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NDP 2015 Combined Rehearsal 1 – RSAF FlyPast

This year’s Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) 2015 is a significant and important milestone of Singapore’s history, celebrating 50 years of Singapore’s independence since the year 1965. As part of the NDP 2015 celebrations, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is going to give Singapore, a very big and special performance, the largest and most extensive air segment in the history of Singapore’s National Day Parades! There are 50 aircrafts of various types taking part in NDP 2015!

When I heard about our RSAF SG 50 FlyPast during NDP 2015, I was very excited to watch and capture the performances of our RSAF in action over Marina Bay. On Saturday 20th June 2015, it was Combined Rehearsal (CR) 1 and the RSAF gave a glimpse of what is to come on NDP 2015, practising their moves in the combined rehearsals, preparing to celebrate give Singapore a big birthday present with her airshow and flypast on 9th August 2015.


Beside the traditional State Flag flypast, there will be

  • “Five Stars” Tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew executed by the RSAF Black Knights


  • The unprecedented “50” formation comprising of 20 F-16s


  • Aerial Bomb-Burst by RSAF Black Knights


  • Aerial flypast segment comprising various aircraft









  • Criss-Cross by RSAF Black Knights



  • Combat Turn by a solo F-15SG


  • Flat Burst: The finale performance by 3 F-15SGs


The New Paper has an informative article and infographic on the RSAF NDP 2015 aerial display details! Check out the link here for more in-depth information!

I was at the Jubilee Bridge for NDP 2015 CR 1 and it was a good spot to watch and photograph the RSAF SG 50 Flypast and aerial display! My Jensen Chua of Jensen Chua Photography managed to capture some awesome shots of the RSAF aerial display from the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park and it’s definitely a bird’s eye and it’s quite close to the flying altitude of the various performing aircraft! Maybe I should go up to Sky Park and get more different shots, angles and perspectives of the RSAF NDP 2015 SG50 aerial display!

With five more combined rehearsals before the preview parade and the National Day Parade 2015, I hope that I am able to capture more RSAF aerial display from other locations if possible and share with my readers.

F16 Black Knights at RSAF Open House 2008

For the aviation fans, this year 2008 was a great to take many different photos of airplanes. One of my memorable photography moments were taking our F16 Black Knights during this year’s NDP 2008 rehearsals.

I was there at the RSAF Open House 2008 on 30th August 2008 and Black Knight 1 was on display ! It definitely attracted a huge crowd and many of the F16 Black Knights pilots and ground crew were there and they also had a booth to showcase their videos and the names of the performance patterns that they adopted.
Do you remember the HEART shape a.k.a. the LOVE produced by the F16 Black Knights during NDP 2008 ? It is called FLAMING HEART ! They had the performance patterns printed nicely on the boards,  do drop by my photo collection of the F16 Black Knights and see the names of their performance patterns !
Keep a lookout for my post on the RSAF Open House 2008 !

NDP 2008 – From the Esplanade Bridge Part 1

On the 9th August 2008, Singapore celebrated its 43rd birthday at the Marina BayFront.

With many rehearsals leading up to this grand finale, I had been following them over the saturdays, giving me a good time to take different photographs from different locations, angles, perspectives and understanding the flight and performance pattern of the F16 Black Knights.

I was there about 2 hours before the pre-parade segment, managed to find a spot on the Esplanade Bridge. The weather looked great on one end, however, the Eastern side was dark and cloudy. Initially, I thought, it would be fine, the weather would clear soon but it wasn’t to be, soon dark rain clouds filled the skyline and started drizzling. As time goes by, nearing towards the start of the parade, it drizzled, stopped, drizzled, stopped and with strong windy conditions.


Nevertheless, the pre-parade segment commenced in the bad weather conditions. The erratic drizzle and poor weather didn’t deter the people to move off, even though there were significant movement on the Esplanade Theatre and waterfront. The Red Lions Parachuters had a very tough task on hand, with strong winds constantly changing in directions, we had to salute them for their courageous efforts and skills for giving Singapore’s 43rd Birthday a wonderful performance ! 


Even though the weather was slowly clearing, there were still the drizzle and stop situation. The Singapore Flag Fly Past came and everybody around the Esplanade was cheering it loud ! The bad weather wasn’t going to dampen the mood there !


