A New Milestone : Canon EOS M

On the 23rd July 2012, I was invited by Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations to witness a new milestone in the history of Canon’s legacy of cameras. It was a great event to be there and being able to witness a new milestone, the arrival of the Canon EOS M, the smallest camera in their EOS family. The event was held at the Stellar @ 1-Altitude, with great food and hospitality, a great time to chat and catch up with fellow friends from the social media circle and friendly staff of Canon Singapore’s marketing and corporate communications department.

Before the official announcement of the Canon EOS M, Mr Andrew Koh, Senior Director and General Manager of the Consumer Imaging and Information Products Group, Canon Singapore, showed and shared the timeline of the EOS camera system from 1987 to 2012. Finally, the Canon EOS M was revealed by Mr Andrew Koh and this marked the start of a new milestone in Canon’s history.

While lunch was being served, we were given a short introduction on the technical specifications and functionalities of the Canon EOS M. During the main course, we were all eagerly waiting to grab hold of the Canon EOS M and wanting to feel, touch and play with the latest toy! When the Canon EOS M finally made its way to our table, we had a fun time photographing with the latest addition of Canon EOS family. We also had a glimpse of a new series of EF lens for the Canon EOS M, the EF-M 18-55mm f3.5/5.6 IS STM and the EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM.

The EOS M bears the EOS lineage not only by name, but also by containing the best features of its larger DSLR cousins. With the powerful combination of an 18.1-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 5 image processor packed inside the Canon EOS M, it is also able to access Canon’s entire arsenal of EF/EF-S lenses. The Canon EOS M has Phase-difference AF and Contrast AF built into a Hybrid CMOS AF system, the EOS M is able to achieve high speed and high precision focus in both still and video modes. There is also the Multi FlexiZone method where the EOS M divides the scene into 31 AF zones as well as the Single FlexiZone where users can move the AF point via the LCD touchscreen. It’s definitely a small lightweight camera with powerful features along with great support and accessories from the EOS family!

Here are some key specifications of the Canon EOS M –

  • 18.1MP APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor
  • Full EF/EF-S compatibility with the largest range of interchangeable lenses and accessories
  • Available in four stylish colours: black, white, red, silver
  • Weight: 265g
  • Dimensions: 108.6 x 66.5 x 32.3mm in size
At this current point in time as this post is being written, the EOS M, EF-M lenses, EOS-EF M mount adapter and Speedlite 90EX will be available from early October at all Canon authorized dealers. As for the pricing, it will be confirmed at a later date.
What do I think of the Canon EOS M ? Here’s my initial impressions and thoughts on the Canon EOS M from my short stint handling the Canon EOS M during the official launch –
– Lightweight and portable
– Suits existing EOS users with EF/EF-S lenses and Speedlites
– Ideal second camera for backup or daily carry around usage
– No viewfinder (photography purists especially those from the film SLR era would not like that)
There are many views, debates, enquiries and thoughts on Canon’s entry into the mirror less market with the Canon EOS M. In my personal humble opinion, I feel that the Canon EOS M can attract a new group of consumers and also from their existing pool of EOS, digital camera users. I will share more about the Canon EOS M once I have the opportunity to have a review set on loan and share my experiences here with my readers. Maybe if my budgeting and photography planning allows, who knows, I might own a Canon EOS M someday!

Enjoying “A Tasty Passage to India” Dinner Buffet

In the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District at the Raffles Place area at the mouth of the Singapore River, a luxury hotel, the Fullerton Hotel Singapore stands tall and proud of her heritage and history. Inside the Fullerton Hotel, there is a restaurant known as the Town Restaurant, serving a wide variety of delicious flavours and cuisines, both local and international.

I was recently invited by Fullerton Hotel and Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to enjoy a food journey transported from the heart of India to the Town Restaurant. The Town Restaurant is now having “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet and there are many unique Indian cuisines and dishes being served at the Town Restaurant. This special Indian dinner buffet was in partnership with Taj Palace New Delhi and Jet Airways to bring a gastronomical experience into the heart of India’s cuisine and cooking.

There are many classic Indian dishes being served at the Town Restaurant, it is a beautiful restaurant with great ambience and hospitality. Do take your time to slowly taste and savour all the Indian dishes available there during the buffet. In addition to the Indian cuisines, you can also enjoy Town Restaurant’s popular selection of seafood on ice, pastas and many more delicious dishes on their buffet line.

Town Restaurant’s “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet brings the heart of Indian cooking and cuisine, the authentic exotic flavours and tastes to our doorstep at the Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Here are some information on The Town Restaurant’s “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet –

Prices : $52 per adult and $26 per child (6 to 12 years old)

** Prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes ** 

Dates : 20th July 2012 to 31st July 2012

Time : 6pm to 10pm at Town Restaurant

For Reservations : Please contact (65) 6877 8128 OR drop them an email at town@fullertonhotel.com

It’s a great idea to bring in international authentic cuisines from other parts of the world to Singapore and it’s a great experience to taste them too right here in Singapore at the Fullerton Hotel! Do call them, make a reservation and enjoy “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet! I would like to sincerely thank The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and Marina Bay Division of URA for the invitation to the delicious “A tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet and their warm hospitality! For more food photos of “A Tasty Passage to India” dinner buffet, you can find them here on my Flickr !

