Singapore Night Festival 2013 – 23 & 24 August

The first weekend of the Singapore Night Festival 2013 attracted big crowds and a great turnout  on the nights of 23rd and 24th August 2013. It was nice to see many visitors coming down to the many different arts performances, events and festivities around the National Museum of Singapore, Armenian Street, SMU Green and Singapore Arts Museum compounds. After attending the media preview of Singapore Night Festival a few days earlier, I was excited to come back again on the 23rd and 24th August to continue photographing and sharing about the Singapore Night Festival 2013!


There were many things happening during 23rd and 24th August at the Singapore Night Festival, a few of them that stood out and got my attention were the outdoor arts performance acts from France, Vertical Extraction and Pyramid of Void by Compagnie Retouramont. Judging from the crowds that sat around the National Museum of Singapore compounds, waiting patiently and eagerly watching the performers “hanging”, “flying” and dancing in the air with their ropes, Compagnie Retouramont is definitely a crowd puller and a key performance attraction for Singapore Night Festival 2013!


Another star performance attraction was Starlight Alchemy, with their sleek, electrifying, hot and sizzling fire performances in front the National Museum of Singapore facade. I am always a fan of bonfire performances and enjoyed photographing their silky fire dances movements! From the crowds gathered around their performance area, Starlight Alchemy was definitely another hot (yes, hot with fires too!) arts performance that was enjoyed by the spectators at the Singapore Night Festival 2013!


Inside the National Museum of Singapore, there were also arts performances too! I went up to the Glass Atrium and watched Circus Swingapore in action with their gymnastics performance with the hoops, poles and ropes! A fun circus artistic performance, popular with the young and old, especially with the young children eagerly watching them from the sidelines! There was an interesting showcase by Absolut Vodka known as Absolut Canvas, with many beautiful Absolut Vodka bottle designs of different sizes, attracting a queue of visitors into the exhibition!


Walking down to Armenian Street, where the street was closed for the Singapore Night Festival 2013 and allowing the visitors to have more space to walk, relax and enjoy the festivities around the Armenian Street area. There was an intriguing and interesting outdoor arts performance, OOMOONBEINGS by Singapierrot. From Singapore Night Festival website, describing about Oomoonbeings –

Two ethereal jesters descend from a crescent moon and explore the land. Dressed in plastics, these contemporary incarnations of Pierrot play in a series of teasing vignettes combining movement and installation. With a whimsical oldtime mood, this little reverie features gypsy-swing jazz duo So Ma Fan as live accompaniment.

While the Oomoonebings performance was a little bit abstract, it was still able to attract the crowds to sit down and watch their unique production! With the warm applause by the crowds at the end of their performance, we can see that they were able to appreciate and understand their performance better! At Armenian Street, with the SubStation located there, it’s an iconic arts/music place. The front of the SubStation area turned into a nice and warm outdoor concert arena, with indie bands, alternative and rock bands gave their hearts out into the night of live music performances!


Along an alley along Armenian Street, between The SubStation and Peranakan Museum, there were festivities inside there too! There was a visual artist works that caught my attention, it was titled “Everyday Aspirations” by Karen Mitchell. I was personally mesmerised by her works that she deserves the recognition from my thoughts and sharing here! The beautiful and inspiring art work by Karen Mitchell, showcased at Singapore Night Festival 2013. Each mixed media (wood, laminates and light) showed one-word definitions of “Aspiration”, representing the “Everyday Aspirations” of ordinary people. The texts were laser-cut into the wood panels and the light shines through the wood panels to cast shadows of the Aspirations. The reflections of the Aspirations is not just a shadow, it’s also an imprint into a person’s memory. This visual arts display at Singapore Night Festival 2013 is popular with the visitors, the collection of 365 “Aspiration” words means something to them, deep in their hearts and minds. They are all searching for a word among the many words of “Aspirations”, to take and leave an imprint for their hearts, minds and souls. It was great disappointment for the artist Karen Mitchell and everybody else who loved her visual works at the Singapore Night Festival 2013, that 114 of her visual works were missing and they were not returned back to the rightful artist owner! Please return the 114 words back!


With such great first weekend action at Singapore Night Festival 2013, it’s not over yet. There’s still the second weekend of the Singapore Night Festival 2013 happening on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st August 2013! Stay tune for more information!

