Traditional Kopi by Lam Yeo Coffee Powder

Kopi, as it is commonly known in Singapore, it’s the Malay word for coffee. The coffee beverage is a common drink worldwide that is able to bond people together with a cuppa of coffee. Our local kopi, is something very special and unique, different from the coffee beverages that are prepared and served in other parts of the world. Have you visited a kopitiam a.k.a coffeeshop, ordered a kopi and have a thought about it, how different it is from the coffee by Starbucks, Coffee Bean etc?


Today, I would bring you through a short history tour of a traditional coffee powder grinder that produced the kopi for our kopitiam. They are Lam Yeo Coffee Powder with a rich history and heritage in our local kopi culture. I first heard of Lam Yeo Coffee Powder when I watched Old Places documentary by Royston Tan and they were featured inside there. The Old Places documentary was very inspiring to me, that spurred me onwards towards history, heritage, preservation and conservation of such Old Places and traditional businesses in Singapore. Lam Yeo Coffee Powder was one of the locations inside the Old Places documentary that I really wanted to visit and the opportunity came when I was allowed to follow along another of National Heritage Board (NHB) projects, visiting Lam Yeo Coffee Powder, with blessings and permission of Lam Yeo Coffee Powder.


I took a few hours time off from work, went there visiting Lam Yeo Coffee Powder, joining along with students from First Toa Payoh Secondary School who were there to learn about the coffee powder grinding trade, to have a hands on the coffee grinding business and speaking to the owners about the history and heritage of coffee in Singapore. Our major newspapers Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao were there together with tv crew to write and share about the traditional coffee powder grinder too. Being a local kopi addict, a coffee supporter, it’s like an adventure to learn more about kopi from the experts themselves, the owners from Lam Yeo Coffee Powder. Our traditional local kopi is special and unique because the coffee beans are roasted before grind into kopi powder, a taste that is different and something that you have to try if you are a visitor coming to Singapore! There wasn’t any roasting facilities at Lam Yeo Coffee Powder and I wasn’t able to see traditional practice in action.


Lam Yeo Coffee Powder has a lot of history, heritage and tradition inside their shophouse. They kept their authenticity, original style and furnishings, with many old treasures and antiques stored in their cupboards, those that might not be able to find in modern Singapore today. Chatting with the owners of Lam Yeo Coffee, I got to learn a lot more about kopi from the early days of Lam Yeo Coffee in Singapore

– They were founded in 1959 at another location before moving to their current location at 328 Balestier Road during the early 1960s and they stayed at this location till today.

– The kopitiams in Singapore in the olden days used to have an area behind them to roast their coffee beans that would be grind into kopi powder for their kopitiams. With changing times, regulations and health concerns, kopitiams no longer roast their coffee beans behind their backyard.

– Lam Yeo has a great customer service culture from the days they started their coffee powder business. Customers that bought from them had a chance to redeem gifts over time when they returned back to buy coffee from them. By accumulating Lam Yeo Coffee Powder cards (our modern day purchase card with stamps), they have choices to redeem their preferred gifts. Customers can redeem a small gift with just 2 cards and they have different gifts for the number of customer reward cards that they kept when they returned to buy Lam Yeo Coffee Powder! This is a great example of providing great customer service and rewards, thus ensuring many loyal and return customers! Check out the customer rewards card by Lam Yeo!  They are very authentic and very classic!


In this modern era, times have changed so much over the years,  the practices and traditional businesses faced many challenges today. Lam Yeo Coffee Powder today not only do what they are expert in, coffee roasting and grinding. They also have other types of coffee beans/coffee powder that catered to a different coffee taste too. Chatting and listening to the people from Lam Yeo Coffee Powder, it was very enriching and enlightening for a kopi lover like me. If you a kopi lover like me, do help to support our local kopi culture! Lam Yeo Coffee Powder is on Facebook too, support them and Like them!

The short time there, photographing, chatting and learning about Lam Yeo Coffee Powder, their history and heritage, it’s very meaningful and enlightening. Therefore, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to National Heritage Board and Lam Yeo Coffee Powder for this special invitation and opportunity to photograph, document and share the story of the traditional coffee powder grinder trade.