Soon, the moment a lot of us had been waiting for. The F16 Black Knights flying in to salute the nation on its 43rd Birthday ! A grand finale performance after many hard hours of training. It was very popular with everybody there at the grounds and they were cheering for it even though the afterburner was really loud with their low level flying and high altitude climb. The best birthday gift was the HEART and everyone of us cheered !

Happy 43rd Birthday Celebrations !

NDP Preview 2008

After weeks of practice, it’s the time for the National Day Parade Preview 2008. I decided to head for the Suntec Convention Centre for the Ceremonial Flags Uncasing Ceremony first, being the Preview, it was the full dress rehearsal for the Grand Finale on 9th August 2008.



Besides the full uncasing ceremony procedures, the public watching the uncasing ceremony were given a short video presentation on the two giant television screens on the history of the ceremonial flags and colours, the importance and relevance in Singapore today. It was also an eye opener for me too, going back into the history and understanding our roots better. 

Thereafter, I took some photos of the Colour Party, Guard of Honour Contingent and supporting uniformed groups contingent marching towards the Marina Bay Front. Today’s security and road blocks were a lot stricter and safer, and it was more difficult to move across to the Esplanade. When I got to the Esplanade Bridge, I had already missed most of the pre-parade segment, the Red Lions Parachuters, jet-ski displays etc….. The crowds were getting bigger but not too jammed packed yet. 

I finally managed to find myself a spot on the Esplanade Bridge closer to the Esplanade and waited for the action to start. The weather was very good yesterday and it was very exciting to take photos of the National Flag Fly Past, Black Knights awesome aerial display in the clear blue sky ! 


After that, waited for the fireworks to start. It was a very windy day and tricky too. The smoke just kept on blowing into the direction of the Esplanade Bridge and some of my photos had a lot of smoke inside it ! We at the bridge were not spared from the ash of the expanded fireworks, it dropped on us due to the strong winds blowing towards the people on the bridge, it dropped on our clothes, hair and even landed into our mouth !!!!




It was a fitting grand finale of fireworks, very beautiful and Happy NDP Preview 2008 !

Do drop by my flickr site for NDP Preview 2008 photos !

Giant Love Heart

I had been taking the Giant Love Heart, produced by our awesome and talented F16 Black Knights, trying to get it as beautiful as possible.
iWalk, U2, a fellow travel blogger, suggested on my flickr that “it is the best moment to say “I Love You” to your girlfriend…… “
My dear readers, when you see the Giant Love Heart, remember to say the magic and beautiful words and spread LOVE to everybody !

A Different Shooting Location – A Different Perspective

On 12th July 2008, it’s National Education Show 2, another fun filled day of NDP 2008 rehearsal. I decided to drop down again and this time round, I decided I needed a different shooting location, to have a different perspective.

The location I decided to set up my camera and location was on the Esplanade Bridge, with a wide angle view of the Esplanade, Marina Bayfront and Merlion Park. I happened to bump into another fellow photographer, Billy, whom I met at Vivo last week.
A fresh challenge, different views, lovely opportunities. The weather today was excellent and the show was a lot more energetic and exciting, building up to our upcoming nation’s birthday.

Presenting to you, some of the selected photos of National Education Show 2, from the Esplanade Bridge.

Do check out my other photos on my flickr site !

Hope you all enjoy it ! Counting down to NDP 2008 !

Sneak Preview of an Upcoming Event

On the 21st June, I was finishing my window shopping at Suntec City and Marina Square, decided to cross over to the Esplanade to catch a glimpse of any rehearsals for our upcoming National Day event in August 2008.

I had to confess that I wasn’t disappointed and it was a mini-preview with the performances, parade, Black Knights display was really awesome ! I had a great time and very challenging time taking photos of the high flying and octane performances by the Black Knights !

For the photographers planning to capture the Black Knights performance, I would like to share some challenges I faced –

  • Changing background lighting from sunset to low light, must be ready to change your ISO accordingly
  • Very fast action, fast lense needed
  • Another DSLR with wide angle lense or digicam – to take the beautiful photo of the heart shape formed by the Black Knights, it is very challenging (not ideal) to change lenses when you are capturing the Black Knights in action
  • Your position on the parade itself, don’t be under the trees at the Esplanade, you would miss the action

Besides, I also caught a glimpse of the fireworks firing points and zone of the fireworks display in the Marina Bay and CBD skyline. It was a short display of fireworks but I was very happy to be able to view it !

Looking foward to the next few rehearsals and honing my photography skills to capture high speed flying performances ! Do drop by my photos site and have a look at the other rehearsal photos !