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Panasonic Asia – You Are Under Arrest Launch !

On the 3rd of September, I was “ordered to attend a court session” to face “my charges” for not being eco-friendly and responsible enough to the environment, at 1100 hours was our hearing …

Before I proceed further, I will like to assure all that I am not attending court, this was part of Panasonic Asia awareness program and campaign towards protecting and be friendly/concerned towards the society and environment. A group of bloggers were invited down to the You Are Under Arrest Launch, for an awareness campaign on being environmentally friendly and what we can do to save electricity, water, carbon dioxide emission and do our part to help save our precious Mother Earth. This new campaign by Panasonic Asia showcases that consumers should lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and it can be done!

The You Are Under Arrest campaign is engaging and having more fans to their fans and supporters on the social media channels, do follow Panasonic Asia on Facebook , on Twitter and their Channel e website! Tell your friends, share and spread the noble cause, pay it forward, we all can do our part to save and protect our Mother Earth! You can also play “You Are Under Arrest” too, just follow the link here and “file charges” against your friends for not protecting the environment!

Overall, it was a great time to network with blogging and social media community friends, catch up and concurrently, to learn about how to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle as shown by Panasonic Asia, from saving water to reducing electricity usage. Do check out some of the photos taken at the event! More photos on Facebook too!

These serve as a good reminder to us here and I will continue to spread the word, to be more environmentally friendly. Today, everyone of us here can take the first step to make a difference to the future of our home, Mother Earth!


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Canon Mid Autumn Festival Gathering

The 8th month of the Lunar Calendar, is always one of my favourite, with many beautiful lanterns, festivities and eating mooncakes, all done together in the company of friends to chat and relax. I was invited by  Canon Singapore,  to an early Mid Autumn Festival Gathering at Artichoke Cafe and Bar, a very cosy restaurant with nice ambience and opened by my fellow alumnus from the University of Queensland.

A gathering of Singapore blogging community friends, some whom I have known for some time and also getting to know more new friends from the social media networks and blogging community in Singapore. Chatting, networking and catching up with our friendly Canon Singapore folks and PR friends from Ogilvy Public Relatios Worldwide. The delicious food served at Artichoke were really wonderful and delicious, transforming into a lively and heart warming gathering with lots of chatting on camera equipment on my table with Kevin, Callan and Jingwen.

What’s a Mid Autumn Festival gathering without mooncakes ? We were presented with different varieties and styles of the mooncakes, I really like the alcoholic ones, taste really “powerful” and I don’t take durian so I cannot accept durian mooncakes! This gathering was warm and cosy, lots of chatting and eating, many thanks to Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide for the awesome Canon Mid Autumn Festival Gathering! Do check out some of my photos taken during the gathering !


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1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event

An event to learn, feel and test out the Zeiss lens, the very first Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event, organised by Wei Li, brand manager, Camera Division, for Shriro Singapore, and supported by Camera Rental. I was invited to be part of this interesting and fun event on 25th August along with other photography friends and bloggers, it’s a photographers catch up too for us!

It was an informative session by Wei Li on Zeiss lens and  their capabilities, CAKE Images photography was there to share on their Zeiss experiences and showcase their photographs taken with their various Zeiss lens, through Kevin, Callan and Jingwen. Their sharing was great, useful and “very poisonous” too because you will be infected by the “Buy Buy Buy” virus easily from their sharing and photographs! Do check out their wonderful sharing and take a look at their photographs taken with Zeiss lens ! They have some photographs of the participants at the 1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event too, check it out here!

After the sharing by the different parties, we were supposed to have a hands on session with the different Zeiss lens, however, I need to rush off for an appointment, thus there wasn’t any opportunity for me to test the various Zeiss lens! Nevertheless, I loaned my Canon 1DMK3 to Renhao who had a great time shooting and testing out the various Zeiss lens, do check out some of his photographs taken with the Zeiss lens on my Canon 1DMK3 !

Here’s another group photograph of the 1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event (I am not inside though)


Fun Night of BBQ, Games & Friendship by 24seven

After a fun Hat-py Party 2009 on 30th Dec 2009 organised by 24seven, another fun event was on the way with a fun night of BBQ, Pot Luck, Games, making new friends/bloggers & networking at Aloha Loyang Chalet on 13th Jan 2010 !

Arriving at around 645pm, I was quite early because the BBQ was supposed to start at 7pm, therefore, relaxed & chatted with Hisham, Ee Von, Diana. As part of the pot luck, I contributed 2 bottles of ice wine to the bar counter managed by Ee Von. Thereafter, the other folks arrived, Kris & Yusri started the fire and I hanged around chatting with them. More bloggers soon started coming in and the fun began to build up, from different age groups and blogging interests, food was being cooked on the BBQ pit, cooked food such as pizza, fried rice and noodles were available, along with tidbits & chocolates.

Saw some familiar faces as the crowds started building up, got to know more bloggers/friends and during this BBQ event, didn’t take much photos, spent more time eating, chatting, drinking and having fun ! There were other bloggers there too with their DSLRs & they would definitely take more photos than me, looking forward to their photos ! Didn’t take much photos, do check out some of my photos here on Flickr !

What would be an outing/gathering/event without a group photo ?

After this group photo event, there were games such as Monopoly Deal & Mahjong while others were eating & relaxing outside. Soon, it was time to make a move for home, missed the last train from Pasir Ris MRT Station by around 5 minutes and took a taxi home instead.

A Big Thank You to the lovely folks, Claudia, Diana, Kris & Ee Von of 24seven for organising this fun night ! It was awesome !!

I had a GREAT time at 24seven Year End Blogger Hat-py Party 2009!

The year 2009 had been an interesting year for me, especially the opportunities and growth in the social media networking and publicity of my photoblog. To sum it up, an invitation to a Year End Blogger Hat-py Party organised by 24seven, a social media company (that I had the opportunity to work together with during the recent Snap Snap Photography Outing) in Singapore.

The theme was Hat-Py and the bloggers had to attend with a crazy hat ! I was stressed out because I couldn’t find my Aussie Bush hat and was busy with my actual day wedding shoot for my friend over 2 days before the Hat-py Party. Luckily I was able to borrow a cowboy hat from my colleague Viktor and avoided the “punishment” for being a naughty blogger attending the party without a hat !!

Venue was the Glass Hall at Singapore Art Museum, a great place with history and significance, great atmosphere and many bloggers of different backgrounds, interests and age band 🙂 Reached there slightly early before the official registration with and met the lovely folks of 24seven, Claudia, Diana, Ee Von and finally met Kris in person for the first time! While waiting for the event to start, viewed the paintings in the Glass Hall before going for the food.

Event officially started with Benjamin being the Master of Ceremony and Claudia giving the welcome speech, a game of “tasks” allowing us to visit the exhibition gallery behind the Hall, lucky draws, bingo and band performances by Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee, 2 great bands that provided awesome live music and songs to the bloggers ! Took the chance to know more bloggers and nice knowing you folks there ! Some great prizes for the lucky draw by kind sponsors, however, I didn’t win anything……

Hat-py Party came to an end with group photos of the bloggers and it continued with lots of photo taking 🙂 More photos of the event can be viewed here in my Flickr !

I would like to dedicate a Big THANK YOU to the lovely folks of 24seven for organising the Year End Blogger Hat-py Party ! Well done folks !