Do you remember this entrance?

In a recent photography walkabout to capture some landmarks in Orchard Road based on the theme of “What Orchard Road means to me”, I walked towards the Old National Library location from Stamford Road, retracing the road that connects to Orchard Road passing by the Old National Library. As I passed by this entrance, overlooking Fort Canning Hill and National Museum of Singapore. Do you remember this entrance?

Whatever remains of the Old National Library is this iconic entrance and the fence beside it. The memories of my childhood and student days, growing up and visiting the Old National Library with her iconic bricks building and colours, all these still lingers in my mind. I believe that many other Singaporeans have fond and beautiful memories of the Old National Library too! What are your memories of the Old National Library? Even though our iconic icon is no longer around, her memories and legacy stays forever in us and in our history, heritage and culture.


NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks

Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 is coming soon on the 9th August 2013. In the months leading up to NDP 2013, there were a few rehearsals preparing them for the big day on the 9th August 2013. During this period of time with the rehearsals going on, I went to capture the various NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks and I am sharing with you the Fireworks that you can catch during Singapore’s 48th Birthday Celebrations on 9th August 2013!


If you like to know more about how to take fireworks, check out my Fireworks tips here!

FlyPast Meets National Flag!

Singapore’s 48th Birthday is coming soon on the 9th August 2013, our National Day Parade (NDP) 2013. During this period of time, we will be able to watch some of their rehearsals around the Marina Bay area. We decided to head towards Gardens By The Bay East to capture the NDP 2013 rehearsal fireworks that day. While waiting at Gardens By The Bay East, I managed to capture this moment during NDP 2013 Combined Rehearsal 5 on 20th July 2013 when the F16 fighter jets do a FlyPast after our Singapore National Flag flown across the Marina Bay Floating Platform when our National Anthem was sung.

The moment was great, right place, right time, right moment and I was happy to capture this moment with a beautiful Singapore sunset behind the Marina Bay region.


Canon Lion City Cup 2013

The Canon Lion City Cup is one of the oldest and prestigious youth football competition with the roots dating back to 1977. For a  football fan in Singapore, I remembered growing up watching local football heroes such as Fandi Ahmad and V.Sundramoorty in the Malaysia Cup. The Lion City Cup was where our local football heroes such as Fandi and Sundram were unearthed.


Watching the Canon Lion City Cup for the past 2 years, 2011 and 2012, they were great and exciting to watch them in action, even though it was a youth football competition. Our local boys definitely benefited from playing with their counterparts from different continents, Europe, England and South America, and they will get more football experiences by playing with different opponents. During the matches, we can see the local boys playing their hearts, pride and passion out against their counterparts (that maybe more technically talented and physically bigger in size than them). I believed that our local boys playing in front of their home crowds at Jalan Besar Stadium, with the local Lions supporters cheering for them, played their hearts out even bigger.


I went to the opening matches on Day 1, watching from the Grandstand of Jalan Besar Stadium. While our local boys lost to their opponents, we take pride that they played with guts and went all out. Shooting from the Grandstand was going to be interesting since we are not really at the ground level of the field and there were more obstructions too. Nevertheless, I had a fun time shooting football matches from a different perspective. On the final day, I managed to gain access with a media pass from Canon Singapore via Canon EOS World and I was able to shoot the Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Finals between PSV versus Corinthians and Singapore NFA U16 versus Singapore U15. I have always loved sports photography and it was awesome to shoot from the sidelines since my stint in 2011 shooting Canon Lion Cup 2011 from the sidelines with the media pass. I confessed that I was a bit rusty in shooting football matches and it took me some time during the match playing time to adjust and adapt again into a sports photographer for football matches. The Canon Lion City Cup Final 2013 played between PSV and Corinthians were evenly matched and great to watch. For a football fan and sports photographer at the same time, I do face the dilemma when I was watching the match from the sidelines more than getting ready to press my shutter to capture the football moments!