This blog entry is written in support of the “Heritage in Episodes” project under the Heritage Institutions Division of NHB which seeks to document traditional trades and businesses, and to promote public awareness of these trades and businesses through NHB’s social media platforms. The traditional coffee powder grinder will be featured in an upcoming episode of the “Heritage in Episodes” project and video clips of traditional trades such as rattan weaving and Chinese lantern painting have been uploaded on NHB’s YouTube channel at”

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Green Corridor Run 2013

The Green Corridor, also officially known as the Rail Corridor, was very active today with about 6000 runners. Looking back in time, dating back to the last day of the KTM Railway operations in Singapore, the fate of the Green Corridor was hanging in the balance. Most of us do not know about the exact future and plans for the Green Corridor and it is still currently being discussed and planned by the authorities. At this current juncture, the Green Corridor/Rail Corridor is left as it is (except for Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit TImah Railway Station being closed to the public). It’s a leisure and recreational space for Singaporeans to relax and enjoy.


When the news regarding the return of the KTM Railway land back to Singapore, I started photographing and documenting the Green Corridor before the last day of the KTM Railway operations, the changes and developments thereafter. It was a humbling and enriching journey since I grew up near the Old Jurong Line at Clementi during my primary school days and my secondary school was beside Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (10 years near/beside the KTM operations). Even though I did not take the KTM trains, they had been a part of my growing up life. Therefore, I had a strong interest in the Green Corridor and would continue to lend my support in terms of photographing and documenting my exploration stories. Do check out my Flickr collection on the Green Corridor.


The Green Corridor Run was a great idea to push forward the agenda that the Green Corridor to be preserved and used for outdoor recreational activities such as running, cycling and trekking. Starting from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to Bukit Timah Railway Station, over a distance of 10.5km, running pass the HDB heartlands and lush greenery along the former KTM Railway tracks route. I confessed that I was planning to sign up and run in the Green Corridor Run 2013 but I didn’t manage to sign up in time when the run reached their quota number of participants. Therefore, I went photographing at different segments of the Green Corridor Run starting from Buona Vista MRT station, overhead bridge near Ghim Moh HDB estate, bridge near Cold Storage Jelita at Holland Road, and finally Bukit Timah Railway Station. It was a sunny day with clear blue skies, while the weather was hot today, it was great for the Green Corridor Run!


Looking at the number of runners participating in the Green Corridor Run, it was really good to see and feel that Green Corridor has the potential to be a outdoor playground for Singaporeans to enjoy, relax, keep fit and healthy, enjoy the lush greenery and fresh air. The runners also stopped along the route to take photographs for memories sake. At the Bukit Timah Railway Station, the runners were happily taking photographs at the Bukit Timah Railway Station, the partial railway tracks that were preserved and the bridge across Bukit Timah Road/Dunearn Road. There were even people queuing up to take photographs with the Bukit Timah Railway Station signboard!  Nature Society Singapore (NSS) is the official charity partner and I had a good time catching up with the friendly folks from NSS, Kwok Peng and Hang Chong at the end point marquee, along with Eugene Tay from We Support The Green Corridor.


With a maiden and successful start, let us all make the Green Corridor a haven for everybody to relax, enjoy, exercise, keep fit and healthy, have fun, leisure and recreation among the lush greenery,  conservation and protection of the rich flora and fauna that Green Corridor is part of, the rich heritage, history and culture of the KTM Railway operations in Singapore.

That is why the Green Corridor is very important to Singapore and deserves to be preserved as it is, for the future generations.

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Old Romances & Old Places – Kick Off for 2013

My adventure in photographing, documenting and sharing about Old Places and lately Old Romances in Singapore, had always been a fruitful and exciting adventure for me. For my personal projects in the areas of Old Places and Old Romances, I produced a mixture of history, heritage, cultural, conservation, preservation, photographs and writing into my posts. With a mixture of current events and personal projects, I am a good mix of photography stories/adventures of past and present.


After watching Old Romances at the National Museum of Singapore, it was a Rekindling of Old Romances inside me. There were still many Old Places and Old Business Trades for me to go out photograph and document in Singapore. It would be a balancing act for my photojournalism journey in 2013, between my personal projects in Old Romances, Old Business Trades and Old Places, along with current events coverage in sports, events and tourism. I am finally kicking off my Old Romances and Old Places photojournalism journey for the year 2013 and I would be sharing some areas that I would be looking into as my priorities.

