Outdoor and Birding Photography Adventure @ Sungei Ulu Pandan

The Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector Network is part of the wider networks of Park Connectors Network managed by National Parks (NParks) Singapore. Our Park Connector Networks is a great idea for people to be able to access to the outdoors for leisure and recreational activities. Some of the Park Connector networks connects the green belt to the community, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife spotting.


This particular network, the Sungei Ulu Pandan segment, is one of my favourite areas due to its proximity to my home (not too far away), it’s part of my childhood growing up years since my former Primary School is just around the corner nearby there and lastly, it’s part of the Old Jurong Line/Green Corridor network that I personally took a strong interest and support in. It’s not just for walking, running and cycling along the Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector, it’s great for wildlife photography too!


I had been there quite a number of  times and slowly exploring the various areas along the Sungei Ulu Pandan, Clementi Woodlands, Community Farm at Clementi and Old Jurong Line (from the Sunset Way pedestrian bridge, heading towards Sunset Way Railway Bridge and heading towards the Ayer Rajah Expressway whereby another smaller Old Railway Bridge of the Old Jurong Line is (the river forms a Y-shaped there before heading towards Pandan Reservoir direction. Here’s a handy map by NParks for your reference! If you love to capture sunsets, walking down along Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector does give you the opportunity for a beautiful sunset! Take a leisure stroll and enjoy the quiet time and tranquility of the Green Corridor surroundings.



Here are some of the birds and wildlife spotted along Sungei Ulu Pandan, Clementi Woodlands and Old Jurong Line

– Egret family

– Grey Heron

– Purple Heron

– Striated Heron

Brahminy Kite

– Common Kingfisher

– White-Throated Kingfisher

– Collared Kingfisher

– Long-Tailed Parakeet

– Water-Breasted Waterhen

– Slaty-Breasted Rail

– Oriental Dollar bird

– Black-Naped Oriole

– Malayan Monitor Lizard

There are definitely more species of birds and wildlife that I have yet to spot and photograph them! Hopefully, as time goes by, I would be able to fill up more photographs of the bird sightings at Sungei Ulu Pandan in my Flickr collection! Do check out my Clementi Railway Track collection and my adventure when a few of us trekked from Teban Gardens to Sunset Way!


The photographs and adventures brought back many memories, from trekking along the Old Jurong Line and the Green Corridor that were part of the Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector Network, documenting and photographing memories of history, heritage, community and culture. Adding in the wildlife, leisure and recreational memories here sums it up the importance of such places in Singapore!

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Old Jurong Line Update 2 – Community Gardens Farm at Clementi

The Community Gardens Farm at Clementi, located in the heart of Old Jurong Line, part of the KTM Railway networks in Singapore’s history when the KTM Railway networks were operating into the Jurong Industrial estate. I promised to share and update about the new Community Farm in Clementi since I lived not too far away from the area and I grew up studying in the Primary School with the Old Jurong Line behind my Primary School! I used to remember playing nearby there when I was a Primary School kid!


I went for the Old Jurong Line trek with a group of like-minded people from the We Support The Green Corridor community, trekking from Teban Gardens to Sunset Way. There were a number of changes along the Old Jurong Line, in some segments, it’s totally gone forever, changed into modern roads, viaducts and flyovers. Today’s update will be the Clementi Avenue 4 segment of the Old Jurong Line that were in the limelight with the community gardens farm appearing and the former facilities around the community garden farms were gone forever. The community farm at Clementi was officially opened on 3rd March 2013 and you can check out the news report here!


Having saw the transformation from clearing the former farming land to the community farm at Clementi, there were mixed feelings initially. Balancing both sides of the stories from the residents complaints and having been there for myself, I can understand where the decision was made to change it to the community farming concept. This is probably a Win-Win situation for all parties and stakeholders out there, while it lost part of her history, we can see that majority of the greenery are still preserved and intact around the community farming area. In my personal opinion, that is definitely better than clearing the green belt and building concrete blocks, buildings etc. Moreover, the community farming at Clementi can help to reach out to the residents and nearby communities in different ways such as the outdoors experiences, community bonding, teaching the younger generation on farming, gardening, leisure and recreational aspects of it.


