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OBS Nature Appreciation Programme – Ubin Trail

The March one week school holiday break is a good time for the children, teenagers to have a good break and rest from their studies. This school holiday break is ideal for outdoors activities for the young adults, teenagers, young children and their families too. During the March 2016 holiday break, Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) organised a number of nature appreciation programme from 14th to 18th March 2016, there were all interesting and I managed to set aside time to join one of their nature appreciation programme, the Ubin Trail. The Ubin trail is a short, interesting, interactive and experiential nature walk, covering aspects of Ubin’s history, geography and ecology. The Ubin trail is very experiential in nature, with participants learning through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

We boarded the boat service from Punggol End jetty to OBS, it was a short ferry ride across the sea from mainland Singapore. Upon reaching OBS, I took a good look at the OBS facilities because this was my first time to OBS! Thereafter, we went into one of the training rooms for a short introduction and briefing on the Ubin Trail programme. At the training room, I was surprised to see a friend, Hang Chong, it was good to see him again! During our chat, I got to know that he would be one of the two instructors for the Ubin Trail. Immediately, I knew that the participants will be in good hands because Hang Chong is very experienced and knowledgable in nature and conservation. The other instructor is Mr Wong, very knowledgable and experienced in nature and conservation too!


After the introduction and briefing, the participants were split into two equal size groups. Since I knew Hang Chong personally, I decided to follow his group, consisting of a mix of teenagers, young children and their parents. The Ubin Trail was indeed experiential, the group had a number of hands on learning, through looking, hearing, smelling and touching the natural surroundings. Hang Chong was really awesome with the young children, they were attentive, participating and asking Hang Chong many questions on nature and conservation. From learning about the mangrove swamp, its importance and significance to finding rubber trees, tapping the rubber trees to see the sap flowing out from the tree bark, spotting spiders, civet cat poo and wild mushrooms, listening to the birds chirping inside the forest area. It was indeed an experiential nature experience for the group of teenagers, young children and their parents.



Around 2 hours of experiential Ubin Trail, the group headed back to OBS grounds, into the training room for a short debrief session. This was the time for a rest and tea break, to mingle and chat with friends. Being an outdoors person myself, it felt good to be back in the outdoors, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the nature and outdoors.



The Ubin Trail, is just one of the Nature Appreciation programmes organised by OBS for the school holidays. For parents with young children and teenagers, the Nature Appreciation programmes for the school holidays are definitely something to look out for, join in, participate and enjoy outdoors/nature activities! Keep a lookout for OBS events and programmes on their website! Here are some of the photographs that I took during Ubin Trail, go check them out on my Flickr photography collection!


I would like to thank OBS and NYC for inviting me along for the Ubin Trail programme, it was great, fun and enjoyable to be back in the outdoors, along with a mix group of teenagers, young children and their parents!

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Book, Kick and Earn @ Backick.com

I love to travel and visit many different places around the world, although till date, I haven’t travel as far away as I would love to! Armed with the power of social media channels and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, I get to know many new friends around the world who are like-minded like me, into photography, travel, leisure and recreation. How do you like the idea of combining your love for travel and social networking on Facebook and the result is backick.com, the world’s first hotel booking website where friends help pay for your travel.

Source: Photo courtesy of backick.com

What exactly is backick.com ? I was invited to their official launch event for backick.com and here’s my sharing of backick.com with everybody here. backick.com is the world’s first socially driven hotel booking website where friends help pay for your travel. With backick.com, “It pays to be popular” – totally! Taking an innovative approach to hotel booking, backick.com is a fun and social experience that allows you to monetise your social media friendships and build a self-propagating network of unbeatable hotel discounts and cash rewards.

Here’s a video of how easy it is with backick.com

Visit www.backick.com or connect with them on:

Source: Photo courtesy of backick.com 

Using backick.com is an innovative and interesting method to book your travel holidays. Your friends in your social networks and yourself  both gain rewards when making your hotel booking. Go to their websites and explore them further, share it with your loved ones and friends – Book, Kick and Earn @ backick.com !