In a sporting match, the actions and moments do not stop at the competition ground itself after the match is over. During Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, when the teams were playing for the winner via a penalty shoot out. The atmosphere was tense and we can see it from the sidelines, their behaviour and reactions. When the winning goal was shot and the winners Corinthians jumped and danced in euphoria, the losers PSV were dejected.

In a competitive football final, there is only 1 winner and 1 loser on the football pitch. A victory is well celebrated by all while a loss is sometimes alone. Corinthians beat PSV in Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, while Corinthians players huddle in a circle, united by their hands together and started praying, a PSV player sat down with his head down.The moment between a winner and a loser is seen here in my photograph on 500px.


In a competitive sports game, there is definitely a winner and loser. While losing is painful and winning is sweet, there is definitely room for sportsmanship and friendship after the match and off the pitch. During Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, Corinthians beat PSV. Both teams congratulate each other on a match that was well played by both sides. While the agony of defeat can be seen and felt, there were also hugs, congratulations and consoling. That is the spirit of sportsmanship reflected in my photograph on 500px.

My sports photography collection/portfolio on Flickr and 500px had been built over the past 6 years since 2007 and being a sports enthusiast (and when I used to play more sports), I am looking forward to adding more sports photography into my portfolio and collection. As Canon Lion City Cup 2013 comes to an end, let’s look forward to Canon Lion City Cup 2014!

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Asia Style Collection 2013

Asia Style Collection 2013, a big night of fashion and music extravaganza. It was held at the Singapore Expo on 23rd June 2013, with guests, models and celebrities from Japan, Korea and Singapore, showcasing their fashion and music. The Asia Style Collection was action packed, starting off with performance by members of AKB48 and SNH48. They started the ball rolling and the crowds excited for more exciting performances to come later. Next up was the Tokyo Girls Collection, featuring brands such as Azul by mousey, KIKKA THE DIARY OF, MURUA and OLIVE des OLIVE. The latest fashion trends in Japan were showcased and they were beautiful and attractive, always an eye-opener on fashion brands and styles in other countries! Thelma Aoyama was up next and she’s a bubbly great singer, rocking the crowds up!





I couldn’t continue catching the rest of Japanese performances in action because we went backstage for a press conference by 2NE1 (something that I will not miss attending). The girls from 2NE1 were very pretty and very friendly, I leave the questions to the rest of the media folks at the press conference while I concentrate on photographing the beautiful and gorgeous 2NE1 girls! Here’s a photograph of Dara during the press conference! Do check out my 2NE1 collection on 500px and Flickr! After the press conference was over, we went back to the concert hall again. The action continued with the Korean wave, Ride The Hallyu Wave! The K-Pop Collection was hosted by the pretty and gorgeous Shauna Koun Han, she’s really mesmerising and a great host! The audience were treated to a feast of the upcoming and latest Korean fashion trends from JADE, DINT, TOM & RABBIT and Qnigirls. Their brands, style and designs caught my attention and it was a fun time photographing the sweet and pretty models showcasing the various Korean fashion brands!



Next up was 2NE1, the girls rocked the house down and the crowds were on their feet, cheering, waving their fan boards, light sticks, cheering, screaming and singing with one of their favourite K-Pop bands! The talented and beautiful 2NE1 delivered a high octane and high energy performances in this special segment with their hit songs and also from their upcoming album too! I loved their performance and I recalled the last time I saw 2NE1 in action was at Clarke Quay when 2NE1 came down for a surprise pre-concert performance, do check out the photos here! We were standing at the side of the stage watching 2NE1 perform since we were preparing to head backstage for another press conference. There was a priceless moment when CL of 2NE1 danced and walked to the side of the stage that I was standing, singing and engaging the crowds at my side, I managed to capture CL’s beautiful and sweet smile!


We were back again for another press conference, this time by Girls Generation!! There were 8 beautiful and gorgeous girls, Sooyoung didn’t join them this time due to her commitments back home in Korea. Being a fan of Girls Generation, I am like a fanboy and I can get close to my favourite Girls Generation members, Jessica, Taeyon and Tiffany! After the press conference and taking photographs, we returned back to the concert hall to continue watching the fashion and music extravaganza. We missed some parts of the Singapore segment, Style In The City earlier, however, we managed to catch the local Singapore Celebrity Models such as Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui and Jeanette Aw wearing creations from Depression, Mash-Up and Zenchi walking the fashion runway!


