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i Light Marina Bay 2017 is back!

Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, the iconic i Light Marina Bay is back in 2017. They would be starting today on the 3rd of March 2017 to the 26th of March 2017, to be held at various locations around the Marina Bay area. For this edition of i Light Marina Bay, there are 20 sustainable light artworks from nine countries including Singapore, being displayed around Marina Bay. This event has been organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) since 2010, I had been following and covering them since they first started, do check out my i Light Marina Bay collection inside my flickr!

Besides, the artworks, there are also other programmes and dinning options for for all visitors to i Light Marina Bay 2017! Let me highlight some of them, there will be three complementary themed festival hubs for visitors to this event. One of them is the The Fantastical World of eco.me at The Promonotory, they will be showcasing sustainability-themed activities such as recycling and upcycling marketplace, an urban garden, a learning yard, a kinetic energy playground, immersive performances and music from 3rd to 5th March and 9th to 12th March.

The other two hubs are Art-Zoo, an imaginative inflatable play-garden at The Float @ Marina Bay and Gastrobeats, where visitors to this event can sit down, enjoy the food and drinks selection available there and enjoy the music! There is something for everybody for the children to adults, it’s a great and meaningful event to bring your family and children down to Marina Bay and enjoy i Light Marina Bay 2017!

During my preview session on 1st March 2017, I was able to view some of the sustainable light artworks, let me share with you some photographs of the artworks! Come on down to Marina Bay Singapore, from 3rd March to 26th March 2017, explore and have fun at i Light Marina Bay 2017!

Artwork 03 – Social Sparkles

Artwork 05 – Horizontal Interference

Artwork 06 – Home

Artwork 08 – Moonflower

Artwork 12 – You Lookin’ At Me?

Artwork 16 – Kaleidoscopic Monolith

Artwork 19 – The Colourful Garden of Light

Artwork 20 – The Body of the Sea

I would share more photographs into my flickr folder along the way when I revisit I Light Marina Bay 2017 over the next 3 weeks! Do keep a lookout for them inside my flickr collection, Twitter, Instagram and FB page!

For more information on i Light Marina Bay 2017, you can visit their website for more information and details! There is also an app, bilppar, that you can download for your smartphone, to explore and navigate i Light Marina Bay 2017. The bilppar app is free for download from the Apple store or Google Play.


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River Hongbao 2016

River Hongbao, an annual event that I regularly visited during the Chinese Lunar New Year period. Looking back at my photography archives, I had been visiting this event from 2008 till now 2016 (and still counting), take a look at my collection on Flickr! One of the highlights that I liked about River Hongbao is photographing fireworks on Chinese Lunar New Year Eve to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year, it’s like a big, bright, colourful and lucky welcome for the Chinese Lunar New Year!


The atmosphere was good with many visitors, it can be pretty crowded too, with extended family coming down to soak in the Chinese Lunar New Year atmosphere and not to forget our international visitors, the tourists visiting Singapore and enjoying Chinese Lunar New Year here!


River Hongbao 2016, the Year of the Monkey, the decorations and displays were more interesting for this year! There were also fireworks everyday during the period of River Hongbao 2016, thus allowing photographers like us to go back again to capture River Hongbao 2016 fireworks from a different angle and perspective! Along with the River Hongbao 2016 fireworks, there were laser light show display that accompany the fireworks performance!



The various lanterns and displays caught my attention, they blend in nicely with Monkey God and the story of Journey to the West! I wish I was able to capture each and every one of the lanterns and displays during my visit to River Hongbao 2016, however, there were a lot of visitors and they were busy taking photos too! Here’s my photo album of River Hongbao 2016 on Flickr and do check out my River Hongbao archives collection on Flickr too!

Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 celebrations are over, I would still like to wish everybody a great year ahead in the Year of the Monkey!

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Let’s Get Closer to Esplanade – You, Me and Esplanade

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, located in the heart of the Marina Bay area, has established herself as a performing arts centre and the Esplanade is an internationally recongnised iconic landmark with her unique feature, the cladding. Since her opening on 12th October 2002, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay had grown in stature over the years since her opening.

