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Whiskey Appreciation Masterclass at The Whiskey House

Whisky or Whiskey? Depends on your geographic location and the English language that you are taught in, both word refer to the same alcoholic beverage around the world that we love and appreciate. My early whisky journeys evolve around Scotch whisky, bourbon whiskey before moving into Japanese whisky.

The world of whisky is pretty big out there, yet there is this duplex in the world today, that has a wide selection of whiskey from all over the world inside the duplex. Where can you find this wide whiskey selection? Inside Changi Airport Terminal 2, it is known as The Whiskey House! With a diverse range of 179 single malts, 68 blended Scotch whiskies, 30 American whiskies inside The Whiskey House, for the Whisky or Whiskey lover in you, this is a must visit place when you visit Singapore! As a whisky fan and avid traveler, I am wondering to myself, how did I manage to miss out this awesome whisky place inside Changi Airport during my previous trips?

On the upper level of the duplex, there is an amazing, must visit destination for all whisky lovers, an intuitive and experiential whiskey shopping experience whereby you can enjoy complimentary tastings of 100 different whiskies from around the world. This is where you taste and enjoy the whisky before choosing your favourite whiskey to bring home.

This was also the location whereby I attended their Whiskey Appreciation Masterclass, part of the Whiskey Festival, taking place from May 25 to July 1 at Changi Airport. For that weekend on June 16 and 17, the regional brand ambassador for The Balvenie whisky house played host for whiskey appreciation masterclass. That was where we met Neil Strachan from Scotland, who hosted us for the whisky appreciation masterclass. His sharing was very interesting and interactive, teaching us how to appreciate and learn more about whisky, the fragrance, aroma and taste. Having an expert to share about whisky tasting makes drinking whisky even more special and fun! If you are a Scotch whisky fan, do follow Neil on his Instagram account! Neil is an awesome ambassador, I hope to have future opportunities to learn more about Scotch whisky from him!

I am probably the “worst student” among the group of us at the Whiskey Appreciation Masterclass because I was busy tasting/drinking the Balvenie single malt vintage whiskies (I don’t wish to declare the number of whisky glasses that I had during the masterclass!) and taking photos of them for this article! While this is not specifically a whisky review article, I would just share some of my thoughts, all of them are pure vintage class and each has its own distinct fragrance, aroma and strength. What were the types of Balvenie whiskies that we tasted during the Whiskey Appreciation Masterclass? There were the 12 years, 16 years, 21 years and 25 years! Do you have a favourite from these four bottles of Balvenie whiskies? From these four bottles of Balvenie vintage whiskies, my preference is the 25 years vintage!

While drinking and enjoying Balvenie whisky, it brought back my recent travel memories to Nikka distillery in Yoichi, Hokkaido, during October 2016. I had a memorable and fun whisky tasting/distillery tour on my own! I would love to visit the whisky distilleries in Scotland in the future! Nothing beats visiting a whisky house/distillery, soaking in the atmosphere and surroundings! It’s like a pilgrimage for whisky lovers!

Whisky and Whiskey lovers in the world, I know you have a bias towards particular whisky houses around the world, you have your favourite whiskies. When you visit Singapore, don’t miss this golden opportunity to visit the Whiskey House inside Changi Airport Terminal 2!

I hope to share more about my whisky tasting experiences in the future, along with cuisines that would be suitable for each type of whisky. Whisky and cuisines pairing sounds like a great food and beverage adventure for me!

I would like to thank Changi Airport Social for the invitation to the whiskey appreciation masterclass!

The Force is Strong with Star Wars at Changi

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away …

For all the Star Wars fans out there, the new and younger ones, the older and loyal ones, everyone of us had been eagerly and anxiously waiting for the official launch of Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens in December 2015. Star Wars fans in Singapore were given an awesome surprise with Star Wars “flying” and landing inside Singapore Changi Airport! Two iconic and well known Star Wars starfighters made an appearance at Singapore Changi Airport, the X-Wing Starfighter at Terminal 3 and TIE Fighter at Terminal 2 for Star Wars at Changi!