Nature Society (Singapore) Public Walk @ Bukit Brown 24th Dec 2011

A lush beautiful and peaceful greenery tucked away close to the middle of Singapore, near her Central Catchment Area, affectionately known to the locals as Kopi Sua (in Hokkien) or 咖啡山, this is the Bukit Brown area. This area is of great importance and significance in our Singapore’s history and heritage, with many pioneers and philanthropists of early Singapore buried there.

With Singapore’s limited landspace and thirst for expansion, Bukit Brown is slated for re-development, firstly, with the building of roads across this area, supposing to ease the traffic woes around there. This is only the initial stage with future plans for Bukit Brown being further re-developed into areas for housing development. There was a public outcry, it wasn’t just affecting the dead people below the ground at Bukit Brown, we are destroying flora and fauna, wildlife and animal sanctuary, and most importantly history, heritage and culture.

I was also following the developments and discussions of the Bukit Brown, reading it online via the social media channels and decided to join Nature Society (Singapore) Public Walk @ Bukit Brown on 24th December 2011 morning, led by Hang Chong of NSS, who gave us a great tour and overview of history, heritage, wildlife, flora and fauna of Bukit Brown. When I was hiking around  with the rest of the group, the lush greenery is very tranquil and beautiful, the peace can hardly be found in modern cosmopolitan busy hectic Singapore.

This was also the time to learn more about our culture, heritage and history, we can do so much more in this few areas, it was an eye-opener for me, a reminder to myself, we must always keep on learning and never stop learning, in one area, learning from the forefathers of Singapore, with their entrepreneurship, philanthropy and giving it back to society is something so precious that no amount of monetary value can be placed on it and many of them are there at Bukit Brown.

You can do a part too, support the movements to preserve and save Bukit Brown, follow them on these 2 sites on Facebook

Save Bukit Brown Cemetery – The Roots of Our Nation

Heritage Singapore – Bukit Brown Cemetery 

We are not just preserving history, heritage and culture. We are also preserving a lush greenery belt that is a sanctuary for wildlife, flora and fauna and lastly an untouched green space in concrete Singapore. There are still much for me to photograph and document and I would plan to go back there soon again, to continue with the photojournalism coverage of Bukit Brown.

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Singapore F1 GP 2011

In its 4th year running, Singapore F1 GP 2011 strives to improve itself each and every year, for the drivers and spectators, thus giving me an avid F1 fan to come back year after year since its arrival into Singapore in the year 2008. Although I got my F1 pass late, it was worth it and I had a great time at the Singapore F1 GP circuit, an amazing night race around the heart of Marina Bay, with my Saturday pass for the 3rd practice and Qualifying session.

With an exciting entertainment program line-up of international singers and performers, making Singapore F1 GP unique and special from the rest of the other F1 circuits around the world, bringing Singapore to a spotlight around the world. However, I was more interested in the F1 cars in high octane speed action, more than the performers. Therefore, I was walking around and soaking in the carnival atmosphere, watching the F1 cars zooming pass me and trying to identify each and every F1 car, capturing them down on my Canon 1Dmk3 with my 70-200mm f4 L USM lens. The sports photography of Formula One is very demanding, on the equipment, to be of the high end level, along with experiences, skills and tips.

Do check out my Singapore F1 GP collection and recap the memories !




Starting off at Turn 13, at the Fullerton and Esplanade Bridge area, it was my favourite spot and it’s very crowded, having to squeeze in behind many rows of people and shooting the F1 cars with spectators heads in my photographs. After the practice session, I took a rest and enjoyed the cooling air-conditioning at the Esplanade before moving to Turn 8, near the Stamford Grandstand, another sweet spot for capturing F1 cars in action. Linked up with Renhao with his 300mm f2.8 lens and we were firing away during Qualifying Session.

