5th August 2006 – Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006 – Team Italy

The month of August consists of many celebrations for Singapore National Day on 9th August. There would always be great fireworks display held at the Marina Bay area and it will definitely attract big crowds to the Esplanade, Fullerton area and Benjamin Sheares Bridge area.

The first fireworks display was by Team Italy on 5th August 2006. A bunch of us colleagues went down and joined in the crowd and enjoyed the fun ! We bought takeaway Burger King from Millenia Towers and proceed our way to the Esplanade. It was already quite crowded and we had a tricky time finding a good location to set up my DSLR and space to cater to us folks.

Finally, we managed to settle down at the end of the Esplanade footpath area, an “open air” area. I prepared my DSLR set up w/ tripod and remote control switch while the rest of the boys munched away their burgers and fries. I did not take the pictures of them eating though….

The fireworks started off at 2100 hrs by His Excellency, President Nathan, of the Republic of Singapore. Watching fireworks is always one of my favourite activities and I will always enjoy it thoroughly. Overall, as I was still inexperienced in taking fireworks pictures, the pictures did not come out that good. Nevertheless, I would have learned from this wonderful fireworks, and improved on my skills. Do keep a lookout for my 2nd set of fireworks festival display by Team Singapore.

Just my humble pictures (pardon the distractions) ……

Dragon Chapter 1st Social Activity – Bowling session at Mount Faber Safra

The Dragon Chapter Committee organised our 1st social gathering and activity for the old boys of Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts. It was a bowling session at Mount Faber Safra and we had lots of action in our bowling and chit chat session.

Most of us played 2 games and the person with the most points got a treat from the person with the lowest points (siew mai , fan choy), so much fun and laughter and the excitement and fear of not being the person with the lowest points !

Mark was awesome with his pre-bowling stance and concentration before he bowls the ball, Hongliang was estatic when he got a strike, jumping up and down !

We, the Dragon Chapter Committee would be looking foward to organise more social acitvities for the old boys and we are strongly enouraging all the old boys to keep a lookout for our activities schedules. Looking at our photos , we have old boys from different batches and era, coming down together and reuniting the spirit of Dragon Scouts. It was deja vu for all of us and there were lots of fun , chatting, catch up with old friends and making new friends.

To all the old boys reading and looking at the photos, I hope that I would be able to stir up the Dragon Scout spirit in you and come join us !

Looking foward, there are some Dragon Scout Troop activities and I am especially looking foward to Dragon Scout Day on 12 August 2006. I would be going down early to take photos for the Dragon Scout Troop and their activities, bringing back many many wonderful memories for me (and for all of you old boys too !). Please do drop by on that morning and have fun together with the new and old Dragon Scouts !

On top of that , we do have something really nice that the old boys would like and be able to identify with. Do come down and the mystery would be revealed to all of you old boys !

Onward, Dragon Scouts!

Take The City Walk – 29th July 2006

I was asked by my friends to join in the “Take The City Walk”, a charity walkathon, on 29th July 2006 organised by TOUCH Community Services.

TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organisation and they aid people from all races and religions. Further details on the TOUCH Community Services, who they are and what they do, could be found in their webpage

TOUCH Community Services

This event was organised in conjunction with our National Day celebrations 2006 and it was held at the Padang. There were 2 routes for the charity walkathon, Red route or Green route.

Route Map

We were taking the Green route and we gathered at the Padang for warm up and preparation for the walk. Once we were ready, we were flagged off by the Guest of Honour, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

There were lots of people there from all different ages, race and religious faith. We started our fun walk, enjoying the morning sun and friendly, carnival atmosphere. The Green route consists of walking inside the Central Business District and it was really peaceful on a saturday morning.

Eric and I walked pretty fast ahead of the rest of the pack and we had a good chat to catch up on old times when we were Boy Scouts together with Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts, how time flies …

Returning to the Padang, Eric and I went to take our photos for the 4 Million Smiles Project. We took a rest, enjoyed the carnival at the Padang, met up with Sam, one of the official photographers there. After the rest of the pack joined back, we proceed to Tiong Bahru Market for lunch and had a good meal there.

At the end of the day, it was a really wonderful and enjoyable event, let us all remember as we advanced in prosperity and wealth, we must not forget our fellow people who has not catch up with us yet.

Quick updates on my photojournalism

G’day folks,

Big thanks to all who reads and views my photojournalism site. I am happily writing on my photography activities, events and gatherings.

This work-in-progress is still in the infant stage before it can reach the desired style and format that I based for my blog. “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step” …… I would be looking to become a travel journalist for sports, outdoor reacreation, travel magazines (freelance contributor).

Looking ahead, I would be keen to start some small projects for my photography interest:

(1) Studio Portraiture Courses (will learn from Jeff when they start the class)
(2) Taking photos and forming a collage book / year book (any takers?)
(3) Producing my own portfolio of photos for display
(4) Finding photographers to do theme shoots e.g. Fireworks, Historical Buildings etc
(5) Dragon Chapter and Dragon Scout Group activities
(6) Establishing partnerships with professional photographers
(7) Learning the importance and steps for post-processing towards commercial printing

Presently, my equipment list is quite a powerful combination and I would be keen to add the following lenses, accessories and camera bodies:

(1) EF 70-200mm F4 L USM
(2) EF 100mm F2.8 USM Macro
(3) Canon 580EX Flash
(4) Lightsphere
(5) Tripod
(6) Canon EOS 1D Mk II N or EOS 30D

Last but not least, thanks for reading, folks !