The Grand Finale to close Asia Style Collection 2013 Fashion and Music Extravaganza, making a tribute to the first ever fashion and music collaboration between Singapore, Korea and Japan, was a Grand Finale performance by Girls Generation. They are one of the Korea’s favourite K-Pop bands and  they definitely brought te house down when they appeared on stage! The crowds were on their feet again, cheering, waving their fan boards, light sticks, cheering, screaming and singing with one of their favourite K-Pop bands! Do check out more photographs from my Asia Style Collection 2013 coverage here on 500px and Flickr!

Do drop by my friends posts for more stories and photos of Asia Style Collection 2013 !

Joe Teh – 2NE1 Media Conference at Asia Style Collection & Photos : Girls Generation at Asia Style Collection

Justin Ng – 2nE1 and Girls Generation in Style X Style Asia Style Collection 2013 

Sue Fang – Photos : Asia Style Collection – Fashion Show / Walk 

I would like to thank SK Planet and SG Story for the invitation to Asia Style Collection 2013. SK Planet, a subsidiary of South Korea’s largest Telecommunications company SK Telecom recently launched Pickat SG in Singapore, do check out my post for more information on the location-based social application!

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The Vintage Room – Charming, Elegant and Classic

A charming, elegant and classic lounge place, filled with Old School/Old World charm and nostalgia, with an extensive list of beverages to choose from, wines, spirits and speciality cocktails and 22 types of Champagnes. Your wonderful beverages list is accompanied by delicious small bites that will make you come back for more of them. The ambience and settings of this lounge, is very cosy and very relaxing, it is a great place to bring your friends for a great time to relax, chat and catch up over drinks and delicious small bites. Let me introduce, The Vintage Room, to all of you!



The Vintage Room is a new concept by Deliciae Hospitality Management in Singapore, located in the Duxton Hill area. The style, ambience and concept suits Duxton Hill area history, architecture and surroundings. I visited The Vintage Room recently with a group of friends from the social media scene, it was a great place and time to catch up with them since our last outing at Sabio By The Sea, also under Deliciae Hospitality Management. Each of us tasted different drinks from The Vintage Room, do check out their list of drinks menu! Small bites were served and we all had a great time with the dishes there! The photographs of the small bites that we had at when we were at The Vintage Room can be seen here on my Flickr set! Let me share with you some of my favourite small bites from The Vintage Room-

– Mousse au Chocolat (Dark Chocolate Mousse)

– The “Vintage” Monsieur

– Mix of Cold Cuts (with Bayonne Ham, Pate de Campagne, Duck Rillettes, Andouille De Vire, Saucisson Sec) 

We were honoured to be invited and hosted by Ms Helene Denaiffe, Marketing and PR Director, and Ms Lee Peishan, Marketing and PR Executive of Deliciae Hospitality Management for the visit to The Vintage Room! It was also great to meet Chef Damien Le Bihan, Group Executive Chef of Deliciae Hospitality Management Group and Chef Bruno Menard again! Thank you very much for the warm hospitality and inviting us down!



Do visit and check out The Vintage Room, it’s definitely a great place to chill out and relax with drinks and food! I have shared details of The Vintage Room and here are the details for The Vintage Room

Website – The Vintage Room

Facebook Page – The Vintage Room 


37 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089614

Tel: 6690 7565


Opening Hours

Tuesday to Thursday from 5pm to 12am
Friday 3pm to 1am
Saturday 5pm to 1 am
Closed on Sunday & Monday

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Tong Ah Kopitiam

One of Singaporeans favourite morning breakfast set is our local kopi, kaya toast with half boiled eggs, eating it in our kopitiam with a newspaper to accompany us. While the kopitiams today in Singapore have changed a lot, there were a few rustic and nostalgic kopitiams in Singapore that did not change with the modern times.