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Bring out your cameras, gather your friends and head out for the Singapore Night Festival 2013 this coming weekend on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st August 2013!

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Singapore Night Festival 2013 is back!

The Singapore Night Festival 2013 is back for her 6th edition and this year’s Night Festival edition promises to be the largest ever arts and cultural nocturnal extravaganza. There will be an enthralling line up of local and international art performances and cultural programmes in the heart of the city, stretching from Plaza Singapura to Raffles City, to the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Arts Museum! The SIngapore Night Festival 2013 will be held over two weekends of 23rd and 24th August, and 30th and 31st August 2013 (7pm to 2am). I have been photographing, covering and following Singapore Night Festival since 2008 and I am excited looking forward to the 6th edition of Singapore Night Festival 2013!

There are many partners for this year’s Singapore Night Festival 2013, from the Bras Basah.Bugis community to showcase the buzz, energy and vibrancy of Singapore’s arts and heritage precinct. It will be more than just arts performances, there will be more options for entertainment, dining and late night shopping around the festival grounds. There are many interesting and powerful arts performances at the upcoming Singapore Night Festival 2013, I was at the media preview of the Singapore Night Festival 2013 and I will share some of the festival highlights happening this weekend at the Singapore Night Festival 2013.

National Museum of Singapore

– Vertical Extraction by Compagnie Retouramont

Friday 23 & Saturday 24 August at 815pm, 930pm & 1045pm

2T2J0380 (1)

– Pyramid of Void by Compagnie Retouramont

Friday 23 & Saturday 24 August at 830pm, 945pm & 11pm


– Starlight Alchemy: Redux @ Singapore Night Festival

Friday 23 & Saturday 24 August at 845pm and 10pm


Armenian Street

– Onmoonbeings by Singapierrot

Friday 23 & Saturday 24 August 2013 at 730pm, 845pm & 10pm


– Starlight Alchemy: Redux @ Singapore Night Festival

Friday 23 & Saturday 24 August at 1115pm

There are a lot more interesting and exciting arts performances, fun, events and happenings at the Singapore Night Festival 2013! Here are some useful links for you to learn more and get more information for Singapore Night Festival 2013!

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Bring out your cameras, gather your friends and head out for the Singapore Night Festival 2013 this coming weekend on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 August 2013!

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Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Exclusive Photography Seminar 2013

In conjunction with the fourth edition of the Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Competition 2013, the organisers invited renowned Mr. Michael Yamashita (one of the judges for the competition), a world famous photojournalist with National Geographic for over 30 years down to Singapore for an exclusive Photography Seminar on 16th August 2013. Mr. Michael Yamashita went down to the Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Exhibition at ION Orchard in the afternoon to declare the opening of the photography exhibition and giving out the prizes to the winners of the Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Competition.

Mr. Michael Yamashita was one of my earliest influences in my photography journey from the time I first started playing with my Dad’s Pentax ME Super SLR to Nikon F401X, followed by compact cameras (film and digital), Canon 300D, Canon 30D before moving towards my Canon 1Dmark III setup today. This was attributed to my National Geographic magazines subscription, my very first photography book/magazines and my entry into an unforgettable photography journey spanning over 25years (there were a number of years that I deviated away from photography). The other National Geographic photojournalist that had just an impactful and great influence in learning photography was Steve McCurry. If I recalled many years ago, his Marco Polo photography works were the series that made me looked up upon Mr. Michael Yamashita.

When Mr. Yamashita started off his photography seminar, he asked the audience, how many of us were interested in photography and pursuing photography to greater heights such as turning professional or shooting for National Geographic Magazine? Mr. Yamashita shared that he was once like us sitting in the audience, somebody who loved pressing the shutter and taking photographs.  Mr. Yamashita’s photojournalist journey into National Geographic and shooting for over 30 years; is an inspiration to us photographers, photojournalists and he encouraged us to pursue our dreams and that it is possible! His words and encouragement resonate with me, for I once dreamt of becoming a photojournalist with National Geographic when I was young!

