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Singapore Motorshow 2017

The Singapore Motorshow 2017 took place recently, held at the Suntec Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre between 12th to 15th January 2017. I was there when it was officially declared opened in the morning and started visiting the various car brands, keeping a lookout for their new car models launch and announcements.

I was invited by Borneo Motors to Singapore Motorshow 2017, therefore spent more time there checking out the many different types of Toyota automobiles after visiting the various car brands in the exhibition hall. Do check out my earlier article that I wrote on my coverage of Toyota at Singapore Motorshow 2017. This new car, the Toyota C-HR (Coupe-High Rider) is coming soon and it caught my attention, beautiful, sleek and sporty. Yes, I am a fan of coupe cars.

Singapore Motorshow was organised by Motor Traders Association of Singapore (MTA) and this year 2017 Singapore Motorshow saw an exciting 20 new car launches! At this year’s Singapore Motorshow 2017, there were new features such as the usage of virtual reality (VR) experiences for visitors for the first time. A total visitorship of over 47,000 visitors came down to Singapore Motorshow 2017 over the four days period. This is an encouraging figure considering the challenging economy climate for Singapore in year 2017.

“We’re encouraged to see a good crowd considering that many have said that this will be a challenging year for Singapore’s economy,” said Glenn Tan, President of the Motor Traders Association of Singapore. “It’s great to see the brands working together to present an iconic automotive event with new activities and launches that the people of Singapore can look forward to each year.” 

“Despite smaller numbers this year on the weekdays, we had very solid turnouts on both Saturday and Sunday. Crowds packed our popular activities with sold-out shows at Russ Swift’s stunt performances, live radio shows, contests and lucky draws. We’re glad to see families and car lovers having a good time throughout the 4-day event and we’re committed to keep this momentum going for next year’s event.

Statement by Mr Glenn Tan, President of Motor Traders Association of Singapore (Source: press release information courtesy of Rice Communications)

It was great to see Singapore Motorshow 2017 taking on new experiential activities and experiences for visitors, beside just looking at all the various car brands and their automobile models on display. While I wasn’t able to catch the Mediacorp artistes and celebrity DJs making their appearances at Singapore Motorshow 2017 and Russ Swift breathe-taking stunt-driving performances sponsored by Subaru, I had a good time walking around on Thursday and Friday, checking out the various car brands and their new automobile models launch.

Overall, the Singapore Motorshow 2017 had shown that it was more than just a motorshow, with new visitor experiential activities, engaging artistes and DJs to liven up the motorshow with their engagements. I hope that the next motorshow in 2018 can leverage on the new things that they did for 2017, bringing it further and beyond for the 2018 motorshow edition.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Toyota at Singapore MotorShow 2017

The Singapore MotorShow 2017 is currently taking place at Suntec Singapore Level 3 and 4 from 12th to 15th January 2017. For car lovers in Singapore, it’s a good opportunity to visit them and check out the various car brands and models on display at the Singapore MotorShow 2017.

Today, I am going to share more on the range of Toyota cars, the current models and future models that would strengthen their line up in the SUV range. Toyota is one of Singapore’s favourite car brands, well known for their reliability, durability and quality. Our current family car is a 2007 Toyota Vios and we are very happy with this car, stable and reliable!

Do visit the Singapore MotorShow 2017 this weekend and check out the wide range of Toyota cars on display there! Inside Singapore MotorShow 2017, there are two interesting cars at the Toyota booth that you have to check them out!

Ms Adelene Tan, Commercial Director, Borneo Motors Singapore, “We are very excited to have the Toyota C-HR and Harrier on display. BMS joins Toyota’s vision to be a market leader in all segments. We are dedicated to delivering the most stunning new cars to our customers. We look forward to strengthening our SUV line-up in the near future.”

When you visit the Toyota booth, you can’t miss these two new cars – Toyota C-HR and Mirror Harrier!

Let me share with you more information and details of these two Toyota car models –


On display at the Motorshow was the special edition Mirror Harrier, to signify a possible future milestone for Borneo Motors Singapore. Since its debut in 1997, the Harrier has built a strong brand image while pioneering the high-end crossover SUV genre. The Harrier’s exterior design is characterised as “Elegant velocity”, with its sleek, dynamic side profile, dramatic curves and powerful front end, which makes it instantly recognisable. Its premium and modern interior fully embodies the design aesthetic of “rich simplicity”, which explains its widespread appeal in Singapore’s SUV market.


