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Citi Mobile Event @ Charly’s T

A night of eating, networking and learning more about Citi Mobile, thanks to Claudia, Diana and Kris, the lovely folks of 24seven and Citibank Singapore. Held at Charly’s T with nice food and great crowds, good to see familiar faces again, chatting with them and enjoying ourselves. The friendly staff of Citibank were there to introduce and update us on the revamped Citi Mobile application.

Screenshot photographs courtesy of Citibank Singapore.

The interface is great, nicely revamped and easy to use. Take a look at their main page, different icons available, each providing great and ease of information for you to do your shopping, transaction and even research ! We tried it out during that night and it was pretty cool and user friendly ! Download the Citi Mobile App & have fun using it !

Food was great, with their roasted chicken and meats selection, their sandwich rolls were nice too and it was nice to try them out and take lots of photos ! In between food and chatting, there were games and lucky draw too ! I wasn’t any of the winners and would have to wait for my luck in lucky draws again next time !

Oh by the way, have you heard of the Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Contest ? Read it here and find out more about this exciting contest and prizes !

Do check out the wonderful photographs taken by Kris of 24seven !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Are You with me into Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest ?

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Are you Citibank Singapore in Facebook fan? If you are not a fan yet, look no further! Firstly join them now! Exciting games and prizes await you fans!

Look no further, how about taking photos, submit and stand a chance to win air tickets ? An opportunity to win A Trip to Anywhere in the World with Bank Anywhere Photo Contest! Doesn’t it sound exciting? All you have to do is snap a photo of an interesting place of unusual situation where you can bank with Citi Mobile, submit to Citibank Singapore in Facebook fan and rally your family, relatives and friends to vote for your submitted photo!

Being a photographer myself, let me share with you some tips and ideas on how to take photos with any mobile phone showing the Citi Mobile Home Page.

Tips and Ideas
(1) Look around for interesting and creative logos, signboards, words, sentences.
(2) Let your creative juices flow in your heart, observe and seek the theme through your eyes
(3) Think out of the box and you never know what interesting and unique photographs you would be able to compose
(4) Think of themes, sentences or quotes on how using Citi Mobile would help you when you are facing situations such as “I need to find a restaurant for my partner and thanks to Citi Mobile Gourmet Pleasures, everything is solved!”
(5) Don’t forget personal safety, be mindful of your surroundings when taking photographs for Citi Mobile Photo Contest
(6) Get another fellow friend to join in the fun too! Take photographs together and enter the contest together!
(7) Please remember to have the Citibank Singapore Mobile Login Page Screen included in your photograph submission when you shoot !
(8) Enjoy and have lots of fun using Citi Mobile!

I have submitted 3 photos to Citibank Singapore in Facebook, do check them out and remember to vote for me too! Drop me a note too and I would also vote for your photographs that you submit for the Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest too!

What are you waiting for? See you there at Citibank Singapore in Facebook!

Come Join Citi Mobile Photo Contest !

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Communications and information technology today, make the world a more inter-connected place with your friendly and high tech smartphone, allowing you and me to access many applications, functions and services on the move, locally and around the world.

Citi Mobile, an application and feature, available on your smartphone, has arrive into your daily life, whereby you can Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile, allowing easy access to your Citibank account online, ATM / Branch Locator, Citi World Privileges, Gourmet Pleasures and Promotions. Download the Citi Mobile application on your smartphone now ! It’s really useful !

For more details and updates on the latest happenings and promotions, check out Citibank Singapore in Facebook ! Would you like to win a trip to Hong Kong weekly ? Yes, you have a chance ! Just by becoming a fan on Citibank Singapore in Facebook !

Here are the details of the Weekly Draw dates:

Draw 6 : 15 Oct

Draw 7 : 22 Oct

That’s not all ! That’s also an opportunity to win A Trip to Anywhere in the World with Bank Anywhere Photo Contest ! All you have to do is snap a photo of an interesting place of unusual situation where you can bank with Citi Mobile, submit to Citibank Singapore in Facebook and rally your family, relatives and friends to vote for your submitted photo ! There are other wonderful prizes to be won too !

Here’s the submission process !

Do take note of the dates :

Photo submission: 14 Sep to 25 Oct 2010

Shortlisting: 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2010

Voting: 2 Nov to 15 Nov 2010

Results: 18 Nov 2010


Folks, don’t wait anymore ! Start using Citi Mobile and snap your photos away to a wonderful holiday overseas and win attractive prizes ! Good luck and all the best ! Happy Citi Mobile Banking ! Join Citibank Singapore in Facebook page and sign up !

Chris Ling Photography Workshop by 24seven

When I was visiting IAC with 24seven folks, Kris told me about a photography organised by Chris Ling and my first reaction was WOW & I signed up for the workshop !