Mr. Yamashita didn’t need to use power-point slides to show photography tips and knowledge. The photographs that he showed and shared with the audience, along with his words, knowledge and experiences over his 30 years of photography shooting, were all about him sharing his tips, visions, views and how he went about capturing photographs as a photojournalist. I was so captivated and engrossed over his photographs and listening to Mr. Yamashita’s sharing that I didn’t really take down much of his sharing/talking. In a nutshell, Mr. Yamashita was telling many different stories through his photographs and experiences, the class of a world famous photojournalist.  This is very inspiring and encouraging for me, an aspiring photojournalist that seeks to tell stories with my photographs!

Since I didn’t take down any notes, I have to base on my memories of Mr. Yamashita’s sharing, the photographs that he showed to the audience, along with the interesting and mesmerizing stories that he shared with us. For the following paragraph, I will write it down in point form to recall as many memories/tips/views/perspectives that he shared (a test of my photographer’s memory)

–       Aerial View

–       He shoot only in colours

–       Doing research into the project by reading and researching as many books and not looking at photographs by other photographers

–       Using Flash ~ Fill Flash

–       Lens setup 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm

–       Elements to show the vastness of the landscape

–       Elements to make the photograph stands out e.g. colour

–       Students in his class were told to put everything Auto mode, reason was to make the students practice composition, framing, visualizing and capturing the moment (not missing the moment)

–       Turn off the preview button

–       Light, Colour, Composition

–       Waiting for the moment (a person walking into the landscape frame)

–       Frame Within a Frame

–       Waiting and observing

–       Getting up close for portraits

–       Mid Day shoot with CPL

–       Using a telephoto lens to capture landscapes

–       Foregrounds in landscape

–       Shoot RAW + JPEG

–       A story behind every photograph that can be translated across to the viewer/reader

During the Q&A session, there was an interesting question posed to Mr. Yamashita, on post processing.  He has a digital workflow and he doesn’t do Photoshop, his philosophy is What You See Is What You Get, you can’t change the reality.  Another question posed was what would be 3 tips that Mr. Yamashita can give to the audience that will help them in their photography.

His 3 golden tips

–       Look at good photography (role models and good photographs, observe and learn from them)

–       Keep shooting and shooting

–       You are your own editor, develop from your own experience, find your own vision and develop you own photography style

There is also an interview conducted by the TODAY Paper with Mr. Yamashita and do check out the link here for the article! It’s a great insight into the thoughts and views of the renowned photojournalist Mr. Yamashita.

There were no photographs taken during Mr. Michael Yamashita’s photography seminar, just my memories/listening written down into words. While I can’t remember everything, I hoped that I managed to remember most of the contents that were shared by a master photojournalist, wrote it down here and shared with friends and followers, who loved photography and photojournalism, just like me.

SingTel Presents Formula 1 Singapore Style!

Formula 1 Season is back for the 6th edition in Singapore! The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix (GP) will be held from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and there are many exciting activities and events leading up to the Singapore GP in the month ahead! At the media launch this morning on the 20th August 2013, we had an overview of the events and activities for this year’s 2013 Singapore GP, with a unique and distinctive local Singaporean flavour. The 2013 Singapore GP will bring the race experience even closer to the hearts and souls of Singaporeans with Formula 1 Singapore Style!


Being a Formula 1 fan and avidly following Singapore GP (I wrote a post on F1 Photography Tips here!) since her maiden start in the year 2008 (here’s my Flickr collection on Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP), I had seen for myself the improvements in the Singapore GP over the years that I had attended. This year’s theme Formula 1 Singapore Style, seeks to get everyone involved both on and off the racetracks. What are the Formula 1 Singapore Style activities that will be happening? Here are some of the key highlights of Formula 1 Singapore Style –

Search for the 1st Singaporean to take the chequered flag

An island-wide search for Singapore’s fastest race driver begins today in The Big Race. Local celebrities and self-proclaimed Formula 1® fans, Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Pei Fen and Romeo Tan, will take their marks to clock their fastest lap times in the Official F1® racing game.

The search for the best race drivers in Singapore will follow at a series of four roadshows where the public is invited to try their hand at the game. The fastest racer from each roadshow will team up with a celebrity racer in an ultimate race finale and the winner will be announced on 22 September 2013 to win an once-in-a-lifetime F1® driving experience in Europe. This exciting showdown will be seen at key locations around Singapore.