The All-New C-HR or Coupe-High Rider will give Toyota a powerful new presence in the crossover market. The Toyota C-HR made its debut at the 2016 Geneva motor show and is the crossover that the world had been eagerly anticipating. Designed to stand out both within the Toyota line-up and in the crossover segment, the All-New C-HR represents Mr Akio Toyoda’s determination to allow greater stylistic freedom and promote engineering creativity to achieve eye-catching designs and enhanced driving pleasure.

The C-HR boasts distinctive styling that brings newfound dynamism and sensuality to the crossover market. Its diamond architectural theme body with prominent wheel arches emphasises on the crossover’s strength and rigidity. Viewed from any angle, the C-HR’s combination of facetted gemstone-like shapes with fluid surfaces and elegantly integrated detailing creates a delicate balance of precision and sensuality.

The C-HR’s driving dynamics have been calibrated according to Chief Engineer Hiroyuki Koba’s vision of “Response, Linearity and Consistency”. It is powered by a new 1.2-litre turbo engine, with Continuously Variable Transmission system.  Thanks to the meticulous refinement of Toyota’s most recent TNGA platform and its low centre of gravity, the C-HR boasts excellent body control and steering fluidity, in a way that exceeds current standards for a crossover.

The official launch date will be announced at a later timing.

At the Singapore MotorShow 2017, the other well known Toyota car models are also on display too. I took the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the Toyota car models on display because the family car is facing the end of her 10 year life span (all thanks to our COE system) at the 4th quarter of 2017. The Toyota Corolla Altis and Toyota Sienta are  two practical and reliable upgrade choices for a family car while I am attracted by the C-HR. At this time, no decision is being made yet, I still have to go back to the family drawing board for discussion.

Check out the recently launched Toyota Previa Aeras too! More info below –


The Previa Aeras is designed to deliver unrivalled convenience for its drivers and passengers, ensuring a hassle-free and DriveHappy experience. Its distinctive design presents a brand new image concept of refined indulgence, both in a dynamic exterior as well as a luxurious interior. Poised to take the local automotive market by storm, the 7–seater multi-purpose vehicle is packed with features to attract the family oriented audience looking for a more refined drive to complement their lifestyle. With the introduction of the latest Previa Aeras, Borneo Motors now offers a complete range of Toyota MPVs for every segment.

 Don’t forget to check out their other Toyota car types and models –  King of MPVs, SUV, Sedans, World Best Selling Hybrid Range and Commercial Vehicles!

Thank you Borneo Motors Singapore for the invitation to Singapore MotorShow 2017!

* Information on Toyota cars and models courtesy of Borneo Motors Singapore and cohn&wolfe *

All-New MPV – Toyota Sienta

Times have changed, tastes have changed, lifestyles have changed over decades and centuries. Our tastes and requirements for saloon cars have changed over time too, go back maybe 10 years ago, how many cars on the road are Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs)? Now, look at the cars on the roads today, how many cars are MPVs?

The rise of the MPVs on our roads today, is attributed to a change, increase and diversification of our lifestyles, starting off as a transport to drive from point A to B, ferrying family and friends, going out for picnics and outings. The families today now do all of the above together. Therefore the MPV is the ideal solution today for the modern urban family.


The All-New MPV, the 2017 Toyota Sienta was recently launched in Singapore by Toyota’s authorised distributor, Borneo Motors Singapore. I had the opportunity to take a look at the 2017 Toyota Sienta recently and it looks like an ideal MPV for the young urban family with children.

Before I share more details and views on the 2017 Toyota Sienta, let me share some of my personal Toyota experiences over the years (I somehow have a kind of affinity with Toyota brand). My first car was a used 1982 Toyota Celica when I was studying in Queensland, Australia for my undergraduate program and I love it. While on a camping trip (during my uni days) to Fraser Island, Australia, we drove a Toyota Hilux 4WD! Our current family car is a Toyota Vios (need to start planning when the 10 year COE period is up next year), I also had the chance to drive other Toyota cars e.g. Altis, Wish. Oh yes, I visited a Toyota car showroom in Odaiba, Tokyo when I was backpacking in Japan during the year 2004.

