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The story of my second hand Canon EOS 1DX

My first encounter with the Canon EOS 1D series family DSLR cameras took place many years back, with the Canon EOS 1D Mark I and II N models. I was amazed by their powerful technical specifications and capabilities. The 1D series is their flagship DSLR camera and I was mesmerised by them. Over time, I managed to get hold of a second hand Canon EOS 1D Mark III in mint condition around November 2010.

That was the beginning of some very exciting and interesting photography adventures and journeys. The 1D Mark III was my workhorse camera, pushing it to the limits in sports, events and wildlife photography. On 18th October 2011, I still remember this day when I witnessed the announcement of the Canon EOS 1DX. When it was launched, I was blown away again, I told myself, I hope to own it one day in the future. I also had a great opportunity to review the Canon EOS 1DX, at the end of it, I was convinced this is the DSLR camera that I really wanted. Although I can’t afford it during that time, I always wanted it inside my heart.

Even though mirrorless cameras made quite a bit of headways into the camera markets over the years, in my personal humble opinion, they were still unable to take over and replace the role of the DSLR camera in my own particular photography adventures and journeys.

As time flies, the rumours came flying in during the year 2015, on a new Canon EOS 1DX Mark II. Therefore, I started saving my money for about 1/1/2 years from late 2014 till February 2016. My plan was to own a second hand Canon EOD 1DX eventually. The Canon EOS 1DX Mark II was announced and this was a real beauty, a powerful monster camera! It would be really awesome to own the latest Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, however, with budget constraints and prudent planning. I decided to opt for a used Canon EOS 1DX (It’s still just as good for my usage!)

I began to start looking around for people selling off their Canon EOS 1DX, there weren’t many of them to start off with also. Some of their prices weren’t attractive and it took them a while to go down even with the announcement of the Canon EOS 1DX Mark II. I continued waiting and searching for that 1DX that meets my price and requirements. I wasn’t sure when I would be getting it, I just waited. The omens and signs were beckoning towards the arrival of the 1DX, at the most recent Canon Seminar 2016 on 16th April, I collected some free gifts, a Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 polo tee that has a 1DX printed on it and somehow, I was lucky to get a 1DX camera strap!


On a Wednesday 20th April evening, I was tipped off by a fellow photographer friend that he was going to buy a second hand 1DX and the seller has a friend that was also selling a 1DX too! The price was within my limits and it came with some free gifts too! Some quick liaisons and I was on my way to take over the Canon EOS 1DX on the next day, Thursday night. A very special Thursday 21st April night for 4 photographers, 2 that sold away their 1DX sets, 2 of us that took over them.


A new 2nd hand to take over the old 2nd hand. The handing over of an era for me. The wait was worth it and it took me approximately 1/1/2 years to save up for this new 2nd hand investment.

Thank you very much, my Canon EOS 1D Mark III, thank you for your service, hard work, sweat and battle scars. You have served me very well over the past 5 years and 5 months from November 2010. It’s time to retire you and let you go.


Now let me introduce the Canon EOS 1DX, that is taking over the workhorse DSLR role for my photography adventures and journeys ahead.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Canon EOS 1 series!

25 years of the legendary Canon EOS 1 series, an awesome and powerful SLR and DSLR camera, that stood tall and proud above the rest. I am a happy and proud owner of one their Canon EOS 1 series family, currently using the Canon EOS 1D Mark III and I also reviewed the Canon EOS 1DX in 2012! The Canon EOS 1DX is my planned next upgrade from my current Canon EOS 1D Mark III, although there is a possibility that I might go for the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV first and later go for the Canon EOS 1DX (that means I am able to own 2 x Canon EOS 1 Series DSLR bodies!).

I had great and fun adventures with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III, accompanying me through the past few years and helped me a lot in my photography progression and learning. Although it was a used/second hand DSLR, it was in very mint condition and brought me to greater heights and further opportunities in sports photography! Here’s my sports photography collection on Flickr and 500px that I took over the past few years! The Canon EOS 1 Series is a pedigree family line of powerful SLR and DSLR cameras, a class of its own.


Photograph taken by Renhao

It’s a mean powerful machine as some photographers might call it, pair the Canon EOS 1 Series with the big primes such as the 300mm f/2.8 and above, the combination of the Canon EOS 1 Series with a big prime telephoto lens makes it a very powerful and strong combination. Being an owner of a Canon EOS 1D Mark III with Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L USM, it’s heavy in weight (took me a few months to acclimatise to it!), I can testify to its powerful strengths, capabilities and beautiful sporting moments!

