Gardens By The Bay in Singapore is Officially Opened !

On the Thursday of the 28th June 2012, this marks a special and memorable day in the history of Singapore. The Gardens By The Bay is officially opened by the Guest of Honour, Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong with over 700 guests inside the Flower Dome at the Gardens By The Bay. I was very honoured to be invited to the official opening and enjoyed the tour of the Cloud Forest that I wasn’t able to visit when I was visiting Gardens By The Bay earlier in the months before that for special preview and photography taking.

From my short visiting experiences earlier, once in 2011 when the 20th World Orchid Conference was held in Singapore and the Gardens By The Bay was opened to the public for a sneak short preview, I was there too enjoying the special preview of Gardens By The Bay. I was amazed by the design, layout and different types of flora and fauna that will be located there especially the SuperTrees whom I was really looking forward to its opening. Closer to the official opening date of The Gardens By The Bay, I was invited for another sneak preview to photograph and share with my readers and followers the upcoming opening of the beautiful and magnificent Gardens, visiting the SuperTrees over two days in the early morning and evening.

One of my photograph taken during our sneak preview was selected for Gardens By The Bay roving exhibition around Singapore at Far East Organization shopping malls. Currently, it is now on display at the Gardens By The Bay along with its official opening! Once again, I would like to say a Big Thank you to the organisations National Parks Singapore, Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Singapore for selecting my photograph! Along with the official opening of Gardens By The Bay to the public on the 29th June 2012, there are a series of events and activities, do check out the events listing page on their website for more details.

Inside the Cloud Forest Dome, there is a 35m tall mountain complete with the tallest indoor waterfall covered in beautiful lush green vegetation. My impression upon entering the Cloud Forest and looking high up at the mountain and waterfall is a WOW ! The Cloud Forest portrays plant life from about 2,000-metres above sea level at the top of the mountain to around 1,000-metres at the bottom of the ravine. Taking a lift up to the top and walking down towards the ravine, it was like my trekking adventure to Mount Kinabalu, the mist and coolness of the high altitude. Admission charges apply and the information can be found here on their website.

The Flower Dome is a cool-dry conservatory that replicates cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. There is a great collection of plants from deserts all over the world, showcasing how these plants adapt around different environments. This is a place for everybody to slow down and relax, enjoy the cooling atmosphere, admire the beautiful flowers and smell the beautiful fragrance from the different flowers. Admission charges apply and the information can be found here on their website.

The SuperTree Grove, 16 storeys in height, with 12 of the SuperTrees located at the SuperTree Grove, these SuperTrees give Gardens By The Bay an iconic tall landmark of tall and mature trees, complementing the high rise buildings of Marina Bay region. You can take a stroll up above the SuperTrees, 128m long walkway that connects the two 25-metre Supertrees at the Supertree Grove. The views along the walkway will give you a bird’s eye view of Gardens By The Bay and surrounding areas of Marina Barrage, Marina Bay and Central Business District. You will definitely love it up there and I will be returning soon to cover more of the SuperTree Grove! Admission charges apply and the information can be found here on their website. Do check out the photos collection here on the SuperTree Groves !

Let’s all welcome the opening of Gardens By The Bay !! You have to visit this beautiful place and check it out!! Here’s some photographs taken during the official opening of Gardens By The Bay on 29th June 2012 ! I have created a folder collection of Gardens By The Bay during my earlier adventures and future explorations here on Flickr !

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Singtel “Home Without Walls” Photo Contest

The role and importance of the family unit is an integral key foundation for all societies in the world. Over many centuries while many things have changed in terms of technology and modern development, the core values and importance of the family unit as a building block in a society never changes. Our Home is more than just a place to eat, sleep, feeling the love, comfort and acceptance in the family. Home is where our lives intertwine and interconnect, making stories and sharing our experiences. Our home is the place to bond and connect, every different home story is unique and special with our dreams, aspirations, experiences and connections.

Unique and special memories of the family are best captured down in memories via photography, for the current generation and the future generations as well. SingTel wants to inspire Singaporeans to connect with their families and forge stronger bonds with their loved ones with this photo contest open to all Singaporeans to take part in from 23 June to 5 August. This photo contest is Home Without Walls and the Open Category is for all Singaporeans.