The rest of the greenery, heritage and history of the Old Jurong Line are still intact around the Clementi area. Let’s hope that they continue to keep this status quo and not destroy our history and heritage of the KTM Railway networks and Singapore’s growth history. This is a beautiful area with the Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector running parallel beside it and a rich greenery and wildlife habitat connecting to the Clementi Woodlands, you can check out Nature Society Singapore (NSS) Green Corridor Report for more details. It’s a thriving green community with a number of wildlife spotted around there and a place for Singaporeans to rest, relax, exercise, enjoy the outdoors and to keep fit and healthy!


Here’s my Green Corridor Photos Collection that I took over a period of time. The Green Corridor is really a beautiful and wonderful green space. Let’s keep it this way!

National Geographic Channel and Canon Launch the EOS Young Photographer Awards

National Geographic Channel and Canon Singapore Pte Ltd announced that they had launched the EOS Young Photographer Awards contest in Singapore. When I received the press release, I was happy and excited that there were such wonderful initiatives and platforms for young aspiring young photographers to learn and discover more about photography and getting them to pursue their love and passion for photography. Looking back in time through my photography learning journey over the past 25+ years, I wished there was something similar for me to learn and  pursue my photography passion, along with my one of my biggest photography influence, National Geographic. Joe Riis, an esteemed photographer from National Geographic is coming to Singapore and he’s conducting an Exclusive Photography Seminar, do check out my post for more details! Joe will be sharing his photography experiences and provide tips too!

Being a supporter of life long constant learning and improvement in whatever you do, in your work, leisure or studies. We must always upgrade ourselves and improve, this is a personal philosophy that I apply to my photography too. There is always something to learn and improve in my photography skills and knowledge. While I am not able to participate in the EOS Young Photographer Awards due to over the age limit stipulated, I am going to encourage my juniors whom some I mentored and shared my photography experiences and skills with, to go ahead and participate in the EOS Young Photographer Awards.


What’s the EOS Young Photographer Awards all about ? Here’s the story behind it –

This coveted award will be presented to the photographer with the best photograph submitted to the region-wide contest, along with a grand prize that include a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a National Geographic Photography Expedition where the winner will travel together with a National Geographic Photographer  as an active participant on the trail, with countless opportunities to be surrounded by natural, cultural and social wonders which can be captured in photographs.

The heart of this inaugural region-wide EOS Young Photographer Awards initiative between Canon and the National Geographic Channel is to inspire youths across Asia to take an active interest in the creative arts and know more about the science of photography. Through this contest, both organizations hope to encourage the young generation to discover and pursue their passion in photography. In addition to the Young Photographer Awards competition, there will also be a seminar given by Joe Riis, an esteemed photographer from the National Geographic who will be sharing his photography experiences and provide some tips for photography enthusiasts.

The contest calls all aspiring young shutterbugs between the ages of 13 and 25 in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia to submit their best photographs under the theme of “A Celebration of Colour.”  In addition to the grand prize, the 1st and 2nd runner-up prizes are also extremely attractive.  They include a Canon EOS 650D digital SLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens for the 1st runner-up and a Canon EOS 1100D digital SLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens for the 2nd runner-up – top of the line tools to help aspiring photographers develop their skills and bring them a step closer to realising their dreams as a professional photographer.

The winner of the top three prizes will be determined by a panel of experts from both Canon and the National Geographic Channel. In addition to the main contest, there will also be an award based on peer-judging. From 9 April 2013 to 3 June 2013, there will be a special colour theme posted on the CanonYPA website (www.celebrationofcolour.com) every two weeks. Contestants who submit a creative photograph based on that colour will be eligible to win a prize which will be determined by the number of ‘likes’ the photographer garnered. At the close of the contest, the entry with the most ‘likes’ overall, regardless of colour, will win the Voter’s Choice Award.


The Canon EOS Young Photographer Awards is open from 28 March to 3 June 2013. Participants may upload their entries to www.celebrationofcolour.com  and visit the website for more details on the contest.

