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Counting down to the end of Rochor Centre

The time is finally catching up with the iconic Rochor Centre in Singapore. You can’t miss the 4 colours red, blue, green and yellow HDB blocks in the area, the colourful blocks stood out for years and they are easily identifiable. I started photographing Rochor Centre a few years ago, using her void deck as one of the examples for an article that I wrote “Void Deck – Our Cultural Communal Space” in 2012.

As the countdown timer started ticking in 2011 when the news to aquire the land was announced with 2016 being the year whereby they would have to move out and relocate to another HDB estate. In 2016, the residents of Rochor Centre slowly started to move away into their new home, the retail and commercial units below the Rochor Centre HDB blocks also started to find alternative locations for their businesses.


I returned to Rochor Centre a few times for another article on Canon EOS World Singapore whereby I shared on photographing and documenting old places in Singapore that face “extinction”. In the Canon EOS World Singapore article titled “Exploring Singapore Heritage“, I covered Rochor Centre and Dakota Crescent areas. For the Dakota Crescent area, I would be writing another article on them soon.


During early July, I went to photograph Rochor Centre with my Canon EOS M10 review unit for a site recce on photographing Rochor Centre from the outside areas before going down with my Canon EOS 1DX for my Canon EOS World Singapore article.

A few days ago on 12th November 2016, I had a quick walk around Rochor Centre, most of the residents, retail and commercial units had relocated to somewhere else. The rubbish and junk were piling up, there were a few different group of people exploring and taking photographs of Rochor Centre.

The NTUC Fairprice outlet at Rochor Centre put up a notice informing their customers that their last day of operation in that location will be 1st December 2016. This is an indicator on when would be the last days of Rochor Centre whereby everybody living/working there will move away, out from Rochor Centre. Once the curtain comes down, Rochor Centre will be boarded up before demolition begins, when exactly, I do not know yet at this time.

I would just continue to add more photographs to my Flickr collection on Rochor Centre, they will be memories for us very soon.

Counting down to the end of Rochor Centre, the end of an era.

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Official Launch of NHB “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces”

In my earlier post, titled “Void Deck – Our Cultural Communal Space“, this was written, documented and photographed of different void decks in Singapore, this is written in support of NHB’s third community heritage exhibition on void decks entitled “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces.” 

The void decks hold many different memories and adventures for Singaporeans, organised by the National Heritage Board entitled “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces”, visitors can experience the wonders, history, culture, leisure and recreational components of the void decks, out common Singapore shared spaces. The third in a series of travelling exhibitions focusing on community heritage, “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces” highlights the history and development of void decks in the Housing Development Board (HDB) heartlands, their common features and uses, and their role in providing shelter, building community, and promoting racial integration.

On 12th April 2012, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and Advisor for Kolam Ayer, offiically launched and opened the traveling exhibition “Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces” at Blk 2, Saint George’s Road. Along with fellow heritage buffs/bloggers Uncle James Seah, Jerome Lim and Belinda Tan, we were there together to support the launch and opening along with our posts on our thoughts, memories and feelings on the different essence and stories of the void decks from our different timelines. Through our posts, sharing via the social media channels and platforms, we were all very happy to share and pass it on, to Pay It Forward, sharing with fellow Singaporeans and friends around the world. At the official opening, the 4 of us were interviewed by Razor TV and we all got a bit of air time, Uncle James and Belinda were interviewed by the press too!

The exhibition highlights the history and development of void decks in the HDB heartlands, their common features and uses, and their role in providing shelter, building community and promoting racial integration. The exhibition is currently on display at the void deck of Blk 2, Saint George’s Road for the month of April before travelling to Marine Parade and over void decks around Singapore. Check out more photographs of Void Decks here on Flickr & 500px !

Do check out fellow heritage buffs/bloggers posts on void decks

– “Voids that have filled our lives” by Jerome Lim

– “Childhood memories of void decks” by Uncle James Seah

The void decks have always been a part of our life in Singapore, the bonding is special and unique, of fun, play, leisure, recreation and they are of significant importance to different groups of people. When you are at your void deck, why not pause, take a look around and reflect on your memories of your void decks, your shared spaces.

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