The 2013 SingTel Grid Girls in the Singapore Factor

Eight fresh-faced ladies aged 18 to 26, have been chosen as this year’s SingTel Grid Girl finalists. Since the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, the SingTel Grid Girls have been a star attraction of the race, vying for top honour and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold the Singapore Formula One® and Singapore GP flags at the Singapore Grand Prix.

This year, the public can choose their favourite via SMS and online voting to select the top three SingTel Grid Girls. The Singapore Factor, a series of webisodes hosted by Paul Foster, will put the girls’ knowledge of the Lion City to the test in a trio of uniquely Singaporean challenges. Fans can follow the journey at from 21 August 2013.

The top three SingTel Grid Girls will be crowned before thousands of Singaporeans at the Thursday Pit Lane Experience on 19 September 2013.


Wave the flag, Singapore!

As a symbol of unity enabling everyone in Singapore to show their support, a limited-edition version of the famous chequered flag featuring a red square has been created to bring forth the uniqueness of the Singapore Grand Prix. From August 21 until September 15, a digital version of this Formula 1® Singapore Style flag will be hosted on for all to have a go at virtually “waving” the flag on their smartphones. Fans that “wave” the digital flag stand a chance to win daily prizes. During race weekend, 60,000 souvenir flags will be distributed at the circuit on 22 September 2013 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You can take part in this year’s SingTel Singapore GP activities, “The Big Race” Challenge, Wave the Flag, Singapore and Vote for the top three SingTel Grid Girls, do visit for more information!

This year’s Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP has our local Singapore designers taking centre stage with collaboration between SingTel and PARCO next NEXT. Samuel Wong from local menswear label, Evenodd, designed and gave this year’s SingTel Grid Girls uniforms a new and refreshing look! During the 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP media launch, we witnessed the unveiling of the winner’s trophy designed by local jewellery and gift designer, Risis.  This is our first Singapore GP trophy to be designed by a homegrown company and the trophy design was inspired by the iconic Singapore skyline and is accentuated with signature gold swirls to represent the Singapore racetrack from an aerial view! This will probably be the only chance I can get up close and personal to the F1 winner’s trophy and I took the opportunity to have a photograph taken beside this year’s 2013 winner’s trophy!


A fun and exciting Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP 2013 is coming soon, with the entertainment and concert performances line up, along with the Formula 1 Singapore Style activities and events! For a sports photographer and avid F1 fan, I am looking forward to capturing my favourite F1 sports car drivers in action, Alonso and Kimi driving and pushing their F1 cars to the limits!

Here are some useful links to gather more information and gather updates on Singapore GP!

–       Singapore Grand Prix website

–       Formula 1 Official website

–       Formula 1 Singapore Style

–       Singapore GP Official Facebook Page

–       Singapore GP Official Instagram account

–       Singapore GP Official Twitter account

Folks, start your engines and get ready for high octane Formula 1 racing action from 20th to 22nd September 2013 at the Singapore GP!

** Information and details are courtesy of SingTel and Ogilvy Public Relations ** 

Flight of Fancy Photography Exhibition

At Gardens By The Bay, the City in a Garden, located in the heart of the Marina Bay region, it has been gaining prominence and publicity, with many visitors, both local and international, coming down to visit Gardens By The Bay. The visitors were able o enjoy the greenery and sceneries, a park/garden to rest and relax away from the city life. Over a short period of 1 year since her official opening on 28th June 2012, Gardens By The Bay is developing into park/garden that attracts wildlife to the area. In my recent adventure to explore and photograph the birds that can be spotted at Gardens By The Bay, I was amazed of the diversity and number of bird species spotted at Gardens By The Bay! My bird photography adventure will still continue with the migration season coming soon and we can expect to spot more migration birds en-route to different continents and stopping over in Singapore at various locations.



Have you ever wondered what kind of wildlife can be spotted at Gardens By The Bay? There is a bio-diversity of many different birds, butterflies and dragonflies that can be spotted at Gardens By The Bay! The Flight of Fancy Photography Exhibition that is currently ongoing at The Colonnade at Gardens By The Bay (where the SuperTrees Grove is located) and visitors can have a greater understanding and knowledge of the diversity of the various birds, butterflies and dragonflies that can be discovered at Gardens By The Bay that were captured by a group of nature photographers. You will be amazed by the bio-diversity present at Gardens By The Bay and if you loved bird photography or macro photography, bring your camera gear out and head towards Gardens By The Bay!