Bukit Brown 

This year 2013, it would be the start of the exhumation of the affected graves at Bukit Brown for the upcoming building of the expressway cutting through Bukit Brown. I trekked and explored Bukit Brown with the Nature Society of Singapore on 24th December 2011, and with my relatives over 2 more times  to find my ancestors and pay respects to them. I had not written about my relatives visit to Bukit Brown and this would take on a more significant portion for year 2013 because three of my five ancestors (my maternal Great-Grandfather and two of my maternal Great-Grandmothers whom I never met before) are affected by the building of the expressway and they are slated for exhumation. I personally find it very challenging if the green light comes to me from my senior hierarchy of my maternal side of family to photograph and document the exhumation process. When the time comes, I would share my documentation stories and photographs with the blessings and permission of my relatives if they give me the permission to do so.



This is another former cemetery in Singapore, that was cleared sometime back. The plans would be a go-ahead to build HDB blocks in the area and the lush greenery that plays a birds haven to around 139 species of birds both local and migratory. There is a Facebook Group – Saving Bidadari for Birds and People, do check them out! While it is inevitable that the majority of the land at Bidadari would be used for HDB blocks, there is a chance that the lush greenery that housed the birds would have a different outcome since that area was planned to be a neighbourhood park. Nature Society of Singapore did a proposal for the conservation of Bidadari as a Nature Park, that would definitely benefit the preservation of the birds, a green space for the public to relax and enjoy. I am looking forward to visit Bidadari, enjoy the green lush space and do bird photography, along with writing and advocating the preservation of Bidadari as a Nature Park. Let’s see if civic groups and community engagements can make a difference to how we want Singapore to be like in the future, to strike a balance between growth, expansion and retaining our green space for wildlife, leisure and recreation.

Old Business Trades 

In the face of modernisation and capitalisation, many Old Business Trades in Singapore faced an uncertain future, they faced different issues such as the trade would not be able to pass on to the next generations at all since there were not any takers to do so. I was honoured that I was given permission and able to follow along with National Heritage Board (NHB) mini-projects to cover and document Old Business Trades. My first coverage of the Old Business Trades was my post on “The Art and Profession of Knife Sharpening“. Looking and moving ahead for 2013, I hope to be able to cover more of these Old Business Trades. Another segment that I covered was in the traditional arts performances such as Puppetry in Singapore and Bangsawan Performance.

Old Romances

After watching Old Romances, there was a connection between the love stories that the people kindly shared and what those Old Places, Old Trades and Cultures meant to them. From the different love stories shown, I had explored and photographed some of them, there were those that I didn’t know they were around in Singapore. I would look into this list and start to explore them in the year 2013, with fellow heritage buffs. We would all probably take turns to plan and lead heritage outing trips to the places shown in Old Romances.

Green Corridor 

The Green Corridor, also known as the Rail Corridor. An area that I was interested in, covering and photographing the KTM Railway before it was handed back to Singapore, the removal of the railway tracks and being transformed into a green corridor. While the future remains a question mark, I believe that with active and constant community engagements and dialogues with the relevant authorities. The Green Corridor/Rail Corridor would remain mostly a green corridor for all of us to enjoy, relax and stay active, exercising and healthy by cycling, trekking and running along the Green Corridor!


Do stay tuned to my photographs collection on Flickr and 500px for my Old Places and Old Romances updates too!

500px ~ Old Places

Flickr ~ Old Places

Flickr ~ The Green Corridor

Finally, I got this write up off my chest and mind!! Now I can go ahead and kick off my Old Romances and Old Places 2013 documentary and photojournalism adventure for 2013!

N.E.mation! 7 – Watch, Vote & Win Prizes!

The journey of N.E.mation! 7 is reaching her climax! A digital animation competition organised by Nexus for youths to express their thoughts on Total Defence, it was highly successful and well received by many students, who participated in the N.E.mation! over the past 6 seasons. Recalling my Stop Motion Workshop in N.E.mation! 6 and my initial N.E.mation! 7 post when they launched their season 7 and looking for submissions based on the theme “Together We Overcome”. Today, there are 10 teams of students worked through the December holidays to bring their stories to life! Simply visit on your PC or mobile devices and watch all 10 clips. Vote for your three favourite clips, and stand to win attractive prizes like the iPad (with Retina Display, WiFi + Cellular), Xbox 360 Kinect, iPad mini, Canon products, Universal Studios Singapore passes and more! Voting ends 7 February 2013.