What is the history behind the Canon EOS 1 Series that debuted in 1989? Let me share with you the story of the Canon EOS 1 Series courtesy of Canon Singapore

“We are proud to have been a partner to many throughout the history of professional photography. The EOS-1 is a symbol of the commitment to quality and innovation that Canon has made, in employing the latest innovations to help photographers fulfill their desires in achieving the industry’s best shots,” said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director for Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore.


Source: Canon Marketing Japan Facebook Page

In 1987, Canon launched EOS, the world’s first AF (autofocus) single-lens reflex camera to employ a fully electronic mount system, using electrical signals to control such functions as autofocusing and aperture adjustment. Two years later, in 1989, the Company introduced the top-of-the-line professional-model EOS-1. Created to satisfy the advanced demands of professional photographers, the camera marked the inaugural model of Canon’s EOS-1 series. Based on the EOS concept of delivering automated performance in accordance with the will of the user, the EOS-1 featured cutting-edge technologies, class-leading levels of performance, high durability, robustness and reliability.

In 1994, as a growing number of professional photographers were making use of the autofocusing capabilities offered by cameras, Canon launched the EOS-1N, featuring an increased number of focusing points and increased predictive focusing when tracking moving subjects. Additionally, in 2000, the Company introduced the EOS-1V, equipped with 45-point high-density Area AF, which contributed to high-speed predictive AF of up to 9 frames per second. In this way, Canon has consistently launched flagship-model SLR cameras designed to satisfy the demands of professionals in step with the changing times.

Upon entering the digital era, Canon launched its first flagship-model professional digital SLR camera—the EOS-1D—in 2001, followed in 2002 by the EOS-1Ds, equipped with a full-frame 35mm sensor. Since then, the Company has reinforced its product lineup through efforts targeting enhanced image quality and continuous shooting performance.

In June 2012, Canon unveiled the EOS-1D X, its latest flagship pro-model digital SLR camera, marking the EOS-1 series’ 13th* model since the launch of the original EOS-1. The 1D X has garnered strong acclaim from professionals working in a wide range of fields, from photojournalism and sports coverage to commercial and nature photography.

* Information Courtesy of Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations *

It has been a great photography journey with the Canon EOS 1 Series and I am looking forward to progress and grow my photography adventures further in the future with the Canon EOS 1 Series family!

Canon EOS 1D X Photography Adventure

On the 18th October 2011, at 1300hrs Singapore Local Time, I was first introduced to a very powerful DSLR that sets the benchmark for professional level series DSLR, “it’s a monster” something like what we called the Nissan Skyline GT-R 34, the same equivalent of a very powerful DSLR. This was the Canon EOS-1D X and I still recall my first hands on experience with the Canon EOS-1D X, it’s so beautiful and so powerful.

I am a current EOS-1D Mk III user and my experiences with the 1D series DSLR bodies helped me a lot in using the Canon EOS-1D X when I had a hands-on 1 week photography adventure with the 1D X with the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 pan cake lens, courtesy of the special arrangement by Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.Thank you very much for this wonderful arrangement that gave me an opportunity to test and try it out during the one week stint. Oh yes, if you are keen on the Canon EOS-5D Mark III, do check out my earlier post! While the Canon EOS-1D X wasn’t available to enter any photography competition during my one week stint, I am very happy to have this beautiful and powerful DSLR for a test run and it just reinforces something in me –

My belief and trust in the Canon EOS-1D series especially the Canon EOS-1D X, the strengths, reliability and high speed capabilities for photojournalism, events and high speed sports action photography

Let me share with all of you, some of the key technical specifications for the Canon EOS-1D X