I confessed that I am not the biggest arts fanatic, I do follow some of the arts scenes and performances in Singapore at the Esplanade. I had memories of events at the Esplanade such as BayBeats, da:ns festival, indoor performances at the concourse, artworks and exhibitions.


The scenic 300m long waterfront is one of my favourite spots to admire the beauty of Marina Bay and to capture fireworks during National Day Parades, New Year Eve Countdown and River Hongbao. The Outdoor Theatre is great to catch some nice live performances too!

How would you like to be more involved and be closer to Esplanade and their activities? I had the chance recently to know more about how to get closer to the Esplanade with their Esplanade&Me – Let’s Get Closer program. This program allows you to get closer to the arts and Esplanade to know you better. The program has the White Card and Black Card packages and there are benefits for you to enjoy at the Esplanade. More in-depth details can be found here on the Esplanade website!



We were given an insight of how this program, Esplanade&Me – Let’s Get Closer, is like by going through a tour and attending an event that is similar to how it can be conducted for members of the White Card or Black Card. Firstly, we met and were brought to a tour of Esplanade by our friendly and knowledgable guide to the concert hall, theatre and behind the scenes of the performance area. During the tour, we were able to understand more in-depth of the history, architecture and design of the Esplanade, it’s very interesting and fascinating!



The Esplanade Mall had a number of nice food places that you can patronise and enjoy the food while waiting to attend your arts performance in the late evening. Check out the list of wonderful and delightful eateries that you can eat, drink and enjoy!

After the dinner hosted by our lovely Esplanade hosts, we proceed to the Concert Hall to catch the performance by Noah, the best-selling alternative/rock band from Indonesia. I am a rock and roll/alternative music lover, when I watched and listened to Noah performing a live rock performance, you can feel their passion and emotions in their songs and live concert performance! While I don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, I really enjoyed their rock music performance! Music is a universal language and rock music is in me, I am kind of able to relate with their style of rock/alternative music, it had some British rock influence in them!

When the concert ended, we had the opportunity to meet with the rock band members of Noah for an autograph and group photography session by their official photographer. This was part of the overall experience that you can enjoy when you are part of the Esplanade&Me program!


Photo: Courtesy of Esplanade

At the end of the experiential experience and fun with the Esplanade&Me program, I had a good idea of what it can offer. The Esplanade&Me program is pretty good and you can consider applying for them, thus allowing you to get closer to Esplanade, their programs, performances and activities.

It’s time, Let’s Get Closer to Esplanade – You, Me and Esplanade.

* I would like to thank Esplanade for your warm hospitality, hosting us and showing us around the Esplanade, and also Belinda Tan for leading and organising thus making this visit possible *

Canon EOS M3 Review

The Canon EOS M3 is the third generation mirrorless camera. The Canon EOS M range of cameras combines the performance and versatility of a DSLR with the portability of a compact camera. Powered by Canon’s Hybrid CMOS AF III technology, the EOS M3 features fast AF speed and a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor working in tandem with the latest DIGIC 6 image processor to ensure superb image quality.

“Canon’s latest mirrorless camera, the EOS M3, is designed to appeal to photographers who want the flexibility and versatile features of a DSLR camera without its bulk,” said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director, Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore. “Packed with Canon’s newest, fastest mirrorless AF technology, the EOS M3 pairs seamlessly with Canon’s range of interchangeable lens to deliver crisp, beautiful images.”