2T2J9834 - Version 2

Tong Ah Kopitiam, is one of those few rustic and nostalgic kopitiams that is still remaining in Singapore today. I went there a few times, located in the rustic Keong Saik Road, Chinatown area. Although I don’t go there regularly, I loved their kopi and kaya toast, the taste and authenticity of our favourite local kopi, the fragrance and freshness of the kaya toast. The ambience, retro designs, decoration and interior are in an era of olden Singapore that not many of us know about today.



With this post, Tong Ah Kopitiam will not be at its iconic building location anymore, with their last day of operation on 14th July 2013 at 10pm. I got wind of the information/news earlier from a Facebook Group – Old Places, from a posting by Royston Tan, one of Singapore’s film maker, whose works Old Places and Old Romances, inspired me to photograph and document the remaining Old Places in Singapore before they were gone through my Old Places photographs, writing and sharing. While it was a business decision by the landlord to take back the Tong Ah Kopitiam floor space, it must be very heart wrenching for Tong Ah Kopitiam and they were a part of Singapore’s growing up years.

As the curtains draw down on the iconic Tong Ah Kopitiam, it is Singapore’s loss that they have to move out away from that iconic building. However, I am glad that they are still going to continue operating their business at a few units down the road, at 35 Keong Saik Road. Tong Ah Kopitiam is one of our many Hawker Heroes, traditional yet still as charming and attractive for the young and old. Let’s keep our awesome and delicious local food heritage and culture flying high and proud, not just in Singapore, to the rest of the world too!

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Sony Launches New Review Programme for Alpha Lens

Sony recently announced their new Alpha Lens Library programme, that might be of interest to current Sony camera users, who are owners of its popular range of interchangeable lens cameras such as the SLT-A99, NEX-6 and NEX-VG900, are now able to loan and test any lens before purchase. For a nominal fee, registered Sony camera users can review up to 20 of the brand’s most popular lens models and adapters for up to five calendar days (including both pick-up and return dates). These include its popular Carl Zeiss® Sonnar optical lens for rich imagery and unparalleled quality as well as its innovative E-Mount lens line-up that deliver optimal results while still compact and lightweight.


If you are current Sony camera user, you might want to visit the Sony Store at Isetan Orchard any day of the week during its opening hours of 11am to 9pm daily. For more information about the programme and terms and conditions of the loans, please visit

Information and photograph Courtesy of Sony Singapore.

Sony Reveals New Cyber-Shot Cameras and External Flash

Sony recently announced new Cyber-Shot Cameras and external flash to their line-up of cameras. They are the Sony CyberShot RX 100 II and Sony CyberShot RX 1R, that improved from last year’s impressive releases. There is also the HVL-F43M external flash that is compatible with many of the latest cameras and camcorders from Sony. The Sony RX 100 II and RX 1R builds on their predecessors and they are pretty popular among the compact digital camera users. Let me share with you more on the the new Sony Cyber-Shot cameras and External Flash.

Cyber-shot™ RX100 II

The new Cyber-shot™ RX100 II builds on the popular Cyber-shot™ RX100, with enhanced picture quality and convenient new features such as Wi-Fi and easy One-touch smartphone connection with NFC. The RX100 II possesses increased sensor sensitivity with 20.2 effective megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R™ 1.0-type CMOS sensor, delivering DSLR-style shots regardless of the shooting situation. It is also the first ever camera from Sony with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, enabling One-touch connectivity with Android smartphones and tablets. It even allows you to snap images remotely from your smartphone. The new RX100 II comes with a bright, detail-packed 3.0-type White Magic™ LCD that tilts up and down, giving users even more creativity when composing their shots. The new Cyber-shot™ RX100 II digital compact camera from Sony will be available at selected Sony stores and authorised outlets from August 2013.

