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B&W Story Title: Walk On

IMG_0791 - Version 2

The journey had been very harsh and cold, with huge challenges and obstacles lying in front of you, it began to pile up on you, like a mountain leading up right into the sky. You were very brave and courageous, you continued fighting the obstacles and challenges. Many times, you were discouraged, fighting the emotional battles inside and outside of you.

When you were down, there will always be family and friends beside you, helping you up when u fell. Encouraging you to pick up and continue the journey to fight and overcome the challenges and obstacles. With their love, blessings, support and encouragement, you picked yourself up and continue the journey ahead. In your heart, you know your destiny is to do something kind and meaningful for the world. That’s where you tell yourself, not to give up and continue fighting whatever challenges and obstacles come into your way, in the present and in the future.

Walk On, Walk On, with your head up high, don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm, a clear blue sky and the beautiful sunshine are waiting for you.

Remember, You’ll Never Walk Alone towards the light at the end of the forest, where the beautiful shining light guides you from the world of darkness to world of beauty and love. Now, let it shine on you!

I will be there to welcome you with open arms and continue walking the journey together with you.

Work in Progress – Hokkaido B&W Landscapes Photo Book

The Hokkaido Photographers Invitation Program 2014 had been one of my highlights in the year 2014, it was also my biggest photography portfolio till date. Being part of this wonderful program, it was a great honour to be invited and participate in the Hokkaido Photographers Invitation Program. Hokkaido was so beautiful, allowing me and giving me the opportunity to produce a number of beautiful and gorgeous landscape photographs.

IMG_0039 - Version 3

After returning back to Singapore, I wrote and uploaded my Hokkaido travel articles along with the travel photographs that I took during the trip. Hokkaido pulled many heart strings inside me that I was inspired and motivated to produce a travel photo book of my Hokkaido trip. The photo book was part of my Photography Resolutions for 2015, however, something phenomenal happened, I started to post process selected Hokkaido landscape photographs into Black and White. It was mind blowing, an eye opener and I was hooked. My attention diverted from producing my Hokkaido travel photo book to Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book.

IMG_0249 - Version 2

This journey was addictive, challenging, self searching and self learning. It was my maiden journey in producing my own personal photo book, I was discovering something more about my photography, how my eye, heart, mind, soul and perspective of photography makes my photographs stand out. The process of curation from approximately 1811 photographs to approximately 63 Black and White photographs to 26 photographs before another round to 19 photographs. Printing out the Black and White photographs on 4R photo paper was key and essential to producing my mock up Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book. I learned the method of printing 4R photos to have a better visualisation of my photo book flow and placement from photographer friends Callan and Jingwen who produced and printed awesome photo books before.




With the help of my photographer friends, I was able to reach the placement and flow of this photo book. I would like to say a big Thank You from the bottom of my heart to the following photographers and friends for their continuous support, advice, suggestions, views and opinions during the initial curation, placement and flow of my personal Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book –

David Tay of WK Photography & Services (for teaching me the 2 by 1 crop for landscape photography)

Wong Renhao 

Marcus Lim

– Dave Koh

Zinkie Aw of I Shoot Habits – Zinkie Aw Photographer 

– Belinda Tan

– Jude Yue

Ellen Chia for her energy and continuous support of my photography works!

Tsuyoshi Kato, our Hokkaido Photo Guide for this program!

– Fellow Hokkaido Photographers Invitation Program photographers ~ Jensen Chua, Weng Seng and Manami-chan!

I am going to do a test print of my Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book using iPhoto app. It will be just one draft photo book and I will go around to my photographer friends and seek their opinions and views on the pricing and quality of the photo book, and whether I can continue with them or I should go to local printers to get my Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book printed.

Curating and producing this personal Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book had been very exciting, at times anxious and frustrating. I will remember every step of this journey and I am looking forward to the day when I collect my Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book prints. For a glimpse into what could be the Black and White photographs that would appear in the photo book, this Black and White Photos set on my 500px portfolio would be able to give you some answers!

This is my first photo book, there is no price to it because it’s very personal and it’s priceless.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Discovering & Rediscovering B&W Photography

The art and beauty of photography began with the monochrome photograph, the black and white photograph. As time and technology progresses, from colour film photography to digital photography today, there was a huge transformation from how we used, saw, took, shot and shared our photography, our photographs. In my previous post on my Photography Thoughts for 2013, I seek to challenge myself further, exploring and going beyond my experience and knowledge in current photography fields e.g. events photography, travel photography.


While I had my strong areas in photography, I always seek to improve my current strengths, as well as learning photography fields that I haven’t really entered into e.g. studio portrait photography and black and white photography. In my networking and sharing with fellow photography friends, I started to discover and rediscover the art of black and white (B&W) photography. Some influences were fellow photographer friends Callan, Jingwen, David Teo and some photographers that I followed on 500px.

On my Facebook Page for my photography, TanGengHui Photography, I shared a status update, “Working on curating, sharing and photographing in Black and White“. This would definitely fit into my history and heritage exploration, in addition to my street photography exploration. That’s why I put the title “Discovering & Rediscovering B&W Photography“.

Maybe when I have my own photography exhibition, there would be a B&W photography segment. It’s like a dream, I am discovering and rediscovering B&W photography in my photojournalistic journey for 2013. On my 500px, there is a set on B&W photography that I curated, I hope you would enjoy visiting my B&W photography collection set. Now as I start upon this B&W rediscovery, I would continue to work on curating, sharing and photographing in Black and White.

Entering the Monochrome / B&W Photography

Learning and self-improvement is a lifelong thing, it’s a journey that I will take, irregardless of where I am or what I have achieved, my mantra is constant learning and improvement in everything that I do and set upon. That applies to my photography too, even if I have been shooting photographs for many years (since my film era days), there is always something to learn, venture and try out.

I was reading the Outdoor Photographer magazine on my Zinio Reader, the August 2011 issue, has a segment on B&W Special. This special segment really got me kick started to continue my own self-learning and improvement, although there are other photography areas too that I would like to gain more knowledge and explore e.g. how to setup studio lightings for portrait photography and the tricks + tips to lighting, that’s another post to chat about!

Besides, I am also inspired by my fellow photographer friends B&W shots, on their street photography, Callan, Jingwen, just to mention a few of them, street photography on B&W is very powerful and that would be an area for me to explore! It was also my first time on 22nd October, switching to the Monochrome mode on my Canon EOS 1Dmk3 and started some shooting, probably not the recommended way, however, a first step for me into more active monochrome and Black & White Photography.

Moving forward, I need to re-start my engine again, on my personal projects, Old Places and Old Playgrounds, maybe it’s the time to go more active into Black & White / Monochrome.

It’s also a reminder to myself to keep on learning and improving, through self-exploration, books, guides, peer sharing and mentored by senior photographers.