Alright, now back to the current 2017 Toyota Sienta, the name “Sienta” is derived from two words, the Spanish word siete (“7”) and the English word “entertainment”. The 2017 Toyota Sienta is a 7 seater MPV, a reliable utility, fun and great for on-the-go with family and children. The Toyota Sienta comes in two variants – Sienta Standard and Sienta Elegance.

Let me bring you through a quick tour of the 2017 Toyota Sienta

Dynamic Exterior






Convenience That Matters

  • Steering switches
  • Smart entry and start system (Elegane variant only)
  • Power sliding door
  • Theatre-style seating
  • Versatile seating configurations and storage capacity

Comprehensive Safety

  • 3 x SRS airbags
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Brake Assist
  • Hill-start assist control (Elegance variant only)
  • Vehicle stability control with traction control (Elegance variant only)

If you are keen to know more about the All-New 2017 Toyota Sienta, visit the website for more details and information. I would recommend that you visit the showroom and view the 2017 Toyota Sienta personally, if you are keen on it!

Personally, I feel that the All-New 2017 1.5L 7-seater Toyota Sienta might be an ideal MPV for the young urban family with children. Based on my personal affinity with Toyota brand, this All-New MPV is not just reliable, it’s fun, stylish and multi-purpose.

I would like to thank Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Cohn & Wolfe Singapore for the invitation to view the Toyota Sienta, press release information and pictures of the Toyota Sienta.

Toyota Introduces new 3rd Generation Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire

On 12th June 2015, there were 2 brand new cars announcing their arrival into the Singapore market, they were lovingly described as twins, each with its own distinctive design and style. One is luxurious and valiant, the other is bold and daring. Which of the twins do you prefer?


Borneo Motors Singapore, the nation’s official distributor of Toyota automobiles, introduced the new third generation Toyota Alphard and Toyoya Vellfire. They are two luxury MPVs, incorporating luxurious saloon space with beautiful and sophisticated interiors. The Toyota Alphard is luxurious and valiant while the twin, Toyota Vellfire is bold and daring. Each of them has its own unique and individual characteristics, design and style. The Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire are the flagship MPVs of the Toyota family and the new third generation designs promise improved handling, stability and comfortable riding delivered by refined engine performance, distinctive prominent exteriors and beautifully designed interior refinements.


What are some of the latest MPVs key features? Here’s a summary –

  • Luxurious exteriors: Designed with the concept of “GRANDELUXE”, both vehicles are designed with distinctive and impactful exteriors.
  • First class premium level interiors:
  1. 1st class comfort with Captain and Ottoman seats in the second row
  2. Sculpted metal surface and wood-grain ornamentation.
  3. Tri-Zone Independent Automatic air conditioning system lets the driver, front and rear passengers control their preferred temperatures autonomously.
  4. An increase in interior space for greater comfort and accessibility for driver and passengers.
  • Refined performance: Equipped with the new 2.5L Dual VVT-i engine that continuously optimises the timing of the intake and exhaust valve operation according to driving conditions. This provides a higher level of performance in every area and enhances fuel economy and lowers emissions.
  • InTouch Telematics System: 7-inch MID (Multi Information Display) touch screen system, that enables drivers to stay connected on the roads and compliment the luxurious quality of the vehicles. (Only vehicles purchased from Borneo Motors Singapore will come with the InTouch built-in.)



Comprehensive Safety for Peace of Mind

The Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire seek to provide a high level of protection for its driver and passengers by featuring a list of comprehensive features, including:

