What Happened to my Entrecard Drops on 14th May ?

I was back dropping my Entrecards again on 14th May night (local time) and I managed to drop about 253 Entrecards and was planning to resume dropping on 15th May morning before the counter resets.

When I login and view the dashboard on 15th May morning, I was shocked to see ZERO drops on my dashboard ……..

Anybody has clue what could have happened ??

12 thoughts on “What Happened to my Entrecard Drops on 14th May ?”

  1. hate to sound ignorant, but how does dropping entrecards work?

    i have the widget on my blog n occasionally i campaign and that’s it. i kid u not. hope u can enlighten me a little. thanks.

  2. Hi Bengbeng

    Do drop by their entrecard blog via your dashboard and you would be able to learn from there !

    It’s about dropping your blog name card (entrecard) on other blogs, reading and following their blogs and the blog owners would know that you have visited them.

    Hope this short write up helps !

  3. I haven’t the slightest idea what could have happened to your drops but I am sorry that it did happen. Hopefully this will not occur again. I like EC and the relationship I have developed over the past few months.

    Friends 4 Life!

  4. Hi kbguy

    Entrecard dropping allows you to know more different kind of blogs and those similar to yours, thus gaining more traffic.

    Hope it works for you in the future !

  5. Hi Cashmere

    Yeah, it’s a one off technical breakdown I supposed, everything back to normal now.

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