Canon EOS-1D X Specifications Summary

  • Dimensions : 158 x 163.6 x 82.7mm
  • Image Sensor : 18.1 mega-pixel 35mm full frame DUAL Digic 5+
  • ISO Speeds : 100 – 51200 with (L: 50) and (H1:102400, H2:204800)
  • Multiple Exposures : Yes
  • Continuous Shooting Speed : 12 fps (Max) / 14 fps (Super High Speed Continuous Shooting)
  • Shutter Durability : 400,000 cycles
  • Recording Media : CF Cards x 2
  • AF System : 61 point high-density reticular AF (41 cross-type points)
  • Very fast and powerful DSLR
  • Full Frame
  • The ability to shoot at 14fps will be most welcome by sports and fast action photography (e.g Formula One, football matches)
  • 61 point high-density reticular AF (41 cross-type points)
  • Autofocus is very fast and responsive
  • Selection of AF Area to suit your needs – Single-point Spot AF (Manual Selection), Single-point AF (Manual Selection), AF Point Expansion (Manual Selection), AF Point Expansion (Manual Selection, Surrounding Points), Zone AF (Manual Selection of Zone) and 61-point Automatic Selection AF
  • Grid and Electronic Level display is very useful and handy
  • Advanced EOS Movie capabilities
  • The ISO Speed range up to 51200 will be very handy if you ever need to use it (e.g. inside an arts performance theatre)
  • In fast action photography especially in sports, I will prefer to use high speed CF cards over high speed SD cards (this is my personal opinion).  Therefore 2 x CF card slots will be more ideal and suitable for fast action photography.
  • Monochrome Picture Style can be activated if you decide to shoot black-and-white photographs straight out from the Canon EOS-1D X (it’s pretty awesome!)
  • AI Servo AF Characteristics – latest state of the art technology, very smart, powerful and useful. There are 6 cases and you can fine tune to suit your shooting needs.
  • A robust magnesium alloy body, the EOS-1D X features a dust-proof and drip-proof design to meet the high demands presented by the most grueling of shooting conditions.
  • New shutter unit featuring carbon fibre shutter blades that are lightweight and more rigid.
  • Shutter lifespan of 400,000 cycles !
  • Canon EOS-1D X is a very ideal DSLR (A MUST HAVE!) for the semi-professional and full time professional, events, photojournalists and sports photographers.
  • You can only use 2 x CF cards and not like the previous 1D series models whereby you can use SD and CF storage cards.
  • The ISO speed at 51,200 is grainy. Sometimes it might work for you, sometimes it might not. Another factor is a photographer’s tolerance of grain.
  • With the number of controls, dials, buttons, complexity, it might be a huge and steep learning curve for the beginners.
  • The Canon EOS-1D X is a very intelligent, state of the art, fast action and powerful DSLR, sometimes it’s just too good and intelligent that the user (like myself) took a while to get used to it.
  • No more crop-factor and you might be hindered by it (if you are too used to 1.6x or 1.3x crop factor)
  • The price is high and for many people, it’s out of their budget. Therefore, the Canon EOS-1D X suits a niche group of photographers.

There is a key characteristics of the Canon EOS-1D X that I really like it a lot during my one week stint. I didn’t really have the time to learn more of the AI Servo AF Characteristics that have 6 cases that you can fine tune. This marvelous capability will help sports and fast action events photography to capture their images faster and sharper without missing out on the first one or two photos that might be blurred due to the AI Servo focusing the object in action. Canon USA has a pocket guide on the Canon EOS-1D X AF Setting Guide, do download the pocket guide, read it and tune the 6 cases of the AI Servo AF Characteristics.

Do check out my photographs taken with the Canon EOS-1D X here –

Flickr ~ EOS-1D X Review 

500px ~ EOS-1D X Review

The Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 pan cake lens is a value for money lens, lightweight, very portable. It’s sharp at full open f/2.8 and the bokeh is pretty smooth and silky for aperture size at f/2.8. The pan cake lens is an ideal walkabout lens, it will suit the entry level Canon DSLRs e.g. 650D, 1100D and semi-pro level DSLRs e.g. 60D, 5D, 7D. When the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 lens is mounted on the Canon EOS-1D X, it just look a bit different since it’s a small lens on a big DSLR body! However, it’s really handy and useful lens! I believe that (in my personal humble opinion) the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 lens will soon become a MUST HAVE lens (along with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8) among Canon photographers.

From my sharing above, I will not hide away that I am a very big fan of the Canon EOS-1D X and I will love to own it someday, hopefully in the next one to two years. My photography evolves around events and fast action sports photography, the Canon EOS-1D X definitely suits my needs and usage. Since I am not a full time professional photographer, it’s not easy to set aside the amount of investment into the Canon EOS-1D X, with that amount of investment can also be put into Canon EF L prime telephoto lenses investment.

The Canon EOS-1D X is such a beautiful and powerful DSLR, if you are into events, photojournalism and sports action photography, you will go and invest into the Canon EOS-1D X without any distractions and hesitations. If you own a Canon EOS-1D X, you make a most awesome decision in such an investment! Happy shooting and share your photographs!

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