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Gardens By The Bay – A Special Preview

From her journey since her independence in 1965, to the current status as a world cosmopolitan city living, Singapore prided herself as a Garden City, with many trees, flowers and grassland in the midst among the concrete jungle, especially along the roads and living community areas. Visitors to Singapore are amazed at the greenery within such a small land space along with her highly densely populated land usage.

In June 2012, Singapore will see an even bigger, better and more beautiful change to her greenery and garden space, Singapore’s paradigm shift is from “Garden City” to “City in a Garden”, a brand new holistic landmark to welcome the new “City in a Garden”, ladies and gentlemen, presenting Gardens By The Bay.

Along with the 20th World Orchid Conference held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, visitors to the World Orchid Conference are able to visit the Gardens By the Bay for a special preview, behind Marina Bay Sands, at the former Marina South Park. Even at this junction in time, Gardens By The Bay is not fully completed, visitors to the Gardens By The Bay – Bay South were not left disappointed and many were mesermised by aura, beauty, greenery and abundance of different trees and flowers from different parts of the world.

Visitors first impression walking over from Marina Bay Sands was the landscape beauty, walking along the DragonFly Bridge, visitors would see the DragonFly Lake before entering into the various Heritage Gardens comprising of

– The Malay Garden

– The Indian Garden

– The Chinese Garden

– The Colonial Garden

SuperTree Grove

Do you notice a few very special structure that stands out, it’s very unique and specially designed ? They are known as the SuperTree Grove, 25m to 50m high, they are your Gardens in the air, vertical gardens, showcasing tropical flowering climbers, epiphytes and ferns. Another awesome beauty is, when the night falls, they will come alive with very beautiful lightings and projected media.

The Conservatory Complex, 2 unique and beautiful architectural icons – Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, the Flower Dome was opened for visitors to enter and they were treated to a magnificent beauty of different Gardens within the Flower Dome Garden. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions like South Africa and Europe countries such as Spain and Italy. The Flower Dome is a VERY AMAZING icon, over 3,332 glass panels of different shapes and sizes made this so beautiful, unique and special!! With the following Gardens inside the Flower Dome

– Californian Garden

– Olive Grove

– Flower Field

– The Baobabs

– Succulent Garden

– Mediterranean Garden

– South American Garden

– Australian Garden

-South African Garden

This is just like many different beautiful oasis of plants, trees, flowers and natural beauty within a giant oasis! When the Gardens By The Bay is officially opened in June 2012, it will only get more beautiful and definitely an iconic Garden Landscape in the region and around the world too! Stay tuned of Gardens By The Bay development with updates from the Gardens By The Bay website, National Parks Singapore and Marina Bay Singapore Facebook. Do check out my special preview photos on Flickr !

I am looking forward to June 2012, to warmly and officially welcome the grand opening of Gardens By The Bay !!!


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20th WOC World Orchid Show Singapore 2011

Orchid, Singapore’s National Flower, an iconic symbol for Singapore around the world. Hosting the Orchids Olympics here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the 20th WOC World Orchid Show Singapore 2011 is hosted by Singapore from 13th November to 20th November 2011, organised by National Parks Board (NParks) and Orchid Society of Southeast Asia (OSSEA), with more than 75 stunning displays showcasing the world’s finest and most gorgeous orchids and hybrids, totaling over 50,000 orchids, of about 5,000 varieties, from 19 countries.

The 20th World Orchid Show Singapore 2011 reinforces our reputation as a Garden City, and Singapore is the only Asian City that has the rare privilege of hosting the World Orchid Conference for the 2nd time. This also shows us as a cosmopolitan city for conventions and exhibitions too. Entering the 20th World Orchid Conference at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, it’s so special, compared to the Singapore Garden Festivals held in 2006, 2008 and 2010, that I attended before.

It’s not about how big the size this Orchid Conference is being held here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the total number of orchids and varieties will blow you away, especially for those who love orchids and photographers who love the awesome opportunities to capture about 5,000 varieties of the beautiful and gorgeous orchids on display! The crowds were huge, from young to old, locals and international tourists, all admiring the orchids on display, smelling the sweet fragrance and aroma of the orchids, taking many photographs.

The theme for 20th WOC 2011 is “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet”, this definitely lives up to its reputation, with the number of orchids and hybrids on display. A photographer who loves to capture flora and fauna, this is a dream come true! I was actively finding and photographing the orchids, trying to get each and every different types of orchids and hybrids on display at the 20th WOC, a very challenging personal photography journey for me at 20th WOC Singapore 2011. Besides the orchids and hybrids on display there is a market place for visitors to buy their orchids and related products, with about 80 vendors from our local Singapore market and 17 countries/regions.

The 20th WOC World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011 is on facebook, do drop by and check them out! My photos taken at the 20th WOC Orchid Conference Singapore 2011 is uploaded here on Flickr! As you enter and leave the 20th WOC Conference, there is a giant signboard that said “Have You Found Your Little Piece of Paradise?” Have you found it ?

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