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Photos From Super Import Nights 2009 !!!

In a country that many of its people want to own a car and unique car regulations in the world, coupled with the incoming Singapore F1 GP, we are kind of car fanatics and there are definitely a group of people out there who love the sports car and auto styling area of cars.


Super Import Nights 2009, in its 3rd year, was back again from the 18th September to 21st September 2009 at the Singapore Expo, and being a sports car fanatic, I went on the last day to enjoy myself watching the drift session, look at the different sports cars on display and of course, the beautiful and stunning race queens from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and USA !


The drifting actions and performances were pretty good, and it was great to watch them perform since I am a drift fan since watching Initial D. Inside the Expo Hall, there were different companies there, ranging from performance tuning, styling, accessories, sports cars sales etc etc …. There were some interesting designs and it was an eye opener !


As for the main hot octane action, the crowd pullers were definitely the race queens and I believed there could be a group of photographers who had been regularly going there for the past 3-4 days from gates open to gates closing !! Having went to the previous 2 Super Import Nights, I had a very good idea on how their actions, patterns, movements would be like !! It was fun watching and observing other photographers 🙂


The race queens were hot and definitely entertained the guys out there, there were more action such as pole dancing and bikini babe contest that I wasn’t able to capture as I wasn’t around when they were performing. There could be some interesting debates and discussions on which country’s race queens were better, prettier etc etc …. For me, all of them were really great and we all must applaud them for being professional, lovely, pretty and lighting up the event !



For more photos of Super Import Nights 2009, do drop by my Flickr and enjoy the photos ! Hope you folks enjoy Super Import Nights 2009 !! Let’s all look forward to the Singapore F1 GP !!

K1 Grand Finale Day 2 – 27th July

After my adventure with vintage cars at the Raffles Landing site, I slowly made my way to the Singapore F1 Pit Building. The weather was a bit hot and I just pop into shopping malls along the way to enjoy the cooling air-conditioning.

There were supposed to be people joining me today but in the end, I went alone instead, I would still continue to go ahead and enjoy my photo taking and sports cars adrenaline high octane action.

On the sunday, there were more people coming to this carnival, there were more activities especially catering for the children, there were many of them at the Tamiya mini-racing cars, kiddy rides, drawing and colouring competition. Besides, there were super car sprints too, nice to see sports cars doing time laps on the F1 track, especially watching my favourite Skyline GT-R, the latest version in action ! Go-Karting was just as popular and there were also more people watching the show cars on display and many photographers catching the action at the various locations at the Singapore F1 Pit Building.

Back to drifting, more action, seems like people who signed up for the drift clinic and trying out their sports cars on drifting. Maybe I was there at the wrong time, not much information was broadcasted to the public on the drifting segment.
Being a sports car fanatic photographer and a public viewer, the drifting event segment wasn’t well lay out, I understood the need for safety distances and barriers, always posing a challenge to take photos from such constraints. Moreover, it probably doesn’t give enough media coverage to the drifters too….. Oh yeah, I am a drift fan.
Overall, this carnival was different from the car events I been before, it’s great to have different types of racing, sports cars, go-kart and saloon cars events catering for the young to car fanatics to families. It’s a good build up to the upcoming Singapore GP.

Do drop by my flickr site and view the K1 Grand Finale photos !

K1 Grand Finale Day 1 – 26th July

After exploring the Singapore Garden Festival at the Suntec Convention Centre, I went down to the newly completed F1 Pit Building behind/beside the Singapore Flyer for the K1 Grand Finale Carnival Day 1.

There were 2 days of events and I went on both days. As I reached at about 4pm++, some of the earlier events had already passed. There were many different types of events happening concurrently and I felt that it was a rather family-oriented car carnival, with kiddy rides, playground for young children, go-karting on the F1 track and pit stop area, drifting for drifters, sports cars display and Audi R8 sprint ride for children 7-12 years old.