While it was very challenging to capture the F1 cars in action, it gave me more experience than before and I would be planning to write my updated version of F1 Photography tips soon, looking forward into Singapore F1 GP 2012, I need to plan ahead, buy my 3 Days pass earlier and get the Premier Walkabout to capture F1 action from more angles, perspectives and locations in Singapore F1 GP ! There might be people out there who commented Singapore F1 GP is getting boring, personally, I think it will only get more exciting as we can see from 2010 and 2011, with more excitement on the rack circuit and more overtaking, with the F1 drivers getting more experiences on the Singapore F1 Marina Bay circuit!

Let’s all look forward to Singapore F1 GP 2012 !!



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Come Join mobiHunt 2009 !


Do you love your mobile phones, smartphones ? Do you love treasure hunt games such as an amazing race type ? Look no further !


For the 3rd year running, our national service portal NS.SG will be hosting the mobiHunt adventure – this is a fun-filled treasure hunt that will see participants relying on mobile technology to submit answers and receive clues in a bid to cross the finish line first.

mobiHunt 2009 is open to all NS Portal Lifestyle members who can simply log in to www.ns.sg to register for the event and a chance to win attractive prizes. Anyone can sign up for a free NS Portal Lifestyle membership, and not just NSMen. The event hopes to build better public awareness over the various mobile services available on the NS Portal, and also to deliver a fun-filled event day for family and friends. Here’s what’s going to happen:

· Using location-based solutions via MeSH (Mobile eServices Hub), all 80 participating teams will be guided throughout the race which flags off on 21st November ’09.

· Teams with the most questions answered correctly, in the shortest possible time, will stand a chance to win Fastest Challenge cash prizes totalling up to S$5000. All participants are also eligible for a Lucky Draw, with up to $2500 worth of prizes up for grabs.

· All successful registrants will also stand a chance to win a Blackberry mobile phone (Storm/Curve) with a total of 8 sets up for grabs.

· Prior to the event, all NS Portal Lifestyle members will also get a chance to participate in a ‘Predict the Winning Team’ contest on the ns.sg portal. Members can log in from 19th October to 20thNovember to guess the winners.

mobiHunt 2009 is open to all NSP Lifestyle members who can log in to www.ns.sg to register. Registration closes 30th September 2009.

Source : XPRNS Portal

Come on, join in the fun, folks !

Adventure at Army Open House 2009 !

The Army Open House 2009 is here once again, starting from 3rd September to 7th September 2009 at the Pasir Laba Camp, open from 9am to 7pm daily. This is a popular event for family members bringing their children to enjoy and learn about the 3rd Generation Army !


The weather today, 5th September was great, sunny weather and clear blue sky, it was a bit hot, however, perfect for all the activities and rides to take place without facing the constraints of bad or wet weather. There were 7 different worlds for all and they are

=> Our World => Mission World => Combat World => Battle World => Action World => Future World => Fun World

Do drop by the Army Open House 2009 Website for more information of the 7 Worlds !


I went walking around and taking photos, enjoying the fun and reminiscing my days in the military service whereby I am considered a 2nd Generation Army and the equipment and technology that all of us are viewing belongs to the 3rd Generation Army ! Overall, technology had greatly improved not only our daily life, it had also improved the fighting capabilities of the Singapore Armed Forces, with their high tech toys and equipment ! Lots of action at the Action World, saw 2 displays of Homeland Security Show and Red Lions Free Fall, Silent Precision Drill and K9 Dog Show, it was fun watching various performances !!



Went into Mission World and Our World, it showed the history and development of the Singapore Armed Forces, how much SAF had matured till today and the crucial roles, aid duties and missions that were taken upon with huge responsibilities and commitment around the world, helping countries in need or in support of United Nations international efforts and missions. Singapore showed the world that being a small country does not prevent us from contributing to the international community, and by informing Singaporeans on where and what the Singapore Armed Forces are helping out worldwide, it’s a great lesson for us to learn about humility, appreciating the things around us in Singapore, counting our blessings and to help out people who are less well off around the world.



Do drop by on the 6th and 7th September 2009 at the Army Open House 2009 and enjoy yourself, it would bring back many many memories for the boys !! For more photos of the Army Open House 2009, do drop by my Flickr Photos !!!