  • 7 SRS airbags: Driver, Front passenger side, Curtain and Driver’s Knee.
  • Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL): Front seats, so that in the event of a rear-end collision, the occupant’s torso will sink into the seat and the head and back will be restrained simultaneously, to help reduce impact to the occupant’s neck.
  • Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control (S-VSC) system: Integrating key safety features such as ABS, TRC/TRAC, VSC and EPS functions to ensure the vehicle maintains excellent driving performance in terms of driving, turning and stopping.
  • Hill-start Assist Control: Ensuring smooth hill starts by applying brake pressure to all four wheels for approximately two seconds in order to hold the vehicle and reduce rollback on a steep and/or slippery incline.
  • Front and Rear Sensor system: Using ultrasonic sensors to detect an obstacle at the front corners and rear of the vehicle. An indicator and buzzer also alert the position of the vehicle and proximity between the sensors and obstacle.
  • LED Cornering Lamps: Ensuring effective visibility in the intended direction of travel when entering an intersection by allowing illumination at a higher point than that of low beam headlamps to illuminate the upper body of a pedestrian. Separate light sources have been added to effectively guide driver’s line-of-sight and visibility of the vehicle for pedestrians.

Source: Borneo Motors Singapore



At the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire official launch, I witnessed the arrival of tbe two brand new and latest MPVs from Toyota. They are pretty similar yet having some distinct designs and features that make them stands out from each other. Which design do you prefer/like? Personally, I prefer the Toyota Alphard, the front design and the colours.

If you like to know more about the Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire, do visit the Borneo Motors Singapore and check out the all new third generation Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire.

*Information Courtesy of Borneo Motors Singapore and Cohn & Wolfe Singapore*

Singapore F1 GP 2013

The 6th edition of Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix (GP) was recently concluded over the weekend from Friday 20th September 2013 to Sunday 22nd September 2013 at the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore’s Marina Bay area. The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP lived up to its tag line for 2013 to bring the pre-race weekend events, race weekend atmosphere, fun and carnival closer to the spectators, creating a Singapore Style Formula 1 experience for people from all walks of life. On Thursday 19th September 2013, there was a Flag Off for the 2013 Formula 1 Singapore GP weekend with Rev Up Singapore campaign and members of the public were able to walk around and explore the famed Marina Bay Circuit Pit Lane and Zone 1 Carnival Village. I was there too, soaking in and enjoying the fun on Thursday night and the Thursday Pit Lane Experience was awesome!


The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore was my 6th time participating and enjoying the Formula 1 carnival and racing action, that you can see here in my Flickr Collection – SingTel Formula 1 Singapore GP Collection! Growing and enjoying home ground Formula 1 action and carnival, I was able to see the changes and improvements over the past 6 years. The atmosphere was still awesome with great visitor numbers to the Singapore GP race weekend. For 2013, I went on Friday 20th September 2013 to photograph and enjoy the race weekend atmosphere with my fellow photographer friends and social media enthusiasts at the Marina Bay Circuit. Since I started shooting Formula 1 action in 2008, this particular segment of sports photography is not an easy journey to learn and capturing the racing photographs was very challenging due to the restrictions and constraints.


Accumulating and writing my Formula 1 experiences, I wrote a F1 Photography Tips here in 2009 to share with my friends and readers and it served me well! My 6th edition of Singapore GP was probably my best year in capturing F1 cars in action, it took me 5 years to reach this level through my limited F1 photography opportunities, my sports photography coverage over the years and my  highly trusted telephoto lens for sports and wildlife, the Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L lens. I mentioned earlier that while my original F1 Photography Tips served me well, it’s time to come up with a F1 Photography Tips Version 2.0  from me!


The artistes and performers line-ups over the 3 days of racing weekend and a closing concert on Monday 23rd September 2013 was electrifying and big. Huge crowds packed the Padang to catch the big performances, giving Singapore GP race weekend additional fun, entertainment and excitement for their fans and spectators. Famous stars and celebrities graced Singapore GP race weekend over the years and the future stars and performers line-ups will only get bigger and better!  I enjoyed myself on Friday night with Big Bang from Korea performing at the Padang, the crowds were crazy and singing away.


Stationing myself at Turn 11 during Friday Free Practice One and Turn 13 during Friday Free Practice Two, these are my two favourite spots for capturing F1 cars in action at the Singapore GP. These two turns usually have many photographers and spectators watching and capturing the F1 cars in action! I am looking forward to 2014 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP, I am planning to shoot from Zone 1 at Turns 1, 2, 3, 22 and 23 respectively, on top of Turns 11, 12 and 13. Spending Saturday and Sunday at home watching Singapore GP 2013 from my television, it was a magnificent and gorgeous view from the skyline, an aerial view of the Marina Bay Circuit and the Marina Bay area lighted up. Singapore’s Marina Bay Circuit is definitely the crown jewel of Formula 1 and we are proud of that! Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing won the 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP, with Fernando Alonso of Ferrari coming in second and Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus F1 coming in third. Here are my selected photographs from 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP racing action and Thursday Pit Lane Experience!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

SingTel Presents Formula 1 Singapore Style!

