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Canon PhotoMarathon XIV – 19th November 2016

The 14th edition of a fun, exciting and challenging community photography competition, the Canon PhotoMarathon 2016, took place on 19th November, held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. There were close to 2000 passionate photography enthusiasts gathered and participated in this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon.

With my participation in Canon PhotoMarathon XIV, this is my 6th year participating in this photography competition (I participated in years 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016). The Canon PhotoMarathon was more than just a photography competition, it’s also a time for photography enthusiasts to get together and have fun taking photographs together (and also helping each other to get their shots for the competition!). Participating in Canon PhotoMarathon is also a time for me to catch up and chat with photography friends from Canon Singapore, Canon Imaging Academy, EOS World Singapore and also making new photography friends there too!

Before I proceed to share on what were the three themes for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV and what I shot, let me share about photography for everyone in the society that took place during this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon.

Canon’s corporate philosophy of kyosei – living and working together for the common good, was part of Canon PhotoMarathon XIV program. Canon’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program partner with the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) to host more than 30 participants, giving them the opportunity to partake in the excitement of Canon PhotoMarathon. It was really great to see photography playing a part for those participants to enjoy, giving them an avenue to express themselves through photography and enjoying photography during the Canon PhotoMarathon. I reckoned that the participants from Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) had a very interesting time shooting the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV!

What were the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV? This year 2016 themes were different, a little bit special and my usual “I scratch my head and don’t know what to shoot” moment till I absorbed and digested the individual theme before knowing/planning what I want to shoot.

The three themes of Canon PhotoMarathon XIV were

Theme 1: Vision

Theme 2: Kyosei

Theme 3: #NoFilter + #NewPerspective +#Space

Here were what I shot and submitted for Themes 2 and 3 for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV (I did not submit for Theme 1 because I was away for a photography assignment that morning although I did my own Theme 1 shoot though)

Theme 1: Vision

Theme 2: Kyosei

Theme 3: #NoFilter + #NewPerspective + #Space

Shooting Theme 2 was very challenging for me, this theme also got me thinking very hard, on conceptualisation, creating stories to tell and how I can constantly improve, no matter what is the level of photography experience and knowledge that I am currently at right now.

Although at the end of Canon PhotoMarathon XIV, it can be very tiring physically after moving around and rushing against time to get the photographs for competition submission. The overall experiences had always been good, the fun, friendships and the love for photography. Participating in Canon PhotoMarathon over the years gave me an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn my photography. Lifelong learning and improvements apply in my photography journeys till date and it is still ongoing as always!

Canon PhotoMarathon XIV Singapore – Open for registrations

The 14th edition of Canon PhotoMarathon is returning on 19th November 2016, to be held at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre 401-402.


*Although I didn’t manage to participate in year 2014, I got this shirt as a souvenir when I attended a Canon photography seminar! *

I had participated in 5 x Canon PhotoMarathons over the years 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2008. For every year that I participated in, I had a fun time and interesting experience, besides taking part in a photography competition with attractive prizes, I had a fun outing time with fellow photographer friends and catching up with other groups of photographer friends too!

I am looking forward to participate in Canon PhotoMarathon again! This is not just a photography competition, this is also a time for photographers gathering and have a fun time together taking photographs!

Photographers, spread the news and share it with your family and friends! Mark down the date, register and join in the fun at Canon PhotoMarathon XIV Singapore on 19th November 2016!

Date 19th November 2016, Saturday
Venue Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre 401- 402
Registration Fee $15
Event Website


Canon PhotoMarathon (XIII) 2015

There are thirteen editions of Canon PhotoMarathon and I participated in my fifth Canon PhotoMarathon in 2015 (along with over more than 2,600 participants), the thirteen edition of Canon PhotoMarathon (I participated in the years 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013). I always had a fun and great experience in participating Canon PhotoMarathon, a great time to catch up with photographer friends and key partners at Canon PhotoMarathon.



