscape photography !

(8) Ear plugs – Buy or borrow, YOU WILL NOT REGRET !

IMG_0734EXIF – focal Length 91mm, 1/1000 f/4.0 ; ISO 1600 ; Location : Singapore Flyer

(9) Batteries – Spare batteries a MUST

(10) CF Cards – Extra CF cards are a MUST too, besides that, I have a preference to use high write speed CF cards for Formula One photography e.g. SanDisk Extreme IV

(11) Anticipation – In all sports photography, understanding the sports and how the sports is being played is crucial for you to anticipate the actions and movements and that applies to Formula One too.

(12) How to FOCUS ? – Shooting the fence in Singapore F1 GP Night Race is very tricky for 1st timers, the key is to USE MANUAL FOCUS ! Switch to manual focus on your lense, the field of view from your lense that you intend to capture the Formula One car driving pass, focus on a point e.g. focus on the white paint lines on the road whereby the Formula One car would drive, manual focus and adjust it till sharp, after that, wait for action to start !

(13) Aperture – Open Wide (f4 for my telephoto lense) to allow the fence to be blurred out.

(14) Shoot and Shoot – There are 20 Formula One cars driving around the circuit, continue shooting, improving and fine tuning the techniques, your Formula One photography would definitely improve and you would get some great shots !

(15) Metering – Spot Metering is recommended by Paul Henri, for myself, I used Spot Metering and Centre-weighted Metering.

(16) Remember to ENJOY yourself ! – Being relaxed and enjoying the whole Formula One experience, would help you take better photos than stressing yourself to get that PERFECT shot ! Have lots of fun !!! One nice photo of your favourite Formula One car / driver in action would make your day too !! 😉

Update 1 : A Big Thanks to Robin who left a comment and a link, sharing with us on the master in F1 photography, Paul Henri’s interview with OMY.sg and a videocast of his interview too ! Priceless !

Enjoy yourself taking photographs at Singapore F1 GP 2009 Night Race !! Do check out my Singapore F1 GP 2008 photos and 2009 photos !!