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Experience the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive

The Mercedes-Benz brand and reputation, a very well known and famous automobile brand around the world, not just in automobiles for the consumers. Just to share something with my readers and supporters, one of the favourite cars that I admired is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG !

Photo Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and Porter Novelli

Take a close look at the Mercedes-Benz automobile above, do you know which model is this sleek and beautiful Mercedes-Benz car? During this coming weekend in Singapore, you will know about the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class! Come on down, experience and celebrate the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Drive! Make a pit stop at the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive event and be among the first Singaporeans to experience the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, it’s a compact sports tourer with outstanding aerodynamics!

Date: 28 – 29 July 2012

Timing: 28 July 12- 8pm and 29 July 11am – 8pm

Location : Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

There will be many activities at the event this coming week end to let you know more about the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive, dynamic features and state of the art modern technologies of the car! Besides the activities, there are attractive prizes to be won too! Do check out more details on their facebook! For more information and to register online, please visit www.facebook.com/MercedesBenzSingapore.

Sharing on “Home Without Walls” Photo Contest Professional Category

Home Without Walls, first thing first, what comes into your mind ? Is it family first or something else ?  The Home Without Walls by Singtel is about making amazing connections at home with your family and loved ones, through the power of photography and sharing of your beautiful loving stories.

Following the journey of Home Without Walls from the Professional Category whereby I attended a sharing by master photographer Kay Chin. The words, wisdom, experiences and knowledge shared by Kay Chin was very enlightening and helpful to me in my photography journey and I wrote down my experiences here in an earlier post – Learning “Shooting From The Heart”.

Viewing the wonderful photographic works by the winners of the Professional Category winners, they were of very high standards and powerful images that portray the essence of Home Without Walls, the family bonding, love, relationship, connections and stories that each photograph tells everyone of us. The Grand Prize Winner is by Mr. Suhaimi Bin Abdullah submitted under the theme “Networks” with the caption “All For One, One For All”. The award winning photo by Mr Suhaimi is below –

Photograph Courtesy of Singtel and Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore

My first impression was WOW WOW WOW … A powerful photograph worthy of the theme Home Without Walls. This image is powerful and it conveys many messages, the magical moment in a childbirth, the love and happiness of the parents, the doctor and medical team working tirelessly in their own roles and functions to ensure the smooth delivery of the baby into this world. This photograph has the ability to connect with everybody and anybody anywhere and everywhere around the world.

Photography can be very encouraging and inspiring to everybody in taking it up to photograph something different and unique. The Home Without Walls by Singtel now has the Open Category that I mentioned earlier in my post. Here’s how you can take part in this wonderful competition by submitting your photo entries under the following four themes relating to precious family moments with various members that make up the family:

– Father Figures (Fathers)

– Grand for a Reason(Grandparents)

– Mum’s the Word (Mothers)

– Just Kidding (Children)

The Grand Prize winner for the Open Category contest will walk away with S$2,500, and the individual winners for each of the four category themes will enjoy S$500 in cash prize.This photo contest is open to all Singaporeans and submission is done through the SingTel FaceBook page. Photographs can be taken with any camera, including mobile devices. Selected entries will be collated into a set of limited edition postcards which will be distributed at a later stage.

Go ahead, take your camera out, start photographing your loved ones at home without the walls, your loved ones in your bigger extended family network and share them here on Home Without Walls. As for me, I am bringing my camera out to capture the moment too and I will try to capture as many priceless moments for memories sake.

Singapore Garden Festival 2012

A festival of many beautiful and spectacular garden landscapes by local designers and top award-winning designers from renowned garden shows around the world, lots and lots of different flora and fauna. This is my 3rd visit to Singapore Garden Festival and I have attended Singapore Garden Festival in 2008, 2010 and 2012!! Even though this was my 3rd Singapore Garden Festival, I am still amazed and mesmerised by the beauty of the whole event filled with many beautiful garden landscapes and many many flowers!

Taking a step back in time to revisit my previous Singapore Garden Festival adventures

2008 – Singapore Garden Festival 2008 and photos collection

2010 – Singapore Garden Festival 2010 and photos collection

This year Singapore Garden Festival 2012 – Asia’s Best Garden and Flower Show is in Full Bloom Again! This wonderful festival suits everybody from the young to the adults, from enthusiasts to the landscape gardening industry professional, there is something for everyone to relax and enjoy the flowers and greenery. Do check out Singapore Garden Festival Facebook site too for more news and updates of the event!