Source: Canon Singapore press release

Recently, I was given the opportunity and arrangement to review the Canon EOS M3 and there were some pretty fun photography adventures and events that I used with the Canon EOS M3. Let me share more details on the Canon EOS M3 product specifications before I share my views and thoughts on the Canon EOS M3

Product Specifications – Canon EOS M3

Dimensions: Approx. 110.9 x 68.0 x 44.4mm

Weight: Approx. 319g (body only) 366g (includes battery and memory card, CIPA standards)

Image sensor: 24.2megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor

Imaging processor: DIGIC 6

ISO speed: 100-12,800 (expandable to 25,600)

Continuous shooting speed: approx. 4.2 fps

Maximum video quality: 1920 x 1080 Full HD, 30fps


Wi-Fi: Yes, NFC-enabled

LCD: 180/45 degree tilt touch panel LCD – approx. 1.04 million dots

I brought the Canon EOS M3 out during the review period, for different events and photography walkabouts. During this period, I covered food photography, wildlife, cats, photography walkabout and NDP 2015 rehearsals. This was a very interesting period that allowed me to explore the Canon EOS M3 in different fields of photography.



Through the various type of photographs that I shot with the Canon EOS M3, you would have a glimpse of the quality of the Canon sensor, EF-M lens and the photographs produced.



Now, let me share with you my views, the pros and cons of the Canon EOS M3 during the time I had with me for the camera review –


  • Hand grip and thumb grip
  • Compact and lightweight, not too heavy
  • Can fit in Canon’s wide and diverse range of EF lenses family with the EF to EF-M adaptor
  • Can use Canon EOS family accessories such as Canon Speedlite Flash and transmitter
  • Flip screen
  • Touch screen shutter
  • Informative viewfinder screen with histogram and levels
  • Wi-Fi capability that allows easy transfer of photos
  • Excellent image quality with 24.2MP and Digic 6 processer


  • On/Off button ~ Too small and not easy to press
  • Not enough EF-M series lenses available
  • Servo tracking is not fast (especially for fast moving objects e.g. planes flying)

Points to note

  • Additional cost to get EF to EF-M adaptor
  • Additional cost to get EVF

EF-M 55-200mm review

  • Lightweight for a telephoto zoom lens
  • pretty smooth bokeh at f/6.3

EF-M 18-55mm review

  • lightweight
  • ideal for travel and events

Video recording capabilities

First and foremost, I have to confess upfront that I am not really a video person. I am first and foremost, a photographer that specialises in stills photography. In the modern society today, videography is becoming more crucial, common and requested. Therefore, the modern digital camera systems have the capabiliites to capture and record videos in high quality output.


I used the Canon EOS M3 with EF-M lens to record The Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF) SG50 aerial display during Singapore’s NDP 2015 combined rehearsal 3. It worked really nicely for me and quality of the video was really good. During the NDP 2015 combined rehearsal 3, I mounted the Canon EOS M3 on top of my Canon EOS 70D to record combined rehearsal 3 fireworks. This worked nicely for me too!



EF to EF-M adaptor review

The Canon EF-EOS M mount adaptor is an optional accessory for the Canon EOS M3. It is highly recommended to get the this adaptor and you can gain access to Canon’s EOS family of over 70 EF/EF-S lenses that allows you to enjoy your photography with the Canon EOS M3.


Having own EF lenses, I was able to adapt and used my EF lenses on the EOS M3, it widens my photography styles and opportunities with my EF17-40mm f4 L USM lens and EF 70-200mm f4 L USM lens.

In one experiment, I was able to connect the EF-EOS M mount adaptor with 2.0x teleconverter and my Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L USM lens.


I was able to tap on the Canon EOS M3 Hybrid CMOS AF III technology and LiveView to take photographs with the above combination. This combination can be useful for photographers who plan to bring out the EOS M3 with their big lenses and teleconverter.


EVF-DC1 Electronic View Finder review

The Electronic View Finder (EVF) is an optional accessory for the Canon EOS M3. For the purist/traditional photographer who loves/prefers the viewfinder versus the LCD screen, the EVF is highly recommended. The EVF can be turned into a ninety degree angle that photographers might find it useful for their shootign needs. In my personal humble opinion, street photographers would prefer using the EVF versus using the LCD screen.

I reviewed the EVF before in a previous Canon compact camera review. It is something that I would want to have if I own a Canon compact or mirrorless system.



