Christmas Lights @ Orchard Road 16th December 2006

Christmas is round the corner again …… getting really crowded along Orchard Road with shoppers and admiring the Christmas Lights display.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year ! May all your wishes come true with the Stars shining upon all of you in the clear blue sky!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006

Marathon Distance: 42.195km
Location: The sunny island of Singapore

My 1st marathon , initially, it was a daunting distance to run. Somehow or another, I was really looking foward to it as the time built up. I was training reguarly in the gym and did running various distances (10 to 13km), although the training runs segment could be further improved, didn’t clock enough mileage.

In the early morning , my cousins picked me up and I met my colleagues Vik & Allan at the Esplanade Bridge. It was the moment of truth. My objective is to complete the marathon distance in my 1st attempt. At 0600 hrs, we were flagged off and here we go !

During the whold run, there were many thoughts and emotions going through my mind. I was reflecting a lot on my career as a financial adviser, as I run and run, my career is just like a marathon, it is not an easy route to embark on. Like my career, do we run (work) for somebody/people we love or do we run (work) for our personal objectives? Or both ?

I ran alright for about 24km before I really felt the pain in my both knee caps. I had an upset stomach after eating powergel. It was painful but I continued on, perserving and not giving up. I had to complete the distance, the objective that I set for myself to complete. Upon 30km onwards, my 2 knee caps were really painful and my history of injured knee caps from my illustrious history of playing football, basketball and rugby league.

I was walking, it rained slightly. When the tough seems to get on you, do you throw in the towel ? That’s where the toughest people survive in any ordeal. We must never give up in anything we do!

Walking, limping, running in the last 12km, it was really very difficult, people can ask “why do you have to go through all this?” , however, they would never understand how it can toughen a person up mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s not just about completing the run, it’s also about overcoming your fears and obstacles.

Running back the final 1km, there were lots of joy and fulfilment in completing my mission. There were many people cheering you on in your final 195m……

Passing through the time clocks, a great sense of achievement and adrealine flowed through me, limping through with my 2 “busted” knee caps. I went for my medal, finisher tee-shirt, banana and 100 Plus. Rest and caught up with my other colleagues, congratulating each other on the completion of a marathon.

Back to home and rest…….. Ouch !

Well, finally ……. I AM A FINISHER OF 42.195km …………. YES!!!!!

Alvin & Elizabeth Wedding Dinner – Raffles Marina on 25th November 2006

Alvin & Liz, a great couple, knew them when they were fresh undergrads entering the University of Queensland and I somehow became their “Big Brother” and took care of them (my juniors) during their initial months of transition from a rat race country to a laid back country.

From knowing them, helping them and watching them how they became a couple till their wedding day, it had been a great journey of friendship and fun, becoming a tour guide (bringing them to tour around Queensland), display model answers (university assignments). I was honoured to be invited for their wedding dinner on 25th November 2006, witnessing their solemnisation with their fellow peers, Seb and Ally, at Raffles Marina.

Raffles Marina (foreground) and Tuas Checkpoint (background)

A Beautiful Sunset for Alvin & Liz

I also took the opportunity to help this lovely couple to shoot photographs, for them to have extra memories of their “Big Day”. With the couple’s kind permission, I would be displaying some of my humble photographs.

Dedicated to a lovely and friendly couple, Alvin & Liz !

Seb, Liz, Alvin & Ally

Liz, Alvin & myself

Best wishes to Alvin & Liz! Hope you 2 enjoy this “Exclusive Special Photojournalism Coverage”!

Singapore Motorshow 2006 models

The role and presence of models at motorshow and car racing events are of great significance and publicity, e.g. F1 racing, JGTC races and motorshows worldwide.

Typically, whenever there are such events going on, there would be lots of fans/people attending and you can simply find many many pictures of beautiful models on photography forums and their own personal websites.

I would like to take this opportunity to display some pictures of our beautiful models at Singapore Motorshow 2006, for their professionalism and lovely smiles that adds a different magical spark to the Motorshow 2006.

Dedicated to the models of Motorshow 2006 ………

Lexus Models

Nissan Models

Thank you to all the lovely models !

**** To Be Continued ****

The "Skeleton" of an automobile ?

Folks, when you own a car, do you ever wonder how the skeleton inside really look like ? Besides, opening up the car bonnet and looking at the engine enclosed compartment, where else would you be able to look at the chasis and engine etc when you only go to the mechanics.

During Motorshow 2006, the manufacturers “opened” up their car engines and allow the visitors to have an idea of “what is really inside my engine”. Car owners would have a better understanding of their cars and how the “skeleton” looks like.


Honda Hybird Engine

Lexus Engines

Back to the Future – Cars

The world today is blessed with advancements in technology and scientific advancement. Looking around us, we humans can be very dependent on computers, mobile phones, internet (look who’s blogging), travel and cars of course !

Motorshow 2006 did have some pretty interesting futuristic cars on display, they looked really cool and awesome. However, whether those cars would be available in our Singapore roads in the future would be of great interest.

Now, take a look at these unique and beautifully designed cars of the future

Bayer MaterialScience

Lexus LF-A

Toyota Fine-S


Nevertheless, we cannot forget our historical automobile

Formula 1 racing cars @ Singapore Motorshow 2006

Motorshow 2006 was graced by the presence of Formula 1 racing cars from Honda, Toyota and Ferrari. Even though there were only 3 models being showcased, it was still a great time to see them in Singapore. It would even be more exciting if Renault, McLaren Mercedes and the other F1 racing cars could make an appearance too at the motorshow.

Many visitors to the motorshow were happily taking photos of the Formula 1 racing cars and with F1 calender races in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Shanghai (China), Suzuka (Japan) and Melbourne (Australia), we Singaporeans are pretty near to hot, fast & furious, adrenaline racing action within 1 to 8 hours flight away (Not to mention Live TV). Looking back at the motorshow , Singaporeans are fanatics of cars (national obession ?? …. confirmed + guaranteed !!).

As you folks can deduce, I watch F1 races and I am a self-confessed car fanatic, love watching F1 races, street races, JGTC, Initial D etc etc….. Schumacher & Alonso gave F1 2006 end of season races very exciting to watch. With Schumi retirement, maybe the rise of Raikkonen, Alonso, Button ?? Let’s wait for Season 2007

Looking foward, I would love to travel to any of our friendly neighbours cities and watch F1 action live at the track, bringing my telephoto lense and putting it to the test and limits. Kuala Lumpur sounds like a good destination as it is really near to Singapore.

Maybe I should consider becoming a race driver (WRX street racer), seriously ….

Toyota Formula 1 Racing Car

Honda Formula 1 Racing Car (they have Jensen Button signature on it !)

Ferrari Forumla 1 Racing Car

Singapore Motorshow 2006 – Suntec City Convention Centre

Singapore Motorshow 2006

A bi-annual event that showcases our automobile industry, the cars driven in our small island home, rare exotic cars and cars of the future. Comparing with the previous motorshow in 2004, there were less cars on display but the there were more beautiful models gracing this event !

It’s one of my favourite events to attend, admiring the cars on display, taking photographs of my favourite dream car …….

Subaru Impreza WRX

& of course, beautiful Race Queens !!!!!!

Let me present to all my readers , my humble collections ……….

Do keep a lookout for more of my collections ….. Hope you folks like it !

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