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Dragon Scout Group Camp 2010

Dragon Scout Group, my alumni mata, a big extended and historical family outside my very own family. They had their annual Group Camp at Sarimbun Camp from the 4th to 7th June 2010 and it was my first involvement with them for the year 2010 since I was out of action for the past 3 months and I missed Founder’s Day Celebrations with them.

I went on both Saturday and Sunday, didn’t stay overnight, nevertheless, had a great time there. On saturday, went in with my fellow batch Dragon Scout, Junjie & his wife. Upon reaching, we toured the campsite, looked at their tents, kitchen sheds, shoe racks, clothes hanger/line, campsite gateway, kitchen equipment, looking at them brought back many funny and interesting scouting memories for us, the good old days of Dragon Scouting. Exploring the Sarimbun Camp further, watching the young boys and girls participating in different activities, from confidence course, flying fox to team building games. In the night, there was a campfire for them inside Sarimbun Camp and it was great to see more old boys coming down to join in the fun at the campfire.

On Sunday, the morning was hit by wet weather and it posed a great challenge to the patrols taking on backwoodsman cooking in the morning, the firewood collected were wet and starting a fire was a big challenge for the patrols. Nevertheless, the patrols still managed to get the fire up with a little bit of help and started cooking. Remembering our era Dragon Scouting days of backwoodsman cooking, it was always a hot activity due to heat from the fire and the sunny weather !

After lunch, there was a switch over and the patrols that did canoeing in the morning proceed to backwoodsman cooking. The weather now was hot and dry, therefore, it was much easier for them to get the fire started and conduct backwoodsman cooking. Before I joined them, followed the patrols to carry their canoes to the ramp and launch their canoes, due to my existing injuries, I decided not to join them in canoeing (As much as I would love to canoe !). Walking back to the backwoodsman cooking by the other patrols, they don’t have to deal with the muddy grounds and wet wood, twigs and branches, thus really bringing it back like before, it got really hot and smokey, just like the good old days !

As the evening of Sunday approaches, I took my leave and let the boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group to continue their fun at Dragon Scout Group Camp !
Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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Survival Training @ Dragon Scout Group Camp ~ 3rd June 2007

Survival Training is a specialised skill that is usually taught in the armed forces especially in vocations like Special Forces or Recon.

In Dragon Scout Group, we learned some basic Survival Training and they were taught during the Venture Scouts training program. During this camp, the Ventures built and demonstrated a few traps, shelters, smoke signals and water collection methods to the scouts and cub scouts. I remembered during my Venture days, we used to build the traps and shelters too, very interesting and fun to learn and the survival skills learned would definitely come in useful.

Dragon Scouting is really fun, even for an old boy like me, I still enjoy coming back and be part of the fun and action, bringing back great memories. I hope my writings on the various Dragon Scouting activities would keep my fellow Dragon Chapter members updated and rallying them back again to Dragon Scouting.

Backwoodsman Cooking @ Dragon Scout Group Camp ~ 3rd June 2007

The Dragon Scout Group went for their Annual Camp from 1st June to 4th June, along with our cub scouts from Radin Mas Primary and Gan Eng Seng Primary. I believe they had lots of fun during this camp.

I pop down on the 3rd day and it was Backwoodsman Cooking day. Well, before it began, there was the usual campsite inspection of the respective patrols. Walking around the various patrols, it brought back many different memories (good, bad, funny, tiring) during my scouting days. Some things just never change, traditions as some of us called it, priceless. Moving around, chatting with the leaders and teachers, had a great time visiting the various patrols campsites.

Just before the Flag Break ceremony, I walked around Sarimbun Camp. Gee…. If I remember correctly, my last visit was in 1998….. 9 years….. wow ….. some things are still the same, never change and there were new additions, improvements, upgrading and removal of some structures e.g. Pondoks. My senior, GSL Hongliang was making fun of me, being lost in time and suggested a senior Gessian to give me a tour of the Sarimbun Camp.

After the Flag Break ceremony, Backwoodsman Cooking began and the various patrols went behind the campsite and started their preparations, collecting firewood, dry leaves, preparing their indgredients and dishes. They had to start their fire using 3 matches, our minimum scouting standard. Overall, it was a good experience for all the younger boy scouts and cub scouts, allowing them to learn more about cooking in the outdoors.

Various dishes were cooked and we moved around to taste their food. Reflecting back, I did had a lot of fun during Backwoodsman Cooking, although it was pretty hot that day, the scouts and cub scouts were having fun cooking, marinating and making fun of one another. I went around tasting the food they cooked, taking photographs and chatting with the folks around the Backwoodsman Cooking compound.

A very hot day of Backwoodsman Cooking but it was great to be part of it.