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SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition

Instagram … I have long been wanting to share my stories and adventures using this wonderful application. It all probably started with the trend of using smartphone as our daily camera that we can carry around to snap daily photographs of our daily life and surroundings, with more users having a smartphone, along with improved camera phone technology, supported by many application developers designing many camera applications, smartphone photography or iPhonegraphy is the new phenomenon.

Imagine yourself with a polaroid camera, taking instant photographs and giving it away or sharing it with your friends and loved ones. This was how Instagram came about, read more about their story here! Capturing the magical moments/places/events and sharing it instantly with various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr!

Being an avid (or hardcore) Instagram user, I love the various filters available and it’s a great way to go on a happy go lucky street photography shoot, making new friends from all over the world through my Instagram photographs and sharing. Instagram users have also form their own photography/social community in their respective cities and countries. A testimonial to Instagram, the growth, expansion and phenomenon, in Singapore, we are having SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition, to celebrate Singapore, in its daily life, people, places and food. This exhibition will be held at National Library Singapore.

More details here –

SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition

Venue : Level 8 – Promenade in National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street

Date : Saturday Sep 17, 2011 – Sunday Oct 30, 2011

Time : 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Do visit this interesting Instagram Exhibition if you have the opportunity, to view the works/views/perspectives of how Singapore is seen through the eyes of her people. Instagram is all about fun, taking photographs and sharing with your friends and loved ones. Look no further and welcome to the world of Instagram ! Check out my Instagram Photographs collection on Flickr!


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Playing with iPhone App – Pudding Camera ver 1.0

Pudding Camera ver 1.0, an iPhone App that has a unique name in English, something different that I found in the iTunes Store recently with a great deal of interest and I was very curious about this iPhone Photography App.

It’s designed by Korean KT Hitel and the words inside the app is all in Korean, for someone like me who doesn’t know how to read and write the Korean language, it’s a very big struggle ! I just depend on trying out the various camera shooting modes inside the app and I am pretty impressed ! The Korean website link is here and it is quite useful, with the different camera and film types.

While I am still exploring the full features of the Pudding Camera iPhone app, here’s the link that you can download it on iTunes Store. Now sharing a few photos

Do try it out & have fun shooting with Pudding Camera ver 1.0 !