Singaporeans are encouraged to submit photo entries under the following four themes relating to precious family moments with various members that make up the family: Father Figures (Fathers), Grand for a Reason(Grandparents), Mum’s the Word (Mothers), Just Kidding (Children). The Grand Prize winner for the Open Category contest will walk away with S$2,500, and the individual winners for each of the four category themes will enjoy S$500 in cash prize.
Today on the 23rd June 2012, there is the National Family Day Out Carnival 2o12 at Waterfront Promenade at the Marina Bay. Many exciting activities awaits us there and more details can be found on their website! Singtel is launching the Open Category photo contest to coincide with the Family Day Out Carnival today at this year’s National Family Celebrations. At the National Family Day Celebrations today, there is a photo contest for you all to take part. It’s the Instagram contest where participants are encouraged to take part in and hashtag #homewithoutwalls when uploading their own photographs taken at the event on Instagram. The theme of the contest is “Family Connections”. Winner will walk away with 4 x F1 Premier Walkabout tickets!
A photograph speaks a thousand words, these words of wisdom stood the test of time. The memories from a photograph lasts forever that can be passed down from generations to generations. Taking photographs of your family, the love, bonding and experiences will ensure a lasting priceless legacy for yourself and future generations. Take your camera out, start photographing your family and share here with Singtel’s Home Without Walls campaign.

Singapore Arts Festival 2012 ~ Dream Country – A Lost Monologue

Watching a monologue performance in the open night, a journey into a realm of dreaming and hope. The Dream Country – A Lost Monologue was inspired by Dream Country, a monologue written by Malaysian playwright Leow Puay Tin, the dance is about birth, life and death. While the monologue is not lost, it lives on in the dance.

With 35 performers and 35 urns, they were engaged in their own process of discovery, finding their own monologue, their stories and journeys. In their remarkable monologue performance in the outdoors at the Esplanade Park, with the beautiful Singapore’s modern skyline as a backdrop, we were brought into the performers world together to dream and discover our own stories, journeys and monologue. The performance in monologue was rich and invoking, mesmerising and intriguing. The thoughts, feelings and emotions inside us watching them in action, in search of of our own.

If you like to know more about the Mastermind behind Dream Country – A Lost Monologue, they can be found here on the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – Dream Country – A Lost Monologue event page. Upon the end of the Lost Monologue, a warm and rousing applause was awarded to the remarkable performers who brought to all of us watching a memorable outdoor arts performance at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012. Check out my photographs of Dream Country – A Lost Monologue on Flickr!

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Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – T’ang Quartert

A night of an outdoor beautiful musical performance wowing and mesmerising the crowds with a series of folk songs melody that touches the Singapore Heartlanders hearts and souls so deeply, bringing us back to an era of simpler days of the early Singapore. This  night stays in our vivid memories that happened on 26th May at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012, performed by the wonderful and extremely talented T’ang Quartert performing at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012.

The songs they played, brought us back in time, T’ang Quartert presented their magical performance to us, their music inspired by folk songs that reflect on the theme Our Lost Poems, recalling Singapore from a simpler era. It was so beautiful and mesmerising that many a times, I stopped and listened to them instead of taking photographs! The songs they played, invoked memories for different people of different generations, I grew up listening to the songs shown on the drama series during my primary school days. Some of the songs performed were the medleys of xinyao and themes from old Chinese TV series such as Kopi-O, something that I can closely relate to, during my growing up years from a kid to teenager.

Stories from CK and Jerome, their great sharing on T’ang Quartert performance, shows how powerful and awesome T’ang Quartert were during Singapore Arts Festival 2012 with their beautiful musical performances.

– CK Ng ~ An Evening of Nostalgia with the T’ang Quartert

– Jerome Lim ~ Strings to a forgotten time

During the performance CK recorded some of T’ang Quartert and sit back, relax, watch the performance by T’ang Quartert and be blown away by the aura and charisma along with the beautiful musical melodies. T’ang Quartert has a Facebook site too, check them out here on FaceBook and also on YouTube! Here’s my photos of T’ang Quartert performing during Singapore Arts Festival 2012 on Flickr !

Video Source : CK Ng

Video Source : CK Ng

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Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – OPEN STUDIO 2012 FEATURING SONGBIRD

Singapore Arts Festival 2012 closed with a big bang on the 2nd of June 2012, bringing the curtains to a great arts performances festivals that draws great crowds and participation, giving us many wonderful memories to bring back home and eagerly waiting for the next Singapore Arts Festival. There were some performances that I photographed and documented, yet wasn’t able to write it down here, even though the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 is already over, I will let my photojournalistic coverage and photos leave a greater memory down for the future Singapore Arts Festivals ! The flow of my photos here on Flickr would help you through my photojournalistic story telling …

共作室 OPEN STUDIO 2012 FEATURING SONGBIRD – This is an arts performance that combines and optimises modern information technology and gadgets, giving us the participants, a journey/walk into a drama/adventure that comprises of beautiful music, singing, the story of a very beautiful and talented singer that went missing, while the fans were waiting for her singing debut, the glamorous and mysterious Feist.