Met Collin and Isaac at the event, we went around exploring the F1 pit building area. I was very excited walking around, it’s not often you can explore such venues, and F1 is coming to Singapore very soon, a Night Race too ! Collin and Isaac went to queue up for Go-Karting while I walked around the pit area, looking around.

When the 2 of them finally got onto their Go-Kart, I was there to snap photos at them and I was laughing at Isaac, who can’t put on the safety belt and harness on the Go-Kart (I would reserve this hilarious drama to a specially dedicated post for Isaac) ….. Haha ……. Well, soon, they were driving away on the pit stop and F1 track, short distance with fun !

Thereafter, continued exploring the Tamiya mini racing car toys booth and mini racing cars circuit. Isaac played around the remote control cars and got himself a mini racing car from Tamiya !! Drifting was around the same location and we watched some nice drifting action taking place.
On the saturday, there weren’t too many people there, marketing was done by K1 Motorsport and there were different types of car related events inside the Grand Finale itself. As for sunday, which I would write a separate post on, was better and more people arriving, especially the young children.
I am a car fanatic and photography crazy, it’s a 2 hit combination. Looking foward to the upcoming F1 Singapore GP………
It’s Cars and more Cars !

Very HOT Action from Formula Drift Singapore 2008 – Synposis


Were you part of the Very HOT Action of Formula Drift Singapore 2008 today at the Singapore Changi Exhibition Centre ? Many HOT driving and drifting action and performances by many different drivers from all over the world …. and on top of that, weather was really good and VERY HOT !

Well, I was there in the morning, arrived at about 1000hrs and the action had already started ! This was the qualifying rounds for the afternoon rounds of competition. Besides, drifting action, there were also displays of tyres, cars, accessories and other automobile related displays.

There were many people attending this event and it was a good turnout blessed with HOT weather, almost dehydrated. Photography was challenging around the racing route because the safety distance from the route was a fair bit of distance that even a standard telephoto lense may not be able to capture the views that you liked.

I even went and walked down to the car pit area and met up with my friend Jack Lan and the Vis Works Autolab crew and their highly tuned competition car Nissan S15. Had fun taking photos inside the car pit area and away from the HOT sunlight burning my skin, there were also many people walking around the area too, walking around admiring the various competition sports cars and their engines.

Soon, I went back and continued taking photos of the afternoon rounds of competition whereby it was slightly different, from Formula Drift Singapore Website : “Based on drifting’s traditional “head-to-head battle” format. Drivers attempt to qualify, in single judged runs, to be one of the sixteen drivers that will enter the main competition bracket (similar to NBA playoffs or drag racing). During the bracketed “head-to-head battle” competitions, drivers are paired off in head-to-head competition of skill and nerves. The sixteen drivers will be weeded down to one final winner.

The action got even more exciting along the way and the Formula Drift USA drivers joined in and make the challenge even bigger and higher ! The fans were treated to awesome driving and drifting performances and it was a great time for me.

Motorsports in Singapore is getting more popular with this Formula Drift Singapore and the upcoming Singapore F1 GP…… besides, Singapore would have its own racing track beside Changi Exhibition Centre in the near future.

Do check out my other photos on Flickr !

Had a great time at Formula Drift Singapore 2008 ! Would write more in details over the next few posts !

Counting Down to Formula Drift Singapore


This coming Sunday, 27th April 2008, would be Formula Drift Singapore event, looking foward to this hot octane sports car drifting competition event.

I was invited by Jack, to visit Vis Works Autolab, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, a team that would be coming down to Formula Drift Singapore and participating in the competition too ! The last time I was inside a mechanic’s garage was during my tertiary days in Australia, getting my 82 Celica GT patched up and serviced on a regular basis.

They were in the process of fine tuning their competition sports car and it was a great eye opener for me, getting hands on helping out and enjoying the processes of modifying a sports car. Didn’t take any photos this time, nevertheless, keep a lookout for Formula Drift Singapore on 27th April……

Drifting is Coming to Singapore !

Folks, have you heard of themes such as Initial D Anime Series, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Need For Speed ? They have something in common and it is DRIFTING !