For those into wedding photography (for to be married couples or fellow photographers), Chris Ling is a very talented wedding photographer whose reputation speaks for himself. Personally, I see Chris Ling as one of the pioneers in wedding photography and highly respect his photography artwork. Therefore, with this workshop, it was great to hear from Chris himself on his experiences, journey, photography skills, mindset and perspective sharing.

I had the honour, opportunities and privilege to learn from different professional photographers in my photojournalistic journey, Chris Ling Photography Workshop did give me a better understanding of wedding photography and photography business management. With fellow photography enthusiasts, it was fun sharing and learning from Chris himself, we also had the chance to explore his studio and setup, all of us had fun shooting, especially his special room of retro/vintage treasures that wedding couples could use for a retro/vintage photography shoot !

Had a great night of fun, sharing, learning and shooting photography ! A big thanks to Chris Ling, Claudia, Kris and Diana from 24seven for making this workshop possible ! Check out my other photos here on Flickr !

Fun Night of BBQ, Games & Friendship by 24seven

After a fun Hat-py Party 2009 on 30th Dec 2009 organised by 24seven, another fun event was on the way with a fun night of BBQ, Pot Luck, Games, making new friends/bloggers & networking at Aloha Loyang Chalet on 13th Jan 2010 !

Arriving at around 645pm, I was quite early because the BBQ was supposed to start at 7pm, therefore, relaxed & chatted with Hisham, Ee Von, Diana. As part of the pot luck, I contributed 2 bottles of ice wine to the bar counter managed by Ee Von. Thereafter, the other folks arrived, Kris & Yusri started the fire and I hanged around chatting with them. More bloggers soon started coming in and the fun began to build up, from different age groups and blogging interests, food was being cooked on the BBQ pit, cooked food such as pizza, fried rice and noodles were available, along with tidbits & chocolates.

Saw some familiar faces as the crowds started building up, got to know more bloggers/friends and during this BBQ event, didn’t take much photos, spent more time eating, chatting, drinking and having fun ! There were other bloggers there too with their DSLRs & they would definitely take more photos than me, looking forward to their photos ! Didn’t take much photos, do check out some of my photos here on Flickr !

What would be an outing/gathering/event without a group photo ?

After this group photo event, there were games such as Monopoly Deal & Mahjong while others were eating & relaxing outside. Soon, it was time to make a move for home, missed the last train from Pasir Ris MRT Station by around 5 minutes and took a taxi home instead.

A Big Thank You to the lovely folks, Claudia, Diana, Kris & Ee Von of 24seven for organising this fun night ! It was awesome !!

I had a GREAT time at 24seven Year End Blogger Hat-py Party 2009!

The year 2009 had been an interesting year for me, especially the opportunities and growth in the social media networking and publicity of my photoblog. To sum it up, an invitation to a Year End Blogger Hat-py Party organised by 24seven, a social media company (that I had the opportunity to work together with during the recent Snap Snap Photography Outing) in Singapore.

The theme was Hat-Py and the bloggers had to attend with a crazy hat ! I was stressed out because I couldn’t find my Aussie Bush hat and was busy with my actual day wedding shoot for my friend over 2 days before the Hat-py Party. Luckily I was able to borrow a cowboy hat from my colleague Viktor and avoided the “punishment” for being a naughty blogger attending the party without a hat !!

Venue was the Glass Hall at Singapore Art Museum, a great place with history and significance, great atmosphere and many bloggers of different backgrounds, interests and age band 🙂 Reached there slightly early before the official registration with and met the lovely folks of 24seven, Claudia, Diana, Ee Von and finally met Kris in person for the first time! While waiting for the event to start, viewed the paintings in the Glass Hall before going for the food.

Event officially started with Benjamin being the Master of Ceremony and Claudia giving the welcome speech, a game of “tasks” allowing us to visit the exhibition gallery behind the Hall, lucky draws, bingo and band performances by Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee, 2 great bands that provided awesome live music and songs to the bloggers ! Took the chance to know more bloggers and nice knowing you folks there ! Some great prizes for the lucky draw by kind sponsors, however, I didn’t win anything……

Hat-py Party came to an end with group photos of the bloggers and it continued with lots of photo taking 🙂 More photos of the event can be viewed here in my Flickr !

I would like to dedicate a Big THANK YOU to the lovely folks of 24seven for organising the Year End Blogger Hat-py Party ! Well done folks !

I went Snap Snap November Outing !!