Voting starts from 18th January 2013 to 7th February 2013 !! Here are the 4 methods that you cast your vote for N.E.mation! 7

4 Methods to Vote:

1. Visit from your PC. View all 10 clips and vote for 3 of your favorite clips!

2. is now smartphone-friendly! You can now use your smartphone to view and vote for the clips!

3. Visit N.E.mation! Facebook page on

4. Vote via SMS in the following format: NE7<SPACE>WEB<SPACE> [1ST CHOICE], [2ND CHOICE], [3rd CHOICE]<SPACE>NRIC<SPACE>FULL NAME

Example: NE7 WEB C01 C02 C03 S1234567A BEN TAN WEI CHEN

Those below 21 years of age must seek parental consent to participate in the SMS Voting. Standard SMS rate applies.

4 ways to vote

Since there are 4 ways to vote and 4 chances to win, share it with your family members, loved ones and friends to watch, vote and win prizes at N.E.mation! 7 . Good things are meant to be shared! Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On! Share with them what are the attractive prizes below that they can win by watching and voting!

Win Attractive Prizes

Not only are the prizes attractive and wonderful! From my experiences following the journey of N.E.mation! over the past few seasons, I am confident that the students would be able to produce very high quality, exciting and heartwarming animation clips. In the different seasons of N.E.mation! , I was amazed by the quality and standards of the animation clips produced by the students! N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organized by Nexus for youths to creatively express their thoughts on Total Defence.

Enjoy the videos from N.E.mation! 7, remember to vote for your favourite animation clips! Share this wonderful N.E.mation! 7 and you might also stand to win attractive prizes too!

Discovering & Rediscovering B&W Photography

The art and beauty of photography began with the monochrome photograph, the black and white photograph. As time and technology progresses, from colour film photography to digital photography today, there was a huge transformation from how we used, saw, took, shot and shared our photography, our photographs. In my previous post on my Photography Thoughts for 2013, I seek to challenge myself further, exploring and going beyond my experience and knowledge in current photography fields e.g. events photography, travel photography.


While I had my strong areas in photography, I always seek to improve my current strengths, as well as learning photography fields that I haven’t really entered into e.g. studio portrait photography and black and white photography. In my networking and sharing with fellow photography friends, I started to discover and rediscover the art of black and white (B&W) photography. Some influences were fellow photographer friends Callan, Jingwen, David Teo and some photographers that I followed on 500px.

On my Facebook Page for my photography, TanGengHui Photography, I shared a status update, “Working on curating, sharing and photographing in Black and White“. This would definitely fit into my history and heritage exploration, in addition to my street photography exploration. That’s why I put the title “Discovering & Rediscovering B&W Photography“.

Maybe when I have my own photography exhibition, there would be a B&W photography segment. It’s like a dream, I am discovering and rediscovering B&W photography in my photojournalistic journey for 2013. On my 500px, there is a set on B&W photography that I curated, I hope you would enjoy visiting my B&W photography collection set. Now as I start upon this B&W rediscovery, I would continue to work on curating, sharing and photographing in Black and White.

My Photography Thoughts ~ Mahalo 2012 and Aloha 2013

Mahalo it’s Thank You in Hawaiian. Reflecting back in the year 2012 and thanking the year 2012, counting my blessings, the moments, events and things in 2o12 that I was given the opportunity to document and photograph down here on my photography site and my Flickr 2012 collection.

In the year 2012, I had very fulfilling times in photographing and documenting

– Heritage, History, Conservation and Preservation

  • Old Places
  • Traditional arts performances
  • Traditional business practices
  • Ancestors trail hunting at Bukit Brown

– Arts and Cultural Events

– Photography Reviews Opportunities

– Photography Contributions and Engagements

– Dragon Scout Group


As I welcome a new year 2013, there were thoughts going inside me whether I should or I would be writing photography resolutions for the year 2013? Reading Outdoor Photographer Magazine Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers, it got me thinking hard and deep inside my heart. By writing down what I think, plan, strategise and want for my photography in 2013, it would be my thoughts, ideas and desires for my photography.