I submitted a few bird photographs taken at Gardens By The Bay and two of my photographs were selected for the Flight of Fancy Photography Exhibition! This was indeed a great honour and achievement for my photography portfolio! My fourth time (at this point in time) that my photographs were selected for photography exhibitions and my second time (at this point in time) that I contributed to a photography exhibition at Gardens By The Bay (my first time was for Gardens By The Bay Official Opening titled “Where Wonder Blooms”). Here’s my photography collection on Gardens By The Bay and the birds at Gardens By The Bay!


When you are visiting Gardens By The Bay, do drop by the Flight of Fancy Photography Exhibition and spot my two photographs that were showcased!

Flight of Fancy Photography Exhibition Information

Location: The Colonnade (Map Link)

Admission: Free

Dates: 1st August 2013 to 31st October 2013

Do check out Gardens By The Bay website for their Calendar of Events for more upcoming exciting activities and events!

CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel “Building People” Photography Competition

The fourth edition of CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel “Building People” Photography Competition  winners were announced with this afternoon on the 16th August 2013. The regional CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel “Building People” Photography Competition (Competition) from a record of over 3,000 submissions received from photography enthusiasts across the Asia Pacific including Australia, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Organised by CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand) and National Geographic Channel, the highly-acclaimed Competition has seen increasing popularity and year-on-year increases in submissions from photography enthusiasts across the region. The Competition introduced a duo-themed feature – “Best Building Moment” and “Best People Moment” for the first time this year.


The prize presentation took place in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the “Building People” Photography Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held at ION Orchard  (B4, ION Station) from 7pm on 16 August to 20 August. Open to the public, the Exhibition will be a showcase of close to 400 entries including the winning entries and a selection of other entries from the Competition. Each photograph will capture the symbiotic interaction between people and CapitaLand properties as well as the best characteristics of CapitaLand’s homes, offices, shopping malls, serviced residences and mixed developments. The entries can also be viewed online at

This year’s winner is Ray Ang, a Singaporean, with his winning photo titled, “Clarke Quay”, won the judges over with his well-executed photographic expression of pure delight of a child playing with a bubble-spray gun, with an iridescent soap bubble framing the Clarke Quay signage sitting atop a beautiful row of shophouses.

“Building People” Photography Seminar

Participants of the Competition attended an exclusive “Building People” Photography Seminar conducted by Mr Yamashita this morning. At the seminar, the National Geographic icon provided an overview of the competitive world of photojournalism and shared tips on how to excel as a photographer through photography angles, camera features and many examples of his thought processes. Drawing from his vast experience as a National Geographic photographer, Mr Yamashita also used examples from his portfolio to demonstrate how National Geographic photographers never seem to miss the moment by repeatedly capturing unique photographs that are able to tell stories in various perspectives.


I attended the “Building People” Photography Seminar this morning, listened attentively to Mr Michael Yamashita, one of my inspirations in my photography journey. He’s a photojournalist that I admired greatly and he had a big influence on my photography since the day I started reading National Geographic Magazine. It was very enlightening and enriching, I will share my experiences from attending Mr Yamashita photography seminar in another post. While I wasn’t able to attend the opening ceremony of the “Building People” Photography Exhibition and Prize Presentation in the afternoon, I went there after my work in the evening and enjoyed viewing the various photographs that were on display at “Building People” Photography Seminar. It was great to see fellow photographer friends winning some  of the prizes! Congratulations to them!

Do drop by and check out “Building People” Photography Exhibition! Here are some useful information and links!

Venue: ION Orchard B4 ION Station, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

Dates: 16th to 20th August 2013

Time: 10am to 10pm Daily

Website: Capitaland-National Geographic Channel Photography Competition

** Information and details courtesy of Capitland and National Geographic Channel **

Old Playgrounds: Baby Dragon Playground

In those days, when there were no internet, smartphones, computers, cable TVs and probably most modern technology gadgets of today, what were our source of leisure, recreation and play? The outdoors were where we can find our fun, from the old long open style corridors to the old playgrounds nearby our home. Today, I am embarking on the fun and reminisce our good old childhood  times at the Old Playgrounds, giving each remaining individual Old Playground a write up that she strongly deserved to have, an integral part of Singapore’s history, heritage, culture and growing up years. What does the Old Playgrounds meant to you? Do you miss the Old Playgrounds? Growing up in the 1980s, the Old Playgrounds were of great fun and excitement, a location to meet your classmates/schoolmates after school to play and run around until you were asked (forced) to go home by your parents.