Formula 1 Season is back for the 6th edition in Singapore! The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix (GP) will be held from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and there are many exciting activities and events leading up to the Singapore GP in the month ahead! At the media launch this morning on the 20th August 2013, we had an overview of the events and activities for this year’s 2013 Singapore GP, with a unique and distinctive local Singaporean flavour. The 2013 Singapore GP will bring the race experience even closer to the hearts and souls of Singaporeans with Formula 1 Singapore Style!


Being a Formula 1 fan and avidly following Singapore GP (I wrote a post on F1 Photography Tips here!) since her maiden start in the year 2008 (here’s my Flickr collection on Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP), I had seen for myself the improvements in the Singapore GP over the years that I had attended. This year’s theme Formula 1 Singapore Style, seeks to get everyone involved both on and off the racetracks. What are the Formula 1 Singapore Style activities that will be happening? Here are some of the key highlights of Formula 1 Singapore Style –

Search for the 1st Singaporean to take the chequered flag

An island-wide search for Singapore’s fastest race driver begins today in The Big Race. Local celebrities and self-proclaimed Formula 1® fans, Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Pei Fen and Romeo Tan, will take their marks to clock their fastest lap times in the Official F1® racing game.

The search for the best race drivers in Singapore will follow at a series of four roadshows where the public is invited to try their hand at the game. The fastest racer from each roadshow will team up with a celebrity racer in an ultimate race finale and the winner will be announced on 22 September 2013 to win an once-in-a-lifetime F1® driving experience in Europe. This exciting showdown will be seen at key locations around Singapore.



The 2013 SingTel Grid Girls in the Singapore Factor

Eight fresh-faced ladies aged 18 to 26, have been chosen as this year’s SingTel Grid Girl finalists. Since the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, the SingTel Grid Girls have been a star attraction of the race, vying for top honour and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold the Singapore Formula One® and Singapore GP flags at the Singapore Grand Prix.

This year, the public can choose their favourite via SMS and online voting to select the top three SingTel Grid Girls. The Singapore Factor, a series of webisodes hosted by Paul Foster, will put the girls’ knowledge of the Lion City to the test in a trio of uniquely Singaporean challenges. Fans can follow the journey at www.singtelrace.com from 21 August 2013.

The top three SingTel Grid Girls will be crowned before thousands of Singaporeans at the Thursday Pit Lane Experience on 19 September 2013.


Wave the flag, Singapore!

As a symbol of unity enabling everyone in Singapore to show their support, a limited-edition version of the famous chequered flag featuring a red square has been created to bring forth the uniqueness of the Singapore Grand Prix. From August 21 until September 15, a digital version of this Formula 1® Singapore Style flag will be hosted on www.singtelrace.com/wavetheflag for all to have a go at virtually “waving” the flag on their smartphones. Fans that “wave” the digital flag stand a chance to win daily prizes. During race weekend, 60,000 souvenir flags will be distributed at the circuit on 22 September 2013 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You can take part in this year’s SingTel Singapore GP activities, “The Big Race” Challenge, Wave the Flag, Singapore and Vote for the top three SingTel Grid Girls, do visit www.singtelrace.com for more information!

This year’s Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP has our local Singapore designers taking centre stage with collaboration between SingTel and PARCO next NEXT. Samuel Wong from local menswear label, Evenodd, designed and gave this year’s SingTel Grid Girls uniforms a new and refreshing look! During the 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP media launch, we witnessed the unveiling of the winner’s trophy designed by local jewellery and gift designer, Risis.  This is our first Singapore GP trophy to be designed by a homegrown company and the trophy design was inspired by the iconic Singapore skyline and is accentuated with signature gold swirls to represent the Singapore racetrack from an aerial view! This will probably be the only chance I can get up close and personal to the F1 winner’s trophy and I took the opportunity to have a photograph taken beside this year’s 2013 winner’s trophy!


