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Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2011

This is my 4th time attending, attending an ice cream festival here in Singapore, known as the Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2011, a time to taste different ice cream varieties from USA that are not available for the Singapore market. Looking back at the past 3 years, I remember Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest being held at various locations.

2008 – Fort Canning

2009 – Marina Barrage

2010 – Marina Promontory 

This year 2011, it’s held at the Marina Promontory, a good location overlooking the Marina Bay and it’s not too far away from Raffles Place MRT station. Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest is another great event for social media networking, asking the bloggers/social media/tweeples to gather, eat ice cream, relax and chit chat.

Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2011 is not just about eating Ben & Jerry ice cream flavours that are not available in Singapore, that’s many other booths set up to support local social causes and local businesses. Local rock bands were playing on the stage, providing live music entertainment, there were games for the crowds to play with and against each other, that’s also the booth for the mini-Vermonster, the cousin to the annual giant ice cream eating event at Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest whereby teams of 4 people form together to ferociously gobble down many scoops of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream in a big tub at the fastest time. This competition is always fun to watch and enjoy for the rest of the spectators while we are eating our Ben & Jerry ice cream.

A good time to catch up with friends from the social media/blog community, Philip, Serene, Daphne, Sue and Noel, met Catherine for the first time. I got myself 3 different scoops of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, chit chat and relaxing time there in the late afternoon. Till then, I shall once a while pop into Ben & Jerry outlets in Singapore to satisfy my craving for the exotic/unavailable Ben & Jerry Ice Cream!

It’s Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest Time !

Chunk Fest 2010, a time of the year whereby Ben & Jerry fans come together for a day of Ben & Jerry ice cream eating, outdoor party, fun, music and band performances. This year, it was held at The Promontory at Marina Bay, this is my 3rd year attending Chunk Fest and I am looking forward to this event !!

Together with fellow bloggers, Xinyun, Amanda, Chillycraps, Ted, we went for this fun event together, tasting ice cream, relaxing and enjoying ourselves. There were beautiful signboards by Ben & Jerry, that we all took up the boards, posed and had fun with them ! It was great with many of us shooting each other 🙂

I bought the Maple Blondie ice cream, nice however, it was a bit too sweet for me, had the chance to try out some other flavours on sale too ! Wandering around taking photographs, we waited and watched the Chunk Fest challenge – which team can finish eating 20 scoops of Ben & Jerry ice cream in the shortest time possible, this challenge never fail to amaze me, it’s always one of the highlights of the Chunk Fest !

A day of fun at Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2010, wasn’t able to catch the bands performing when I was there, do check out my photos on Flickr too !

Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2009 @ Marina Barrage

IMG_4563Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl – Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with a Thick Peanut Butter Swirl – Love chocolate? Love peanut butter? Then this must be the perfect concoction for you. Smooth, velvety milk chocolate ice-cream with thick, gooey swirls of peanut butter – nothing can be better than that!”

Mention the word Ben & Jerry ice cream and you would send many people from young to old, craving and eating them with great enthusiasm and delight. I am a fan of their ice cream and when Ben & Jerry’s in Singapore announced Chunk Fest 2009 to be held at the Marina Barrage, it attracted quite a lot of their fans coming to down for the “Exclusive” Ben & Jerry ice cream, that are not available in Singapore, imported from the U.S.A.


The event was held at the roof terrace of the Marina Barrage and it was a great ground for picnics, gatherings, kite flying, enjoying Ben & Jerry ice cream and a live music carnival with 5 other local bands coming together and performing at Chunk Fest 2009. Weather was good, it was hot and hazy, you could feel, sense and see the haze covering the Marina Bay and its surroundings. Nevertheless, it didn’t deter the fun from going on.


Walked around, enjoyed the atmosphere and carnival, selected 1 of the 12 Ben & Jerry ice cream, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl …… What can I say ….. It’s really delicious and lovely !! There were more activities ongoing during the entire event, didn’t get to catch all of them as I went around in the late afternoon, after 4pm.


I was having fun, relaxing and enjoying myself before something happened to Canon EOS 30D, suffered with an Error 99 code, all possible attempts were used to revive my workhorse Canon EOS 30D and it was to no avail, I am going to send it in to Canon Singapore Service Centre (AGAIN) for my 2nd Error 99 issue on the coming Monday morning. With that, my adventure at Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2009 was brought to an abrupt end.

Ben & Jerry Chunky Fest @ Fort Canning

Mention the word Ben & Jerry ice cream, it would most likely be a favourite food or dessert among us here and I do love their ice cream especially their milkshake.

Ben & Jerry organised an event called Chunky Fest @ Fort Canning on 6th December 2008, there were some Ben & Jerry ice cream imported into Singapore for our taste buds, along with other events there at the venue. Therefore, I decided to pop over to Fort Canning and take a look, it was raining and the slopes and grassland were muddy, resulting in muddy shoes, sandals, legs and clothes. 

When I saw the queue for the Ben & Jerry ice cream, it was quite a sight and I decided not to queue for the imported Ben & Jerry, give the exotic ones a miss this time round, still have the other lovely ice cream here ! Moving around, there was also an eating competition and it was really fun to watch them gobble down their ice cream. We probably excel in eating a lot of different food and Ben & Jerry ice cream is no exception !

There were also special bubbles at the side of the carnival ground, attracting many carnival participants to capture the bubble balloons and play with it ! Maybe future Chunky Fest needs to find bigger grounds to accommodate larger crowds !

Hope Chunky Fest come back again next year ! With more ice cream booths to shorten the queue, free ice cream for loyal supporters like us !!!