Final Thoughts

The Canon EOS M3 is a pretty good mirrorless digital camera, while it doesn’t have many EF-M lenses available yet, consumers still can have the option of using the big EF family lenses via the adaptor. It is ideal for general purpose, food, events, marco and travel photography. While it is not really ideal for fast action photography, photographers are still able to capture some action shots with the Canon EOS M3. The video recording function is pretty good

For existing Canon photographers with their existing DLSR gear and lenses, the Canon EOS M3 can be a good addition to your camera gears line up, just add in the EF to EF-M adaptor and you can continue to use your Canon gears! It can be a good backup camera or your everyday carry around camera in your bag.

Personal thoughts and opinions on the mirrorless camera system

The mirrorless camera system by Canon and other brands are definitely here to stay, while I personally don’t see it as a total replacement for DSLR or MF, it does give them a run for the money and the digital camera total market share.

A mirrorless camera system is ideal for a number of photography fields such as street, food, macro, landscapes and travel. In my personal humble opinion, the mirrorless camera system is not ideal for fast paced action such as sports, wildlife and fast paced events.

With a lighter camera body weight for the mirrorless camera system and being more compact, it can be more attractive and enticing towards photographers to make the switch. Having carried the Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Canon EOS 70D, EF 300mm f/2.8 L, EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM and EF17-40mm f/4 L USM for my sports photography shoot. I know first hand how taxing and tiring this type of heavy duty photography setup can be for my body.

Whether we can see mirrorrless camera system reaching that level and replacing the DSLR for fast action photography awaits and remains to be seen.


My thoughts and opinions on the Canon EOS M3

The Canon EOS M3 can be a good everyday camera that you can put in your bag, especially the combination Canon EOS M3 with EF-M 18-55mm lens. From the photographs that I shot and uploaded into Flickr, you can see how it can fit into your daily life, whether leisure or work.

When the Canon EOS M3 was used in my wildlife or action photography outings, there were some challenges. Yet, the Canon EOS M3 was still able to produce some nice photographs of the wildlife that I managed to spot, such as kingfishers, cats, squirrel, cat fish etc.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon EOS M3 is now available at authorised retail stores in Singapore

  • EOS M3 kit II (with EF M8-55 & EF M55-200 lens) – $1,269.00 SRP (Including GST)
  • EOS M3 kit (with EF M18-55 lens) – $899.00 SRP (Including GST)

I would like to thank Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations for the opportunity to review the Canon EOS M3.

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TwentyFifteen.SG – The Exhibition

20 very talented Singapore photographers, each of them producing and showcasing 15 photographs. This was the key idea behind TwentyFifteen.sg, a project to showcase the works of Singapore photographers on the subject of Singapore, celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015. The TwentyFifteen.sg photography works were curated by PLATFORM.sg since 2013, with a folio published for each of the selected 20 photographers.



The 20 photographers showcasing their wonderful works at TwentyFifteen.sg exhibition were some of those that I really respect a lot. At the opening reception of TwentyFifteen.sg exhibition, it was great to catch up with photographer friends to view their works on display at Jendela (Visual Arts Space). The photography works on display at TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition are kindly and proudly sponsored by Epson Singapore and the photo prints quality are really good.

Some of the photographers can be pretty abstract and mind boggling, while I can relate closely to some of the photographers works because of my interest in the particular fields of photography too. As a photographer myself, I can relate, feel and see what the photographers see and feel through their eyes, heart, soul and camera. The 20 talented photographers show a side of Singapore that we take for granted or our vision were “shield away by our own blinkers”.



When I was viewing the photographs on display at the TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition, I asked myself, how much have I know about Singapore, the people, the society? As I walked out of the TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition, I was in deep thoughts … Singapore may be a small country, a little red dot as some countries describe us, yet, we have grown and developed our little own red dot, with its own character, culture, society, history and norms. Have we fully understand ourselves in our Golden Jubilee SG50 year?