 RX100 II with accessories

Cyber-shot™ RX1R

Sony is bringing pixel-perfect picture quality to a whole new level with the introduction of the new full-frame compact camera Cyber-shot™ RX1R. The sister version of the image-powerful Cyber-shot™ RX1, the RX1R removes the optical low-pass filter (OLPF) found in front of the RX1’s sensor, enabling flawless capture of fine details without any distortions. This makes it ideal when taking landscape and other high-detail scenes. The camera’s compatibility with TRILUMINOS™ Colour technology ensures richer, more natural colours when viewing stills and video on the latest generation of BRAVIA™ televisions with TRILUMINOS™ Display. The new Cyber-shot™ RX1R full-frame digital compact camera from Sony will be available at selected Sony stores and authorised outlets from August 2013.


HVL-F43M external flash

Designed for use with the latest Sony A-mount SLT, E-mount cameras, camcorders and Cyber-shot™ models that have the Multi Interface Shoe, the versatile HVL-F43M combines smart, compact design with bright GN43 flash output, Quick Shift Bounce and dust/moisture resistant design. Users of the HVL-F43M can even shoot Full HD videos in the dark with its powerful LED video light, while other smart functions such as Auto White Balance adjustment with colour temperature information ensures consistent natural-looking images under any lighting conditions. The new HVL-F43M external flash from Sony will be available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from mid July 2013.

HVL-F43M (high-res)

Pricing and Availability

The Sony CyberShot RX 1R and RX 100 II will be available at selected Sony stores and authorised outlets from August 2013 onwards.

Model Recommended Retail Price
Cyber-shot™ RX1R S$3,999
Cyber-shot™ RX100 II S$999

 For your information, with effect from 1st July 2013, the Cyber-shot™ DSC-RX100 will retail at a reduced price of S$849 (original price was S$999).

 Information and Photographs Courtesy of Sony Singapore.

Canon PhotoMarathon (2013) XI

This was my fourth year participating in Canon PhotoMarathon event and I was glad to be back participating and having fun in the Canon PhotoMarathon 2013. As the years goes by, we can see more participants in Canon PhotoMarathon, along with more school children and teenagers too. This year, Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 welcomed a record breaking 2,518 photographers from all walks of life for a competitive yet fun community photography event in Singapore. The Canon PhotoMarathon is a fun time to come together with your photography kakis, make new photography kakis, have fun to shoot together, chit-chat about cameras and gears, borrow and try your friends camera lenses and gear.


Photo Courtesy of Canon Singapore

Canon PhotoMarathon is not just about photography competition. There is also a time for the Canon Experience – The Canon PhotoMarathon is a flagship event that engages shutterbugs from all walks of life and provides consumers with a positive Canon experience. Following the launch of the Canon Try and Buy Lens Programme in March this year, Canon is introducing to the Canon PhotoMarathon Try & Buy lens booth where participants get to rent and test out a wide range of Canon lenses. Furthermore, participants will also have a chance to take a look at rarely seen Canon medical equipment and enterprise products from other Canon business units.

The Canon PhotoMarathon allows me to train and hone my creativity in photography, within a stipulated time frame, brain and creativity juices flowing with adrenaline for each of the 3 themes announced during Canon PhotoMarathon. This year, I was shooting alone since my friends were in different groups throughout the event and I needed to drop by into office not too far away from Suntec City Convention Centre during the event itself and prepare some work matters while still competing in the Canon PhotoMarathon! Shooting alone this year helps me to shoot well, although it will be just as fun to have a group of photographer friends to go out and shoot with during Canon PhotoMarathon and having fun together!

What were the 3 themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 and what did I submit for the 3 themes? Here are the 3 themes and my submissions:

Theme 1: Tradition


Theme 2: Communicate


Theme 3: Instant


Reflecting back on my submissions for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013, it will definitely add more to my accumulating photography experiences especially in finding creative angles/perspectives in a short stipulated time, this is something that will come in handy and useful when I am working on photography projects/assignments and there might be a need to think fast and furious in the shoot settings and conditions.

If you haven’t participated in a Canon PhotoMarathon before, I do encourage you to participate in Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 with your friends. It will be a fun experience for all of you to shoot together. Looking forward to see you all at Canon PhotoMarathon 2014!