A summary of the awards and prizes as follows:

1st Place – Young Photographer’s Award
  • Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens
  • National Geographic Photography Expedition in the US


1st Runner Up  – Young Photographer’s Award
  • Canon EOS 650D DSLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens
2nd Runner Up – Young Photographer’s Award
  • Canon EOS 1100D DSLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens
Voters’ Choice Award
  • Canon EOS camera bag
  • National Geographic Channel photo book
Bi-weekly Voters’ Choice Award (Colour theme)(4x winners in total)
  • Canon EOS Thumb drive
  • National Geographic backpack

To all the young photographers out there, here is a wonderful golden opportunity to learn, improve and challenge yourself in your photography learning journey ahead. Go For It! Just Do It!

** Information and photographs courtesy of Tactic PR **

Three Singaporean Photographers Win Big at 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

Photography enthusiasts have a common trait and that is viewing and admiring photography works by fellow photographers whether is it, professional, leisure or competition arena. This is where we can learn as well from other photographers whether they are an amateur, semi-professional, serious enthusiast or professional photographer.

The Sony World Photography Awards, organised by World Photography Organisation, is widely recognised as the leading global photographic awards programme, where talents across many diverse fields of photography are discovered through a range of competitions held annually. The winning works of the photographers are featured throughout the WPO website and in international exhibitions, offering unparalleled exposure for the photographers.

Sony World Photography Awards 2013 saw 3 Singaporeans honoured for their works.  This year’s competition saw the inclusion of the Singapore National Award, a new category open only for local photographers.

Seeking to uncover the best photographers in Singapore, the local winners are:

  • Yeow-Kwang Yeo, 1st place (Singapore National Award), Winner (Open Panoramic Category, 2013 SonyWorld Photography Awards)

My Old House, Yeow-Kwang Yeo

© Yeow-Kwang Yeo, Singapore, Winner, Open Panoramic Category and Singapore National Awards, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

  • Justin Ng Chai Hock, 2nd place (Singapore National Award)

 02 FEB 2013 - ONE FC (Kuala Lumpur) : Return of Warriors

© Justin Ng Chai Hock, Singapore, Second Place, Singapore National Awards, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

  • Foo Choong Lim, 3rd place (Singapore National Award)

The City Eye Hole, Foo Choong Lim © Foo Choong Lim, Singapore, Third Place, Singapore National Awards, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

All three images will be showcased as part of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at the famous Somerset House in London from 26 April to 12 May 2013.

Looking at the 3 Singaporean photographers that were honoured at the Sony World Photography Awards 2013, they were really excellent and worthy of their honour and awards. Their success would definitely inspire many other photographers in Singapore to strive and take excellent photographs just like them. I would like to congratulate the above 3 photographers from Singapore for their outstanding photography works at the Sony World Photography Awards 2013!

** Information provided courtesy of Sony Singapore, all photographs courtesy and copyright  to the respective winning photographer  **

Exclusive Photography Seminar By National Geographic Photographer Joe Riis!

In my journey of photography, over a period of 20+ years since I held my first Pentax ME Super SLR film camera and starting to “fire away” by pressing the shutter and wasting precious film when I was just a young boy with no knowledge about photography. I never looked back since and today, I am enjoying my photography a lot and getting more excited with a personal growth in discovering my calling in personal projects e.g. heritage, documentation, conservation, preservation and photojournalism.

One personal philosophy on personal development and growth is life long learning, regardless of whether it is in work, studies or leisure. There is always something new to learn everyday. I grew up along with National Geographic and I am a great fan of their magazines, stories and their beautiful photographs. They had a huge influence on me and my photography, inspiring me and always learning from the master photographers of National Geographic through their photography guide books and National Geographic Magazine. When I received news of an exclusive photography seminar by National Geographic Photographer Joe Riis, I had to share this wonderful news with all my readers here, especially the photography enthusiasts. This is a wonderful and awesome opportunity to learn from a master in photography! Here are the details of the exclusive photography seminar –


Photograph by Joe Riis

Look forward to an informative seminar with Joe Riis, an award-winning photojournalist with National Geographic. Among his many achievements, Joe has won an Emmy in 2011 for his pronghorn cinematography, which was featured in the National Geographic Channel’s Great Migration series. National Geographic Channel, in partnership with Canon, invites you to experience the world’s breathtaking wildlife through the eyes of Joe Riis!