With the aid of an iPhone App, GPS, Maps and your headphones plugged into your ears, the participants like myself arrived at the top of the Festival Village Cafe, waiting for the SongBird concert to start. Never did we realised that, it was a journey that opened up into the virtual and reality world of the SongBird, about her ambition to be a singer, the fans obsession with her, aspiration, love and what really happened to her. With videos, SMS and songs, I started walking the journey to search for SongBird, with the usage of the SongBird iPhone App, my journey begun, walking towards Fullerton Hotel Heritage Gallery for my first clue to where she could be. We were shown an art gallery exhibition of SongBird, her portraits, artwork and drawings, where was SongBird ? The clue was to continue to the next location with the scanning of the QR code and our Apple iPhone App will direct us, with directions, maps, songs, SMS.

The journey continued, interactive and intriguing, it’s like an unknown adventure, exploring and searching for Feist, where can she be? Walking towards Asian Civilisations Museum as directed by the SongBird App, I was asked to turn back and walk towards another location, what happened? Walking towards the Singapore River, where the Anderson Bridge on  the Singapore River is located, my destination was the concrete benches where more clues to SongBird were released, through the videos, SMS and songs. This was also a special time whereby the participants were treated to a local ice cream from the ice cream vendor nearby the Anderson Bridge! After a short rest, I continued the journey to search after scanning the QR code for the next set of clues and directions. It was very near, the long Lotus limousine behind the small road and I hopped inside, watching a video being played, yet no more details of SongBird were released and it only added on to the mysteries behind it!

As the journey continues into the unknown, I arrived at the SongBird press conference at Animus Music HQ, taking a self-photo and pasting it on the Press Pass, I was watching the press conference for SongBird. After I finished watching it, I left and was directed back to Esplanade Park, where the Old Old Tree was, the last location on this 1 hour journey adventure. Walking along St Andrew’s Road, in the dusk, watching SongBird’s video being played, it was around the same time and scene. Following the directions on the app, I returned to where I started at Singapore Arts Festival and found the Old Old Tree.

Under the Old Old Tree, I found the peace and tranquility, while SongBird was never seen in real person, the beautiful music, vidoes, songs had been accompanying me throughout this interesting and intriguing 1 hour journey in a quest to search for her.

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Gardens By The Bay – A Preview & Opening Soon!

Gardens By The Bay, a new landmark/region in Singapore, located in the heart of Singapore’s Marina Bay area, is opening soon to the public on the 29th June 2012. Since my visit to Gardens By The Bay on 19th November 2011, a special preview of the Gardens By  The Bay that was a lot of work in progress at that time, when it was opened to the public in conjunction with the 20th World Orchid Conference that was held at Marina Bay Sands. The visit was a great eye opener and I was looking forward to the official opening of Gardens By The Bay in June 2012 !

Leading up to the official opening of Gardens By The Bay on the 29th June, being a Marina Bay AmBAYssador, I was invited by Marina Bay Division, to have a preview of the Gardens By The Bay that will be opened to the public in June 2012 and photographing the beauty and lush greenery of the Gardens By The Bay, that we can share with our readers and some of our photography works can be selected by National Parks Singapore, Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Singapore , for a roving photography exhibition at Far East Organization Malls around Singapore before their final destination to coincide with the official opening of Gardens By The Bay.

With fellow Marina Bay AmBAYssadors, it was great fun photographing and exploring the various locations inside Gardens By The Bay, finding the angles, perspectives and locations that we can share with our readers and followers when they visit Gardens By The Bay to explore and take photographs! Now let me share with you the photographs of Gardens By The Bay that will be opening soon !

With my selected photograph of Gardens By The Bay for the roving photography exhibition!

I was very honoured that National Parks Singapore, Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Singapore, selected one of my entries to be part of roving photography exhibition around Singapore, at Far East Organization shopping malls. I would like to say a Big Thank you to the organisations National Parks Singapore, Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Singapore for selecting my photograph! For more details of the roving photography exhibition, check out the details below –

Photo courtesy of National Parks Singapore, Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Singapore

Photo courtesy of National Parks Singapore, Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Singapore

Gardens By  The Bay will be officially open to the public on 29th June 2012 ! Bring your camera gears, come down and visit with your family members and friends !

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