The Old Playground that I am featuring is the Baby Dragon Playground in the heart of (Braddell area) Toa Payoh HDB Estate. The Old Playgrounds were designed by Mr Khor Ean Ghee, who was working in the Housing and Development Board (HDB)  in the 1970s and 1980s. The Baby Dragon Playground was a smaller version of her bigger cousin, the Dragon Playground. The Dragon Playground was Mr Khor’s favourite playground among his many playground designs that he completed for HDB and it lived up to the mandate of creating spaces for the children to play safely and learn about local identity.


When I found the Baby Dragon Playground, things had changed, the sand pit were no longer around. The flooring had changed and there were a new modern playground beside it too. As I climbed up the steps and ran down the curved slide, nostalgic childhood memories came running back into me. Even though it will never be the same like before, I am happy that the Baby Dragon Playground is still around and hopefully still be around into the decades ahead into the future. Whenever we stood at the top of the Old Playgrounds, we had a top of the world feeling (when we were small kids and it looked kind of high up there!), fast forward ahead as an adult, the feelings never change, the top of the world feeling is still around (except that it’s not that high since we are now adults!).


Coming back down, taking photographs, documenting and now sharing the Baby Dragon Playground here, my thoughts, my stories, my fun times. I hope to add more photographs of the Baby Dragon Playground from different perspectives and views, to continue sharing what the Old Playgrounds meant to some of us. This is my own personal project to document Old Playgrounds in Singapore, my collection on Flickr! Every post I write for each individual Old Playground, I am taking a small baby (hence the Baby Dragon Playground) step to producing my own and very first photobook on each individual Old Playground story, photographs and adventure. It’s a dream that I want to fulfil eventually some time down the road. Will you join me in going back to your childhood days and play again at the Old Playgrounds?

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Useful information and links on Old Playgrounds in Singapore

Singapore Memory Project ~ Mosaic Memories – Remembering the Playgrounds Singapore Grew Up In

Map of the Old Playgrounds locations in Singapore by Justin Zhuang

View Old Singapore Playgrounds in a larger map

Xperia by SONY presents Fashion TV Beach Festival

Xperia by SONY presents Fashion TV Beach Festival Singapore 2013, held at Tanjung Beach Club on Sentosa Island. The festival was a fun and exciting party with a White dress code, accompanied by dance music on the beach. It is one of the most extravagant outdoor events held in the world and the celebration of luxury. The Fashion TV Beach Festival showcased fashion labels from local and overseas fashion designers such as Gnossem, Armoire, Innerdesire, Vilasere, HOM and Zardoze. At the Fashion TV Beach Festival, they were able to view the Xperia smartphones there were on display.


The biggest and most luxurious beach party in Singapore, thirty models from five countries walking down the fashion walkway “on the water” and spectators were able to view the swimwear that costs more than SGD$6,000. The party continued with different DJs spinning the music away on the beach dance floor through the night till the early morning.


The gorgeous and handsome models showcased the various fashion designs of the different fashion labels participating in Fashion TV Beach Festival, watched, admired and photographed by the spectators and photographers. There were many gorgeous and handsome people too inside the crowds, enjoying, relaxing and dancing away.


We had a fun time photographing the fashion catwalk from different locations, angles and perspectives. The best time for me was during Vilasere and HOM fashion labels fashion showcase during the evening, with the sun setting, giving it a nice blue hour skyline glow that allows me to capture the beautiful female models in their sexy lingerie outfits and the handsome male models in men’s underwear and leisure wear.


I would like to say thank you to SONY Singapore for the invitation to Fashion TV Beach Festival presented by Xperia By SONY.

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Old Playgrounds Personal Project Update

My journey and adventure in searching for Old Places and Old Playgrounds in Singapore started around 2010 when I first saw Royston Tan documentary on Old Places in Singapore. This led me to start documenting, photographing and sharing about the Old Places in Singapore based on Royston’s Old Places list, that brought me around Singapore a lot and made many more new friends in the social media arena.