Most importantly, both the seminar and the workshop are free! However, only the first 200 registrants will get to be a part of this exclusive seminar, and out of these 20040 lucky seminar participants will get a chance to participate in a private Photography workshop conducted by Joe at the Singapore Zoo! Get up close with Joe as he shares with photographers his experiences, tips and photography techniques in capturing wildlife.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from an esteemed wildlife photojournalist this April!

The details of the event are as follows:


Date: 7 April 2013, Sunday

Time: 10am – 12 pm

Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts

                The Singapore Airlines Theatre (Basement 1)

                1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940


Date: 5 April 2013, Friday

Time: [Session 1] 9am – 12pm OR [Session 2] 3pm-6pm

Venue: Singapore Zoological Gardens

                80 Mandai Lake Road

                Singapore 729826

How to sign up for workshops and seminar:
1. Download the registration form from the link provided (http://we.tl/23CIRniWef)
2. Send the completed form to register@thisisanagram.com

The first 200 registrants will receive a confirmation email with the details of the event. To qualify for the selection for the private workshop, simply indicate your interest in your registration form by ticking your preferred workshop session. Successful applicants for the workshop will be notified by 3 April 2013.

If you’d like to find out more about Joe Riis, please visit the following website: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/bios/joe-riis/

 ** Information and photograph courtesy of Joe Riis and SPRG ** 

Earth Hour 2013 in Singapore

Earth Hour 2013 in Singapore, along with other major cities and towns worldwide, coming together on the 23rd March 2013 to be part of a global mass participation movement. This is all done in the name of climate change, protecting our home, Mother Earth. This year 2013, Earth Hour event was held at The Float @ Marina Bay, right in the heart of the Marina Bay. There were many events and activities lined up on Earth Hour 2013 and I was only able to attend just before the significant moment of switching off the lights from 830pm to 930pm.


Having seen, attended and participated in Earth Hour Singapore in the years 2009 and 2011, it was great to be back by being there in the thick of the action again. My roots and growing up in the Scouting movement was a great influence to me in loving the nature and outdoors, thus shown in my support for Earth Hour movement. The Singapore Scouts Association had always been active with the Earth Hour movement in Singapore  too and it was great to see them there at The Float @ Marina Bay.


The location/venue for Earth Hour 2013 Singapore was great, The Float @ Marina Bay was surrounded by tall office buildings, hotels and shopping centres, we can see the changes in the mindset of the vendors, business owners, building owners and stakeholders. They were supportive and willing to play a part in the Earth Hour movement by switching off their lights from 830pm to 930pm. Over the years, we had seen more participation and support and that is an awesome move. Everybody plays a part, no matter how big or small you are, whether you are just one person or one big organisation, we all can make a difference to saving and conserving. Even though Marina Bay strives on her beautiful landscapes of the whole Marina Bay lighted up, during Earth Hour 2013, the lights off by the buildings in the heart of Marina Bay makes it special and beautiful. During my time at The Float @ Marina Bay, I caught up with friends from Nature Society Singapore and had a chat with them, getting updates on their various activities and happenings.


It is important to remember that the Earth Hour movement continues beyond switching off the lights for 1 hour. We need to continue and Pass-It-On, the message of conservation and climate change, in our daily life, work and leisure activities. We must do this not just for ourselves, it’s for our future generations. I am here just doing a small part, photographing, documenting, sharing and passing on the message of climate change, conservation and protection of Mother Earth. Here’s to the pictorial memories of Earth Hour 2013 in Singapore!

Sometimes, the best and most meaningful messages are spread by photographs and memories. Let us all continue the power of Earth Hour movement!

