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Balinese Dances Performances in Singapore

Beauty of Balinese Dances ~ Legong and Taruna Jaya


A week had passed and life in Singapore is work and work and work, besides training up for the 42km Singapore Marathon in December 2007. Soon, I was back at the Esplanade again, watching the performance known as “Beauty of Balinese Dances ~ Legong and Taruna Jaya”.

The DA:NS Festival had come to an end on 21st October, even though I was only able to catch two of the dance performances, it was an enriching and cultural learning experience for me with the opportunities to take more photographs. I would not consider myself an artistic person, nevertheless, I do appreciate, understand and learn about different races, people, cultures and their arts, an area that I developed when I was studying in Australia during my tertiary days whereby I mixed with many different nationalities from all over the world.

Back to the Balinese Dances, it was a beautiful performance, you can see their passion and love for their culture from the moves and eyes of the Balinese performers. I was only able to capture photos from the 1st performance time slot from 1815hrs to 1845hrs, nevertheless, it had left me a great impression, the charms and friendliness of Balinese Culture.


After the performance, I went down towards the basement and found a interesting and unique display of art works known as “Artventure“. Do keep a lookout, coming in my next photojournalist reporting…………..

DA:NS Festival @ Esplanade – 13th October 2007

Sayaw – Dance of Philippines ~ Sayaw Sa Bangko, Binasuani & Oasioas

The DA:NS Festival is currently being held at the Esplanade from 11th to 21st October 2007, there are many different events related to dancing and getting people to love and participate in dancing of various forms and cultures. Please visit their DA
:NS Festival homepage for more details of the fun and events that were being organised.


I was there to watch a traditional dance performance from Philippines, who were performing on 13th October. There were other countries performing as well on other days, do visit the link on RASAS – Traditional Dances from Asia for more information of the other traditional dance performances by other Asian countries.


It was a great performance by the Philippines dancers and it was really enjoyable for dancers and spectators, with the crowds participating with the performers, learning Philippines traditional dances. It was really entertaining and it was a fun time shooting photographs of this wonderful dance event and watching their performance.


Happy viewing folks, a great day of photography for me !