Canon PhotoMarathon is not just about competition and winning the wonderful prizes, it’s also about learning and fun with photography friends. Given a photography theme to shoot within a short period of 3 hours, it’s a pretty big and interesting challenge for all photographers, regardless of the level of photography you are at, whether you are beginner, amateur, freelancer or professional. The time pressure, creativity and relevance are put to the test for any photographer, this “test” will definitely push a photographer higher and that’s where a photographer can improve.

If you have just started learning and exploring photography, Canon PhotoMarathon is a good and fun event to participate with your fellow photographers in a group. Not only can you learn, shoot and challenge yourself, this would give you a great opportunity to make new photography friends and forge a stronger group bonding.

If you have been into photography for a period of time, this might be a good opportunity to test and push your photography level even further, either alone or a with a smaller group of photography friends.

What were the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2015? How challenging and difficult were the themes? These were the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2015 and the photographs below were my submission for the themes

Theme 1 – Street


Theme 2 – 50:50


Theme 3 – Defy Your Imagination


At the end of each theme, you were able to see how each and every different photographer interpreted each photography theme. This is the beauty of photography, not just on a competitive basis, it’s also on a fun and leisure basis that you can find in the Canon PhotoMarathon.

If you haven’t enter Canon PhotoMarathon before, do keep a lookout for it in the year 2016!

Canon PhotoMarathon is back!

Canon PhotoMarathon is back! Happening in Singapore in the month of August 2015!

Take up this highly anticipated challenge to create themed masterpieces under time pressure, roving around Singapore’s breathtaking cityscape as your visual playground. Be part of the multitude of passionate photographers ready to push the limits in capturing still images.


Date: 22 August 2015

Time: 0700 Hrs

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall C

Pricing: (Open / Corporate) $15, (Student) $10

Sign-up Link: https://photomarathon.canon-asia.com/

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1661316784087101/

I participated in my first Canon PhotoMarathon in the year 2008, it was a fun and interesting experience! I continued participating in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 together with different group of friends! In the year 2014, I couldn’t participate due to business travel commitments.

Mark down the date in your calendar, register and sign up with your group of photography friends! It’s going to be a fun day of photography outing and fun, along with opportunities to learn and see from the different works, views and perspectives of many different photographers!

* Information Courtesy of Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations *

* Picture Source: Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2015 icon from Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore website *

Canon PhotoMarathon (2013) XI

This was my fourth year participating in Canon PhotoMarathon event and I was glad to be back participating and having fun in the Canon PhotoMarathon 2013. As the years goes by, we can see more participants in Canon PhotoMarathon, along with more school children and teenagers too. This year, Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 welcomed a record breaking 2,518 photographers from all walks of life for a competitive yet fun community photography event in Singapore. The Canon PhotoMarathon is a fun time to come together with your photography kakis, make new photography kakis, have fun to shoot together, chit-chat about cameras and gears, borrow and try your friends camera lenses and gear.


Photo Courtesy of Canon Singapore

Canon PhotoMarathon is not just about photography competition. There is also a time for the Canon Experience – The Canon PhotoMarathon is a flagship event that engages shutterbugs from all walks of life and provides consumers with a positive Canon experience. Following the launch of the Canon Try and Buy Lens Programme in March this year, Canon is introducing to the Canon PhotoMarathon Try & Buy lens booth where participants get to rent and test out a wide range of Canon lenses. Furthermore, participants will also have a chance to take a look at rarely seen Canon medical equipment and enterprise products from other Canon business units.

The Canon PhotoMarathon allows me to train and hone my creativity in photography, within a stipulated time frame, brain and creativity juices flowing with adrenaline for each of the 3 themes announced during Canon PhotoMarathon. This year, I was shooting alone since my friends were in different groups throughout the event and I needed to drop by into office not too far away from Suntec City Convention Centre during the event itself and prepare some work matters while still competing in the Canon PhotoMarathon! Shooting alone this year helps me to shoot well, although it will be just as fun to have a group of photographer friends to go out and shoot with during Canon PhotoMarathon and having fun together!