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Sony Digital Workshop 2013 – 10 Professionals / 13 Sessions

Sony Southeast Asia is organising its biggest Sony Digital Workshop ever for photography beginners, enthusiasts and professionals in Singapore. The Sony Digital Workshop 2013 invites 10 Professionals for 13 Sessions, to share more about their photography and experiences. The topics that would be covered includes photojournalism portrait and flash photography.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.14.05 AM

Screen Shot from Sony Digital Workshop website

Some of these renowned speakers include:

  • Veteran National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita, who has received numerous awards throughout his 30 years in the industry, is known for epic stories that cover the landscapes and legends of Asia. He has held major exhibitions of his work globally and published ten books
  • Professional photographer Manny Librodo, who has achieved worldwide fame with his particular style in digitally retouching portrait photography. In 2009, he was named by Scott Kelby as one of the five best photographers in the world.
  • Multi-awarded and internationally recognised young director Pepe Diokno, who was mentioned as one of the world’s 100 exceptional emerging film makers by UK’s Phaidon Press. Recipient of the Venice Film Festival’s Lion of the Future Award in 2009, he will share tips and tricks on storytelling and visual imagery to help get a film off the ground.
  • Renowned local filmmaker Jack Neo, whose humorous vignettes of the Singapore culture and community has endeared him to the hearts of many, will talk about his journey in film making and how to develop one’s personal style of movie directing.

The workshops will be held on 30 March, 31 March, 6 April and 20 April at The Chamber, Old Parliament House and on 27 April at the Sony Store at Isetan Orchard. Members of the public who are interested to participate in these workshops can register their interest at www.sony.com.sg/sdw1013.

Here’s the schedule of the workshop sessions –

Date Time Venue Topic Speaker
30 March 2013 (Saturday) 1100 – 1300hr Old Parliament House Conceptual Portrait Photography Manny Librodo
1500 – 1700hr Old Parliament House Conceptual Portrait Photography Manny Librodo
1900 – 2100hr Old Parliament House Travel Photography – Batanes, Philippines Ferz Decena & Oggie Ramos
31 March 2013 (Sunday) 1500 – 1700hr Old Parliament House Travel Photography – Batanes, Philippines Ferz Decena & Oggie Ramos
1800 – 1900hr Old Parliament House Photojournalism Mike Yamashita
2000 – 2100hr Old Parliament House Photojournalism Mike Yamashita
6 April 2013 (Saturday) 1100 – 1300hr Old Parliament House Astrophotography Benson Guek
1500 – 1700hr Old Parliament House Fashion Photography Gladys Ng
1900 – 2100hr Old Parliament House Fashion Photography Gladys Ng
20 April 2013 (Saturday) 1100 – 1300hr Old Parliament House Film Making Jack Neo
1500 – 1700hr Old Parliament House Film Making Pepe Diokno
1900 – 2100hr Old Parliament House DSLR Photography Alex Obana
27 April 2013 (Saturday) 1600 – 1800hr Sony Store, Isetan Orchard Flash Photography Ding Yan

If you are keen to learn more from the masters of photography, do check out their website for more details! I am a huge fan of Mike Yamashita and he’s one of the National Geographic photographers that influenced me when I started off in my photography journey. However, I might be out of town during that time and I won’t be able to join!

Canon Launches “Try and Buy” programme for its lenses

A photographer would definitely (most of the time) upgrade their equipment over time and one of the upgrade would be buying more different lenses for different fields of photography that they are interested in and wanted to go into. However, do you as a photographer face this issue of whether this lens suits you or how this lens “fee” when you are using it in action ? Would you want an opportunity to test out the lens that you plan to buy before buying ? Look at the huge lens database in the photo by Canon!

Lens group shot

Photograph courtesy of Canon Singapore

Photographers, look no further! Canon is now allowing its DSLR users to try out popular Canon lenses before purchasing them in the newly launched Canon Lens “Try and Buy” Programme. The programme, which is the first of its kind in Singapore  for a camera brand, will be starting from 28 March. For a nominal fee, interested users will get up to two full days to try out their lenses of choice.

The Canon Lens “Try and Buy” Programme is an initiative by the company to enable its DSLR users to try selected lenses for up to two days and make an informed decision before investing in the perfect lens to suit them. This programme will be extremely useful for users who are deciding between the different lenses in Canon’s comprehensive range of more than 70 EF and EF-S lenses. While there is no obligation to make a purchase subsequently, Canon believes that this programme will also attract new users to its award-winning EOS photographic eco-system.


Photograph Courtesy of Canon Singapore

For full details including terms and condition of the programme, please visit the Canon Lens “Try and Buy” website www.canon.com.sg/lenstryandbuy. (website going live on 28th March 2013). Users can also go to the website for more information such as the most popular lenses borrowed, the most viewed lenses, and new lenses included in the programme.

