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Keith Crackling Roast – new outlet opened at I12 Katong !

In June 2014, I embarked on two personal photography projects, with the purpose of continuously improving my photography, helping to write and share about fellow friends who are entrepreneurs who are operating in various industries and businesses. I started off with two friends, one was Keith Crackling Roast and the other was in Personal Training/Fitness industry.

For my two friends, I sat down and discuss with them on how I want to go about doing such a joint photography project together. During the process, I learned a lot on brain storming, conceptualising, planning, execution and post project. This wasn’t just for me to learn how to setup lighting and shooting a commercial project. These projects of mine also helped to enhance my own unique style of photojournalism approach and story telling, to showcase their business and the entrepreneur themselves.



Looking back at the journey, photographs and my thoughts/feelings that I wrote in my article post for Keith Crackling Roast in June 2014 and in June 2015, Keith Crackling Roast had opened their second outlet at I12 Katong! Without me knowing it, I grew along with Keith Crackling Roast because the owner Keith is a friend of mine, a fellow entrepreneur too and it’s my personal project that we worked on together.

On 1st June 2015, I was invited to a private opening event for Keith Crackling Roast second outlet at I12 Katong. It was indeed a great honour to be invited there for the private opening at the auspicious hour in the evening with Keith’s family and friends. The highlight for me at the private opening event was to see my photography works that were born during our joint photography project printed and mounted on the wall and board! The feelings, emotions and euphoria, admiring at the photography artworks that I manage to conceptualise and produce, now printed and displayed at Keith Crackling Roast second outlet at I12 Katong!


There were plans to continue to Part 2 of our joint project, we were throwing out some ideas and concepts together and hope to start Part 2 in the near future! I believe that I can improve on our Part 1 of our joint project and bring it to the next level and beyond!

Congratulations to Keith Crackling Roast on the opening of your second outlet at I12 Katong! Wishing you all the best in your business! Huat ah!


Keith Crackling Roast – One of the Best!

The slogan on Keith Crackling Roast menu says it all “The Best Crackling Pork Roast on the Island”. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you, Keith Crackling Roast, a specialist in roast and they are one the best in their business of roasting, if not, the best.

I recently started a personal photography project to take photographs, write and share about fellow friends who are entrepreneurs operating in various businesses and industries. Depending on their type of businesses, I will conceptualise and plan my own unique and personal photojournalistic story telling and approach to showcase their businesses and the entrepreneur themselves. This was something personal that I wanted to do and to give back via my photography.


Keith is a friend that I knew from alumni networking via Australian Alumni Singapore. He’s from Macquarie University while I am from the University of Queensland and we met during networking functions through Jude, a graduate from Macquarie University. I had a taste of Keith Crackling Roast during my University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) AGM and instead of listening; I was guilty of eating a lot of the absolutely delicious Keith Crackling Roast.


I had a chat with Jude, who helped me to liaise and linked up with Keith. Soon, my plan kicked into action, with Jude helping me as my photographer assistant and my Creative Director (for food styling and arrangement). Even though there were space constraints around the stall, we managed to get the Keith Crackling Roast shoot transforming into a fun and enjoyable photo shoot of the roast, Keith the entrepreneur and their food outlet.


Keith Crackling Roast, their roast pork and honey roast strips, don’t really need any food reviews at all. You may be asking why? It’s simply so delicious that when you look at the photographs that I shot, you will want to go down and taste it for yourself personally! Yes, it’s really that awesome, delicious and addictive! Once you tasted Keith Crackling Roast, you want to go back for more!

Visit Keith Crackling Roast and try out their roast, you will not regret! The information and details of Keith Crackling Roast are below –

Keith Crackling Roast

Address: Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #02-37 Singapore 287994

Contact: 91195994

Email: enquiry@keithkin.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/roast.host.keith.kin

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 1030hrs to 2000hrs, Sat to Sun: 1030hrs to 2030hrs

I would like to thank Keith of Keith Crackling Roast for the time and opportunity to photograph him and his delicious roast food business! There is also friendly mate, Jude for liaising and helping me during the shoot!


Oh, before I forget, you can also order Keith Crackling Roast for your home party event too! Remember to book in advance!

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