What were the 3 themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 and what did I submit for the 3 themes? Here are the 3 themes and my submissions:

Theme 1: Tradition


Theme 2: Communicate


Theme 3: Instant


Reflecting back on my submissions for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013, it will definitely add more to my accumulating photography experiences especially in finding creative angles/perspectives in a short stipulated time, this is something that will come in handy and useful when I am working on photography projects/assignments and there might be a need to think fast and furious in the shoot settings and conditions.

If you haven’t participated in a Canon PhotoMarathon before, I do encourage you to participate in Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 with your friends. It will be a fun experience for all of you to shoot together. Looking forward to see you all at Canon PhotoMarathon 2014!

11th Canon PhotoMarathon is on 6th July 2013 !

The 11th edition of Canon PhotoMarathon is coming back on the 6th July 2013 ! An exciting and fun photography competition event in Singapore, attracting many photographers here for a competitive yet fun networking photography time! The competition themes are always very challenging and exciting, a great time to test your creativity, planning, conceptualising and shooting within a short time frame for each theme! It’s just two weeks away from the  6th of July 2013 for the 11th edition of Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 !

Canon PhotoMarathon X 2012 with 2419 participants

Photo courtesy of Canon Singapore

The biggest photo competition in the region, the Canon PhotoMarathon, is back for the 11th year! This year’s competition promises participants in both the Student or Open categories with an exciting opportunity to showcase their photography skills and win fantastic prizes, such as an 8-day expenses-paid photo clinic to Japan, hosted by professional photographer Triston Yeo.

Where: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401-402

When: Saturday, 6th July 2013, 7am – 8pm

Online registration fee: $10 (for both categories)

Walk-in registration fee: $15 for Open Category, $10 for Student Category

For more info: Visit http://www.canon-asia.com/photomarathon/photomarathon.html or email cpm@canon.com.sg

Reflecting back on my Canon PhotoMarathon adventures, here’s a trip back in time of my Canon PhotoMarathon participation and fun!

Canon PhotoMarathon X (2012)

Canon PhotoMarathon 2011

Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 Themes

My First Canon PhotoMarathon (2008) 

If you have not registered for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013, check out the links for more details and you can sign up online! See you there on 6th July 2013 for the 11th edition of Canon PhotoMarathon!!

Canon PhotoMarathon X

In her 10th edition of Canon PhotoMarathon, there were a record number of 2419 participants in the 2012 Canon PhotoMarathon and I was glad to be part of the 2419 particpants! For some readers, what is the Canon PhotoMarathon all about?

 Photo courtesy of Canon Singapore

The Canon PhotoMarathon is a very fun, interesting and very challenging photography competition. It consists of three segments in which participants are required to create images according to the various themes that will be announced one after another throughout the one-day competition. The Canon PhotoMarathon X started at 9 a.m. and is expected to continue over the next 5 hours, culminating with the announcement of the winners at the end of the day.

The competition, which is in its 10th year, will also feature a Celebrity Challenge. Under this challenge, local celebrities — The Muttons, Jade Seah, Ross, Dawn Yeo and Nat Ho — will compete against each other based on the theme for the afternoon segment of the competition. Canon will be donating S$5,000 to the winning celebrity’s charity of choice.

What are the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2012? Here are the themes –

Theme 1 – Wonder

Theme 2 – Harmony

Theme 3 – Pleasure

The themes announced during Canon PhotoMarathon never fail to amaze me. They challenge and push my photography to a new level, especially on the creativity segment, thinking out of the box and beyond my current field and scope of photography. I had a great time shooting together with Ted (and helping each other pose) for Theme 1 and Theme 2, walking around the Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Suntec City, Merlion Park, Clifford Pier, One Fullerton, Marina Bay and Marina Promontory.

How did I do for my 3 themes? Here are my submissions for the 3 themes –

Theme 1 – Wonder

Theme 2 – Harmony

Theme 3 – Pleasure

I confessed that by the time I started Theme 3, I was quite drained out mentally and physically from the past few days fatigue adding up. Therefore, my Theme 3 wasn’t fantastic at all. Do check out and take a look at the award winning entries for Canon PhotoMarathon 2012. They were awesome, very creative and eye catching!