Here’s to Aloha photography 2013

– Continuation of where I left off in 2012 in the Heritage, History, Conservation and Preservation, particularly Bukit Brown and Old Romances

– My own photography exhibition (where, what’s the theme, when – seeking, searching and dreaming my own answers)

– Sharing and building up my FB Photography page to share my stories and tips for my friends and supporters

– Taking more many different photographs and sharing here on Flickr !

– Curating and adding selected photographs to my Photography Portfolio on 500px!

– Upgrading myself to another level of my photography, in terms of skills, knowledge and experiences. The areas that I am looking at are lighting and portrait photography (indoor and outdoor), black and white (street and abstract).

– Travel to locations whereby I can go trigger happy with my camera

– Sharing and teaching photography

Would you like to walk with me in my photojournalistic journey in 2013 ? You’ll Never Walk Alone with my photojournalistic journey !

DSG 90th Anniversary Dinner – Home Coming

Founded in the year 1922, she’s 90 years old in the year 2012. The history, heritage, culture and strength of Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group (DSG) stands tall and proud among her peers in the history of Scouting in Singapore because DSG is one of the oldest Scout Groups in Singapore. In the year 2012, Dragon Scout Group celebrated her 90th Anniversary with a grand campfire and a Hawaii Overseas Exchange Program. At the end of the year 2012, the 90th Anniversary celebrations were rounded off with a big bang with a 90th Anniversary Home Coming Dinner back to school, organised by the Dragon Chapter, for the boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group and for the old boys and girls too.


It was great to see a good turnout from the current boys and girls of the Dragon Scout Group and the old boys and girls of different generations of the Dragon Scout Group family. This was our Dragon Scout Group Extended Family Reunion Dinner and we were honoured by the presence of our Principal, Mrs Carolin Tan, to be the Guest of Honour during our 90th Anniversary Dinner. While the 90th Anniversary Dinner was planned by the old boys, the current leaders, ventures and scouts all helped in one way or another to make this 90th Anniversary Dinner a success.


A great example of Dragon Scouting unity was the creation of the Dragon Scout Group badge tea lights inside the school hall on the day before the 90th Anniversary Dinner. It was a combined effort by the extended Dragon Scout Group family, with a group of old boys like Wei Liang and myself; teachers Hongliang (my DSG senior) and Ms Lee; Leaders – Choon Lian and Moo Teng; Ventures – Amelia and Kenner; Scouts: Joel. Through our unity and combined efforts, we got the Dragon Scout Group badge tea lights ready for the 90th Anniversary Dinner the following day. Old boys Teck Chong (my DSG senior and my SL when I was a PL) and Ganesh were in school earlier to help with the banners and decorations too!


On the day of 90th Anniversary Dinner, it was great to see many old boys and girls back. My fellow batch were back in force, almost occupying a full table, Nicholas, Jinguang, Zhigang, Zhenhao, Junjie, Alfred and Quanjun. I wasn’t able to catch up with them as much since I was the photographer and had to run around the dinner event. We had a group photo taking in the school hall, in front of the Dragon Scout Group badge tea lights. This was a great family reunion photo!

There were lucky draws, games and videos (of recent Dragon Scouting and Hawaii overseas exchange trip) were shown during the 90th Anniversary Dinner. When the dinner was officially over, we had our own patrol photograph taking, the old and new all coming together for their combined patrol photograph that would go down into our Dragon Scouting history and heritage. I had been documenting and photographing Dragon Scouting for the past few years, do check out my photos inside my Flickr collection! Looking back, I was glad to play a part here in the organising of the 90th Anniversary Dinner with fellow old boys, Wei Liang, Thye San, Teck Chong, Say Chionh, Ganesh and Wei Yang. A proud moment for all of us were the old boys lighting up the tea lights of the Dragon Scout Group badge at the end of the dinner. The Dragon Scout badge stood out remarkably, like a bright Scouting light that led and bind us all together in the Dragon Scouting family.