(Icon Banner from Formula Drift Singapore Official Website)

Drifting is officially coming to Singapore on 27th April 2008 by Formula Drift Singapore. More information can be obtained from their official website.

Being a sports car and drifting enthusiast & fan, I am looking foward to this event and taking photos of artistic and awesome drifting action ! Can’t wait for the hot octane and burning tyres with powerful sports cars drifting around !!!!

Lancer Evolution X – Official Lauch @ National Stadium

The Lancer Evolution X, coming from a strong generation of powerful and famous WRC sports cars of the Evolution family. Today, on the 16th February 2008, it was officially launched in Singapore and they even had their official site for the Lancer Evolution X !

Before the official launch, there were Mitsubishi Cars Owners display, whereby they were given the red carpet treatment and shown to the public when they drove up the ramp and elevated stand, photographed along with local race queens.

This event was held at National Stadium East Entrance and they had the open air compound barricaded for stunt demonstrations by Group N Rally Driver Katsuhiko Taguchi and I remembered vividly when he came down on 14th May 2005, Taguchi San was also in Singapore to help launch Evolution IX at the Kallang People Association compound. It was a great spectacle to watch live drifting actions with the tyres “burning” and smoke coming out from the tyres.

There were also 3 very beautiful, lovely and kawaii Japanese Race Queens and they sure do attract a lot of attention and head turners there. There were quite a lot of photographers standing on the steps of East Entrance of National Stadium and if you were there looking at how many of the camera flashes were firing off at the same time, it was an awesome sight, like press photography shoot !

The Japanese Race Queens sure made the whole event gaga over them besides the main attraction of the Lancer Evolution X and while there were still many photographers snapping away their beautiful photos, Taguchi San was busy drifting around the compound for Singaporeans who won the lucky draws to sit inside the Lancer Evolution X and driven by Taguchi San ! The 3 kawaii Japanese Race Queens hopped into the Lancer Evolution X too at a later time, for a grand finale before bringing the Official Launch to a close.

Enjoyed my time taking photographs of Fast Sports Cars and Race Queens ! It’s time to plan for another car photoshoot soon……

Super Import Nights Chapter 2 – Day & Night Drifting

The art of car drifting is something special, that requires a high technical and driving skills level and the car you are drifting should be properly tuned and maintained. It’s an art and showmanship as well, sports cars love to appreciate this form of talent and driving art, along with other driving such as high speed racing (e.g. F1), drag racing or WRC rally driving.

Super Import Nights carnival showcased our local drifters in action, in the day and night. Nissan S13 & S14 are the famous sports cars used by drifters worldwide, as shown in the drifting display here in Super Import Nights. There were also other sports cars as well and it was an exciting time to watch them show the high levels of technical driving.

Drifting should be learned and driven properly and we drivers must learn to conduct ourselves properly without jepardising our life and other people life. As much we dream to become Fujiwara Takumi of Initial D, we need to take it one step at a time.

Hope you folks enjoy the drifting !

Fast & Furious Drifting Action @ Texas Revolution Carnival ~ 9th June 2007

I am a sports car fanatic. I can’t call myself a great expert in all racing cars, parts, modifications, clubs, racing circuits, drifting techniques etc etc ….. Nevertheless, if you wish to chit chat until the sun comes down on racing and sports cars and related stuff, do feel free to drop me an email.

I am a huge fan of Initial D (Anime dramas and movie) and basically anything to do with sports car racing, Formula 1 , GT Races. My favourite sports cars are Nissan Skyline GT-R, Nissan 180SX and Subaru WRX and I have great respect for sports cars such as Honda NSX, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Honda Civic EG6, Mitsubishi Evolution 6.

During the Texas Revolution Carnival, I was entertained by some great performances of drifting and high octane racing by different sports cars and there were a significant proportion of S14 and S15, driven by professional drifters from Malaysia and Singapore.

Presenting to all ……. some photographs from that Saturday’s hot burning actions,

(1) Police and Thief Story

(2) Drifting

Time to be a drifter ? Hmm ….. Keep a lookout ……