Personally, it’s very attractive, useful and exciting! You can get to try the Canon lens that you want/plan to own it! Do go and try it out, book to try your Canon lens and buy your Canon lens!

Visiting RSS Intrepid – Navy@Vivo

RSS Intrepid, a frigate from The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) sailed into Vivo City Promenade from 15th March to 17th March 2013, giving the public a chance to visit and explore the frigate RSS Intrepid, understanding more about her history, operations and contributions to the defence of Singapore and helping out in an international role as she was recently being deployed for counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, flying the Singapore flag high and proud by playing an important role during her tour in the Gulf of Aden.


Along with my friends from the social media, we went aboard RSS Intrepid, hosted by experienced RSN personnel along with Mindef Public Affairs personnel, of a tour of RSS Intrepid. This was a mini Open House, a glimpse of the Republic of Singapore Navy modern naval ships and their capabilities. Our great friendly RSN hosts shared with us their stories during their recent counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, what they do and how the crew lives during that period. It was an eye-opener to hear first hand stories from the men and women themselves that served in the Gulf of Aden, the men and women of RSS Intrepid were our international ambassadors during that time!


We were brought to a tour of the frigate RSS Intrepid, exploring various segments of the frigate –

  • Hangar
  • Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM) Deck
  • Bridge
  • Torp Store
  • Accommodation spaces for the crew
  • Wardroom
  • Combat Information Centre (CIC)
  • Dining room

Due to time and crowd constraints, there were many many enthusiastic members of the public, from the young kids to adults, wanting a piece of the action to take many many photographs and explore the RSS Intrepid. Therefore, we missed out some of the segments such as accommodation spaces and dining room. Nevertheless, we had a good time walking and exploring around, the steep ladders around the various segments of the RSS Intrepid made it fun and challenging for us to be careful when climbing up and down the flight of steps, ensuring we don’t knock our heads!


At each location, our friendly and experienced RSN hosts shared with us many different stories, what they do, the equipment used and the technology that they used during the frigate operations. Being an NS man (in the Army/Infantry), we would be interested to know what our fellow counterparts in the Navy does, their equipment, weapons, how they live, how they operate and what they do. We all had a better understanding of how modern technology has helped and improved the fighting and defence capabilities of the Republic of Singapore Navy. The RSS Intrepid belongs to the Formidable-Class Frigates and you can find out more information about them here on the Republic of Singapore Navy website!


During the Navy@Vivo open house, there is an important event that I was really looking forward to, the Naval Ceremonial Sunset onboard RSS Intrepid at 1915hrs. This is a naval tradition maintained by navies throughout the world. In their proud and formal military uniforms, at this moment in time, they were preparing for the lowering of the ship ensign, the harbour ensign and the jack at 1915hrs daily, accompanied by the bugle, a brass instrument. The beautiful Singapore sunset and blue evening skyline on the 15th March accompanies the naval ceremonial sunset on RSS Intrepid, witnessed by the public on board visiting RSS Intrepid and the general public around the Vivo City vicinity.

Navy@Vivo is a prelude to the Navy Open House coming soon in the month of May 2013, do keep a lookout for more information via the Navy Open House Facebook Page! Here’s some of my photographs taken during Navy Open House 2010 and my Navy Open House 2010 write up here! I am looking forward to Navy Open House 2013 and it would be my third time to Navy Open House! Stay tuned and keep a look out for Navy Open House 2013 !

I would like to thank Mindef Public Affairs for this exciting visit and the crew of RSS Intrepid for hosting and bringing us around!

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Wonderful Brunch at Sabio By The Sea

Sabio By The Sea, a beautiful restaurant located in a great location, filled with warm hospitality and nice ambience. It is a Grill Restaurant and Tapas Bar located in Sentosa Cove. Sabio By The Sea is the 8th Restaurant concept opened by Deliciae Hospitality Management in Singapore.