14th November 2009 would mark a significant day for me, what makes this day special and unique ? This day marked my maiden joint project with 24seven, a social media agency, organising the Snap Snap November Outing, details were also posted inside Singapore Blog Press~”Snap Snap November Outing”, a photography walkabout to the following locations in Singapore –


– Dairy Farm Nature Park

– Singapore Quarry

– Clementi Railway

We all gathered at King Albert Park McDonalds, waited for the various bloggers/photographers to join up and it was fun to be involved in social media networking with bloggers and going out for outings together such as the Snap Snap November Outing. Transport was arranged by 24seven and it was really useful to get us from location to location, thus giving us more time to enjoy ourselves and take lots of photographs.


Our 1st stop was Dairy Farm Nature Park, a recently opened Nature Park area whereby a relatively unknown part of Singapore history was preserved in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. An old warehouse was preserved and restored into a museum and classroom for students, cow sculptures showed visitors the heritage and history of dairy farm. While the Snap Snap group was hiking from Car Park B to Wallace Education Centre, they soon brought out their cameras and started happily snapping away ! Being the “tour + photography” guide today, I wasn’t able to take as many photographs today, having to lead the route, sharing about the history and photography tips too. The old PUB store room was a popular spot there and many of the Snap Snap Outing photographers were mesmerised by an old monument.


Next stop is the Singapore Quarry, our bus took us from Car Park B to Jalan Asas, near to Rail Mall car park. It was a short walk from the Asas Entrance to the Singapore Quarry, when we were inside walking up the hill, we were surrounded by forests while we were able to see “civilisation” such as private residences and sounds of vehicles. It dawned upon us that Singapore does have interesting locations for us to visit and it would definitely attract both locals and tourists ! That’s why S’pore Discovery Centre organised an online contest known as SG Tidbits 365 to discover more of Singapore’s hidden secrets and gems ! Upon reaching Singapore Quarry, we took the time to relax and enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of Singapore along with lots of photographs !


Our next stop was Clementi Railway track, in the Sunset Way region, the highlight of the Snap Snap November Outing schedule. The railway track is no longer in operation and it’s an historical monument of Singapore, although it was quite close to the road, trekking up proved a bit tricky with the wet weather causing the slopes and grass to be wet, muddy and slippery. Once up on the track, excitement grew and we all went forward to the railway track and started snapping happily away ! Since it was quite high up and above the river below, along with rusty metal planks and railings, wooden blocks on the railway track itself showed its wear and tear over the ages. Nevertheless, the group of photographers/bloggers were pro-active with a bit of hesitation to walk a bit more out and took many different photos. Do check out more of my Flickr photos from Snap Snap November Outing !!

For a greater understanding on the history of the Clementi Railway. do drop by Lam Chun See’s blog post and Second Shot-Same Place Just Different Time blog post ! Have a read of their interesting and comprehensive write up of the historical Clementi Railway !


This being the 1st Photography Walkabout, I hoped everybody there enjoyed themselves today ! First and foremost, I would like to thank 24seven, especially Claudia and Ee Von for giving me this joint event opportunity ! Of course, I would like to thank all those who came today for the Snap Snap November Outing, you were the wonderful bloggers/photographers that made it fun and enjoyable !!!


Thank you all and hope to do another Snap Snap Outing again !

Do check out fellow Snap Snap Outing Photographers/Bloggers posts !

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The Keropok – Singapore Daily Photo ~ “Old Jurong Line – Railway at Sunset Way

The Keropok – Singapore Daily Photo ~ “Hidden Rails of Clementi”

Join Me & 24seven in Snap Snap Outing !


Let me pose some questions to you, how much do you know about Singapore ? What “hidden” secrets could there be in Singapore, food, places of interest ? S’pore Discovery Centre, is organising a campaign and competition on finding and unveiling Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets known as SG Tidbits 365, whereby there is a photography competition/online contest whereby –

  1. Discover an little interesting little known fun fact that is unique to Singapore, it could be a place, person or thing which not many people know about.
  2. Shoot a photo or video and write about it !
  3. Submit online to SG Tidbits 365 Online Contest and you could stand to win great prizes !

Screen shot 2009-11-07 at PM 01.21.38Photo Source : SDC Website

In conjunction and collaboration with 24seven, a social media agency of great fun, friendly and loving folks, we are organising a Snap Snap November Outing, led by myself and we would be having a photography walkabout. The details are as follows :

Date : 14th Nov 2009 Saturday

Time : 1500 hrs to 1900 hrs

Walkabout Route

– Diary Farm Nature Park

– Bukit Timah Hill / Nature Reserve

– Clementi Railway Track

Do drop by Singapore Blog Press for further details and register with them !

See you all folks for this Photography Walkabout ! I would like to thank Claudia, Diana, Ee Von and Kris from the wonderful folks at 24seven !

Let’s all have fun ! Take many many many photographs of Singapore !