A big time Star Wars fan like me, I was jumping with joy and excitement when I read the news of the life sized Star Wars fighters “flying” into Singapore! For many of the Star Wars fans, I am pretty sure they would make the trip to Changi Airport and photograph the X-Wing Starfighter and TIE Fighter! On a Saturday evening, I was going to send my friend Deborah off at the airport and decided to photograph the TIE Fighter and X-Wing Starfighter before meeting my friend Deborah.

It was an amazing experience, quite up close and personal to the life sized TIE Fighter and X-Wing Starfighter. While the background scenes weren’t exactly Hoth, Yavin or Endor, it felt great, nostalgic and exciting! There were quite a number of people at Terminal 2 and 3, taking photos of the TIE Fighter and X-Wing Starfighter, while waiting for their flight or just arriving into Singapore.



Sometimes, no words are needed for Star Wars fans. We just loved to be there and be up close to the two life sized Star Wars fighters. Let my Star Wars at Changi photographs collection do the talking!

May The Force Be With You! Always! 

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Changi Airport Terminal 3

In the past few months, the travel and tourism industry was buzzing with the Super Jumbo Airbus 380, flying into Singapore with a huge fanfare from the international media and global citizens. However, when the Airbus 380 touched down in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, most of the attention, glamour and publicity was on the big fellow 380 !

After the media blitz, Changi Airport Terminal 3 opened up its doors to allow visitors inside the newly almost completed (under going some final touch up and renovations) Terminal 3 for an Open House from 12th November to 9th December 2007.

I was there with a group of friends on 14th November, we had lots of fun although we were on a project. As for the details of the project, I would write up about the nature and details of this project once the formalities are settled.

Meanwhile, do take a look at our world famous Singapore Changi Airport latest addition , our Terminal 3.

Bon Voyage, Hawaiian friends ! Till we meet again very soon!

1st August 2007

It was time, that is, the time for our Hawaiian friends to say goodbye to Singapore and head back home to Hawaii, although they would be stopping over at Hong Kong for a few days before actually reaching home.

I met them at Hotel Phoenix lobby and helped to liase their check-out was smooth, coordinated with the coach driver with my other 2 liason members, Xiao Tian and Kevin. It was also of special significance that on 1st August 2007, the day of their departure, it was also Hotel Phoenix’s last day of operation. There were press photographers and videographers at the lobby and some of our Hawaiian friends were “featured” inside Straits Times Online Multimedia: Hotel Phoenix says Goodbye for the last time.

Once everybody was ready, our coach came into the hotel pick-up/drop-off point and our of us tried to squeeze the huge luggages and bags into the coach compartment, some luggages had to be brought up onto the seats. Soon, we were on our way to Changi Airport Terminal 1.

On the coach, we started chatting with the parents about their own travel adventures and experiences. The boys were really tired as they were quiet throughout the ride to the airport. Upon arrival, we were a little bit early but it was alright, especially for group travel.

There were some hiccups but it was really not a big fuss, the Scoutmasters would know the issues we were talking about. Nevertheless, A Scout must always “Be Prepared”, our motto, any inconveniences/situations were handled without any hassles. After the luggages were checked-in, we make our way for lunch. Our Dragon Scout Group contingent came soon after that and joined in the lunch and chat with the Hawaiian party.

As the time passes so fast without everybody knowing, our Hawaiian friends had to check-in and clear the immigrations segment before proceeding to their boarding gate. There were last minute photo taking and everybody hugging and making fun of one another, handshakes and goodbye kisses.

Hosting the Hawaiian friends was really a great honour, even though I could only be with you folks for the few days. Dragon Scout Group definitely had some of their most memorable adventures/experiences in our rich 85 years of Dragon Scouting, hosting our brother scouts from Hawaiian Scout Troop 42.

Thank you Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 for the wonderful experiences!