The home coming DSG 90th Anniversary Dinner was great, significant and heartwarming. This is something that I am able to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, contributing and giving back my gratitude to the Dragon Scouting movement that I learned and honed many skills and life-long brotherhood friends. Happy 90th Anniversary to Dragon Scout Group and Onward !

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Mint Showcase II – Media Preview

Mint Leong, she’s a very bubbly, very friendly and very nice little girl. I remembered her when I first met her during Singapore Social Media Day 2011, whereby I was helping out in a photography sharing session and she was part of the organising committee. Mint also performed during Singapore Social Media Day 2011 too with her singing, mesmerising the crowds with her vocals and talent. Meeting her and listening to her singing for the first time, I felt that she had a great music and singing talent inside her.


Photograph courtesy of Mint Leong 

Recently, Mint invited me to her upcoming Mint Showcase II – Media Preview, performed at All About Eve Bar. Mint and her band performed 6 songs from her upcoming Mint Showcase II during the Media Preview, giving her loyal friends and supporters a glimpse of her upcoming Mint Showcase II concert. Listening to Mint and her band performing, it was really awesome and I liked it a lot! I am a supporter of music rock bands that play in pubs, the feeling of live rock unplugged music. Mint and her band’s singing reminds me of the good old days of 新谣 (xin yao) music, with artists like 梁文福, Eric Moo etc … Their music and songs sings into our heart and soul.

During her Mint Showcase II – Media Preview, I didn’t take many photographs because my photography gear were at another location in preparation for my evening photo shoot event. After her rousing performance, I had to rush off and couldn’t stay behind and chat with Mint, as well as fellow friends from the social media/blogging scene.

poster A2

Photograph Courtesy of Mint Leong

Mint shared the history and beginnings of Mint Showcase II –

The humble beginnings of Mint Showcase started in January 2011, when Mint and Band performed for a sold-out crowd of 100. Mint Showcase I consisted of 10 original songs, all of which were written & composed by Mint herself. Mint and Band would like to thank everyone who helped to make Mint Showcase I possible.

Following the success of Mint Showcase I, Mint and Band started preparation for Mint Showcase II, 5 months before the actual performance dates. Mint Showcase II promises to be bigger and better than the first. This time round, they are performing a total of 12 songs, comprising of 6 originals from Mint Leong  (from Mint Showcase I),  1 original from Desmond Wong and 5 cover songs with the theme, Dreams & Support: 我是一只鱼,感动天感动地,我的未来不是梦,你还是要幸福 and 红蜻蜓。All the performing songs are produced & arranged by Won, the owner of All About Eve Bar.


Here are the details for Mint Showcase II 

Dates:                      12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) of January 2013

Time:                       1pm to 4pm on both days

Venue:                     All About Eve Bar

144 Arab Street #02-01, Singapore 199829

(Opposite Golden Landmark Hotel)

Ticket Prices:      Online purchase $22.00 per ticket (for 1 day),

At the door on performance days $25.00 per ticket (for 1 day)

Visit to register for your tickets online.

For more in-depth information of Mint Showcase II, do drop by Mint’s blogpost here! Mint is a great local music talent and let’s all support our local music talent, spread the word and share with your friends about Mint Showcase II happening soon!

I would like to wish Mint and her band all the best for her upcoming Mint Showcase II !! Your heart, voice, musical talent and passion will shine through during your Mint Showcase II performance !! You will rock the scene and house down !! 


Happy New Year 2013 !!

Today is the 1st of January 2013, marking a new Year ahead. As we bid farewell to Year 2012, take time to reflect back your Year 2012 and whether it’s a good or bad or not too bad year for you, it’s time to put it down and aside. Now is the time to look forward ahead into the Year 2013!

I was shooting New Year Eve 2013 countdown fireworks from One Fullerton rooftop. This arrangement was courtesy of One Fullerton and Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It was great watching and photographing the fireworks from an elevated location, I always enjoyed photographing fireworks! Do check out my Flickr collection for more photographs of New Year Eve 2013 Countdown Fireworks!


I would like to wish my friends, supporters and readers, Happy New Year 2013 ! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, for all your continuous support, following, guidance, tips, assistance, encouragement and every little things in my photography, travel and photojournalism adventure from my start till today. May the Year 2013 be like the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks, let 2013 be a fresh, big, bright and soaring high year for you!