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Southern Ridges Canopy Walk – 11th July 2009

Today, on the 11th July 2009, we were part of something significant, writing a new chapter in Singapore history, whereby Australian Alumni Singapore, came together with different representatives and volunteers from various Australian Alumni Universities for a common goal, an event known as the

Southern Ridges Canopy Walk 2009 – Alumni Unite and Walk Together !


There was a great turnout and many alumni members of various Australian Universities as well as local Universities alumni, students of local institutions such as James Cook, Bristol and friends of alumni gathered at Mount Faber Car Park B, to collect their goodie bags and event t-shirt. With many different Universities Alumni banners, it was great to see participation from many different bodies coming together.


This wonderful event was graced by Mr Sam Tan, (Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts), Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC, who flagged off the event at 0815 hrs, with other distinguished guests too. The crowds started moving off with the banners in front leading the rest of the contingents and the rest of the people followed.

Rain came earlier than expected (it was expected in the afternoon) and it disrupted the participants walking off. Some chose to continue walking in the rain while some others chose to wait for the rain to cease for a while before carrying on with the walk. For UQAAS, some of the members chose to walk faster while the other half waited at Jewel Box for shelter and rain to stop. Once we saw the weather clearing, the rest of the UQAAS contingent continued our leisure walk, chatting and taking photos along the way.


We walked from Mount Faber to firstly Henderson Wave Bridge, Telok Blangah Hill Park, before going into the forest walk where the metallic bridges were and finally crossing Alexandra Arch into Hort Park, whereby most of the participants had already arrived. There were huge buzz and enjoying the light food and drinks at the Hort Park, networking with friends from other alumni, taking photos of Hort Park, relaxing and enjoying their Saturday morning walk. The weather turned sunny at Hort Park, clear weather and brightening up the day.


As for UQAAS, we had a number of group photos with our banner, having different poses and fellow UQAAS Ex-Co members coming forward to take photos, thus allowing me to be in the pictures for some of them. Do check out more photos here on my Flickr !


Overall, it was an awesome event and we were very proud and happy to be part of a new chapter, new friendships, new beginning, wider networking and of course, a part of Singapore’s history.

Arch of Rainbow Colours in the night

When the night sets in the sunny island of Singapore, there is an arch that emits different rainbow colours and lights up the roads and area around it..


This is known as the Alexandra Arch Bridge ~

The bridge, with its curved deck and tilted arch, spans across Alexandra Road like an opened leaf.”

Source : National Parks Singapore 


This bridge forms part of the Southern Ridges, one of the latest Singapore attractions for both locals and tourists, a stretch connecting different parks together and I was recalling my day and evening hike to the Southern Ridges Canopy Walk in May 2008, comprising of the Henderson Wave Bridge and Alexandra Arch.



It’s been a while since I went back there to take photos, finally I captured the arch of rainbow colours in the night ! For more photos, do drop by my Flickr !

Southern Ridges Discovery 2 – Henderson Wave Bridge


Following up from my previous post on the Southern Ridges Discovery, I walked over from the Alexandra Arch Bridge, into Forest Walk and reached Telok Blangah Hill Park. From this point, you could either start on the Hilltop Walk of Telok Blangah Hill Park or you could walk along the road with the signboards leading you to the Henderson Wave Bridge.

It was pretty crowded that day, saw many people of all ages, families, photographers, pets, cyclists, in the Southern Ridges parks. Hopefully, this would lead to more Singaporeans being more active in the outdoors and enjoy the greenery that we still preserved and appreciate that Singapore is not just a concrete jungle.

Upon reaching the Henderson Wave Bridge entrance, I was awed by the new icon of Singapore ! It was really beautiful and very well designed ! There were many people on the bridge, enjoying themselves. As I walked along the bridge, I was able to view many different sceneries of Southern Singapore, our heartlands, our sea and our central business district.

I slowly walked up and down, taking photos, saw many different photographers, around the evening time, when the sun was about to set, the sky was lighted up and many of us were at the Mount Faber Park side, taking photos of the sunset.

Singapore is a small country, however, we have our gardens, parks and beautiful sceneries that make us unique and special. Let’s all get into our outdoor gear, go out and enjoy trekking the bridges of the Southern Ridges Park and outdoors.

Do drop by my Flickr photo site for more photos of the Southern Ridges Discovery !

Southern Ridges Discovery – Forest Walk and Alexandra Arch Bridge

The landscape and terrain of Singapore is not just a country of flat land surrounded by the sea. She had its fair share of different hills and geographical terrains that offers Singaporeans and tourists an area of trekking and exploration.

In the Southern sector of Singapore, there were a few hills and ridges beside each other and they were separated by roads cutting through them. Recently, after extensive planning and action by URA Singapore, the Southern Ridges of Singapore were finally connected by bridges !

The Southern Ridges connects Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park, with 2 new iconic and prominent bridges spanning our Singapore skyline, namely Alexandra Arch Bridge and Henderson Wave Bridge.

Further information on “Discovering the Southern Ridges” can be found here and a copy of the Southern Ridges Map can be found here. I decided to explore a segment of the Southern Ridges today, and decided my start point to be Alexandra Arch Bridge. Once alighting from the bus service 51, I started taking my camera out and snapping photos!

It was something that I looked foward to and began walking up the elevated trail into Forest Walk, an area of secondary forest of Telok Blangah Hill. Nice and beautiful sceneries with lots of greenery, great to be back with nature and enjoying the fresh air, tranquility and peacefulness. Although, it was pretty active with lots of people trekking up and down the trail……

Although I couldn’t really see any wildlife, there were many different plants, leaves and flowers for us to learn something about nature out there along the trail. The route would be a very interesting and challenging for runners, narrow paths on certain sectors facing big crowds. Overall, it was really fun, tomorrow I would write up on my next segment of the Southern Ridges Discovery – Henderson Wave Bridge.

Do keep a lookout and meanwhile, do drop by my Flickr photos collection of the Southern Ridges Discovery !