A fun and exciting Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP 2013 is coming soon, with the entertainment and concert performances line up, along with the Formula 1 Singapore Style activities and events! For a sports photographer and avid F1 fan, I am looking forward to capturing my favourite F1 sports car drivers in action, Alonso and Kimi driving and pushing their F1 cars to the limits!

Here are some useful links to gather more information and gather updates on Singapore GP!

–       Singapore Grand Prix website

–       Formula 1 Official website

–       Formula 1 Singapore Style

–       Singapore GP Official Facebook Page

–       Singapore GP Official Instagram account

–       Singapore GP Official Twitter account

Folks, start your engines and get ready for high octane Formula 1 racing action from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Singapore GP!

** Information and details are courtesy of SingTel and Ogilvy Public Relations ** 

Singapore F1 GP 2012

In the year 2008, Formula 1 came to Singapore, lighting up the Marina Bay cityscape skyline in the night with the maiden world’s first and only Night Race. In her 5th edition year, the Singtel Formula One Singapore GP 2012 grew over the past 5 years and we would be having the Night Race in our beautiful Marina Bay cityscape for another 5 years!

Looking back in time from Singapore F1 GP that I attended from 2008 to 2010, it brought back many memories since I was an Formula One fan and I loved watching Formula One cars in action at the Marina Bay circuit, a city street road race in the night! Here are my posts and memories –

2008 ~ 300th post – Reporting on Singapore F1 GP – Night Race Practice

2009 ~ Friday Practice @ Singapore F1 GP 2009 

2010 ~ Singapore GP 2010 – Practice Session

2011 ~ Singapore F1 GP 2011

With my strong passion and interest in sports photography and watching Formula One action, I wrote a post on F1 Photography tips, from my experiences, trials and errors during the time I was at Singapore F1 GP photographing the F1 cars in action.

For Singapore GP 2012, I went for two days, Friday and Saturday. It was great fun for me photographing the F1 cars, at my favourite Turns 11, 12 and 13, whereby the F1 cars were at a much slower speed and this allowed me to capture (freeze) them in action a lot easier. Photographing F1 cars in fast high octane action is very difficult, it’s not just about skills and experiences, it’s also about the quality of my photography gear, especially the lens and DSLR body! My cousin and niece were there too on Friday night practice and we all watched the action from Turn 13 viewing platform. There were entertainment too at the Padang, whereby Jay Chou was performing after the second practice session on Friday night. However, I didn’t stay back and watch his Jay Chou’s performance and headed home to rest.

On Saturday, I was back again at the Singapore GP, courtesy of Singtel, with a bunch of social media community friends to enjoy and have fun at the Singapore GP. While they enjoyed it from the Padang Grandstand, I walked around to  Turn 11, 12 and 13 again to capture the F1 cars in action, trying to capture different angles and views from my favourite Turns 11, 12 and 13. After the qualifying session was over, I joined back bunch of friends for Maroon 5 concert at the Padang and they rocked the house down! The concert was awesome and you can see the whole of Padang filled up with many people! Check out my Singapore GP 2012 photos on Flickr! 

The 2012 Singapore GP had to be one of my most exciting and fun years that I attended (as compared to the other 4 years), reasons were I went for 2 days instead of 1 day, a bunch of friends to stay back and enjoy the concert that were part of the entertainment. On the photography aspect, my F1 photography experiences over the past 4 years and the addition of a mint 2nd hand Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L USM powerful lens helped me a lot in my F1 sports photography for 2012 Singapore GP!! Check out my Formula One Singapore GP photography collection over the years on Flickr! 

The unique and iconic F1 Night Race in a city landscape, it’s beautiful and special, making the Singapore GP a great carnival atmosphere with F1 sports photography action. This is indeed an awesome branding, publicity and marketing for Singapore to the whole world. With the renewal of the Singapore GP for the next 5 years, I am looking forward to 2013 Singapore GP !!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Experience the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive

The Mercedes-Benz brand and reputation, a very well known and famous automobile brand around the world, not just in automobiles for the consumers. Just to share something with my readers and supporters, one of the favourite cars that I admired is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG !

Photo Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and Porter Novelli

Take a close look at the Mercedes-Benz automobile above, do you know which model is this sleek and beautiful Mercedes-Benz car? During this coming weekend in Singapore, you will know about the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class! Come on down, experience and celebrate the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Drive! Make a pit stop at the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive event and be among the first Singaporeans to experience the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, it’s a compact sports tourer with outstanding aerodynamics!

Date: 28 – 29 July 2012

Timing: 28 July 12- 8pm and 29 July 11am – 8pm

Location : Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

There will be many activities at the event this coming week end to let you know more about the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive, dynamic features and state of the art modern technologies of the car! Besides the activities, there are attractive prizes to be won too! Do check out more details on their facebook! For more information and to register online, please visit www.facebook.com/MercedesBenzSingapore.

Singapore F1 GP 2011

In its 4th year running, Singapore F1 GP 2011 strives to improve itself each and every year, for the drivers and spectators, thus giving me an avid F1 fan to come back year after year since its arrival into Singapore in the year 2008. Although I got my F1 pass late, it was worth it and I had a great time at the Singapore F1 GP circuit, an amazing night race around the heart of Marina Bay, with my Saturday pass for the 3rd practice and Qualifying session.

With an exciting entertainment program line-up of international singers and performers, making Singapore F1 GP unique and special from the rest of the other F1 circuits around the world, bringing Singapore to a spotlight around the world. However, I was more interested in the F1 cars in high octane speed action, more than the performers. Therefore, I was walking around and soaking in the carnival atmosphere, watching the F1 cars zooming pass me and trying to identify each and every F1 car, capturing them down on my Canon 1Dmk3 with my 70-200mm f4 L USM lens. The sports photography of Formula One is very demanding, on the equipment, to be of the high end level, along with experiences, skills and tips.

Do check out my Singapore F1 GP collection and recap the memories !




Starting off at Turn 13, at the Fullerton and Esplanade Bridge area, it was my favourite spot and it’s very crowded, having to squeeze in behind many rows of people and shooting the F1 cars with spectators heads in my photographs. After the practice session, I took a rest and enjoyed the cooling air-conditioning at the Esplanade before moving to Turn 8, near the Stamford Grandstand, another sweet spot for capturing F1 cars in action. Linked up with Renhao with his 300mm f2.8 lens and we were firing away during Qualifying Session.

While it was very challenging to capture the F1 cars in action, it gave me more experience than before and I would be planning to write my updated version of F1 Photography tips soon, looking forward into Singapore F1 GP 2012, I need to plan ahead, buy my 3 Days pass earlier and get the Premier Walkabout to capture F1 action from more angles, perspectives and locations in Singapore F1 GP ! There might be people out there who commented Singapore F1 GP is getting boring, personally, I think it will only get more exciting as we can see from 2010 and 2011, with more excitement on the rack circuit and more overtaking, with the F1 drivers getting more experiences on the Singapore F1 Marina Bay circuit!

Let’s all look forward to Singapore F1 GP 2012 !!



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Beautiful Cars of BMW World Singapore

BMW, a brand for many generations, well known for their cars and technology. BMW World was in Singapore, showcasing BMW’s latest innovation, design and heritage, held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. It’s a mix of everything, from their history to the future BMW car, motorbikes and bicycles too.

Inside the convention centre, a well designed layout and path leading to the main display area, where the BMW cars were placed to welcome the visitors. The central portion of the convention hall layout, a round lounge area with nice sofas, a nice place to sit down, relax and have a drink. Met up with Sue before starting to explore and admire sexy and beautiful BMW cars together at BMW World Singapore.

The whole range of BMW cars were not on display, selected existing models were on display, nevertheless, it still attracted a lot of attention among the visitors. The M3 GTS was on display and it’s really cool ! The future car of BMW, the Gina Light Visionary, simply impressive and sleek.

Walking and checking out the other BMW World displays, the bicycles (road bike and mountain bike) were pretty cool too and it will be lovely to own them ! At least I can say that I own a BMW ! Their motorbikes were big and powerful, perfect for road trips !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Take a look at my BMW World Singapore photos collection …. Won’t it be nice to own a BMW car ? The M3 looks really cool and I do like the 1 series, especially the 130 🙂