The Old Playgrounds was actually a subset of the bigger Old Places portfolio, however, over the time that I was photographing and “chasing” the Old Playgrounds, this got me more interested and excited, knowing that the Old Playgrounds is a big list/portfolio itself for me to complete it as one of my own personal projects that I had chosen to embark on. With the Google maps Old Playgrounds locations prepared by Justin Zhuang, I was planning to cover all the Old Playgrounds inside the list. When I first started, it was full of fire and I went to a few of the locations with my friends to cover the Old Playgrounds. As times goes by, work, other events coverage, distractions and constraints took me off the pedal in my pursuit of the Old Playgrounds in Singapore.

I was very guilty and feeling bad that my own personal project took a back seat which meant that my personal project took me longer than usual to complete and losing out the golden opportunity to photograph and document them before they were demolished or replaced by modern playground. Recently I decided to restart where I left off for my Old Playgrounds personal project. While some of them were covered yet I haven’t write about them except for the uploading of photographs into my Flickr, do keep a lookout for my Old Playground posts of the past Old Playgrounds that I covered previously in the month ahead! Recently, I kickstarted my Old Playgrounds personal project again, covering 3 more Old Playgrounds. In the upcoming posts, I will write a post for each individual Old Playground, preparing me for a personal goal to produce my own photography book on Old Playgrounds in the future.

My Old Playgrounds collection on Flickr can be found here and do visit my collection for a step back into your childhood memories! Here are also some of my earlier Old Playgrounds posts to share you with folks who are supporters of Old Places and Singapore Memory Project.

A Tale of 2 Dragons

Growing Up With This Old Playground

Remember The Old Playground ?

Reflecting back on my Old Playgrounds pursuit, I was proud and happy that I took on this personal project upon myself. Moving ahead, I am looking forward to completing my Old Playgrounds personal project. I would like to thank all my supporters and readers for accompanying me in this wonderful journey. I will continue to work/photograph/document/share on my photography and stories, an aspiring photojournalist who turns photographs into stories.

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Celebrating Orchard at Ngee Ann City

On National Day 2013, Ngee Ann City and National Heritage Board had a day of fun filled National Day Celebrations event at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, with entertaining cultural performances and educational heritage themed exhibitions. A few of us, friends from the social media arena, photography and heritage buffs, came together and contributed to this event at Ngee Ann City. There were led and coordinated by Jerome, with participation, support and photographs contribution from Francis, Juria, Zinkie, Man Kai, Judith, Kenji and myself!



The theme was “Celebrating Orchard” and what Orchard Road means to us from our eyes and hearts. Since we all grew up in different eras of Singapore’s growth and expansion, certain parts of Orchard Road means a lot more to me than others who are older or younger than me. When I was growing up, Orchard Road wasn’t as busy and crowded with many new shopping malls today. The places in Orchard Road that I grew up with was Plaza Singapura when you have the lovely delicious food outlets at the basement, Centrepoint a.k.a Centrepoint kids and their open air McDonalds eating area, Cathay Cinema when there were only 2 cinemas and it wasn’t a cineplex. During my photography walkabout to prepare for Celebrating Orchard, I walked around Orchard Road and rediscovering what Orchard Road means to me through my memories and translating into the modern Orchard Road today. There were many memories of what Orchard Road was last time and now today.



It was great and wonderful to be part of the Celebrating Orchard Photography Exhibition, it’s also an honour for me too, this is my 4th time that my photographs were featured in exhibitions, adding on to a list of my works, mentions, engagements and achievements! A few of us came down in the morning of National Day 2013 to view our Celebrating Orchard photography exhibition and catch up with fellow friends/contributors. We helped each other took photographs beside our exhibited photographs and also a fun group shot with 3 of us inside, Jerome, Juria and myself!


Photograph Courtesy of Jerome


Photograph Courtesy of Jerome

Moving ahead, I hope that I am able to contribute more through my photographs and story telling, “as an aspiring photojournalist who turns photographs into stories” written down as part of my new personal bio write up. For this write up, I have to thank Chrissy, fellow UQ alumnus who helped me with this write up for my personal bio! I believe that we can all make a difference and this is where I photograph, document and share the stories and memories of old and modern Singapore.