6 thoughts on “Project P : Pay It Forward”

  1. This project is about how helping people and this expression/quote is about doing/giving a good turn and to be repaid by having it done to others instead (from Wikipedia).

    Do drop by my post here, http://www.tangenghui.com/personal-development/pay-it-forward , and you would have a better insight into why we Pay It Forward !

    I took some photos to be part of my organisation’s project, and I believe you can carry on the spirit of Pay It Forward !

  2. I’ve just gone over to your “Homepage”. Thanks for this cute little post..made me curious…and brought me there. Pls read my comments for you there.

    Hey…by the way, I was just interested in your EC only…at first… Look what has brought me into!!

  3. Just my two cents. How about doing good but not expecting anything in return? I believe the world needs more of this kind of people 🙂

  4. Hi JessQ

    Thanks for dropping your EC and interested in my Project PIF post !

    Do drop by again !

  5. Hi Mei Teng

    You got it spot on !

    Doing something good without expecting anything in return !

    Yes, the world needs a lot more of these wonderful people !

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