Dinner Gathering @ Simpang Bedok

Date: 28 July 2006
Venue: Eating venue known as Simapang Bedok

It’s been a while since we went out for our regular supper outings with live football matches to watch. We would probably be doing it again once the EPL new season kicks off in a few weeks time.

This gathering was meant to celebrate my colleague’s birthday (Raymond, very nice person, very popular, “master in suaning”) and to eat nice delicious food there. We usually eat at our favourite outlet Spitz and the Roti John is really awesome !

We had lots of different kinds of food and drinks, ate until quite filling and on top of that, we also have a chocolate birthday cake as well. At the end of the session, we were quite filled up with food and I was feeling fat….

Lots of fun , lots of food ….. great fun and laughter, jokes (on me) ….. planning future trips ? catch up with friends …

Total Eating Cost: $140 (I think so?)
Experience & Fun & Friendship & Bonding: Priceless beyond words

For everything else, let the pictures do the talking ………

Dinner Gathering with my cousins

We had a sumputious and delicious buffet dinner at this restaurant called Straits Cafe @ Hotel Rendezvous.

Great to catch up with all and have a good hearty dinner, especially my nieces Charmaine and Charlene. Some of the food was lovely, I just loved sashimi salmon and smoked salmon, they do have nice cakes, pastries and desserts.

Didn’t took a lot of photos but there were a few nice photos for memories.

Hope you all enjoyed it !

Team Retreat @ Bintan Lagoon Resort Day 3

Day 3

Time to go back to Singapore, feeling tired from the late night World Cup Semi-Final between Germany and Italy. Had a quick breakfast, wash up and pack up, before heading to the hotel lobby for check out.

After dropping off our luggages in the storage room, we started walking around to explore the resort. Walking towards the beach, it was a very beautiful afternoon, clear blue sky, white sandy beach and the awesome sea. I love the beach and resort lifestyle, influenced during my uni days in Queensland, Australia, whereby I visit Gold Coast, one of the best beaches in the world. Words can’t describe it easily, take a look at the pictures I took and I hope you all enjoy the sceneries too !

After exploring, we took the shuttle bus to the jetty and started shopping before boarding the ferry back to Singapore. I would be looking foward to visit the island resorts again, enjoying the peace, tranquility, sea and water sports.

Now, it’s back to work.

Team Retreat @ Bintan Lagoon Resort Day 2

Day 2 @ Bintan Lagoon Resort Villa

All of us pretty woke up late from our extended mahjong session. It was really late morning when we got up for our breakfast and we just got ourselves prepared for our team meeting and arrival of our 2 other team colleagues, Garry and Noelle.

Picking them up from the main resort lobby, we proceed back to our villa for our team meeting. It was a time for reflection, goal settings for the next 6 months and team sharing. Overall, it was good for the team to know about each other and create a stronger unity and friendship.

After the meeting, we travel to a location called Pasar Oleh Oleh using the bus shuttle service provided for the Bintan Resorts network, it is located near the jetty and they have food, tidbits, clothings, artwork etc etc…. Nothing much for me to buy, but interesting to look around the area.

We then boarded another bus shuttle service to tour the other resorts on the northern side of Bintan. Alighting at Mana Mana Beach Club, we walked around the beach resort, admiring the beautiful coastline and sandy beach. As we were keen to get into some fun and action at the sea, a group of us decided to go for the banana boat. It’s actually a double inflated dinghy tubes and pulled by a speed boat.

The ride was really really very fun, but with a fully stomach of fried kway teow and a can of beer. My tummy could not take it and I was suffering from a “washing machine” stomach. Therefore, during the fast ride, I was feeling very bad inside my tummy….. sometimes asking the girls in front of me to ask the speed boat to slow down ….. Lousy me ! Ann was laughing at me when she caught hold of why I kept on asking the banana boat to slow down ….. embarrassing I have to say ….. During the ride, the speed boat drove so fast and our banana boat flipped into the air ! We dropped into the sea and floated around for a while before climbing back on to return back to the shore. Reaching the shore was a relief, my tummy just doesn’t feel too good …..

Taking a quick rest at Mana Mana Beach Resort and enjoying the sunset, we waited for the shuttle bus to return to Pasar Oleh Oleh to buy dinner back to our villa. The rest of my team colleagues continued shopping while I waited for the food to arrive. Returning to our villa and we were quickly preparing the BBQ. I , the professional fire starter, with the help of Andrew, we created a red hot BBQ fire pit and cooking the remaining food was really quick. When the rest came back from touring around the resort in the buggy, we tucked in for our wonderful dinner…. very yummy ….

Going into the night, it was mahjong, television and moving around, visiting leisure centre playing the games. Juney and I also drove around the resort at night while waiting for World Cup Semi Final between Germany and Italy to start, I became a driving instructor and taught her the finer points of driving !

It was a long day but it was full of fun and laughter !

Photojournalist in Travel, Events and Sports Photography