Canon PhotoMarathon is not just about competition, it’s also about fun and enjoying photography with your friends and making new photography friends. I thoroughly enjoyed my third Canon PhotoMarathon and look forward to future Canon PhotoMarathon for more challenging and fun times in this unique and exciting photography competition.

10th Canon PhotoMarathon is on 3rd Nov 2012 !

The Canon PhotoMarathon is back with a very big bang and great awesome excitement. This is the 10th Canon PhotoMarathon and it promises to be the biggest Canon PhotoMarathon with a X Factor! The Canon PhotoMarathon is not just a time to compete, pushing your photography limits to the test and pushing your photography creativity to your best! The Canon PhotoMarathon is also a great time to learn, interact, enjoy and have fun with your fellow photography friends to go out take photographs together!

My first Canon PhotoMarathon was in 2008, the experience was great and do you remember the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2008? Don’t fret! You can find them out here! There was a bit of gap in between my first and second Canon PhotoMarathon in 2011. My Canon PhotoMarathon 2011 was definitely more interesting and fun with more photographer friends going out to take photographs together, have fun and relax!

This year’s Canon PhotoMarathon 2012 is going to be special and unique, there is never-seen-before Celebrity Challenge! Under this challenge, local celebrities will compete against each other based on one of the three themes used in the competition. Canon will be donating S$5,000 to the winning celebrity’s charity of choice.

Canon is also reaching out to the community too during Canon PhotoMarathon 2012. Together with YMCA of Singapore, Canon has invited 30 participants from the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Tanglin School and APSN Centre for Adults to participate in this year’s event, more than double of last year’s number. This is part of Canon’s Corporate Social Responsibility effort, the Canon Photography Exchange Programme, which leverages Canon’s expertise in digital imaging to encourage the intellectually-disabled to explore their creativity and imagination through photography.

The 10th Canon PhotoMarathon 2012 is going to be special and big! Check out the website for more details on registration and prizes to be won! It’s not just a photography competition, it’s going to be a fun, interactive and enjoyable photography outing too!

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011

A photography community event competition, based on 3 different themes and a short timeline to finish shooting and submitting, this is Canon PhotoMarathon, my 2nd time participating with my maiden Canon PhotoMarathon in 2008 ! The themes made this photography event very interesting, exciting and special, check out the Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 themes when I was participating in 2008 !

This year, I was with a group of photography friends, Sue, Amanda and met Andy for the first time, we were there as a group shooting the themes together for Canon PhotoMarathon 2011. Spotted many other friends too from the social media/blogging community and my juniors from Dragon Scout Group! It wasn’t just about shooting photographs, challenging our creativity and photography and going for the prizes, it’s also about enjoying the art of photography, making new friends, observing and learning from other photographers style, perspective and composition. During our PhotoMarathon, we had a number of tea and meal breaks, relaxing and taking photos at the same time!

What are the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 ?

Theme 1 : Eat

Theme 2 : Circle

Theme 3 : Imagine

Nothing short of challenging themes, sometimes a simple word is just as difficult and a “difficult” word is just as wide in your imagination to capture an image. My photograph submissions for the above themes were those few and reflecting on my Canon PhotoMarathon 2011, it’s another humbling and enriching experience for me, learning from different photographers perspective and composition.

It’s about the topic on creativity, in photography and in life too, something that I am lacking in and it might take a while to induce the creativity inside me or I am really not too much of a creative person. The photography works submitted had a number of eye opening and powerful photographs that showcase their unique creativity and interpretation of the themes. The Canon PhotoMarathon photography event is a great way for me to train and improve my creativity (in photography and life too) and it would be great that I based on abstract or special meaningful themes to photograph while I am outside on photography walkabout!

Check out the winners and their winning works at Canon Be Empowered facebook page! Do check out my other photographs from Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 too!