Take a walk down the TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition and feel for yourselves, what is about being Singaporean, in the Golden Jubilee SG50 and what can we do for our country’s future, our own future?

Exhibition Venue

Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

Level 2 Esplanade Mall

Exhibition Dates

7th August 2015 to 3rd January 2016

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 11am to 830pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am to 830pm

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

Singapore celebrates her Golden Jubilee in the year 2015, Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

I wasn’t able to go down on 9th August 2015 to the Marina Bay area to capture our National Day Parade (NDP) 2015 fireworks and Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) SG50 Aerial Display due to prior commitments. Nevertheless, during the past few weeks leading up to NDP 2015, I went to their combined rehearsals (6 of them) and NDP 2015 Preview, capturing fireworks and aerial display from various locations around the Marina Bay area.


During the Golden Jubilee long weekend from 7th August to 10th August 2015, I went down to Marina Bay and captured the Golden Jubilee special preview fireworks and Fullerton Hotel SG50 light projection display. Overall, it had been some fun times photographing the various Golden Jubilee celebrations in Singapore!

Sharing my photographs that I photographed and covered leading up to NDP 2015 in Singapore!

Once again! Happy SG50! Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

NDP 2015 Rehearsals

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RSAF SG50 Aerial Display

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NDP 2015 Rehearsals Fireworks 

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SG50 Golden Jubilee Weekend Special Preview Fireworks

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SG50 Golden Jubilee Weekend Fullerton Hotel Light Projection Display

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NDP 2015 Rehearsals – Aerial Display and Fireworks Photos

For the past 6 weekends, starting from Combined Rehearsal 1 to Combined Rehearsal 6, I was following our National Day Parade 2015 (NDP 2015) rehearsals happening at Marina Bay, from catching the Red Lions in action, the 21 Gun Salute, RSAF SG50 Aerial Display and my favourite fireworks!

With the NDP 2015 Preview before the Grand Finale on the 9th August 2015, celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and her 50th birthday, I am keen and looking forward to it and capturing it down in photos and memories. My photographer friend Jensen remarked to me that we may not live to see SG100 and I do agree to a certain extent, I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future! At the age of 50, Singapore is not that old as an independent nation in the world, she is going through another transition period in this modern era, hopefully to be even better, stronger and more mature.


I would just like to share my photos collection from NDP 2015 Combined Rehearsals – the RSAF SG50 Aerial Display and Fireworks. Let’s make this SG50 a memorable time and have fun on 9th August 2015!

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A New Bridge – The Jubilee Bridge

The landscape of Singapore is evolving constantly over the years and there is a new bridge that links Singapore’s iconic Merlion Park and the waterfront promenade in front of the Esplanade. The Jubilee Bridge is a 220m long pedestrian bridge that was built with the idea and vision of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who suggested the construction of a bridge during a 2004 visit to Marina Bay (via ChannelNewsAsia). The late Mr Lee observed that the walkway along Esplanade Bridge was too narrow and a friendlier walkway should be provided. The Jubilee Bridge will be officially launched in November 2015, to commemorate SG50, Singapore’s 50 years of nation building.


The Jubilee Bridge is now opened to the public and it has attracted quite a lot of attention from the tourists and photographers. It’s now a “hot spot”, it does make walking between the Merlion Park and Esplanade easier than walking on the narrow Esplanade Bridge walkway.



Photographer friends are out in full force to photograph the Jubilee Bridge and Esplanade Bridge for sunset/blue hour scenes, sunrise scenes and long exposure landscape scenes. For me, I was only to walk and explore the new Jubilee Bridge recently and I would love to come back for sunset/blue hour landscape scenes of Jubilee Bridge and Esplanade Bridge with the Central Business District in the background!


If you are visiting Singapore soon, do check out the Jubilee Bridge at the Marina Bay Singapore between Merlion Park and Esplanade!

Have You Visited i Light Marina Bay 2014?