The original Sabio on Duxton inspires Sabio By The Sea; the Spanish concept of dining is now applied and brought to the sea. They prepared some of the best Spanish dishes such as grilled meats and fishes together with Tapas, in a laid back, cosy, spacious and airy location in Sentosa Cove, surrounded by the marina, yachts, pleasure boats and the beautiful Sentosa Cove residences. Inside the Sabio By The Sea, you would be dazzled by artistic artworks and masterpieces of both traditional and modern pieces. Traditional Spanish design features are combined with contemporary elements. The artworks on the walls have the same painted traditional Catalan tiles and hand carving inspired by a 200 years old bar in Seville.


The menu available at Sabio By The Sea is really exquisite and extensive, for the full menu; please click here for the link to their Facebook Page! During our enjoyable time at Sabio By The Sea, we were treated to their All Day Weekend Brunch, an awesome selection that would leave you wanting to come back for more Brunch and trying out their full list of exquisite dishes on their menu.

What did we have for the Brunch at Sabio By The Sea? Here’s the list –

El Pulpo – Grilled Octopus leg, “Viola” Mash Potato, Sauce Paprika

El Cerdo – Herbs Marinated Pig Shoulder Served With Sauted Potatos

Grilled Ribeye (120g), Chachouka, Fried Egg And Grilled Mushrooms

Grilled Olive Bread Stuff With Manchego Cheese And Serano Ham, Baby Spinach Salad

Chachouka With Chorizo Sausage, Two Fried Eggs, Toasted Brioche And Green Salad

Fluffy Omelette, Roasted Potatoes , Manchego Cheese, Serano Ham, Basil And Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

Churros – Crunchy fried dough Spanish doughnut

– Espuma de turron – Spanish Nougat Mousse

Piña asada – Roasted marinated pineapple served with vanilla ice cream

– House ‘s Signature Dessert – Pastel de Mantequilla Salada

– Carmelo Lava – Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake

What I can say about the Spanish dishes above is – You have to visit Sabio By The Sea and try it out for yourself! Bring your family and friends there for a weekend Brunch! I shall let my photos speak for the wonderful Spanish dishes at Sabio By The Sea, do check them out here on my Flickr!




During our Brunch tasting session, Chef Damien Le Bihan, Group Executive Chef of Deliciae Hospitality Management Group came out and chatted with us for a while, answering our queries although we were too happily enjoying his wonderful dishes that not many of us asked much questions! Chef Bruno Menard of La Cantine and &Made also dropped by and chatted with all of us there! We were indeed very honoured with two famous Chefs at our Brunch tasting session!

Everyone of us there had a great time there, the food was lovely and delicious. The atmosphere was relaxing, ambience was awesome and we had great views of the marina, great weather. The whole group of us, friends from the social media circle and networks, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, chatting, networking and making new friends too! Inside this group, we were all camera crazy and we all went a bit like paparazzi, taking photos of Chef Damien, Chef Bruno and Ms Helene (Marketing and PR Director).



If you love a weekend Brunch with your family and friends, Sabio By The Sea is the food destination for you! For more information on Sabio By The Sea, do check out the information below –

Website and Links

Sabio By The Sea website

Sabio By The Sea Facebook Page


31 Ocean Way


Singapore 098395

(Next to W Hotel Singapore)


From Beach Station

Sentosa Bus 3 to Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza from Beach Station

(Every 30mins daily from 8am to 10.30pm)

From Harbourfront Interchange

Sentosa Cove Shuttle Bus from Harbourfront Bus Terminal to Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza (more information here)

Operation: 7.30 am to 10 pm daily


By Car

Admission to Sentosa is at $2 during lunch (12 to 2PM) and dinner (after 5PM) on weekdays


Open Daily

Monday to Thursday 12PM to 10PM

Friday 12PM to 12AM

Saturday 10AM to 12AM

Sunday 10AM to 10PM


Phone number: 6690 7568

Email: SBTS@sabio.sg


Group Executive Chef Damien Le Bihan


Laurent Tracol

This food tasting event would not be possible without the organization and coordination by Belinda and hosted by Sabio By The Sea. Both of them organized this great food-tasting event for us to taste and enjoy and I would like to say a very Big Thank you for organizing and hosting us with your warmest hospitality and delicious Spanish Tapas and dishes! I would also like to Thank Ms Helene Denaiffe, Marketing and PR Director for providing us with the information above and hosting us during our Brunch tasting session at Sabio By The Sea!

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