On level 6 of Suntec City Convention Centre, there’s where you can find the following

– Landscape and Fantasy Gardens

– Floral Windows to the World

– Balcony Gardens

On level 4 of Suntec City Convention Centre, there’s where you can find the following

– Singapore Orchid Show

– Garden Fiesta

– Vibrant Marketplace

My personal favourites of Singapore Garden Festival will definitely be the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens on level 6 !! There’s where I spent most of my time photographing from the wide angle to capture the entire garden view to using prime and telephoto for some close up shots of the gardens. The Singapore Garden Festival 2012 action on level 4 was great, the community engagement and participation were strong and vibrant, ranging from civic groups to schools participating and interacting with the visitors! There are opportunities for your children to be involved among the booths and displays,  getting to know more about flora and fauna. If you are looking to add something to your gardens or starting your own garden, head down to the marketplace!

Check my Singapore Garden Festival 2012 photos collection here! Pack your cameras and come down to Singapore Garden Festival 2012 at Suntec City! Here’s some information that will be useful for you –

Venue : Suntec Singapore

Opening Hours : 10am to 10pm daily

From : 7th July 2012 to 15th July 2012

Ticket Prices :


Adult – $10

Concession (Child, Student, Senior Citizen) – $5

Family (2 Adults and 3 Concession) – $20


Adult – $14

Concession (Child, Student, Senior Citizen) – $8

Family (2 Adults and 3 Concession) – $38

Take many photos at Singapore Garden Festival 2012 and share with your family members, loved ones, friends and colleagues! There’s a photography competition too and great prizes awaits you! Check out their page for more information! See you there at Singapore Garden Festival 2012 !!

I would like to thank Marina Bay Division and GolinHarris for the invitation, warm hospitality and hosting!

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The Rail Corridor Open Day 2012

One year had passed since the final faithful day on the 30th June 2011. The KTM Railway last train pulled away from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, marking a change in the history and timeline of Singapore. Today, there are no more trains operating from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and there were changes to the landscape of the KTM Railway route and train station compound. The railway tracks were removed and returned to the Malaysian Government with some small portions of the railway tracks remaining today.

On the 1st July 2012, the public was once again allowed to revisit the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit Timah Railway Station, rekindling their memorie and passion. Besides that, there were nature walks from Bukit Timah Railway Station to Old Holland Road or towards Tanjong Pagar Railway Station for the more adventurous ones. This wonderful and meaningful event is organised by Friends of the Rail Corridor and Nature Society (Singapore).

I started to look back in time when my friends and myself were exploring, photographing and documenting the KTM Railway and the Old Jurong Railway line,

(Abandoned) Railway Track Photo Walkabout 

– (Abandoned) Railway Track (Part 2) Photo Walkabout 

Railway Track Exploration Part 3 – Bukit Timah To Ten Mile Junction

So Long! Farewell! The Last Train from KTM Tanjong Pagar

A Goodbye (Thank You) Walk to the Railway Tracks

Old Jurong Line Update 1 – Teban Gardens to Sunset Way

Bukit Timah Railway Station to Holland Road (Bridge)

These photojournalistic trekking adventures gave me many beautiful memories and photographs (some were sad too) with my friends who were just as enthusiastic, adventurous and making a difference to document and share the last months leading to the return of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, Bukit Timah Railway Station and the railway land/tracks back to Singapore.

On the Rail Corridor Open Day 2012, I trekked along from Bukit Timah Railway Station towards Ghim Moh HDB estate area before  leaving for Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. While I did not trek from Bukit Timah Railway Station to Tanjong Pagar Railway  Station, I might do it one day in the future with my friends. The lush greenery and vegetation were still as beautiful and mostly untouched. The weather was great with clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine. The participants were treated to great sharing on the flora and fauna by the volunteer guides from Nature Society Singapore along with bird watching too!

At the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Open House, the activities started in the afternoon and the visitors were allowed to explore the main hall and platform freely. There were screening of documentaries – Platform 1932, wonderful nostalgic photography and memories sharing by Darren Soh and Jerome Lim. Thereafter, there was also a guided tour on Tanjong Pagar Railway Station architecture and history by Dr Lai Chee Kien. Check out Jerome’s post on the Rail Corridor Open Day too!

I took this wonderful and grateful opportunity to explore and photograph those places that you will most likely unable to access them when the Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station was in operation, those of the train operations offices, warehouses, immigration customs booths, and kitchens that served very delicious food. The main hall, the ticket counter, the artwork, the platforms and railway tracks were photographed once again, same old place, quite a lot of difference 1 year later.

At 5pm on 1st July 2012, the metal grille gates to the platform were closed again. However, the metal grille gates “resisted” and seemed that they do not want to be “closed” again, they were not allowing the security officers to close them easily before they were closed tight. This omen was spotted by Jerome, who highlighted to me and it was probably sending a message that the Grand Old Dame, our Tanjong Pagar Railway Station wants to be back to her glory days again. When and how will this happen, change and metamorphosis, the supporters, Friends of the Rail Corridor, Nature Society Singapore and We Support The Green Corridor , would be there to welcome her back in operation (without the trains though)

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