The colourful, interesting and innovative sustainable light art festival, i Light Marina Bay 2014 is now in their final week, with the last day of the festival on 30th March 2014! This event, i Light Marina Bay had been a fun and interesting festival, that I saw from the visitors coming down to i Light Marina Bay, interacting and playing with the lighting artworks! There were a total of 28 art installations around the Marina Bay area and I managed to visit and photograph all 28 art installations over the past 2 weekends! My i Light Marina Bay 2014 photographs are uploaded to my Flickr and you can find out more about the 28 art installations!


There are a few art installations that I really like a lot and I would recommend these few art installations at i Light Marina Bay for you all to visit! One of them is art installation B9 titled “Cloud”, with the Marina Bay and Raffles Place CBD skyline in her background, this makes an excellent photograph together with the art installation Cloud. During the evening, when the sun sets and the blue hour emerges, the art installation Cloud with the beautiful landscape background is one that dazzles visitors and photographers to wait for that moment!


Visit i Light Marina Bay 2014 and discover your favourite art installations! The lighting projection display on the Art Science Museum, art installation B14 titled “Celebration of Life” is another of my favourite and you can see many visitors watching from the Helix Bridge, at the Float @ Marina Bay and below the Art Science Museum itself! I photographed the “Celebration of Life” artwork installation from three different locations over two weekends and one of my favourite location is the Helix Bridge whereby I can have a view of artwork projection on the Art Science Museum with the Raffles Place CBD and Marina Bay in the background!

Here are some key information on i Light Marina Bay 2014

– From: 7th March 2014 to 31st March 2014

– Location: Marina Bay Waterfront

– Website: i Light Marina Bay

– Opening Hours: 7:30pm to 11:00pm

If you haven’t visited i Light Marina Bay 2014, you still can drop by Marina Bay and visit them during this final week!

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i Light Marina Bay 2014

i Light Marina Bay 2014 is back in Singapore, now in its 3rd edition! This is one of my favourite events to photograph and I love the various beautiful and colourful lightings and artworks displays by the various artists from around the world coming to i Light Marina Bay 2014!


i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as an international line-up of creative talents. Themed Light+heART, the festival this year features 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations from around the world.


i Light Marina Bay 2014 is going to light up Marina Bay in a wide array of beautiful and colourful lighting displays and artworks, attracting many visitors from local and overseas to the Marina Bay area and getting into the i Light Marina Bay 2014 action!

Here are my memories from i Light Marina Bay in 2010 and 2012

Photo Memories from i Light Marina Bay 2010 & my coverage of i Light Marina Bay 2010 

Photo Memories from i Light Marina Bay 2012 & my coverage of i Light Marina Bay 2012

I started walking around the Marina Bay Waterfront, visiting the various artworks and lighting displays at i Light Marina Bay 2014 when it was officially opened on the 7th March 2014. The artworks and lighting displays were amazing and there were some particular lighting artworks that caught my eye and attention, they were my favourite lighting artworks displays.


Let me share with you some of my favourite i Light Marina Bay 2014 artworks!

– A2 The Wishing Tree by The Living Project

– A3 iSwarm by Team from SUTD 

– B9 Cloud by Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garrett 

– B10 1.26 Singapore by Janet Echelman 

– B14 Celebration of Life by Justin Lee with Dorier Asia Pte Ltd

Do drop by Marina Bay Singapore and visit all of the lighting artworks and displays! Some of them are really interactive for you to participate and have an experiential experience with the lightings! Some of the artworks at i Light Marina Bay 2014 are very popular with the visitors and they can be identified by the visitors getting to be part of the action and taking photos with the lighting artworks!


Take many photographs and memories from i Light Marina Bay 2014, tag them with #ilightmarinabay and #marinabaysg ! Have lots of fun and enjoy yourselves! I look forward to photographing and completing all the i Light Marina Bay 2o14 lighting artworks displays!

Here are some key information on i Light Marina Bay 2014

– From: 7th March 2014 to 31st March 2014

– Location: Marina Bay Waterfront

– Website: i Light Marina Bay

– Opening Hours: 7:30pm to 11:00pm

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